July 16, 2009

Michael Pattison, Trix & Dandy: Going Gangster for the Recession!

Originating from Hawk’s Bay on the North Island of New Zealand, Michael Pattison was faced with two inner choices in life: play rugby or till the soil. So, he chose fashion! And, then, went on to study in the Design Course at Massey University.

Now based in Auckland, Michael designs with a thematic approach to fashion, honing in on his fine tailoring skills, attention to detail, and choice of fabrics.

He named his 2010 s/s collection Bella Mafia—‘beautiful mafia’which draws inspiration from the women of Cosa Nostra between the Thirties and Fifties.

In response to the current economic situation, Michael has recently released a new diffusion label called Trix & Dandy—a contemporary Bonnie and Clyde-inspired collection.

“I wanted to capture the feel of a cardsharp and his gangster moll working the speakeasies of the Thirties,” says Pattison.

The target group of this affordable line is the young man, or woman, between the ages of 16 and 30.

“If you love dressing glam and hitting the big bad city for a night of hustling and gun play,” asserts Pattison, “those dressed in Trix & Dandy will help you pull off any caper in style.” You know he’s joking'about the guns, right?!

Photo Trix & Dandy 2010 s/s collection Copyright Michael Pattison Design.
Slideshow Trix & Dandy 2010 s/s collection Copyright
Michael Pattison Design.

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