June 30, 2010

Why Men Are Wearing More Bracelets

As summer heats up, so has the amount of men wearing bracelets!

According to a recent article in the Financial Times, this growing trend has been spotted on business men across the world, who have been adding a bracelet to their custom-made suits and elegant designer watches for an air of nonchalance.

Worn in the office or on the golf course, David Yurman has a beautiful selection of men’s bracelets, perfect to add a touch of casual elegance to your summer look.

Based in New York, David Yurman launched his label of fine jewelry and timepieces in 1980 and is now a recognized leader in fine jewelry and luxury watch brands.
Photo Copyright David Yurman.

June 29, 2010

Lucho A. Bolivar: A Bolivian in Queens

Bolivares is a luxe knitwear line created by designer Lucho A. Bolivar. Lucho, who hails from New York City, has worked diligently in creating his handmade Latin-infused collection over the years.

Lucho’s Latin background provides the perfect platform and inspiration for his designs. In speaking about the Latin culture, Lucho says, “For me, the Latin culture is built around time-honored, artisanal goods—handmade products that are both durable and beautiful.” The intricate detailing on each Bolivares item takes his collection to grand heights, setting him apart from other designers.

By infusing his culture into his designs, Lucho has created a line that is versatile and offers comfort. According to Lucho, “Bolivares is for the progressive, self-made individual who consistently pursues his own destiny, lives by his own rules, and never compromises for mediocrity. He craves comfortable clothing that looks good and fits even better.”

There is no doubt that any man can find a piece from the Bolivares collection that will suit his style. Each piece is of high quality and will enhance any look. The Bolivares collection is wearable and forward-looking. There is much innovation and originality to come from Bolivares, making Lucho a designer to watch.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Bolivares.

Cache Col UK Scarf Line Launches in US Market Fall 2010

London-Based Men’s Scarf Label Provides French Flair, Easy Versatility and the Perfect Finishing Touch to Any Look

New York, NY – Fall 2010 marks the introduction of Cache Col UK, a designer men’s label specializing in premium wool and cashmere scarves that add flair and the perfect finishing touch to the look of any modern gentleman—whether he’s navigating through bustling urban streets or walking along the country side.

Shunning the overstated flamboyance and cumbersome nature of men’s neckwear designs that have become so commonplace in recent seasons, Cache Col UK scarves offer stylish simplicity, functional flair, superior quality and easy versatility.

Based in London, Cache Col UK designer Julius James found the inspiration for his collection on a trip to Paris. “I was struck by the flair and elegance of French neckwear. I’ve combined French panache with a British sense of timelessness and durability in a line of men’s scarves that is refined and sophisticated, yet relaxed and casual.”

About Cache Col UK
Cache Col UK is a part of the London-based luxury accessories brand founded in 2009 by designer Julius James. The brand is committed to offering superior-quality products that balance style and functionality.

The pace of change to the silhouette of men’s fashion accessories has been slow. The vicissitudes of fashion reflect social change, and now is the time for high style in simple wearable forms. Cache Col UK offers a level of sophistication and improvement to the man’s accessory form.

While uber-hip on an aesthetic level, it’s ultimately simple in its design—it can be easily placed in your briefcase or inside your coat pocket while milling about. You can’t say that about the traditional men’s scarf and Cache is far more fetching and flattering to the man’s body—

Whether playing around in the park or jetting off to Gstaad, it’s the accessory to have for the Fall 2010 season.

Photos & text Copyright Cache Col UK.

June 28, 2010

WORLD—the New Line of Casual-Chic Shoes by Ferragamo

Acumen Fund will receive a percentage of the sales from the new line of bio-friendly shoes, which was presented at Milan Fashion Week.

The world of Salvatore Ferragamo—the aesthetic and stylistic vision and the sensitivity in promoting a distinct lifestyle that is harmonious, sustainable, respectful of the environment, and socially responsible—is summed up in Ferragamo WORLD.

The line inaugurates a partnership with the non-profit Acumen Fund, which engages in the fight against world poverty in Asia and Africa and to which Salvatore Ferragamo will contribute a percentage of the sales from Ferragamo WORLD.

Ferragamo WORLD, the new line of 2011 spring/summer shoes presented at Milan Fashion Week, is a merger between modernity and the values represented by the brand: a collection of shoes characterized by a casual, sophisticated, and functional mood that bears the Ferragamo tradition in a search for style and comfortable structures.

Ferragamo WORLD incarnates the environmental and social sensitivity that is ever expanding in the world today. It was conceived for an active and dynamic public that applies its attitude of social awareness in all aspects of its purchasing behavior, seeing Ferragamo shoes not only as an accessory of style and extreme quality but also as a product that is representative of its own coherent values.

“Italian City Casual” is the expression that synthesizes the spirit of Ferragamo WORLD: a casual product searching for the urban lifestyle, which is inspired by the Italian way of life that is traditionally evoked by the relaxation of open spaces; by long walks in the city; by the use of the bicycle as the means of sustainable urban transportation; by the care for detail; and by a comfortable, portable elegance.

Photos & Text Copyright Ferragamo.

June 26, 2010

Suzan Heyns, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week

Suzaan Heyns is a South African, Johannesburg based label, a brand known best for its avant-garde aesthetic.

Highly constructed, tailored, and sculptured garments create a feeling of conceptual androgyny, and steely hard-edged femininity, which is a common thread throughout Suzaan’s work.

Inspiration often comes from architecture, 1800’s sketches and old medical instruments, which give the brand its macabre yet structured sentiment.

An emphasis is always placed on quality fabric, which is fundamental within the design process.

Throughout the past couple of years Suzaan has concentrated on establishing her label showing at various fashion events.

Further highlights thus far have been: being chosen to showcase at Design Indaba ’08; collaborating for the What If The World Collective; showcasing at Cape Town Fashion Week ‘08, participating in Audi Joburg Fashion Week A/W ’09; and being asked to design for Anglo Gold Ashanti AuDITIONS collections at Africa Fashion Week ‘09, which won an award for the most creative range.

Recently Suzaan Heyns’s origami inspired show at Arise Cape Town Fashion Week S/S ‘09, has had an excellent reception.

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Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week
Heni, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week
Suzan Heyns, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week

Image Description : Suzaan Heyns
Location : SCC, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Credit : Simon Deiner /
SDR Photo

Text Courtesy & Copyright
Africa Fashion International.

Heni, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week

Heni—trained at the prestigious London International School of Fashion after winning a bursary in November 1999. Excelling in his studies, he won numerous awards and graduated top of his class in 2002. In the same year, Heni walked away with the laurels by winning the Smirnoff Fashion challenge, giving him the financial backing to start his signature label, Heni.

Sponsored by the Levi’s brand, Heni showcased his S/S 03 collection at South African Fashion Week. Here, he was proclaimed one of South Africa’s innovators of Fashion by Elle magazine. Heni went on to gain experience across all aspects of the industry, working as head designer and stylist.

In 2005, Heni produced a private showing of his S/S 06 collection in the Seychelles. This collection was presented to the Young Designer’s Emporium who went on to stock the Heni label nationwide in 2006. Proving his design abilities again, he won the Vodacom Durban July Fashion challenge and the Vodacom Credit Card Fashion Challenge in 2007.

Heni’s S/S 08 collection at Johannesburg Fashion Week was exceptionally well received by the media, press, and buyers, generating fantastic and widespread media and press exposure for the Heni label as well as securing more stores.

Crowned the ‘It boy of Fashion’ by Glamour magazine and being compared to Dior’s maverick John Galliano and voted second as one of South Africa's top Fashion Designers by Robyn Cooke, Heni Este-hijzen has firmly established himself in the South African fashion industry.

In light of his success at Johannesbur Fashion week, Heni was invited to showcase his A/W 09 collection as well as design a collection especially for the Audi sponsored show, a slot that was shared by some of South Africa's heavy weights, Gavin Rajah, Kluk CGDT, Craig Port and Hilton Wiener at Audi Joburg Fashion Week in January 2009. Both collections received a standing ovation and great reviews from Press and Buyers.

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Suzan Heyns, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week

Image Description : Heni
Location : SCC, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Credit : Simon Deiner /
SDR Photo

Text Courtesy & Copyright
Africa Fashion International.

Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week

Inspired by the sacred lake of the VhaVenda tribe who dwell in Limpopo, the belief that what you wrap around your body is a reflection of your self is at the heart of Fundudzi—a forward-focused African label with a conscience.

Founded by renowned fashion entrepreneur Craig Jacobs, the internationally celebrated eco-conscious label has become the premier choice for globally minded environmentally conscious men and women and spans a comprehensive wardrobe including resort, day and cocktail wear.

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Image Description : Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs
Location : SCC, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Credit : Simon Deiner /
SDR Photo

Text Courtesy & Copyright
Africa Fashion International.

The World Cup, Africa Fashion Week & Fabiani

Established in 1978, Fabiani has grown to become one of the leading menswear retailers in Southern Africa.

Fabiani is a luxury brand that is famous amongst locals, nationals, and internationals for its exceptional quality, unique detailing, happy colours and distinctive styling.

Fabiani is renowned for its outstanding levels of service, from complimentary tailoring and delivery to a personal fashion consultancy service.

Fabiani places exceptional focus on luxurious fabrications, sophisticated tailoring, refinement and the importance of accessories to complete a look.

Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to Fabiani. Fabiani always occupies the best retail positions in key locations.

Every Fabiani store showcases the distinctive Fabiani style, exuding attitude, energy and bold personality.

Fabiani believes that its customers and team members are the vital cogs of Fabiani. Fabiani’s passion shines through in all its innovative ideas and memorable initiatives.

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Image Description : Fabiani
Location : SCC, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Credit : Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Text Courtesy & Copyright Africa Fashion International.

The World Cup, Africa Fashion Week & Dax Martin

The “Dax Martin” brand was born in 2003. In that same year, Dax imported a seamless elasticized hemming machine from the UK—one of the first of its kind in South Africa.

Dax has a small production team that handles everything from cutting, printing, swing tag printing and sewing to press operation, packaging and dispatch.

Dax has spent the past six months adapting the use of presses from the shoe industry for use in swimwear and lingerie production with some extraordinary new products.

Dax has not only established himself as a designer but as an innovator of seamless garment construction.

Dax Martin Swimwear and lingerie is stocked in independent boutiques in Cape Town, Gauteng, KZN, and Europe.

He draws inspiration from all the fabrics found in his mother’s studio, from all her East African Island and Coastal voyages.

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Suzan Heyns, the World Cup & Africa Fashion Week

Image Description : Lingerie by Dax Martin
Location : SCC, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Credit : Simon Deiner /
SDR Photo

Text Courtesy & Copyright
Africa Fashion International.

Top Fashion Design Stars In South Africa during World Cup

Africa Fashion Week 2010 June 30 - July 3 1

June 2010, Johannesburg - African designers from all over the world are jet[ted] in to showcase their grans-seasonal 2010 collections at the Sandton Convention Centre during Africa Fashion Week which starts on June 30, only days before the FIFA 2010 World Cup Quarter Finals. “

Africa Fashion Week is providing a platform for shining stars from across the diaspora, the continent and the country,” says Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, Chairperson of African Fashion International. “The world continues its love affair with all things African, African as a point of reference, not as a cliché and it's very important we here in Africa continue to support that.”

The four day event features more than 30 designers from Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Somali, Tunisia, French Comoros, South Africa, Mozambique, the United States and the UK.

Africa Fashion Weeks runs from June 30 - July 3 2010 at the Sandton Convention Centre.
Meet the designers:
Text & photo Courtesy and Copyright Africa Fashion International.

June 25, 2010

Mr. Hare “Miss Your Air” at Oki Ni

I just received the following press release from Oki Ni:

For autumn/winter 2010, the “(I) Miss Your Air” collection has been inspired by airs and graces, Paris and men in heels.

“Paris has an air, and it is graceful. The cigarette smoke stain that a smoking ban can’t erase. The shitty clubs. The chic fights. The never appearing taxis. The snooty girls. The language. The Attitude.

Leading up to this collection, I was also obsessed by the idea of a man in heels. Prince, Bowie, Bootsy. The court of Louis XV. Wearing 2.5 inches of heel will change any man’s perspective, quite literally.

Mr. Hare’s “Parisian Man Heels” are named after Bazin, Truffaut, and Godard amongst others—French critics, directors and men of distinction whose work, not footwear, changed perspective through cinema and beyond.

Mr. Hare
Mr. Hare, the brand, was conceived at a roadside tapas bar in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Andalucia, Spain on July 23rd 2008.

Mr Hare, the person, was conceived in the winter of 1969 in South London, by an English Woman and a Jamaican man. Mr. Hare, the baby, was born in July 1970.

Photo & slideshow Courtesy and Copyright Oki Ni.

Christopher Shannon: Mirroring the Eclectic Streets of London

Prior to his studies at Central Saint Martin’s College, Christopher Shannon had worked as an assistant to Richard, spending 2 years on the creative team of Kylie.

On a full scholarship from Professor Louise Wilson and the Dunhill Menswear Award, Christopher graduated in 2008, making his grand debut at London Fashion Week the same year.

Absorbing the eclecticism of London’s streets, Christopher is establishing himself as a design that reworks luxury sportswear, highlighting tight colors and large prints.

Notice the vintage knits and mixed textures in his current collection.

Christopher Shannon has collaborated for a second time with Eastpak.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Christopher Shannon.

Eastpak Collaborates with Designer Christopher Shannon

Eastpak came into existence in 1976 when Mark Goldman persuaded his father to create a line of backpacks for other students.

Since then, Eastpak has become an urban brand of robust and functional bags for travel or leisure.

For the second time, Eastpak is collaborating with designer Christopher Shannon in a 2010 autumn/winter collection, which was presented at London Fashion Week.

Christopher elaborated on the collection by stating how they wanted to develop the previous season’s collection without much repetition.

Therefore, several distinctive elements were retained while they experimented with colors, textures, and finishing.

The result—a softer, sporty new range!

Photos Copyright Eastpak.

June 24, 2010

Digging Deep with digdeep!

digdeep has launched and is taking the digital UK fashion world by storm!

It’s the moment Jonny Wilkinson kicked the winning goal of the 2003 Rugby World Cup...

It’s the moment Liverpool won that dramatic game in Istanbul in 2005...

It’s the moment Lewis Hamilton became the World Champion on the last lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008...

...it’s the moment they had to decide just how far they were willing to go…

digdeep is a fresh new online menswear fashion brand inspired by dig deep moments in sport. digdeep believes in the power to overcome and achieve; and we translate this into our clothing. The product is the ultimate in quality, style and detailing because we believe in giving 100%.

digdeep is for every man who likes a challenge. The brand aspires to build strong characters. It’s the difference between success and failure, between nearly and completely, it’s that last agonising 10% when you have to dig deep to succeed.

The essence of the brand is partially communicated through inspirational sporting quotations on some of the T-shirt graphics. This edgy and vibrant streetwear brand gives a real true value to those who wear it.

This is not just another fashion label, but a real lifestyle brand that will become familiar, instantly recognisable as it becomes associated with many sport icons.

digdeep will support several international sportsmen, as well as helping young and up-and-coming athletes in their quest to achieve their goals.

digdeep is a British brand with a real authenticity in every aspect. All the products are designed by their own British designers in their own studios in the historical town of Richmond up on Thames, a town surrounded by rich sporting heritage.

Their unique website is the exclusive retail outlet for digdeep streetwear and a huge effort in its development has resulted in a superbly designed and user-friendly shopping experience, which is fun and engaging for all sporty fashionables.

The site contains specially-selected sports news, a dedicated area for each of our digdeep Icons, incorporating interviews, images and video, as well as other informative and interactive elements relating to the company and their favourite historical dig deep moments in sport
digdeep wants people to be inspired by their brand, to identify themselves with it, and to make a positive change to their lives by wearing digdeep.

digdeep is not a performance brand, it’s a way of life!

Photo & text Copyright digdeep.

The Men Behind Todd and Terry

Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the founder of Todd and Terry underwear, Greg Shand, decided to make the daring move to Bangkok, Thailand, in an effort to completely oversee and manage the burgeoning business’s design and production responsibilities over the last few years.

Having worked with clothing for most of his adult life, Greg has had much experience in nearly all aspects of the fashion industry.

From creating his own streetwear label, manufacturing merchandise for international performing artists touring Australia, to designing and assembling men’s business shirts and suits, Greg has now branched into co-owning his own popular underwear line, Todd and Terry, which is leading the charge in reinventing the look, style and comfort of men’s underwear.

Following five years of noticing a change in the way men approached grooming, with extra attention paid to detail, Greg found that it wouldn’t be long before underwear would also become a big part of men’s style.

And so, starting Todd and Terry was the creative outlet that would provide Greg with the resources to outwardly express his keen sense of style and bold artistic ability.

Yet another Melbourne native on the team of Todd and Terry, John Ioannou still resides in his hometown where he works as Partner of the fashionable underwear brand and oversees the administrative, financial and sales and marketing aspects of the company.

In the early years of his professional life, John ran and operated numerous businesses prior to gaining senior management experience and expertise in areas such as sales and marketing, advertising, and publishing, which all culminated into a long-lived career in the creative parts of the business world.

John’s involvement with Todd and Terry happened following a holiday visit to Bali where John met with Greg, his longtime friend and colleague.

The two had previously worked together in media, and when John learned of Greg’s venture, Todd and Terry, he became so inspired that he wanted to help the brand reach the next level.

So, finding the professional lifestyle change he was in search of, John joined the team of Todd and Terry and has harnessed in an autonomous business opportunity that is as equally creative and exciting!

John has since brought to Todd and Terry all of that experience in helping the brand to establish its future direction, which currently focuses on the US market.

Photos & text Courtesy grapeVine, Copyright Todd and Terry.

Underwear, Swimwear & Sleepwear by Todd and Terry

Created with a formula of original design, a fresh range of colors and eye-catching style, the Todd and Terry men’s underwear brand has grown globally since its inception. Originally beginning in Melbourne, Australia, the hometown of creators Greg Shand and John Ioannou, the brand is rapidly spanning the globe—currently hitting the shelves of retailers in the United States, and soon to be debuting in European brick and mortar stores.

Across the board, Todd and Terry has been setting the trend in men’s underwear fashion with its bold look and style. And unlike most underwear companies that purchase stock designs of underwear, Todd and Terry’s designs are all hand-drawn by Greg. Another distinct trademark of Todd and Terry is that each collection bears a guy’s name, infusing each line with an essence of masculinity and individuality that offers buyers an alternative to the mundane and uninspired brands found on most store shelves.

As visionary designers, Greg and John find inspiration everywhere they travel. From trash and treasures to old street signs, anything can become an idea for their next underwear design. Even in Melbourne and Bangkok, where Greg and John reside, remaining attuned to current styles, fashions and trends helps them to discover inspiration in their own locales.

Overall, Todd and Terry continues to expand its reach around the world, helping guys to discover their own distinct identities with their choice in skivvies. And in keeping with their mission to create original, eye-catching designs in a fresh range of colors, Greg and John have culminated a consumer base that has remained loyal to Todd and Terry. In the near future, they hope to expand the collection to a variety of extended ranges.

Photos & text Courtesy grapeVine, Copyright Todd and Terry.

June 23, 2010

Happy 100th to Ermenegildo Zegna!

Pressed, ironed, and no wrinkles—we all wish we could look like Zegna at 100!—Ermenegildo Zegna celebrates 100 years of history at the Museo della Triennale in Milan.

The festive event unfolded into 2 shows: the casual Z Zegna line and the relaxed but classic Ermenegildo Zegna label.

The year was 1910 and Ermenegildo, the last of 10 children, was just 18 years old when he took over his father’s little wool factory in Trivero.

Situated in the Province of Biella of the Piedmont Region, Trivero had played a vital role in history for the production of wool, owing to the purity of water.

The factory rose quickly to fame for high quality wool suits, outshining local contemporaries and surpassing British rivals.

Although Ermenegildo died in 1996 at the age of 74, his two sons Aldo and Angelo took the reins, opening numerous plants for production.

Angelo, his youngest son, remembers his father as “an ecologist long before the term even existed!"

Tanti Auguri, Zegna!

Photos Courtesy Fashion Times, Copyright Ermenegildo Zegna.

DSQUARED² Spring/Summer 2010 Goes Live!

Last week I posted several articles on DSQUARED², an avantguarde label from Canada that has spread quickly around the world.

Meanwhile, a video of the DSQUARED² Spring/Summer 2010 collection has just gone live!

Inspired by the thriller film “American Gigolò,” the collection presents a sexy range of exquisite taste in men’s clothing.

Rather than allowing today’s gentleman to fall into a frumpy, degenerate state like the protagonist in the 1980 film, DSQUARED² redeems his honor and without an alibi!

Video Copyright DSQUARED².
Photo Copyright DSQUARED², Courtesy Fashion Times.

Sir Benni Miles 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

At the next edition of Bread & Butter Berlin, July 7-9, Sir Benni Miles will present the 2011 spring/summer collection of fresh streetwear!

The collection is also a stated commitment to the values and roots of street art, as well as the aesthetic theme of Sir Benni Miles’ collections, which pervades the history of the brand.

Translated into masterfully crafted garments, the visual and graphic language of the streets undergirds the entire collection.

Photos Copyright Sir Benni Miles.

June 22, 2010

Zambesi Autumn/Winter 2010 “The Enigma”

The Enigma is Zambesi. A winter collection that defies obvious definition and manages to deftly combine effortless ease with complexity.

In a collection that references the traditional—trench coats and streamlined suiting—a sense of futurism somehow dominates the mood. Simple concepts like the little black dress become imbued with considered intellectual drama. Pleats and draping create a new sculpturalism while unexpected texture and trademark detailing add depth.

An elongation of line, refocusing proportion while still referencing traditional tailoring defines the collection. Suiting is linear and precise, reliant upon vital yet subliminal detailing like deliberate pick stitching. Wool cashmere imbues a three-quarter length coat with subtle luxury. Three quarter lengths also turn up in interpretations of the trench coat, the factory worker dust coat and toggled duffel coats.

Collegiate references continue with felted wool letterman jackets. Similar sporting influences are present too in trackpant trouser shapes. Suiting trousers continue the lean line of the season’s suiting with both flat-front and pleat-front styles. Slim line jeans in textural contrast combinations, such as PVC and moleskin.

Brushed wool mix adds texture to oversized collegiate jerseys in black with broad stripe sections of contrasting green tea or maroon. Chunky New Zealand Merino invokes the landscape with slouchy cardigans with cable detail and shawl neck jerseys in graded brown or grey merle.

Notable Color is dour and subdued. Ink-saturated shades of navy and cool brown tones are used in unconventional combinations with black as the central axis of the collection for both men and women. Grays are also key in both pale merle felted wool and darker grey pleated suiting.

Geometric prints reinvented in silks and cotton, vintage florals, over dyed soft cotton tartans and abstract landscape patterns also feature. Fabrications include wool, mohair, angora, silk, hi-sheen PVC, felted wool, fine wool gauze.

Black matt leather link-detailed belts and bags, Victorian spat boots, customized Chuck Taylors, fur pillbox hats and chunky Merino merle beanies, louche ankle boots and slipper shoes with elongated toes, fine knit neck ties, and removable fur collars for coats.

Zambesi Profile
Born 1979 in New Zealand, Zambesi epitomizes individual spirit, redefining convention with an ironic practicality, confirming its reputation in the global market for strength, beauty and independence.

Designed by Dayne Johnston, the Zambesi men’s collection is designed by Dayne Johnston is inspired by the design values and philosophy of the label. Offering a masculine interpretation, the men’s collection conveys a modern attitude and influence.

"Clothes to wear every day, but not every day clothes."
- Dayne Johnston

Photos & slideshow 2010 autumn/winter collection “The Enigma,” Copyright Zambesi.

June 21, 2010

Esemplare 2011 Spring/Summer News

You may not read Italian, but you will definitely love this novel approach to menswear. And it is bilingual!

Esemplare has released the 2011 Spring/Summer collection in the format of a newspaper—Esemplare News!

Be sure to flip through the pages and enjoy the pics! Maybe you can pick up a few words in Italian, as well.

Photos Copyright Esemplare.

Carolyn Massey Spring/Summer 2011

Third-time Winner of the BFC’s ‘NEWGEN MEN’ Award and On Stage Sponsorship for Unica SS11

For Spring Summer 2011, Carolyn Massey looks to the concept of clothing as an old friend for inspiration. This results in a collection inspired by the way in which garments are worn and lived-in by the people that inspire the designer. An extensive range of fabrics including cotton drill, merino wool, cotton shirting, and leather, feature in a palette of rust, stone, cream, petrol blue, and navy, whilst a play with proportion and shape is sustained throughout. With panelling informing structure and form, Massey furthers her experimentation through knitwear featuring blown-up herringbone as well as ribbon detailing.

Accessories constitute an integral component of the collection in the form of a capsule shoe collection - made in England, and a new line of bags including a statement-making doctor’s bag and backpack completed with detachable box bags.

“The seasons diffuse as we look to invest in garments that will transcend a one season sell-by date.”

In recognition of her design prowess, Vogue Italia Editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani, and Chairman of Milano Unica, Pier Luigi Loro Piana, have selected Massey as one of the ten designers to present at the On Stage project 2010. Launched in 2009 to support new fashion talent, the On Stage project provides designers with an opportunity to collaborate with some of the most significant Italian textiles companies. Through this project, Carolyn Massey will participate in a collective fashion show to showcase the designs created as part of this initiative. The show will take place on September 8th 2010 at the Milano Unica textile fair with styling from the team at prestigious publication, L’Uomo Vogue.

Due to ‘frustration, boredom, and demand’, British menswear designer, Carolyn Massey, launched her eponymous label in June 2006 in Paris, having completed her MA at the Royal College of Art just twelve months before.

Continuing to evolve apace over several seasons, Massey’s sizable strides have been recognised and rewarded by the British Fashion Council, who selected the London-based designer as a recipient of its inaugural NEWGEN MEN award—sponsored by TOPMAN—supplying showcase funding and the opportunity to present on the official London Fashion Week schedule on Wednesday 22nd September 2010.

Having garnered positive reviews from press and collaborated with renowned menswear retailer Topman on several occasions, Carolyn Massey has proved both a critical and commercial success. A detail obsessive, she is known for her quintessentially elegant English cuts and sartorial nuances—her work investigates what it takes to be a gentleman, and how this concept of masculinity has been appropriated during times of civil or social unrest.

Photo & text Copyright Carolyn Massey.

City Rush and Time Active for Spring/Summer 2011 by Hogan

Milan, June 21st 2010—Hogan Presents the Spring/Summer 2011 Men’s Collection.

Essential accessories and ready to wear—functional and versatile—distinguished for their laid back elegance and contemporary design, while keeping unique details of great personality.

Made with ultra-light and innovative materials—of extraordinary quality. Hogan’s urban classics.

City Rush
This masterpiece Hogan, with its distinctive logo on the collar, is proposed in a new button-fastening version.

Essential lines—strong and steady cuts—city rush is realized in different ultra-light fabrics: from delave’ nylon and stone washed cotton to the innovative reflex material, in optic white.

Distinctive marks: double collar with border and logo.

Time Active
Aerodynamic lines with cushioned ultra-light rubber sole, Time Active is the epitome of the laid back elegance—a unique forerunner.

Proposed in a variety of versions: techno-nylon with contrast details, delave’ suede and leather in classic tones, ideal for everyday business occasions.

Stone-washed nylon and cotton
Delave’ suede and leather
Optic reflex

Natural shades
Blue and khaki

About Hogan
Hogan was born in 1986 as a producer of urban sneakers inspired by the world of cricket. Since then, Hogan has expanded into numerous cities of the world, as well as into new articles of clothing.

Photos & text Courtesy Starworks Group, Copyright Hogan.

June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day from LAB Series

On the 3rd Sunday of June, Father’s Day is celebrated in one way or another throughout 56 countries. The holiday was inaugurated to complement Mother’s Day and celebrate male parenting.

Some attribute the first celebration to Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, who thought of the observance as she listened to sermon in 1909, observing the day in 1910.

Now, one hundred years later, the holiday is oftentimes marked by gift giving.

If you are a father and want to treat yourself to a token gift, need a gift for your father, or simply are in search of a new grooming kit—then try LAB Series.

Shave Rescue Kit—this kit will help achieve the smoothest shave you have ever experienced in four easy steps!

Grooming to Go—perfect for the low maintenance man, this kit has you covered from head to toe (plus abs too!).

Deluxe Shave 2010—everything you need in a shave kit, just add the razor and water.

Frequent Flyer—perfect for the man on the move, this kit is full of essential products that will keep you looking fresh no matter the time zone.

Daily Essentials Set—three no fuss products that promote healthy skin.

Each gift set contains a variety of Lab Series’ best selling products, essential to achieving the perfect shave and glowing skin.

They are ideal for travel and include everything any dad needs to stay effortlessly groomed!

Photos Courtesy of Attention USA, Copyright LAB Series.

June 19, 2010

Flash Night with Paul & Betty

Innovative. Intriguing. Intelligent. On June 20, Paul & Betty is hosting a Flash Night party at the Beach Club in Milan, Italy, to present the 2011 spring/summer menswear collection.

In a New Yorkesque disco style of the 1970’s and 80’s, the Wharolistic night of magic and surrealistic fun will include a suggestive spectacle of laser lights, smoke, and foam—all of which are designed to immerse you into the colorful spirit of the new collection.

On the basis of classic models, the men’s line flows into a neon disco of mixed fluorescent colors.

The collection spans a gamut of Brogues named Jerry, Daniel, and Jack. Sandals are named Simon, while sneakers are called Alvin. Then, there are slipons with the name of Albert and refined moccasins, David.

Flash Night with Paul & Betty—don’t miss it!

Photos Courtesy S2B Copyright Paul & Betty.