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16. December 2021
by Katrina

Is it safe to take Prohormones for muscle building?

Prohormones are gaining popularity among bodybuilders and athletes due to their evidence and support in muscle building. But is it safe to assume the prohormones, especially for bodybuilding?

Every expert guides you to only take the supplements if the health care advisor prescribes you. It is noticeable that many common persons also take the prohormones due to their bodybuilding power. But, unfortunately, they don’t know about its benefits and side effects.

So here, we will share some clinical evidence and practical researches that will help you know about it in better ways.

Now let’s dive into it.

Muscle Mass and Enhanced Performance


A prohormone is a form of dietary supplement that humans consume. Its trend increases every day, especially in athletes, so the researchers start noticing it.

Commonly the prohormones lead to anabolic performances that affect the body. So don’t consume the prohormones without taking healthcare advice.

It helps in building the muscles and burning unnecessary fats in the body. But along with the potential body mass, you will also face side effects.

Now here are some side effects that you might face according to your body compositions.

Hormonal imbalance


The hormonal imbalance is the major issue that you may face after taking the oral ingestion of prohormones. Testosterone is the essential hormone that helps to maintain energy levels and boost moods. So when you take the oral ingestion of prohormones, it is equal to 200mg of testosterone.

So when the testosterone concentration increases, then it also increases the estrogen levels. So testosterone levels are also necessary, but the rise of everything is bad.

Decreased high-density lipoprotein


Good cholesterol is essential for the human body. However, the 300 milligrams of prohormone per day is bad and affects the HDL, but only if you take it for the regular 12 weeks. Moreover, the small dosage doesn’t harm body composition and physical performance.

The decrease in high-density lipoprotein can cause many health problems that you will not perform your workout routines.

However, the analysis of the oral prohormones is ineffective for increasing muscle mass. So you also can’t perform well. Moreover, the ratio of risk to benefit ratio from small dosage is unfavorable. But in high dosage, you will have many side effects.

Medicinal Usage

There are some medical usage of prohormones that you can take if you consume with a medical advisor. For example, if you consume it with vitamin D, you can treat hyperparathyroidism. But it is only possible when you take it at the earlier stages.

So it is clear that you can only take it with medical advice and according to your health conditions. The medical personnel know better than who it can affect the human body and what composition is best.


So by summing up the above discussion, it is clear that prohormones help build muscle mass and use it for your athletic efficiency. Moreover, it has some side effects that you can deal with only if you take it in low quantities and take expert advice.

We hope this guide helps you understand the effects of prohormones except for the benefit of providing body mass.