July 27, 2009

“Tonight is the Knight” with Ontrfont

On the last day of Amsterdam International Fashion Week (July 22-26), designer Liza Koifman and creative director Tomas Overtoom of Ontfront heralded the advent of their 2010 spring/summer collection with “Tonight is the Knight.”

Gracefully mounted on a decorated destrier—the Medieval ‘great horse’—a consort of elegant sorts sounded the trumpet and led the armored cavalry into chic battle array.

Knight upon knight clad in shining armor proceeded to clank down the runway, plundering the hearts of besieged onlookers and pillaging the applause that resounded in the pavilion.

The tournament climaxed in a flanking arrangement of stylistic fashion as the final knight, donning hand gauntlets and shoulder pauldrons, removed the cumbersome helm from his head and bowed in chivalrous valor.

“Tonight is the Knight” is designed to catapult the bold sophistication of the valiant medieval knight into comfortable gallantry for the modern-day street cavalier.

Like the black and white chess knights adorning the collection, “Tonight is the Knight” will harness you with the graceful attire to lay siege to any imposing bulwark in your life.

Photo 2010 s/s collection “Tonight is the Knight” Copyright Peter Stigter.
Slideshow 2010 s/s collection “Tonight is the Knight” Copyright Peter Stigter

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