March 10, 2010

United Colors of Benetton: 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Like the music compilation on your favorite CD, the United Colors of Benetton has prepared a collection of your favorite colors and styles for spring 2010.

As every song in your playlist describes memorable moments, feelings, and people, this spring collection narrates an album of stories in your most admired tunes!

The swank sounds of this menswear track are divided into 4 melodious lines of simple but snappy men’s fashion:

Jacko plays to the beats of the big metropolis, like New York, dressing you after a busy day of work in pullovers, t-shirts, and comfortable trousers—all in a slim fit!

Another Part of Me spotlights one part of you: your legs! Bermuda shorts are the soloist here, spanning a wide assortment of fabrics like denim and canvas.

Man in the Mirror harmonizes a single chorus, but from different angles. Windproof and tear-resistant, the lightweight garments add a sportier note to your look with themed graphics on tees, ad lib cuts for denim, and assorted embellishments for that right techno beat!

Finally, have you been a naughty star this year? If so, then Bad is your choice to give you the right balance between an “active” and “aggressive” look, as well as a wrinkled, worn appearance.
United Colors of Benetton—a family of stars that is dressing a new generation of stars!

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Photos 2010 spring/summer collection United Colors of Benetton.

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