July 17, 2009

A&V Mirrors Baltic Elegance in the Individual Man

Lithuania—a fascinating country snuggled between Latvia, Poland, Belarus, the Baltic Sea, and a Russian enclave called the Kaliningrad Oblast. One of the three Baltic States, Lithuania is a member of the European Union.

Settling the area in the 10th century and emerging as a kingdom in the 13th, the Lithuanians lost their presence on the political map in the 18th century, going on to a very bumpy road of occupations, thereafter.

After intense struggles and massive deportations, Lithuania was eventually absorbed into the Soviet Union in 1944; but the Lithuanian spirit proved unconquerable as the nation rose to independence in 1990.

Now, three million Lithuanians live within their homeland; while one million make up the Diaspora, such as American actor Charles Bronson, who is of Lithuanian descent.

The language, Lithuanian, is one of two Baltic languages, which, unique like the nation, is dissimilar to Slavic, Romance, or Germanic languages.

The capital and largest city of Lithuania is Vilnius, a northern European metropolis that is rich in Baroque architecture with an admixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Vilnius is also home to two independent designers, Alex Pogrebnojus and Vida Simanaviciute, who were born in 1968 and 1961, respectively.

Alex studied theater directing at the Vilnius Conservatoire, while Vida studied design at the Kaunas Art School.

In addition to designing costumes for theatrical performances, in 1993 the duo launched their own label, A&V.

The line comprises a collection for men who want to be individuals and, in the words of Alex and Vida, “see themselves behind a mirror—loving, appreciating the unique pallet of feelings and sensations, which is worth to be reflected on the visible side of the mirror and the eyes of the surrounding people.”

Slideshow 2009 a/w collection at système D, Copyright A&V.
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