August 13, 2009

Damat, Tween, ADV—3 lines in 1 by the Orka Group

When the two Turkish brothers, Süleyman and Halidun Orakçığlu, founded Orka Textile in 1986, they launched a formal menswear label called Damat, a “total look” of classic ready-to-wear fashion.

Currently with 76 concept stores in 36 countries, the company, which has been renamed to the Orka Group, has added more lines to their repertoire, including the trendy label Tween and the casual wear line ADV.

The company has grown so popular that, in 2005, Michael Jackson purchased a tuxedo from the Damat-Tween store at the Sabco Center in Oman. Several football legends of the Chelsea team have followed suit in subsequent years.

The 2009 s/s Damat collection was inspired by the 60’s and 70’s of the coastal towns in Southern Europe with all their silks, linens, and energetic colors. Damat has even incorporated bio-tech fabrics into this collection.

The ADV 2009 s/s collection draws its inspiration from the spirited garments of regatta competitions, offering lots of tees with embroideries, as well as fused emblems and prints on natural organic and bamboo fabrics—a definite choice for the environmentally minded man.

If you plan on visiting the Magic Show in Las Vegas this August, then you are in luck, because Tween will be in attendance. If you cannot make it to the trade show, well, here is a sneak peak at the 2009 a/w collection, which has received its inpiration from the provocative masculinity of James Dean.

The Orka Group has recently added one more label to their portfolio of men’s collections, but I’m not going to tell you just yet. You’ll have to wait until the end of the month: I have a huge surprise in store for you—promise!

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