June 24, 2009

MoutonCollet: Sometimes Silence is Silver

The Belgian countryside is a peaceful setting, abounding in plowed fields, farm animals, and greener than green vegetation.

When I lived and worked in Brussels for a year several years ago, I used to ride my bicycle for kilometers, far outside the bustling city and deep into the still countryside.

It is this memorable world of Belgium’s farmlands that two Belgian designers, Matthieu Mouton and Nicolas Collet, have captured in their very androgynous line of jewelry.

Matthieu, 28, and Nicolas, 29, have been friends since childhood, launching their line of jewelry just three years ago.

Based in Belgium with a studio in Paris, MoutonCollet is ironic, paradoxical, and stylishly whimsical, showing that silence is not merely golden but can be silver as well!

Photo top left Copyright MoutonCollet.
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