August 31, 2010

The Music & Fashion Project by Kilian Kerner

When one mentions the German designer Kilian Kerner, there is so much to say!

Before entering the fashion business, Kilian studied drama in Cologne, which graphically graces each of his productions.

Yet when it comes down to styling, Kilian designs in such a way that the wearer is anything but acting!

Drawing inspiration from the emotional realm, Kilian’s signature consists of sleek androgyny as he allows contrasting opposites to define his look.

Attracted to the past, especially the era of Dandyism, Kilian has refused to allow time to dictate his menswear collections.

He established his eponymous label in 2004, having gained the reputation for mixing music and fashion.

His first fashion-music mix took place in 2005 with Berlin band “Bad Habbits,” followed by a performance with “Splinter X.”

Popularity led Kilian to establish a project entitled “Fashion and Music,” whereby a song is written for a specific collection.

For spring/summer 2011, longstanding friend and singer Ben Ivory wrote Flieg zum Mond und bleib hier (‘Fly to the Moon’), which was recently performed at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Check out the entire collection here or watch the video.

Photos Copyright Dan & Corina Lecca at Berlin Fashion Week.

Whyred—the Indie Superlabel

Whyred is all about Modism, which publicist Peter Meaden (1941-1978) defined as “clean living under difficult circumstances.”

Undergirded by art and music, the Whyred twist on Modism entails sartorial tailoring in the great metropolis for fashion-conscious urban dwellers.

Founded in 1999 by several friends—Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson Keller and Jonas Clason—Whyred drew its name from chief designer Roland Hjort’s grandfather, Sven “X,” who was a Swedish artist:

Known for his use of a wide variety of colors, Sven was once asked in a radio interview about his favorite color. “Red,” he retorted. “Why red,” the journalist questioned. “Well, blue then,” the artist replied.

For spring/summer 2011, Whyred features birds in flight—a symbol of hope and dreams portrayed by multi-colored and -textured plumage.

The collection then plunges us to the darkest depths of the ocean and upward again as rays of light pierce the surface in an resurrection-like experience.
Visit the whole collection here.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

August 30, 2010

Lagom—Designed for Music!

Designer Nette Sanström and Daniel Adams-Ray founded Lagom as a joint venture to create stage clothes for Daniel’s band. Since then, Jakob Hedberg has joined the creative team.

The 2011 spring/summer collection is entitled “Dawn,” which takes us to hues of Nairobi daybreak!

Fabrics are sourced from Kenya and Tanzania and span a range of colors from bright Masai red and Green Lagoon to Savannah Yellow.

Motifs draw inspiration from the safari, such as leopards, giraffes, and hummingbirds, which are not limited to reserves and parks but also found in safaris.

Just as Kenya weds traditional and modern cultures, Lagom marries fashion and music in a sunrise of contemporary styles and wildlife textures.

Click here to see the entire collection.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The Local Firm, Revisiting the Eastern Bloc

The Local Firm is a Swedish brand that is inspired by the vintage art and architecture of the former Eastern Bloc, particularly the German Bauhaus Movement.

Based in Stockholm, the Local Firm was launched in 2007 by Richard Hutchinson and Axel Nyhage as “a contrast of status” in garments and materials, which, combined, are then reinvented.

Like many Swedish designs, the Local Firm strives for wearability and functionality.

In additional to denim wear, the Local Firm produces fine eyewear.

View the collection here.

Photos Courtesy Stockholm Fashion Week, Copyright Kristian Loveborg.

August 29, 2010

The Eternal Values of Filippa K

After completing her education in London, Swedish designer Filippa Knutsson returned to Stockholm in the 1980’s to work for Gul& Blå, where she spent 6 years, first, as buyer and, then, as product manager.

Together with Patrik Kihlborg, she established Filippa K in 1993, running the operation out of their home.

The Filippa K Man collection was launched 5 years later. The line is fashionable, sophisticated, and targeted for the modern-day urban male.

Based in Stockholm today, Filippa K is sold in 20 countries with 750 retails around the world.

Filippa affirms that she stands by what she does and she bases her label on the concepts of style, simplicity, and quality.

The style is edgy; the simplicity is timeless; the quality reaches every detail.

The Filippa K collection for 2010 autumn/winter sets a tone that is somber yet emotionally reflective, resigned to pensive thought.
Have a complete look at the collection here.

Read the press release and watch the film by following this link.

Photo Copyright Filippa K.

Fashion Week Stockholm: Filippa K S/S 11

For spring/summer 2011, Filippa K revisits the graphic look of the early nineties with a relaxed modern twist.

The look is sleek, minimalistic, and without needless details, except for a splash of refreshing color.

The feel is casual with the signature elements of style, simplicity, and quality.

Click here to see the image gallery.

Photos Courtesy & Copyright Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

August 28, 2010

A Childhood Visit to Carlsro with Camilla Norrback

The spring /summer 2011 collection of Camilla Norrback is inspired by the Finnish designer’s childhood memories of summer visits to the Carlsro in Kristinestad of Ostrobothnia, Finland.

This three-storey summer home was built in 1896 by the ship owner Carlström in the New Renaissance architectural style. Carlsro happens to mean ‘Carl’s rest’.

In the collection, Camilla revisits the architecture, lush gardens, and mysterious nature of this historic site.

“I imagine the people who lived there at the turn of the century; their beautiful summer lives and all the drama that took place in and around the house. Both the happy, joyful and the mysterious, dark feelings are integrated in the collection,” explains Camilla.

Visit the memories here.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

“Veruca & Charlie” by Camill Norrback

Born 1974 in Jakobstad, Finland, Camilla Norrback discovered an interest in fashion at an early age, obtaining her first sewing machine when she was just 13.

Although formally educated in pattern construction and millenary, Camilla taught herself fashion design.

This Finnish designer is on the cutting edge as she juglges modern luxury with ecological concerns, having coined the term Ecoluxury™.

In highlighting sustainability, Camilla works with organic and environment-certified materials, which are void of toxins and harmful chemicals to both the human body and the environment.

Launching her eponymous label in 1999, Camilla created her first menswear collection for spring/summer 2010, uniting a retro-romantic style with modern aesthetics.

As for r 2010 fall/winter, her collection draws inspiration from the two imaginary characters, Veruca and Charlie, who visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

View the collection here.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

August 27, 2010

Menswear Trend Guide Autumn/Winter 2010

In this video from Barracuda TV, designer Andreas Löwenstam at H&M and journalists Gareth Scourfield of Esquire Magazine and Jolie Harrison of GQ discuss upcoming trends this autumn/winter season.


Barracuda produces films and tv-documentaries with focus on culture in the wide meaning of the word. Pop music. Classical Music. Jazz Music. Fashion.Modern Dance. Street Dance... And anything else [they] love.

Video Courtesy & Copyright Barracuda TV.

August 26, 2010

Men’s Euro Retail Report August 2010 Mpdclick

Retail Report Men's European Stores Apparel Accessories: From Barcelona, Berlin, Melbourne, Milan, & London, the key trend for menswear emerging in stores this past month, August 2010, covers a multitude of sub trends, which come together to form a smart, nautical-inspired theme with streetwear and military touches. Presented on Infomat, courtesy of

Patch Mosaics:
Far left: Long sleeve shirt; fitted; patchwork print; patterned textures; vintage. Second left: Vibrant jacket; large patch pocket; tartan print; blue/red/yellow. Centre: Zip jacket; mosaic patches; vibrant panels; contrasting colours; purple/yellow/red. Second right: Cropped trousers; pants; patchwork print; directional lines; casual wear; grey tones. Far right: Mosaic print cardigan; knitwear; natural tones; green/mint/blue.

Far left: Camouflage print; military inspired; laptop bag; black piping; brand/logo feature. Second left: Cropped trousers; khaki; drawstring leg; casual wear; orange belt. Centre: Skinny cotton scarf; gathered; khaki; accessories. Second right: Skinny leg; cargo trousers; dark khaki; side pockets; camouflage print scarf. Far right: Cream sweatshirt; khaki graphics; typography; smudged; khaki scarf; tassels; directional lines.

Sun Bleached Denim:
Far left: Denim jeans; blue stonewash; faded leg; worn; rolled up. Second left: Denim jeans; blue stonewash; faded leg; stitch panelling; worn. Centre: Denim jeans; grey wash; faded leg; straight leg. Second right: Denim jeans; skinny leg; sun bleach denim; haphazard; style. Far right: Denim shirt; long sleeves; creased effect; sun bleach denim; tie dye effect; worn.

High Tops:
Far left: High tops; baseball trainers; sneakers; green denim; metallic trim; green laces. Second left: High tops; chunky; velcro strap; pin hole texture; grey/white/red; visible blue stitching. Centre: High tops; chunky; vibrant; metallic; blue/orange/pink; black laces. Second right: White/cream; high tops; pin hole texture; navy trim; white laces. Far right: High tops; baseball trainers; sneakers; assorted; white/lime/black; red/white stripe.

Nautical Treasures:
Far left: Boat boot; deck boot; black leather; white stitching; leather laces; white soles. Second left: T-shirt; brenton stripes; loose fit shirt; grey; patch pockets; cross hatch texture. Centre: Smart shirt; denim blue; faint pinstripe; navy silk trim; white panel insert. Second right: Polo t-shirt; knitwear; navy blue; white directional lines; ribbed trim. Far right: Cropped trousers; pants; light wash denim; light weight.

Mpdclick's monthly retail trend overviews provide you with the latest product trends emerging this month covering all genders and ages to ensure fashion professionals have the broadest outlook of the global retail sector. In depth reports provide an invaluable resource of inspiration for brand ranges and merchandising ideas. Selected trends are also presented in downloadable pdf story boards, allowing you to create an instant impression and inspiration on the design floor.

Mpdclick is a leading commercial online fashion trend forecasting service. Mpdclick offers the fashion industry designer, buyer and executive the global creative inspiration and consumer intelligence needed to succeed. A subscription to keeps you informed of rapidly changing fashion and consumer trends and provides creative inspiration, market research and a library of usable resources, 24 hours a day.

Photo & text Copyright Mpdclick, Courtesy of Infomat.

August 25, 2010

Tiger of Sweden in the Wild

In the 2011 spring/summer collection, Tiger of Sweden prances to the flora and fauna as depicted in the watercolors of American artist, Walton Ford (1960), who captured the spirit of colonial literature and visual art with studies of nature, politics, symbols, and jokes.

Tiger of Sweden was founded in 1903 and remains deeply rooted in its traditional tailoring.

Christian Lippich and Ronnie McDonald are the menswear designers at Tiger of Sweden.

Click here to view the collection.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Cheap Monday: Sparkling Shamelessly in 2011

For spring/summer 2011, designers Örjan Andersson and Ann-Sofie Back bring a new look and feel to Cheap Monday.

Devising a cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic, the designers draw inspiration from Latin denim fashion and the tastes of celebrities all the way in Los Angeles.

This contemporary collection is “sparkling,” “extroverted,” and “shameless”!

View the entire collection here.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

August 24, 2010

Evolutionized by Frost Birgens

For autumn/winter 2010, Frost Birgens invites men everywhere to a new evolutionized state, free from the current connotations of prejudice.

Danish designer Jakob Birgens departs from excessive consumption as he exalts quality over quantity.

Knits abound, as well as layers; but the focus is placed on the garments that lie beneath.

Whether worker or man of leisure, be revolutionized—better yet, evolutionized— by Frost Birgens.

Click here to view the entire 2010 autumn/winter collection.

Photos Copyright Frost Birgens.

The Men behind Frost Birgens: 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

Although Jakob Birgens launched his label Frost Birgens in 2007, he began his design carrier in a workshop, in the Latin district of Aarhus as he created clothes for friends and other customers who found him.

Two years later, Jakob was joined by two savvy businessmen as co-owners: Simon Hepworth and Christian Kjaer.

Injected with renewed vision, Jakob continued to draw inspiration from his surroundings and assorted artists, such as Leonard Cohen, Rei Kawakubo, Peter Linkbergh, Hemingway, and Bob Dylan.

He has developed the knack of creating an elegant garment of knitwear based on another garment like a blazer with elbow patches.

Additional signature items include tees, jackets, pants with belt function, and large chest pockets on shirts.

Frost Birgerns—relaxed functionality for the urban male.

Click here to view the entire 2011 spring/summer collection.

Photos Copyright Frost Birgens.

August 23, 2010

It Is Back to the 20's with Nico Didonna

Nico Didonna provides an injection of 1920’s glamour and exquisite tailoring for AW10

Contemporary British brand Nico Didonna, already a favourite amongst the coolest London trendsetters, continues to combine traditional tailoring with flare for AW10.

For AW10, Nico Didonna takes inspiration from the ‘Bright Young Things’, the hedonistic youth of the 1920’s. As the rest of Britain struggled with a deep economic recession and the aftermath of the First World War, an eclectic set of young socialites lived a wild and irresponsible lifestyle. This group of aristocrats, middle class adventurers and bohemian artists had a wildly self-indulgent and riotous way of life, bringing outrageous glitz and glamour to an otherwise bleak society.

Nico considered it apt to use the ‘Bright Young Things’ as inspiration for his forth-coming collection, recognising that some glamour would be a stark contrast to the current economic climate. Hedonistic glamour is represented in the collection by a range of stunning full-length sequined gowns.

These eye-catching pieces are contrasted and balanced out with exquisitely tailored, understated staples such as jersey tops, trousers, jackets and knitwear. The silhouettes for both men and women are clearly defined using sharp, sweeping lines mirroring those of the art Deco movement, creating a distinctly elegant flavour.

The 1920’s also inspires the colour palette of the collection with luxurious fabrics such as silk, crepe jersey, cashmere and leather, all appearing in the muted tones of mauve, silver and black, lifted with flashes of Ox blood red and sage green, and completed with exciting finishes of feather and fringe.

Though there are references, the collection is not a pastiche of 1920’s fashion, it has been completely reworked and modernised to be in keeping with 21st century fashion resulting in a highly contemporary appearance.

Nico Didonna’s AW10 collection was launched in February’s London Fashion Week as part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scouts presentations, promising to offer a complete wardrobe for men and woman who appreciate the art of dressing.

About the Designer: Nico Didonna is an Italian fashion designer who moved to London during the 80s. He graduated from LCF with a degree in Tailoring in the late 90s. Since then he has created his own label and opened a boutique in the heart of London’s Soho also stocking in various boutiques worldwide.

View the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Nico Didonna.

Jiska van Rossum—New Graduated Talent

What images are conjured in your mind at the mention of the Netherlands or Holland? Some people think of wooden shoes, others—tulips.

I often think of the blue and white Delft ceramics, Master’s paintings, windmills, dikes, and cheese!

How many of us think of menswear? Yet the Netherlands is turning them out!

This summer, Jiska van Rossum graduated from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, a city situated in the eastern area of the Netherlands.

Jiska’s previous studies include a BA from the Academy of the Arts in Utrecht and an MA from the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design.

Her most recent collection, “Adorned in Elegance,” demonstrates the sensuality of men from a woman’s stance as she drapes and undrapes the male body.

The 2011 spring/summer collection was presented on the catwalk at Amsterdam Fashion Week last month.

See the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Jiska van Rossum.

August 22, 2010

Quoc Thang—an Artistic Designer Deep in Thought

Born in Malaysia, Quoc Thang was raised in Alkmaar of the Netherlands, which is a city situated in Noord Holland that dates back to the 10th century.

At the age of 18, Thang moved to Amsterdam where, in 2005, he graduated with an award from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

Since graduation, Thang has lived and worked in Paris, Berlin, and Shanghai, where he spent an entire year.

In his creations, Thang is deep in thought, focusing on the vulnerability and transitory nature of life.

He draws inspiration from specific moments and occurrences in his life, upon which he develops an idea and, then, a full collection.

Like a skilled artist, Thang views the human body as his canvas, approaching each design in a mathematical way as he concentrates on lines and composition.

Like a prolific author, Thang regards each design as a chapter in his book, which narrates a profound story.

Thang’s award-winning collection at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy was entitled Schoonheid van het Einde, or “Glorious End”—a theme about death, which he has developed over the years.

Building upon the theme, Thang has progressed onward to Enkel een Herinnering, or “Solely a Memory,” which, as the title reads, is about memories.

His latest work is Ieder Einder, or “Every Horizon,” which addresses nostalgia, longing, and seclusion.

To view the collection, please click here.

Photos Copyright Quoc Thang.

August 21, 2010

Camping with Hysteric Glamour in Summer 2011!

Hysteric Glamour was founded in 1984 by Nobuhiko Kitamura, who was born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan.

The design concept of the label is based largely on American culture typical of the Sixties and Seventies—particularly music, comics, porn, automobiles, packaging, and neon lights—all of which influenced designer Kitamura.

The target market of Hysteric Glamour ranges from upper teens to mid-20s, offering tees and jeans in vivid colors.

For spring/summer 2011, Hysteric Glamour takes men camping in the wilderness to fish and grill…well…kind of.

Flip through the look book here for yourself—it’s hysterical...Hysteric Glamour!

Photos by Ellen Von Unwerth, Copyright Hysteric Glamour.

Cohesive & Co.—Prepped to the Edge in 2011

Dave Appel of Cohesive & Co. has been designing from the age of 15, having learned to pay close attention to minute details as evidenced by the brand’s signature embossed skull button.

Each collection threads together a cool balance of preppy and edgy, all the while hemming comfort into the garments for a sense of class.

Based in downtown Los Angeles, Cohesive delivers a line of California-styled menswear with hoodies, jeans, jackets, and polos—something for every kind of guy!

View the entire 2011 spring/summer look book here!

Photo Copyright Cohesive & Co.

August 20, 2010

Moonspoon Saloon & “Cabinet of Wound”

Created through a collaboration between Central Saint Martin’s graduate, Sara Sachs, and photographer Noam Griegst, Moonspoon Saloon weds art and fashion into a marriage of unique performance.

Each collection is staged in artistic exhibitions, experimental films, textile works, parades, ballet, and posters.

The “Cabinet of Wound” collection was inspired by the wounds of our souls.

Launch the photo gallery for Moonspoon Saloon at Copenhagen Fashion Week by clicking here.

Photo Courtesy & Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Peter Jensen: Naughty & Nice

Although currently based in London, Peter Jensen hails from Løgstør, which is a small town on the Jutland Peninsula of Northern Denmark.

In 1999, Peter graduated from Central Saint Martin’s with Distinction, going on to win multiple prestigious awards.

Skilled in graphic design, embroidery, and tailoring, Peter fashions each collection in such a way to unite mischievous humor with individuality, yet always leaning towards the wearable side of unconventionality.

Naturally fun and clever, Peter Jensen seeks to create timeless collections.

To view then entire photo gallery from Copenhagen Fashion Week, please click here.

Photo Courtesy & Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Street Heroes on the Catwalk with Simon Rasmussen

Recently this month at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Danish designer Simon Rasmussen designed a collection of showpieces taken from recycled clothing found on the streets.

The theme? “Street Heroes—the homeless, the prostitutes, the crazy people, the ones nobody wants to be around.”

Simon collaborated with Chilean artist Javier Tapia, who installed props like wagons and houses—everything collected from the streets.

The mesage? “It is an attempt to reuse materials, in order to get shelter.”

The point? For spring/summer 2011, Simon Rasmussen breathed new life into old clothes!
View the complete image gallery here.

Photos Courtesy & Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

August 19, 2010

Nom de Plume by A. Naselli

Nom de Plume can translate as “pen name” or “pseudonym” in French, whereas Alberto Naselli was an actor from Bergamo, Italy, who also went by the name of a character that he invented; namely, “Zan Ganassa.”

Born 1572, Alberto Naselli developed the Italian Comedy, known as the Commedia dell’arte—one character of which was Harlequin or Arlequino.

Now, almost as if reborn, A. Naselli creates flamboyant garments in Copenhagen, having designed for the Danish Royal Ballet and other cultural events.

At Copenhagen Fashion Week, Nom de Plume put on a dramatic masquerade of Renaissance-like figures drawn from the Italian Comedy, including Harlequins, Scaramuccias, Capitanos, and Pantelones.

Please click here to see the image gallery.

Photos Courtesy and Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Soulland: Scandinavian Craftsmanship at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Born 1985, Silas Adler founded Soulland in 2002 as a t-shirt printing company, which has emerged as a recognized brand around the world.

Now as one of the main driver’s of Denmark’s menswear renaissance, Soulland is firmly rooted in the traditional craftsmanship of Scandinavia.

In 2008, Silas Adler was nominated as the best Danish up-and-coming designer by Danish Fashion Awards.

Last week at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Soulland presented the 2011 spring/summer collection, which was characterized by attention to detail, a modern twist on traditional menswear, and a combination of the classic fedora with the baseball cap.

Go to the complete photo gallery here.

Photo Courtesy and Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Wood Wood—Knocking on….Pavement!

Wood Wood was launched 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Danish designers Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian Jensen.

Strictly a street fashion brand, Wood Wood also runs a professional cycling team!

This year, the Danish Style Counsel selected Wood Wood as Denmark’s best Danish brand.

The collections are lively, hip, and—as Didder Rønlund puts it—“pavement friendly.“

If you love hoodies, sweats, and tees, this collection is for you!

Click here to view the complete photo gallery of the 2011 spring/summer collection, which WOOD WOOD featured last week at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Photo Courtesy and Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

August 18, 2010

Henrik Vibskov: a Designer of a Different Drum!

Henrik Vibskov was born in the country side of Jutland, Denmark, picking up the drums and the age of 10 and winning a break-dance competition two years later.

After graduating from the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, Henrik has become a great Dane on the international fashion scene with his avant-garde, futuristic, and geometric designs.

Artist, musician, designer—Henrik Vibskov—featured his 2011 spring/summer collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week this month, deviating from convention but sticking to his reputable name.
See the whole collection here.
Photo Courtesy & Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Mutewatch Launches Vibrating Watch

STOCKHOLM - August 5, 2010 - Mutewatch launches vibrating watch with disguised touch screen!

The Swedish start-up Mutewatch is now, after years of secrets, happy to present the design of its innovative watch.

Mutewatch is a silent alarm in the shape of a vibrating wristband. This discreet device with its disguised touch screen brings structure and time back to its user. It serves as a quiet reminder that helps you to follow your own agenda without disturbing people in your surroundings.

Mutewatch is always at hand and allows you to navigate swiftly between its functions, its clock, alarm and timers, giving you the ability to set your vibrations as you go.

”We are now proudly presenting Mutewatch to the world. Mutewatch sprung from the idea of a silent, vibrating alarm clock, and grew into this beautiful watch with its concealed touch interface which works like magic when you use it”, says Oscar Ritzén Praglowski, CTO at Mutewatch AB, in an open letter on the company blog.

Words can't describe how I feel about our development team. The time spent working on this product has been a time of pure joy—with so much talent and creative energy brought together!”

When the watch is touched, a hidden screen lights up showing the time. By swiping a finger horizontally left or right, the user can navigate through the functions clock, timer and alarm. Mutewatch charges via a regular USB port.

Mutewatch is a new kind of watch equipped with a disguised touch screen and a quiet, vibrating alarm and timer.

Founded in Stockholm 2009 by Mai-Li Hammargren, Oscar Ritzén Praglowski and Gustav Hammargren, then students at the Stockholm School of Economics and the Royal Institute of Technology, the company Mutewatch AB develops, sells and markets Mutewatch to a global market.

Besides bringing the product to the market, the company is also the host of parties called Good Vibrations and shares a blog on its website,, which deals with product development, time management and fashion.

Photos & text Copyright Mutewatch.

David Andersen at Copenhage Fashion Week

Every February and August, Copenhagen hosts Northern Europe's largest fashion event, Copenhagen Fashion Week, which presents the best of Danish fashion, such as David Andersen, and celebrated designers from around the world.

David Andersen soared to immediate fame after debuting his eponymous collection in 2007.

David is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where he was awarded the “Best Costume Designer” in 2004.

His passions span a wide range of interests, such as architecture, music, and museums from which he draws his inspiration, pushing fashion boundaries to the limit!

On the catwalk at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week, David Andersen proved to the ladies that torn stockings can be sexy—on guys!

David Andersen also knighted the collection with a touch of androgyny as he turned tees and cut-off shirts into coats of mail.

So, ladies, instead of trying to mend your favorite pair of stockings with nail polish, just give them away in spring/summer 2011 to a fashionable friends.

Or better yet, guys, get them straight from David Andersen!

See the collection here.

Photos Courtesy & Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

August 17, 2010

Comfy Cardigans This Winter at Bolivares

According to New York-based label, Bolivares, “Cardigans are this season’s most popular item and a staple in every man’s closet.”

Each sweater is handmade with alpaca, wool, and/or acrylic and designed by Lucho A. Bolivar, who is expanding the line into pants, jackets, and t-shirts for spring/summer 2011.

“Cardigan sweaters are a classic alternative to a standard blazer or sports coat” asserts Bolivar. “Mix and match cardigans with tees for a hot look—perfect for any occasion!”

Photos 2010 a/w collection Copyright Bolivares.

Zoo York Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

The ZOO YORK Institute proudly announces the new Signature Collection of Pro-Skater Eli Reed.

Zoo York presents the Fall/Winter 2010 season, the Zoo York Institute's own collection of Eli Reed, which reflects his personal style, such as the ZY Hoodie, Reed Crest Tee, Eli Skully, and Reed Scarf.

Eli Reed is the youngest member of the Zoo York team of professionals. Two years ago he moved to New York, where he scored in the many spots of the city with style and impressive skills. His flip switch in the Court Building of NYC is still the craziest trick ever performed in this location.

About Zoo York
Zoo York was founded 1993 in New York City by skateboarders Rodney Smith, eli Morgan Gessner, and Adam Schatz who teamed up to create a skateboarding-inspired lifestyle.

The label draws heavily from the influences of hip-hop, graffiti, and old-school skateboarding.

Photos Copyright ZOO YORK.

Bolongaro Trevor Spring/Summer 2011

As we learned in a press release that I published last week, Bolongaro Trevor is a contemporary label created by British designers Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor.

The 2011 spring/summer collection has a rock and roll/mod influence and a moody darkness reminiscent of Victorian London.

The dark, gothic printed t-shirts and scarves draw inspiration from the Victorian obsession with death, glory, and afterlife.

Pants and jeans are deep crotch, military inspired.

See more of the collection here.

Photo & slideshow s/s 2011 collection Copyright Bolongaro Trevor.

August 16, 2010

Veja Autumn/Winter Collection “Look Around!”

Look Around!*

*The word “veja” means ‘look!’ in Brazil; so for this autumn/winter season, Veja is looking around as it deepens cooperation with co-operatives of small producers throughout Brazil.

Created 2004 in Paris, France, by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, Veja also continues to change the rules with respect to the environment, human rights, and fair trade.

Veja purchases organic cotton at twice the market price from a co-op of 200 families in Northeast Brazil who base their livelihood on cotton farming with no chemicals or fertilizers.

The rubber is purchased from another co-operative of Seringueiros (‘rubber trapper’) in Acre, in the heart of the Amazon, where rubber trees grow in the wild!

The Seringueiros tap the tree bark so that the latex, a white liquid, is collected in a container.

I have posted the entire Veja press release, which reads like a treatise in ethical principles.

Can’t find a sustainable menswear label? Just look around—Veja!

See more images here.

Photo & slideshow 2010 a/w collection “Look Around!” Copyright Veja.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Spring/Summer 2011

In 2005, three Kiwi surfers founded Stolen Girlfriends Club in Auckland, New Zealand; namely, Dan Gosling, Marc Moore, and Luke Harwood.

For summer/spring 2011, SG Club has prepared a collection entitled “Heavy Petal,” which is all about getting nude....well alright...light layers!

Garments feature detailed paneling of silk organza, Georgette, and cotton poplin.

Have a peek at the collection here.

Photos 2011 s/s collection “Heavy Petal,” Copyright Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Grenade Inc. Explodes Nationally

Action sports apparel maker Grenade, Inc. explodes nationally with products designed to export the brand’s rebel lifestyle. As the fastest-selling snowboard glove brand for three years, Grenade’s popularity with young hipsters encouraged the Portland, Oregon, based company to reach “Beyond Boarders.”

“Grenade’s an action brand for the dude who doesn’t want to wear a damn suit to work,” says Grenade’s outspoken CEO Joseph “JC” Condorelli. “We’re growing like crazy, rounding out our collection by shipping more than 50,000 pairs of shoes this year.”

This summer Grenade’s on the road with their Spring/Summer line of shoes, shorts, shirts and Motocross apparel, as well as their popular New Era hats. Grenade rocked buyers at the Agenda trade shows in New York and Huntington Beach, California, and at ASR in San Diego.

This week the S.L.A.T.E division of the MAGIC show features Grenade at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Look for JC at SL8 22920. Or listen for the guy using the F word as a noun, verb and adjective.

With the help of the Grenade Army, a guerilla team of fierce fans, Grenade’s cutting edge style can be found in 600 specialty retailers domestically, as well as in 30 countries on 5 continents.

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August 15, 2010

Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2011 ‘Cosmic Rock’

Paul Smith menswear for Spring Summer 2011, ‘Cosmic Rock’ is a detailed, directional collection that references the beginning of Paul’s design career in the late 60’s/early ‘70’s and the inspiration he felt during this brave new rock era, watching musicians Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix mix new clothes with vintage.

The elements that excited Paul most from this era; surreal galaxy prints, occult signs, batik, military costumes and vibrant cosmic inspired colours have been translated to create looks in new relaxed silhouettes using modern fabrics.

The silhouette contrasts oversize volume with skinny pieces, designed to be worn in a relaxed draping style; an upside down lapel tailored jacket paired with a shirt with tie collar and patchwork jeans, a cardigan style tailored jacket over a jersey teamed with military parachute trousers and a pleated sleeve tailored jacket contrasted with a slim trouser.

In contrast to previous summer collections of lighter fresher pastels, the colours palettes this season are rich and dark, with four groups dominating; purples, magentas, indigos and silvery tones.

See the entire collection here.

Photo & slideshow s/s 2011 collection “Cosmic Rock,” Copyright Paul Smith.

Paul Smith Autumn/Winter 2010

Paul Smith menswear for Autumn Winter 2010 is an elegant, detailed collection that references the modern bohemian gentlemen inspired by Venice and Warren Ellis from the band ‘Bad Seeds’.

The neat, short and refined pieces of the collection are contrasted with oversized shapes and sportswear detailing.

Double breasted overcoats, soft capes and full length parkas are combined with tapered pleated trousers to maintain the soft silhouette.

The colour palette is dark with five groups dominating; purple, red, teak, Prussian blue and aubergine.

Fabrics are sleek and opulent made from rare fibres; camel, Alpaca, mohair and Angora alongside cashmere and silk to achieve a relaxed, lightweight and draped shape.

Check out the entire collection here.

Photo & slideshow a/w 2010 collection Copyright Paul Smith.

Paul Smith: the Man, the Designer

Paul Smith was born 1946 in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. At the age of 16, he began working in a clothing warehouse, even though his true passion was cycling, which he had to abandon due to an accident the following year.

Through the acquaintance of new friends that he met while in hospital, Paul was drawn to the exciting world of fashion.

After having acquired some experience in retailing and training in tailoring, Paul showed his first menswear collection in Paris, in 1976.

Today, the Paul Smith label entails 12 collections, which project a balance of humor and mischief, supported by a long British tradition of the classics.

Photo Copyright Paul Smith.

August 14, 2010

Cheap Monday 2010 Autumn/Winter collection

Cheap Monday is a Swedish label that was established in 2000 by Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg as a secondhand clothing store in Stockholm.

The original store was only opened on Sunday; hence the name, Cheap Monday.

Cheap Monday clothes can be recognized by the logo of a skull and an inverted crucifix, which was designed by Björn Atldax and Karl Grandin of the design group Vår, alluding to the many wars that were ignited by religion. Since January 2010, however, a vertical line has replaced the crucifix.

Cheap Monday was purchased in 2008 by Swedish company, H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB, which operates as H&M.

In the words of Cheap Monday, the autumn/winter 2010 collection “gives an apocalyptic impression but with a sense of hope for the future; holes are mended and scarring is used as decoration.

Razorblade slashes are repaired on both denim and jersey; patches are used together with spray paint and coatings in rough detailing. A rawness and nomadicity referring to futurism and punk suggests a DIY aesthetic.”

See the collection here.

Photo a/w 2010 collection Copyright Cheap Monday.

Hats off to Borsalino’s New Line: Eyewear

The summer may be winding down, but the sun is still shining brightly in many places.

If you have been searching for a new pair of sunglasses—100% made in Italy—then this new line by Borsalino may be just for you!

Borsalino has long made its marko n the accessories market.

Established in 1857, Borsalino started at the top—with hats, which I recently brought to you in an article on natural dyes from Rubia.

Throughout the decades, Borsalino expanded into perfumes, watches, and suits.

Drawing on its strong heritage of quality design, Borsalino has added the particular element that was missing: eyewear.

This new line of eyewear follows geometrical shapes, heterogeneous in nature, drawing inspiration from the styles of the 1970’s.

See more models of glasses here.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Borsalino.