August 14, 2009

Some More of What the Designers Are Saying

I have been very excited lately to see the number of visitors to my website increasing rapidly by the month, currently averaging about 6,500!

I am also very pleased by the number of emails that I receive from you about how much you enjoy reading the articles.

Then, when a designer replies, that makes my day all the more brighter! So, here’s some more of what they have been saying:

Michail Gkinis of aptform
Thank you very much for your good work.

Rene Gurskov of Incircus
It looks great.

Yui Hashimoto of Ethosens
Thank you for doing a good job! I am very impressed.

Austin of Star Works for Spurr
Looks great–thanks for your support!

Chicca Granata for Shudy
Innanzitutto grazie mille per aver scritto su Shudy!

Matthieu & Nicolas at MoutonCollet
Thank you very much Francesco...! That's really cool...!

Tomas at OntFront
So far you are the best copywriter we have come across. So you’re absolutely worth it to boom next to your positive mind state.

Ziad Ghanem
WOW. Well done. You are such a wonderful writer. I am so thankful and I really enjoyed reading it.

Marlene & Karen at Pinklemon
We like it.

Evelina for fhonetics
The article looks nice Francesco…

Chris Holzinger
I really enjoyed reading the article, well done.

Jean-Luc for a&v and Petar Petrov
The article is perfect.

Asger Juel Larsen
It looks great. Thank you for the kind words, which are very precise.

Karoline for Luise&Franck
Thank you for your article that reflects very well the spirit of our label and that we found particularly well documented!

Steven for Baskitwear
What a wonderful write-up! I want to thank you.

Miranda at Coco PR
Looks wonderful, thank you.

Heather for KZO
Thank you for sharing the KZO articles! Both Joel and I think they are great & very thought provoking.

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Photo Copyright Men's Fashion by Francesco.

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