March 7, 2010

Be a Star in Spring 2010: Editorial, Uomo Moda

Stars, stars, stars—there are many kinds of stars! Shooting stars, falling stars, even hyper stars—the kind that collapse after a lifetime! After the Pharaohs’ victory last month, Egypt has shot onto the international scene as a SUPER-star in 2010!

As the managing editor of fashion for the first and only menswear magazine in Egypt, I felt like Egyptian astronomer Ali Ibn Ridwan after the final goal when he spotted the brightest supernova in recorded history!

So, first, I would like to applaud all the stars with a heartfelt “Mabruk!” Congratulations Pharaohs! Secondly, as a result of the Pharaohs’ starry performance, I have packed this 2010 spring edition with all sorts of All Stars!

In addition to the victorious Pharaohs, I am bringing to you several other stellar performers that shine brightly in the world of men’s fashion. These champions stand out like celestial lights, which guide travelers over land and sea, leading the way in menswear.

It is my deepest desire that, this spring season, you not only wish upon a star but you learn how to become a star! Even if you are a faint twinkle, remember: you can be a star in 2010—and this issue will show you how!

Editorial for Uomo Moda by Francesco.

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Photo Getty Editorial Usage Rights, Courtesy of PUMA.

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