June 28, 2009

ETHOSENS and the Notion of "Gentleman?"

The question mark in the latest collection of ETHOSENS sums up the thrust of this emerging menswear label, and more...

In fact, the 2009 a/w collection entitled “Gentleman?” drops a bombshell, not only on our personal concept of masculinity but also on our limited notions of manhood, casting doubt on our traditional styles!

ETHOSENS is a Japanese label that was born out of a twofold pursuit: “ethos,” which stands for habit, and “sens,” simply meaning sense.

We are all creatures of habit to one degree or another. So ETHOSENS takes what is habitual and, by making it inconsistent with our traditional concepts, beckons us to innovative discoveries that can become future standards for us.

Only by heightening all the senses can bring a new sense of values into the world. So, designer Yui Hashimoto applies an ethical sense of incongruity to the habitual rules of menswear.

After graduating from Esmond Tokyo, Yui graduallly unfolded his label, first, under the name of ETHOS in 2003, later becoming ETHOSENS in 2007.

I find this collection very timely with all the emphasis on styles like English dandyism and British gents.

So, sit back and enjoy the collection; but don't forget to answer the probing question: “Gentleman?” To be or not to be…

Photo 2009 a/w collection “Gentleman” Copyright ETHOSENS.
Slideshow 2009 a/w collection “Gentleman” Copyright

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