February 15, 2010

Fair Trade, Green Initiatives & Menswear at DC Fashion Week

Today, DC Fashion Week is ringing up the curtain for the 12th Edition, starring designers from around the globe in the nation’s capital. The program entails seven days of eco-fashion, economic development, networking, couture, and—yes—menswear!

Hosted twice a year, DC Fashion Week is placing the spotlight on ecology and fair trade to show the world that fashion can strut down a runway responsibly and with a conscience!

Once a year, DC Fashion Week shines the light on choice menswear designers and collections. At this addition, however, DCFW Executive Director Ean Williams has declared that menswear will not remain an accessory.

Pushed to the forefront are several men’s designers, who will present their collections at the Washington Men’s Collection, which will be held at 7pm on Saturday, February 20th, at the Crystal City Double Tree Hotel.

The cast of menswear designers include Andrew Nowell, Stella Bonds, Kustom Looks, DURKL, Emore J Couture, Ray Vincente, and Zagodi Fashions.

I plan on attending, so I hope to meet you there!

Photo Copyright DC Fashion Week.

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