August 17, 2009

Pakistani Fashion Revived with Amir Adnan

I have lived and worked in many countries and, time and time again, I have seen entire populations toss their own fashion legacy right out the window just to adopt the styles of western clothing—lock, stock, and barrel.

For this reason, I am extremely delighted when I discover menswear designers who not only preserve their cultural heritage but also build upon it.

Pakistani designer Amir Adnan may have trained briefly in Italy but he did not exactly import all the styles of Italy. Rather, in 1990 he began designing in such a way as to “emancipate” the modern-day Eastern male.

After launching a range of classic jeans with a touch of ethnicity in 1992, Amir set his attention on reviving the sherwani—the traditional long coat, which had been buried with the lords and maharajahs of the past.

Now, based in Karachi, Amir has emerged as one of the largest Pakistani clothing designers with an international label, of which he writes:

“When I create a Kurta, a chemise, or even a shirt, I think of my man wearing it at a formal dinner hosted at an international convention in London or at a warm family gathering at Eid. I see him using it with the same ease and aplomb. I take the exquisite elements o f our culture and synchronize them on modern silhouettes—while ensuring that the price points back at the product!”

Photo 2009 a/w collection Copyright Amir Adnan.
Slideshow 2009 a/w collection Copyright
Amir Adnan.

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