June 7, 2009

InCircus a/w 2009—Danish Form & Function Set in English Fiction

Jane Marple appears in a dozen Agatha Christie’s crime novels as a female version of the "gentleman detective" living in a small English village, St. Mary’s Mead.

Often seen knitting or uprooting weeds at her cottage, Miss Marple is surrounded by eccentric folks who dress in a sort of deluxe outdoor country style.

You can almost smell the muddy paths, hear the hooves of horsetrotting, and feel the fluffy manners in the 2009 a/w collection of Incircus.

Raised in Copenhagen and educated in Paris, René Gurskov owes his artistic compass to his parents, who instilled in him the ways of sewing and fine art, so well-reflected in his menswear line Incircus.

True to Danish design, René lays the cornerstone of form and functionality at the foundation of each design.

Photo 2009 a/w collection Copyright Incircus.
Slide show 2009 a/w collection Copyright Incircus.

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