April 18, 2010

Dress for Success: Part 2

Some researchers claim that up to 50% of the impression you make depends on how you look; in other words, you are being judged for your outer appearance!

If this be the case, think about it: when you are at a job interview or making a sales presentation, only half the impact depends on what you are saying. The other half? What you are wearing!

In some countries the corporate world can be tough on outer attire. Sometimes unforgiving. Even prejudicial. Just like rules of conduct, there exist strict dress codes.

Countless companies prohibit flip flops, jeans, sleeveless shirts, sneakers, suit suits, excessive jewelry, visible tattoos, short skirts, and more. Violation of any regulation may lead to dismissal and even termination.

So what is the key? Appropriateness—your fashion statement is industry-specific! If you are joining a company as a civil engineer, then maybe jeans and a flannel shirt are the right choices. But if you are making a sales pitch to Milan’s top legal consultants, probably your best suit would betray you if it were not tailored and the latest style.

This lesson is particularly difficult for recent graduates from university where individualism and fashion statements may have been appreciated. But as for a professional wardrobe for any given industry, the recent grad may be found wanting.

So, what is the solution? Proceed reading onto Part 1.

Photo Francesco coaching students at Arcadia University.

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