April 18, 2010

Dressing for Success at Arcadia University: Part 1

One of my favorite pastimes is to lecture at various local universities, colleges, and fashion institutes on an assortment of topics, such as the history of fashion, cultural branding, journalism, and international fashion business. Plus, hanging around up-and-coming talent has proven to keep me young at heart!

Several weeks ago, I received an invitation from one of the organizers of the first fashion show at Arcadia University, just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the US.

Founded as Beaver College in 1872, the university has a student body of 4,000 men and women enrolled in 75 fields of study.

The theme of the fashion show was “Dress for Success,” and the Banana Republic store of downtown Philadelphia graciously provided the wardrobe of their latest collection!

Since most of the students that signed up as models had never set foot on a runway, when I arrived onto the campus I immediately rolled up my sleeves and got down to work.

Many of the students were naturals, while others had to take a few “walks” to get the feel; but all in all each student strutted out the evening with stylish confidence.

One of the most practical ways to teach how to Dress for Success? Hold a fashion event! Way to go Arcadia!

For more information on this event, refer to Arcadia University Dress for Success.

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