July 16, 2009

Elusiv—All but Eludes the Best in Kiwi Rugby!

Currently located in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, on New Zealand’s northernmost bay, Elusiv was formed in January 2005 on the southern end of the south island in Dunedin. (I’m jealous too—just look at the beauty!)

Designer Nicola Reilly grew up making her own clothes as she “fixed up” hand-me-downs; thus, it was always her ambition to create her own business. One day, when the local rugby team in Dunedin expressed their need for team jackets, Nicola and several others converted the garage into a workshop and created 35 of them!

Being born in such a context of Kiwi virility, Elusiv is a decisive, strong, and assuredly masculine line of menswear that exudes inner confidence. At the same time, Elusiv dares to be different, teaching Kiwi men “how to break the rules and experience a very European way of dressing.”

“New Zealand men need to lighten up their palettes,” says Reilly, “but we are easing them into it!”

And sure enough! Elusiv has not eluded the attention of the Highlanders Super 14 rugby team, international rugby great Josh Kronfeld, rock star J.D. Fortune of INXS, or actor Benjamin Mitchell.

Recently, Elusiv has even introduced “littleman,” so that the little guys can follow in their dad’s footsteps.

Slideshow 2010 s/s summer collection Copyright Elusiv.
Photo top center Mt. Maunganui by Allan Lee, Copyleft at

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