May 12, 2009

What the Designers Keep on Saying...

Each morning I awake with an intense desire to pay tribute to another talented emerging designer, model, showroom or boutique owner that has dedicated his or her life to bring us new and innovative designs to our wardrobe.

My only reward for my intense research is their feedback and yours! So here are a few more quotes of what some menswear designers and related industry workers are saying about my articles:

Izzy Lane
It's just great. Thank you so very much. We rescued another 4 sheep the other day…

Alexandra for Mackage
It’s perfect! :) Thank you so much for doing this.

Thanks a lot, it looks great.

J Smith Esquire
Thank you, just seen it and it looks great.

0044 paris
Thank you for this news. The article is wonderful with a lot of images. We really like it and hope also to collaborate once again for any other occasion.

Complex Geometries
The blog looks great, thanks!

Emperial Nation
Thanks for your support! Your article is excellent. Please keep up the good work. I really enjoy your blog.

Christian Westphal
Thank you for your kind email and your interest in our brand. Also, thank you for running a very cool blog!

This is awesome.

Jonathan Mezibov
Thank you so much!! The article is fantastic and I can't thank you enough for your review and kind words! It was a joy to read the article and I can't thank you enough for your interest and support!
It's always truly engaging to read your posts. The series work your did for Michael Londrigan and John Patrick is particularly impressive. I bet they really appreciated your talent, too. The series you wrote on Londrigan, however, does stand out in my mind only because I have always enjoyed reading interviews like those. So personal; an entertaining pleasure to read.

I loved this! So thanks! Come to the Rio one day... :)

By the looks of the picture, it's clear I'm getting ready for Rio! What can I say, I've been a competitive swimmer since a young teen!!! Something about water...

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