June 29, 2009

What the Designers have been Saying

I would like to take this time to thank all the readers of Men’s Fashion by Francesco! As you know, I write these articles simply out of my passion for menswear and for your reading pleasure.

I am extremely excited that interest in Men’s Fashion by Francesco has sparked around the world, receiving nearly 5,000 hits in June alone, with readers from 80 nations!

I spend multiple hours researching each designer and label as I dig into their upbringings, inspirations, hometowns, and cultures, seeking for nuggets of gold that influence their designs.

Like yours, their positive feedback is a satisfying reward. So, here’s a little more of what they have been saying:

Sun Lee for Blue Notch Jeans
Thank you so much for the beautiful writeup...we are all thrilled!! You captured the brand’s spirit so eloquently!

Petter Hollstöm, Odeur
I think you have written a very good post about Odeur. It really makes me happy when people understand what we try to accomplish, and you explain it in an exceptional way.

Attilio at St. Louis Fashion Week
Great blog! Not only did I enjoy your in-depth treatment of designers, I'm impressed with your great eye for up-and-coming coming talent.

Chris Cheng, LAB
Ty from the heart for the kind words and interest again. Such a joy to read and well researched, the ref points are exactly my thinking and reason behind—always gently European and Japanese inspired and with nod to art—meanwhile with both artist I studied their works and fell in love with.

Candice of Saint Augustine Academy
Many thanks for your great post about Saint Augustine Academy; I love the detail that you have included. It’s a great piece. Thank you again.

Marcus Kersch, Kornerd
Thanks for that…I checked it out…looks great!

Pedra at Zaiceck
I just read your article—fantastic!

Carolyn Massey
Great…many thanks.

Umit Benan
It’s great. Thanx.

Tibor of Chris&Tibor
Fantastic work…thanks so much for promoting us and our collaborator friends on your blog!

Chi Zhang
I have seen the article; it is very very nice! I like your writing.

Sean at Wrath Arcane
Looks great!

Christian Kurt of AnnTian

Max Kibardin
I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful article.

Marcus Larsson, Ljung
Thanks a lot for you nice article at your page. Very nicely made!!

Elena, PR for Falling Empire
I've read your article and I liked it. I'll show it to Ruslan Minzhinskiy and Tanya Andreychenko.

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