July 20, 2009

Knights in Armor by Asger Juel Larsen

Asger Juel Larsen was born in Espergærde, Denmark—the little town in which famous writer Hans Christian Andersen was once a pupil.

As long as he can remember, Asger has nurtured a deep interest in how men and women dress, which is bursting on to the international scene.

This summer, the young student designer graduated with a BA in Menswear from the University of the Arts at the London College of Fashion, where his final year collection was awarded ”best in the class.”

Reflecting a heavy masculinity—in both look and weight—Asger reports that the collection is actually a mirror of himself.

Asger drew his inspiration from extensive research on knights and their armament of the medieval period as he experimented with developing nontraditional materials and morphing opposites; namely, voluminous and the slim shapes combined into one silhouette.

The centerpiece of Asger’s collection is the reproduction of the chain mail, which consists of small rings forming a mesh that he fashioned into what was called a habergeon—a shirt of mail—and a coif, or hood of mail.

Not only does Asger exhibit himself as a talented and skillful designer but also an avid history buff!

Now at age 27, Asger is heading to Milan in September as one of the 26 finalists for the highly coveted Mittelmoda Fashion Award.

Good luck to you, Asger!

Photos and slideshow Copyright Asger Juel Larsen.

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