February 23, 2010

The Menswear Collection Show at DC Fashion Week

I arrived to Washington DC last Saturday very eager to attend the Menswear Collection Show of DC Fashion Week, which is organized by Ean Williams, creative director of Corjor International.

Having already interviewed several designers, I was extremely excited to meet them individually and view their runway collections later that evening.

After an exotic lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant in Adams Morgan—spicing it up a bit—I ventured back to the Doubletree Hotel and “hung around” the show area to greet the designers as they straggled in.

I first met the host, Ean Williams—an energetic, kind, lively young man, who is deeply committed to the promotion of aspiring designers.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Ean had turned in a career with the Air Force, NASA, and Verizon for a life as a couturier in his nation’s capital.

In addition to designing for his own label, Ean is an advisory board member for the Black Designers Association, Inc.

After meeting Ean, I continue to “hang out” backstage, meeting most of the designers Andrew Nowell, Emore'J Couture, Ray Vincente, and Stella Bonds. Each fitted their models as they prepared for the big event.

The pre-show atmosphere was so relaxed, so laid back: all the designers greeted me with a big hug and a huge smile! I truly felt at home; so I want to extend a supersized “thank you” back to all of them!

Please join with me over the next few articles to meet the designers!

In the meanwhile, I invite you to a preview of the show, courtesy of Style Spot.

DC Fashion Week - Highlights: Men from DC StyleSpot on Vimeo.

Photo top left Ean Williams & Francesco, Copyright Shy Magazine.
Photo middle right, Emore'J Couture & Francesco, Copyright Shy Magazine.

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