January 25, 2010

“A Life Full of Holes” by Timo Weiland

Set in an English garden and castle, “A Life Full of Holes” is short film about the passion, ecstasy, jealousy, and rage of two couples—all of which translates into the 2010 spring/summer collection at Timo Weiland.

Born in rural Nebraska and raised between New York City and Jacksonville, Florida, Timo Weiland combines urban styles with a pastoral flair as he pursues an artistic approach to fashion and design.

Influenced by the sewing of his mother from a young age, Timo went on to study Economics, Business Management, Spanish Literature, and Music at Vanderbilt University before pursuing a career in fashion.

Short Film: “A Life Full of Holes”

Look Book “A Life Full of Holes”

Photo & slideshow Copyright Timo Weiland.

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