November 12, 2009

Bone Wear, South Africa & Sexy Guys: However You Like 'Em

South Africa has become known worldwide for its diversity of languages, cultures, and religions. With English as the most commonly spoken language, eleven official languages are listed in the constitution.

Although man has inhabited South Africa for the past 100,000 years, this mixture of predominantly Black men with smaller percentages of White, Asian, and so-called “Coloured” men have never been more sexy—because now they have Bone Wear!

Manufactured on site, Bone Wear is designed by Wilco Stemmett, who has developed a truly sexy line of underwear, gym wear, and swim wear of high quality materials.

This year, Bone Wear is enjoying the honor of sponsoring the hottest male events on earth: both Mr. South Africa 2009 and Mr. Gay South Africa 2009.

So whichever way you like ‘em, Bone Wear can add the sizzling touch to any man!

Photo & Slideshow Copyright Bone Wear.

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