June 26, 2009

2010 Color Forecast by Pinklemon

Designers, retailers, fashion reps, and buyers are not the only players in the menswear industry that have to stay up to date on color and style trends, but so should the savvy consumer!

If you are like me, there is little worse than spending a lot of money on a new purchase that has either already gone out of style or is soon on the way out! For this reason, I am always on the lookout for seasoned researchers that perform trend analyses.

The other day, I read an inspiring article by Pinklemon, a trend research and consultancy agency situated in Århus, which, by the way, is the principal port, the second largest city, and a major center for education in Denmark. So, what can they teach us?

The Pinklemon team has already forecasted the color themes for Spring/Summer 2010, graciously offering us a sneak preview of the 2010 Fall/Winter palette! That's what I call "peering into the future"!
Well, here are some excerpts from their general Spring/Summer 2010 trendbook:

Grunge Garden
Old gardens with their beauty of decay and neglect. Nature as inspiration for colors and prints. Outworn garden wear is combined with redesigned classics to show off a slightly eccentric, soft and urban eco-look. Stoney greys, earthy browns, and leafy greens - affected by falling rain, with blurred tones from withered flowers.

Memory Lane
Walking down memory lane, enjoying childhood memories, looking at old photos and postcards, almost forgotten and yellow with age. A look inspired by the 50's and 80's. Colors inspired from old photographs, milk and honey and grandma's old jars with preserves. . . warm neutrals in combination with soft pastels.

Country Fair
A sweet and rural country mood, lazy summer days perfect for picnics and garden parties. Casual farmers wear mixed with 70's hippie boho, happy summer days, mix and match. . . Bright and delicate colors from flowerbeds, grass fields and the blue sky.

The Collectors
Collecting and gathering ideas and inspiration from art and crafts. . . A global breeze from all continents. . . Colors are deep and intense, active and beautiful, subtle red tones create new contradictions with yellow and browns. Prints are large exotic flowers, batik, rustic squares, micro patterns and black stripes.

Urban Landscapes
A return to the 80's? Not just so, the inspiration is certainly there, but it is not retro. The future is here in this clean story. . . An exclusive metropolitan look with an avant-garde touch from origami and pleats. Materials are smooth and shiny, soft and dry. Paper touch and soft fluid fabrics. Lightweight knits. Beautiful and elegant tone-on-tone harmonies.

As for autumn/winter 2010, well, take a walk through your local forest!

Photo top center Århus Copyright Pinklemon.
Photos of forecasts Copyright
Excerpts used with permission, Copyright

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