September 30, 2010

Meltin’Pot Fires Up…

Its New Seasonal Windows For Fall/Winter 2010 with Wad Magazine

Meltin’Pot is proud to display internationally throughout its retailer’s windows/concessions, images from its recent collaboration MY PLEASURE #001 by Meltin’Pot 001 with International style bible—WAD, which appears in its R-EVOLUTION issue.

The pictorial story shot by photographer Sylvain Homo on location in Paris and styled by WAD’s Fashion director Laura Walters sets the tone and the energy for this season’s new MP collection whilst celebrating denim which remains timeless whatever the century, occasion or season.

Marta Carichino, Meltin’Pot’s Marketing Director comments:”We are very pleased to have worked with the WAD team on this fashion shoot and feel this rockesque fashion story really emulates Meltin’Pot’s energy for the forthcoming season with our new collections both MP001 for men and Meltin’Pot mainline and the cross cultural ethos of our brand. Infact we liked it so much that we decided to decorate our fall window displays using selected images”.

See more here.

Photos Copyright Meltin’Pot.

September 29, 2010

Carolyn Massey Spring/Summer 2011

Carolyn Massey’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection has been influenced by two books: ‘Un-Fashion’ by Tibor Kalman and ‘Farm’ by Jackie Nickerson. Inspired by the essentially natural attitude to masculine dressing portrayed in the books, Carolyn’s latest collection also gives a distinct nod to Eastern elegance with a smattering of ‘functional wrapping’.

All this whilst retaining her eye for the quintessentially ‘English’ in menswear tailoring, signed off with the signature ribbon detailing which runs through all the pieces. The result is a cohesive collection with a distinct personality.

Cotton drill from Italy, Japanese cotton shirting, Merino wool and mainly European manufacture continue the Massey tradition of combining quality production with unexpected design twists whilst remaining true to the concept of pared down, minimalist menswear for the style aficionado.

Cream, stone, mustard and rust alongside Indian ink, petrol blue and navy seamlessly complement Massey’s play on proportion and shape – also an integral component of her knitwear.

Accessories are now part of the collection with shoes inspired by those created by the British for wear in the desert, and a new line of bags including a statement-making doctor’s bag and backpack with detachable box bags.

Massey’s eponymous collection was launched in Paris in 2006, twelve months after graduating from the Royal College of Art.

In recognition of her talents she has been sponsored for the third time in September 2010 by NEWGEN MEN–sponsored by TopMan–offering the opportunity to present on the London Fashion Week schedule on 22nd September 2010.

A detail obsessive, Massey is known for her elegant English cuts and sartorial nuances–her work investigates what it takes to be a gentleman and how the concept of masculinity has adapted to the times.

View the image gallery here.

Photos Copyright Carolyn Massey, Courtesy Icecream Agency.

September 28, 2010

Conscience: Garments without Guilt

What makes each one of us unique in this crowded world of over 6 billion people... is our CONSCIENCE. A DNA that defines how you, I and people we know live their lives and individual choices they make... that eventually impacts all of us on Planet Earth.

At Conscience we believe that there are enough believers like us who'd readily support our mission of creating a 'Guilt-free Ecosystem' that'll provide a global platform for all Ethical Businesses and consumers to engage in Responsible platform for all Ethical Businesses and consumers to engage in Responsible Commerce.

This shirt is made from handpicked cotton which stems out of an inclusive growth project which envisages striking a fine balance between the existing eco-system and the human populace, and a promise that conscience runs in every square inch of this fabric to the tag that brings you this message.

After all we must have conscience.

Operation Basis
We source fabrics only from a certified ethical producer. We are creating a base in South Asia before we look beyond that.

The ethical fabric is then imported to Sri Lanka where it is manufactured to the highest ethical facility certified as ‘Garments without Guilt.’’

1. Ethical Working Conditions
2. Free of child labour
3. Free of forced labbour
4. Free of discrimination on any grounds
5. Free of sweatshop practices

Fashion for Development
We use Bibi Russells fabrics for our collection as it empowers weavers of as it empowers weavers of Bangladesh.

Cotton Trail: Shortest Carbon Footprint (300km)
Our sourced cotton helps to adopt organic cotton cultivation of fine cotton to prevent chemical contamination of fragile forest reservoirs tracing the path from cotton farms to the foothills of animal reserve.

See more images here.

Photos Copyright Conscience, Courtesy Stringhopper.

September 27, 2010

Join the Q Club at Austin Reed

Austin Reed, renowned for their classic and contemporary tailoring for men and women, are launching The Q Club—a private members club with personal shoppers, concierge, bespoke tailoring hire wear and much more in the Regent Street flagship store.

Four celebrity ambassadors are the face of the Q Club: England Cricket Captain Andrew Strauss, Vice Captain Alastair Cook, England Rugby Captain Lewis Moody and one of British rugby’s newest stars, Courtney Lawes.

A photo shoot for the Q club took place recently and saw our sporting ambassadors suited and booted in made to measure Q Bespoke tailored suits by Austin Reed.

We captured exclusive behind the scene video footage showing the sporting stars as they were groomed, styled and photographed.

The club will be launched on 19th October and we are also currently running a competition offering those who enter the chance to win VIP tickets to the launch night. For details, visit Suits to Boots.

About Austin Reed
Austin Reed was founded in 1900 as a tailor in London.

Photos Copyright Austin Reed, Courtesy ISM.

Ted Bakker Spring/Summer 2011

The Spring/Summer 2011 men’s collection of footwear combines optimistic explosions of colour with authentically worn ranges.

Think 1950s colour saturated Hollywood movies as the shoes overflow with colour. These Technicolor shoes are a touch of vintage with modern humour.

Classic moccasins, driving shoes, nylon running shoes, gentleman’s brogues and jazz shoes all come in brights, from Mediterranean sky blues to deep inky blues, from pale pinks to fruity raspberries, through to bright oranges, this collection of footwear is a veritable kaleidoscope of colour.

Also the leathers and suedes used are tactile, soft and deconstructed giving the shoes a fantastically summery feel.

Meanwhile, some of the men’s shoes have a used, authentic feel using warm, lived-in materials. Softly worn-out casuals have distinct signs of retro styling.

Desert boots and lace-up brogues have also been heavily burnished and unlined to create a vintage deconstructed look for Spring.

See the shoes here.

About Ted Baker
Born 1955 in North London, Raymond Stuart Kelvin founded Ted Baker in 1988. Ted Baker’s claim to fame is the company’s rise to fame: word of mouth rather than advertising!

Photos Copyright Ted Baker, Courtesy Eskimo PR.

GIO-GOI Spring/Summer 2011 Footwear

London, July 2010. Gio-Goi’s footwear collection for men and ladies radiates with bright summery colours on sport inspired styles.

For men, Gio-Goi offer best-selling continuity styles in fresh spring colours, alongside brand new summer silhouettes. Bright colour pops stand out, as do the all red, all blue and all yellow shoes, bringing the energy of the 80’s to the range.

For the first time ever, Goi-Goi are launching a range of men’s casual footwear with crepe soles and leather uppers, all within the brand’s signature urban styling. Stand-out pieces for spring are the new lightweight boots with EVA outsoles and urban inspired profiles.

Essential for hot summers, flip-flops with bold t-shirt prints and vulcanised trainers with string vest mesh material are nice and light. No men’s summer collection would be complete without a boat shoe and Gio-Goi have not forgotten this.

The late 1980s and early 1990s were heady days for the music and club scene. Manchester’s Hacienda led the way, with sounds from the likes of the Happy Mondays immortalised by Factory Records; it was into this influential youth culture that founders Chris and Anthony Donnelly launched Gio-Goi.

It wasn’t long before Gio-Goi became the label that key figureheads, in both music and the media, actively sought out. While Brit-pop favourites such as Blur and Oasis became supporters of the brand, Gio-Goi became a uniform of choice for dedicated followers of rave culture, or as it commonly became known, the second ‘Summer of Love’.

Today at 21 Gio-Goi is stronger than ever, adding denim, footwear, accessories and eyewear to its already burgeoning core range.

Gio-Goi is now worn by a new generation of rock celebrities, reinforcing the strong music heritage on which the brand was built. It is this combination that continues to produce strong growth for Gio-Goi, being awarded Draper’s Fashion Brand of the year, Fastrack 100 and Cool Brand status for the second year running.
See more models here.

Photos Copyright Gio-Goi, Courtesy Eskimo PR.

September 26, 2010

Leggings—a New Trend Not So New

Tights, hose, leg warmers, leggings, and even meggings (male leggings)—call them what you may—we have all seen them on male ballet dancers, cyclists, horse riders, and wrestlers.

Within the past few years, they have also been appearing on catwalks and runways in fashion weeks around the world. But leggings for men are not new phenomenon.

Many historians trace leggings to 14th-century European men, Native Americans, and infantrymen.

Surprisingly, men have been wearing leggings as a source of protection and warmth since the dawn of history.

The first occurrence of men wearing leggings that I have seen date back to Anatolian men between 1700-1300 BC. These leggings were not only adherent down to the ankles but also elaborate in color and geometric patterns.

Secondly, I have found evidence of the Medes and Persians around 500 BC with similar leggings.
Interestingly, leggings that extended to the knee or halfway down the calf were worn by Roman cavalrymen, soldiers, and emperors between the 1st and 4th centuries AD.

Takeoffs of such leggings merely continued throughout history onto the Byzantium and most of Medieval Europe.

Allow me to leave you with a question: If leggings occupy such an extensive history in menswear around the world, why do they meet with such surprise today?

Photos NoN by KIM 2010 s/s collection Copyright Peter Stigter.

Sasha Marini by Alberto Rugolotto for Denim A/W 2010

Today I received several images from a photo shoot of Sasha Marini by Alberto Rugolotto for Denim.

The images were taken in Paris for the Denim 2010 autumn/winter campaign.

Sasha writes, “the concept of the set was to express a type of modern, natural and slightly rugged man with a strong personality and a very open-minded attitude that is not afraid to be daring with his sexuality in an increasingly elegant way.”

“The goal of our shoot, continues Sasha, “was to take ‘corageous’ photos that express reality in a direct way.”

Grazie, Sasha!

Check out the full shoot here.

Photos Copyright Denim, Courtesy Sasha Marini.

Adolfo Dominguez at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

As many of you know, September is a month packed with fashion weeks around the world.

Just last week was Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid, where numerous menswear designers from Spain presented their 2011 spring/summer collections.

First in the lineup, I would like to present Adolfo Dominguez, a true pioneer in the Spanish fashion industry.

In 1950, Adolfo Dominguez, Sr., opened a tailor shop in Orense, Spain. When he passed away in the mid-1970’s, his son, Adolfo Dominguez, Jr., took over and launched a high-end menswear line.

In 1991, a fire destroyed the factory, but Adolfo Dominguez would not be overcome. The company restructured and prospered!

Nearly 20 years later, the label is still a pioneer in the Spanish fashion market, encouraging people everywhere not to allow distaster to stop us!

Click here to view the collection.

September 25, 2010

Shipley & Halmos: A Classic vs. Modern Parady

Opposing forces of modernity versus classicism that Shipley & Halmos explores in their men’s collection season-to-season offers a wardrobe of lighthearted, functional essentials. The Spring/Summer 2011 men’s collection, entitled “A Classic vs. Modern Parody”, embraces that duality with humor and wit. As inspiration, designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos studied the true definitions of “classic” and “modern” by researching Greek and Roman architecture and art while comparing it to early 20th century modernism. The meeting point of the two lends itself to a collection built on linear compositions, new prints and usage of color, and unique twists on the everyday basics of a man’s wardrobe.

The collection showcases the use of various sizes and shapes of stripes, ranging from horizontal naval stripes in a loosely-knit jersey tank top paired with a vertically-oriented khaki and cream striped cotton fabric cut in the brand’s staple two-button suit. Being spring, a canvas boardshort is constructed in graphic black and white panels and paired with a pocket t-shirt in the same pattern with a slightly altered scale.

Playfulness in the color palette establishes it as a key component of the collection. Bright jolts of red and subtle uses of strong pinks mixed with contrasting black and white complements the earth tones of military green, various shades of beige, and pops of navy and blue. Intarsia sweaters with Greek columns illuminated in red and graphic t-shirts showing a war general saluting atop his horse with a bright yellow smiley face masking his identity reinforces the parody element in the collection with detailed subtlety, further referencing the brand’s sense of humor and perspective.

Outerwear continues to be a driving category for the menswear, this season highlighted by a classic belted trench, a waxed field jacket, and a revisit to the varsity jacket from last season, this time lightened up with striped ribbing, perforated leather sleeves, and a cotton body. These items are paired with floral print woven shirts, denim dyed a fresh shade of blue, and pleated gauzy wool trousers.

Men who value functionality and individuality will find resonance in the minimalist lines, relaxed silhouette, and optimistic color palette of “A Classic vs. Modern Parody.” The dualities that Shipley & Halmos examines for Spring/Summer 2011 continue to speak to the current and essential wardrobe of the brand’s consistent and functional aesthetic.
See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Shipley & Halmos, Courtesy of Maguire Steele.

“New Army Model” by Patryk Szajan Sudzik

Fourth largest city in Poland, Wrocław has been a part of many nations, such as Bohemia, Austria, and Germany.

Named after an early ruler, Wrocław dates back 1000 years and has over 15 names, depending on the language. In English, it is known as Breslau.

Now the city is the seat of many corporations, cultural sites, elaborate cathedrals, and amazing architecture.

Nineteen-year-old Polish designer, Patryk Szajan Sudzik, also hails from Wrocław. As a little boy, there, he dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

Patryk interprets design as bending, destroying, tearing, sewing, dyeing, and finally reaching a unique original form—the means of emotional expression

Undeniably hedonistic, eccentric, and talented, Patryk views fabric as the “worthless and empty carrier of matter,” which becomes the “means of conveying an idea” when it comes into human awareness.

Patryk is inspired by his surroundings: nature, architecture, and art—obvious influences from his childhood hometown.

Minimalist and classic, his designs follow modern yet geometric forms—each collection exuding enthusiasm as it breaks from social norm.

Patryk’s most recent collection is entitled “New Army Model,” which unites militarism with the urban lifestyle, drawing from modern architecture as the inspiration.

View the entire collection here.

Photo Copyright Lukasz Virgins.

Take a TRIP with Travelteq

Two years ago, we were inspired to create the best carry-on case ever made. Today we are proud to inform you we have succeeded.

Let us introduce to you our innovative TRIP: a travel case small enough to be stored in the overhead compartment of a plane, yet big enough to create the highest amount of comfort we could offer.

Comfort that starts with the possibility to easily transform the suitcase into a chair.

Discover what it’s like to be able to relax and work in any situation, even in airports, subways, train stations and parks.

Traveling through busy parts of the world can be an anonymizing experience from time to time, which is why we made an intelligent suitcase that allows you to retain your individuality at all times.

The addition of a smart kangaroo compartment allows you to get to your laptop, papers and pencils with ease, without having to open the entire case.

We believe that this travel suitcase with its unique Dutch design will make your journey more comfortable than ever.

In addition, we offer a version of the TRIP with a custom integrated sound system: top quality speakers that enable you to listen to your own music in the comfort of your hotel room.

And whenever you don’t want to use them, simply unplug them and remove them from the case.
Imagine taking the TRIP with you on a picnic: pick a sunny day, bring a good wine and some tasty food and put on your favorite tunes for a perfect afternoon!

Even if your iPhone or BlackBerry runs out of power, you can charge it through the TRIP. Enjoy your freedom.

The suitcase comes with high quality, smooth-gliding wheels, and an interior that includes a lot of special compartments adjusted to modern travel needs.

Our TRIP is based on a lifestyle. The lifestyle of Travelteq is about inspiration. Luxury is not a mere status symbol – it’s to encounter the feeling of freedom.

Have a look at the line here.

Photos & text Copyright Travelteq.

Gigo: the Sexy Colombian Brand

Gigo is the name of a sexy brand of underwear, swimwear, and bodywear—100% made in Colombia.

Founded in 2004, CI CONECCIÓN 3 LTDA is the mother company. The designer is Javier Ortega, former model of underwear and swimwear in Colombia.

Javier mixes materials, textures, and original prints, as he causes colors to explode in originality!
For autumn/winter 2010, Javier has prepared “Arctic Spring” with flowers in the midst of ice, snow and darkness.

He also has created “Latin Lover” in red, black, and white for those who want a romantic, sensual winter season!

For those of you who follow football (soccer), make sure to check out the World Cup series and find your favorite team!

Briefs, boxers, jockstraps… What’s good about Gigo is that there is something for everyone.

What I like about the designs and colors is that most are based on nature, animals, and insects! Very original.

View more sexy images here.

Photos Copyright Gigo.

September 24, 2010

Ozwald Boateng Closes London Fashion Week in Spectacular Style

To celebrate 25 years in menswear, the iconic Savile Row tailor Ozwald Boateng closed London Fashion Week with a spectacular show held in the Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday 22nd September 2010.

· A 4 minute preview of ‘A Man’s Story’, Ozwald Boateng’s first feature length film was shown.

· Catwalk show with 100 male models, including Tyrone Wood & Sam Branson.

· Following the show, the 100 models walked in procession through Leicester Square, across Piccadilly and up Regent Street to Ozwald Boateng’s Savile Row atelier.

· The Odeon was scented with a bespoke fragrance created specifically for Ozwald Boateng, for the event by Professeur de Parfums Roja Dove.

· Sponsor Moet & Chandon provided mini bottles for each guest in the Odeon.

Globally renowned for melding traditional tailoring techniques with sharp cuts and a very modern use of colour, Boateng has dressed an incredible array of A-list talent (David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Daniel Day Lewis, Jamie Foxx to name but a few) and, even, the world’s most powerful man Barack Obama. The red carpet event in Leicester Square was attended by over 1,500 guests including VIPs, captains of industry and key members of the style press.

Boateng also used the opportunity to exclusively preview the documentary film ‘A Man’s Story’, which candidly charts his business and personal life throughout the late nineties and the noughties. Filmed over the space of 12 years, it provides a unique insight into how the most talked about tailor on Savile Row has become a global luxury menswear brand.

The groundbreaking fashion show featured over 100 models wearing both A/W 2010 and S/S 2011 collections. To further add to the cinematic feel of the evening, the event featured surround sound and a unique fragrance by Roja Dove was piped into the auditorium, immersing viewers in an unforgettable 4-dimensional experience. The models then left the cinema and walked in a procession back to Savile Row, lead by Sam Branson.

View the collection here.

Photos and text Copyright &
Courtesy Starworks London.

FIVE by Rio Ferdinand—an Interview

Rio Ferdinand gives us a sneaky insight into his footwear collection

The footwear collection from Five by Rio Ferdinand draws on the fantastic success of the launch collection to create a range of footwear and bags that cater for every aspect of the contemporary man’s busy lifestyle.

The range has been heavily influenced by Rio’s own style, with casual yet sophisticated designs for the man about town taking centre stage. Inspiration from the collection has come from….

What pieces have you been wearing the most?
The Rocco black military boots, brown and black Reuben slouch boots and the Rhys brogue zipper shoe.

Unlike many other celebrity lines you have made sure that you had a real input into the designs, is this something you’ve always wanted to do?

I could have put my name to a shoe or other fashion brands but I wouldn't of had as much scope in the design process and that's what appeals to me. Five has to represent has to be versatile, appeal a mix of people and have a certain amount of coolness about it.

Whose style do you admire?
Tom Ford. The guy breathes understated cool. I like Andre 3000's quirky cool too.

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?
I don't know...I probably got most stick for the white suit I wore when I signed for Man Utd!

How do you prepare for a game, is there a song you listen to or any strange rituals?
I jump on to the pitch when I hit the white line. I pour water over my face in the tunnel.

What has been the highlight and biggest disappointment of your career ?
Winning my 1st Premier League title, winning the champions league, my debut for west ham and England. Injury before the World Cup and losing to Barcelona in Champions League final.

What’s your ‘Stylebible’ city of choice and why?
I've always found great bits in Japan whenever I've been, they love their fashion out there.

What is your best kept secret in your little black book?
Its a secret!

How would you describe your style, and what trends from the UK have you adopted or chosen to ignore?
I've become a more simple dresser now, simple colours not much into patterned stuff but I like layers of clothes and them to be cut nicely. I chose to miss the men’s Uggs wearing moment!

What can’t you travel without?
I pod and phone

What is your favourite hotel?

The Grove

What are your favourite restaurants?
Rosso, Manchester (Italian), Hakasan, London.

What’s your most extravagant purchase?
My house

Name a product you couldn’t live without?

My Five black suede boots, cool, comfort and versatile! Plus Nivea!

Who is your favourite designer?

Tom Ford and Scotch & Soda.

Where is next on your list of places to visit?
Wherever the Champions league final is I want to be there(playing)!

What is the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?
Treat others how you would like to be treated.

What is on your shopping wish list right now?

The new Five range- I can't wait for them to get to me!

The Brand

FIVE is the new footwear and accessories brand inspired and headed by internationally renowned Manchester United player and captain of the England national football team.

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Gavin Ferdinand (1978) is an English football player and captain of the English national team, who, besides soccer, has an passion for fashion.

View the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Five by Rio Ferdinand, Courstesy Eskimo PR.

Interview with Italian Model, Sasha Marini

Why don’t you introduce yourself to the readers…
“My name is Sasha Marini, I’m 30 years old and I’m an international model based in Milan but I constantly travel all over the world. I was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, a small town near the Adriatic Sea, 2 hours by car far from Rome. I’m an only child and I love my family that always pushes me to go and gets my goals.

How did you begin modeling?
I started modeling 10 years ago, when I was studying Law at university, because I wanted to make some money; but I immediately realized that fashion was more than a passion, so I decided to travel in order to get a competitive background for my career.

Where did you go?
I lived in Athens, Barcelona, Madrid, Istanbul, Munich, and New York. I really enjoy travelling, staying in different towns and rising to the occasion of new exciting experiences.

What type of shoots have you done?
I shot editorials for many magazines, such as Vogue Pelle, Bello, Ninja, Lab, Posh, Pen and my ad campaigns ( Vinicio Pajaro, Skin Feeling Underwear, Q Zee Jeans, Arsenal, Giancarlo Paoli, Claudio Orciani, Gianfranco Butteri, Bocinsky, Alta Tensione, Franceschetti), also publishing in L’ Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, GQ, Men’s Health, Esquire, Max, Class, Flair, Elle, Marie Claire.

How about photographers…
Shooting with photographers, such as Phil Poynter, Michael Baumgarten, Errikos Andreou, Giovanni Zaccagnini, Marco Marezza, Lorenzo Marcucci, Giovanni Aponte, Paolo Monina, Michele Ercolani, Jacopo Manfren, Roberta Krasnig, Michele De Andreis, Enrico Lattanzi, Mario Gramegna, and especially Alberto Rugolotto has been the greatest satisfaction from my career because I had the opportunity to shoot editorials that had a very strong concept like Decadence, Metamorphosis, En plein air, Bag for Love, Denim that were able to push over the boundaries and make people think deeply and establish a great human relationships that make the difference in fashion business.

What personal qualities have helped you as a model?
My star sign is Leo and I really have Leo’s attitude about private and professional life. I think my best feature is to be open mind, tenacious, determinate and focused on my career and, at the same time, I’m always positive, polite and balanced with all the people I’m working with.

Turn offs?
The lack of respect, falseness, shallowness, hypocrisy, and silly “fashion victim” attitude turn off my mind.

What else do you enjoy doing besides modeling?
About my hobbies, I like going to the gym as it’s really important to be fit, running on the beach, reading books, watching movies, and cooking Italian food for my friends.

Any aspirations after modeling?
After modeling, I’d like to work as an actor: I think I have a very natural attitude for acting so let’s see what is going to happen.

Do you have any closing words for aspiring models?
I would suggest young male models to keep on studying because modeling could seem a “gilded dream,” but in truth it’s a very hard and demanding work. It requires sacrifices, great character and good luck too, so it doesn’t assure their future. Beyond this, I would suggest them to work always with great humility and ability, not to let themselves influenced by success and to maintain their freshness and moral principles that are more important than the mere career.

I enjoy the shoots that I have seen of you! Good luck!
I’m very proud you liked my photos: I think to be a normal man who loves working in a very professional way with passion and tries to do his best to express messages through his photos.

Photos Copyright Sasha Marini.

Shudy—the Ready Shoe...Shoe Ready!

Reproducing a fashion icon in a different material.
Using a synthetic material to break away from the original, as a contrast.

The readymade as a source of inspiration, in the instantaneous nature of the creative act, and similarities with cracking art, in terms of using plastic, are the cornerstones of the Shudy concept.

The readymade: an everyday object that instantaneously becomes a work of art, thanks to the intentional nature of the artist’s gesture.

Like the urinal by Marcel Duchamp (inventor of the readymade), which became a work of art precisely because it was exhibited as such for the public; like his Mona Lisa with moustache and goatee beard in L.H.O.O.Q. Existing products that lose their object status to become works of art.

Plastic, on the other hand, is the material used by the Cracking Art Group for its provocative installations: reproductions of animals made using recycled plastic and placed in historic settings or busy public areas, like streets and shopping centres.

And so we come to the ready-shoe, the shoe-ready or Shudy.

100% Made in Italy. See the colorful collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Shudy, Courtesy Blackboard.

September 22, 2010

J.W. Anderson Spring Summer 2011: “The Devoured And I”

J.W. Anderson continues his exploration of youth sub-cultures with his Spring Summer 2011 collection entitled “The Devoured and I.”

It documents the intimacy and journey of two people as they experiment and get lost in self-discovery – and subsequently the fallout and consequences of this.

An ongoing theme of Anderson is the apparent contradiction of our experiences, in this case the blinding colour and then darkness, the heat and cold sweat, the liberation and oppression.

Anderson first looked at the photographer William Gedney, closely working with Duke University, New York, who hold Gedney’s full body of work, including his diaries.

Looking specifically at how Gedney would document the journey of these two people. What results is a psychedelic mismatch of clashing fabrics; patchwork and dip dye on a tight silhouette.

Embellishments are key: Swarovski crystals are presented in an unexpected way and become one of the unifying themes of the collection. Hand crocheted doilies are applied to tulle tops and then dip dyed with neon colours, representing hallucinations. The ultimate hallucinatory effect is created on the boots, which appear to have Swarovski crystal formations growing from the toes.

See all the photos here.

Photos & text Copyright Oki-Ni.

New Apparel Line Embraces Afro-Centric Culture

While Sparking Curiosity and Conversation Afro-Sapien wants to know,
“What’s Your Passion?”

Miami— (September 1, 2010)—New fashion label Afro-Sapien makes it way into the streetwear scene paying homage to the significant achievements, contributions and successes made by individuals of African descent, as well as those of other nationalities who participated with and/or supported them along the way. Afro-Sapien reflects a state of mind and a sense of fashion.

Capturing the style and grace of select individuals — including but not limited to African-American, Afro-Latino, Afro-Asian, as well as all other nationalities who appreciate and participate in an “Afro-influenced” culture — as well as the genres in which they created, the company’s signature T-shirt collection embodies the Afro-influenced spirit with its simple design and thought-provoking quotes and statements.

Founder Anthony Johnson created the fashion label to fill a void in the market for well-made fashion-forward clothing that not only reflects an urban awareness and style, but intentionally sparks curiosity and at the same time educates — all while being cool and hip.

“Afro-Sapien is a state of mind; it’s inspired by the human spirit. It’s meant to embrace those of African descent and those who helped Blacks and who understood the fashion, music, culture and art,” said Johnson.

Representing a global lifestyle, the collection appeals to men and women, teens, tweens and young adults, the company’s logo — a groovy African-American man and woman — are a throwback to the culture of the late 1960s and 1970s, a time when clothing styles and fabrics were inspired by non-Western culture — including Africa — and a time when everything from fashion to language to attitude was “far out” and hip, and afros were worn by both sexes.

Its provocative statements, like tag lines “engage your mind” and “life, love and liberation,” are engaging people’s minds and starting conversation among the generations, across nationalities and across borders. “The ‘60s and ‘70s were a time when things were authentic. Today there is nothing new, it’s being revisited from the past,” said Johnson. “We want to get people talking, not only about their own self but about the world as a whole. We want to know what their passion is; they want to know what their passion is.”

Presently, the company offers silk-screened 100% cotton T-shirts featuring the company logo and statements and quotes meant to spark curiosity and dialogue. The shirts, along with future collections, will spotlight educators, actors, inventors, and sports and political figures from different eras. Product categories include hoodies, sweat shirts, shirts, hats and pants.

The shirts are available online at and at local events. Future plans call for retail outlets, including boutiques and stores nationwide. The T-shirts are available in white or black in a variety of sizes and retail for $40.

About Afro-Sapien
Miami-based Afro-Sapien produces high-quality apparel that pays homage to the significant achievements, contributions and successes made by individuals of African descent. Representing a global lifestyle, the collection appeals to men and women, teens, tweens and young adults.

Reflecting an urban awareness and style, the collection intentionally sparks curiosity and conversation with its provocative statements and quotes. Whether large or small, we all have that “special something” that makes us who we are. At Afro-Sapien we want to know “What’s Your Passion?”

Photo & text Copyright Afro-Sapien.

Natural Selection - Denim Dissection

Natural Selection have created an intelligent concept within the denim area on the menswear floor in Selfridges, one of the most stylish and fashion forward department stores in London. The installation ‘Denim Dissection’ reflects a 1920’s period hospital operating room specifically designed for Natural Selection.

The story behind this installation and the relevance for Natural Selection lies within the brand’s name and their connection with evolution. ‘Denim Dissection’ symbolises the label’s notion of experimentation, and with this, their desire to constantly evolve and innovate.

“I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term ‘NATURAL SELECTION’” –Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

The installation area covers two square metres and consists of a selection of British, vintage and military inspired furniture in the form of a 1920’s cast iron operating table, medical trolleys, an oversized surgical light, and medical trays and implements.

The installation represents an operating theatre, yet the object under the knife is a pair of Natural Selection Pilgrim heavy washed jeans, sliced, with surgical precision, to reveal an NM raw pair of jeans underneath showing denim at its most pure.

Specimen jars containing buttons and rivets in ‘formaldehyde’ are displayed, as is an organ bowl containing denim DNA scraps such as selvedge trims, hidden rivets, leather patches among others, all of which are key elements of Natural Selection jeans’ make-up.

Continuing along their path of evolution, Natural Selection have extended, upgraded, increased and developed for Autumn Winter 2010 their first full collection of apparel, alongside their highly-acclaimed pure denim range.

For this season, the team introduced a new 13Oz Fabric made of Zimbabwean cotton from Nihonmenpu mills in Okayama Japan. This fabric is available in its stunning raw form and also as a new wash, PILGRIM.

Also added to the range this season is the DRIFTER wash featuring high contrast ‘skeleton’ whiskering, which has an amazing three-dimensional visual impact. Other key washes for the season include Scrapes and Bruises, one of the most popular styles from Spring Summer 10; which comes in an Italian 12Oz selvedge.

Photos & text Copyright
Natural Selection.

Georgy Baratashvili—Pilots, Bombers, Leggings & Dancers

I just received the autumn/winter 2010 look book from Georgian designer, Georgy Baratashvili.

When I inquired about the look, he stated that he was inspired by a pilot and his uniform, especially the bomber jacket.

The “bomber jacket is one of my favorite pieces,” asserts Georgy, “and I always try to reinvent it in one way or another.”

He continued, “I may have some pieces from a dancer’s wardrobe—what a surprise from me (chuckles)—such as leg warmers and arm warmers.”

Georgy used hi-tech, waterproof fabrics, which maintain warmth, particularly for the “nasty winter weather.”

See the look book here.

Photos Copyright Georgy Baratashvili.

September 21, 2010

Comune Launches “Sandanista”—

An Exclusive Collection and Pop-Up Brand for Pacsun

Costa Mesa, CA – September 21, 2010 – COMUNE has launched “SANDANISTA”, a new and exclusive Pop-Up brand for US based retailer, PacSun.

From the mind of Frank Delgadillo, founder of contemporary street and creative culture brand, COMUNE that launched in Fall 2009, fast forward to his latest endeavor and Pop-Up brand concept, SANDANISTA.

SANDANISTA is an exclusive, affordable, diffusion collection that offers a complete array of menswear pieces and competitive pricing.

“We wanted to address the need for broader distribution and greater diversification in specific markets,” states Delgadillo.

“SANDANISTA’s progressive collection was designed to elevate the direction, perception and product assortment currently available at retail for the consumer at an affordable price.”

SANDANISTA comes from the name, Sandinista, a revolutionary party that overthrew the government and took power in Nicaragua from 1979 until 1990.

The Sandinistas philosophy was to free people from social, economic and political oppression - this mixture of causes made them very unique leaders.

SANDANISTA stems from the foundation and carefree idealism of COMUNE taking inspiration from the freethinking, revolutionary outlook of the Sandinistas with the mantra, Logic of the Majority.

“The concept of SANDANISTA allows us the opportunity as a small brand to bring a fresh, new creative outlook from design to marketing and apply it to a larger retail chain model.” continues Delgadillo.

“PacSun has expressed their interest in Comune and excitement over extending their brand assortment. We were up for the challenge to launch the concept with them first.”

Like COMUNE, SANDANISTA will continue to evolve as a new brand and revenue-driving leader. Long term growth plans within the brand model include international partnerships with select retail chains including BEAMS, Japan.
View more images here.

Photo & text Copyright SANDANISTA.

Andrew Buckler Spring/Summer 2011

Andrew Buckler spring/summer collection inspired by the German modernists’ school, the Bauhaus, and the 1924 Olympics.

The Bauhaus embodies early twenties century modernism. It was a school for artists and designers that closed its doors forever during WWII but continues to be a defining factor within modern design aesthetics. As express by the schools last director, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: “Less is more.”

The clothing is influenced by the collegiate of the 1924 Olympics athletes Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, who represented the UK in the running competitions, where they won and returned victorious. The story of their struggles was revived in the 1981 British film Chariots of Fire.

Both the Bauhaus and the 1924 Olympics represent ardent optimis and a belief in the future. The natural fiber of the day—lines and cottons colored by the Bauhaus palette of the time—creates a modern collection.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Andrew Buckler.

September 20, 2010

Man Foulards in Roman Carthage

Just above the artist quarter in Punic Carthage, which was destroyed by the Romans, I came across an impressive marble bust in one of the Roman villas.

This Roman guy’s sense of style was definitely cool!

His entire torso is nude, as he sports a large foulard draped around his shoulders, hangin infront and descending slightly more in the back.

Lately on the runways of fashion weeks around the world, there is much draping as layer is added upon layer, a trend that was very common among the Romans.

For more reading on Roman dress, go to Roman Blockbusters, Byzantium & Barbarians.

The additional photos that follow the bust were taken at the thermal bathes just below the Roman Villas.

Stroll through the ancient Roman bathes here.

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

Tunics in Tunisia

When the Romans destroyed ancient Carthage, they rebuilt the city and populated the land.

In the area of ancient Carthage, just above where the destroyed Punic artist quarter, the Romans constructed beautiful villas that ascend up the hill, terraced one on top of the other.

As I was walking through one such villa, I came across some floor mosaics, which narrate the story of how Roman men dressed in North Africa during the time of Roman Carthage.

Notice the colorful details on each Tunic. The patterns follow a geometric symmetry with lots of borders, cuffs, and breast pieces.

The photos that follow the mosaics are from the surrounding Roman villas. Enjoy the romantic walk through the villas here!

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

September 19, 2010

Salah Barka, the Tuni-clectic Designer

On the runway at Tunis Fashion Week this summer, Salah Barka demonstrated his keen ability of combing modern trends with ethnic and historic elements drawn from his country’s rich heritage.

As you will see in the look book, Salah revisits the 1960’s Summer of Love as he adds a touch of Turkish pants, medieval male leggings, and Tunisian sandals.

This avant-garde collection of eclectic styles spans the millennia of great civilizations that inhabited his homeland—Tunisia.

As Salah and I went through the photos this week, he explained to me how he envisions modern man on the backdrop of such an amazing cultural legacy, which, at times, only UNCESCO succeeds to reward.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Salah Barka.

Hannibal—On the Streets of Munich

Simon Hannibal Fischer was born 1981 near Munich, graduating from the Walddorfschule, after which time he worked for Flip—a store in Munich.

He then pursued his studies in fashion at the Academy Fashion & Design in Munich.

Have a look at the Hannibal 2011 spring/summer collection here!

Photos Copyright Hannibal.

Hannibal & German Menswear

Hannibal is an emerging brand from Munich, Germany, and named after the designer Simon Hannibal Fischer, who founded the label in 2008.

The first collection, whether willingly or not, follows the ways of the ancient Phoenicians, who were seafarers. The 2010 spring/summer collection was entitled “On the High Seas.” Coincidence?

Have a look at the Hannibal 2010 autumn/winter collection here!

Photos Copyright Hannibal.

Hannibal, the Glory of Carthage

While the name Hannibal may ring familiar to some, most individuals have no idea of his origins or greatness.

Like his father Hamlicar Barca, Hannibal (248–183BC) was one of the most talented military commanders of antiquity that fought against the supremacy of the Roman Empire.

Hannibal was from Carthage and, thus, a Carthaginian. According to the Romans, he was Punic; to the Greeks, he was Phoenician—a member of the People, of Purple!

Hannibal’s father had conquered most of Iberia (or Spain)—hence, the city Cartagena.

Hannibal inherited the army after the death of his father and continued the Carthaginian expansion.

Eventually he led a campaign of elephants from Cartagena over the Alps and into Italy, where he defeated the Romans several times.

In the end, Rome attacked Carthage, waging three wars, and finally defeated and destroyed Carthage in 146 BC.

It was amazing to walk on the ancient Carthaginian stones where Hannibal most likely walked in the Quarter of Magon, the Punic residential area of artists near the sea. View the entire city here.

If you would like to read more about how Phoenician styles have also appeared on the runways today, go to Phoenicians the People of Purple.

For more information on the menswear of Carthage, or what I call “Punic fashion,” go to Carthage, of Phoenicians and Punics.

Photo Hannibal, Public Domain.

Sidi Bou Said—If Walls Could Only Speak!

Sidi Bou Said is a little town set on a hill just 20 kilometers outside the Tunisian capital, Tunis.

The name comes from a religious figure, Abu Said (1156-1231), who once lived there and, since, has gained the reputation of being a town of artists.

Although dating back to the times of Carthage, the town was inhabited by Ottoman rulers, who gave the town its Turkish architectural flair.

The Ottomans occupied Tunisia from 1574-1871, greatly influencing the culture, customs, and clothing.

Such styles in Sidi Bou Said are evidenced by the wooden box frames of intricate latticework known as mashrabiya, which protrude from windows for protection.

The picturesque colors of light blue on white in Sidi Bou Said were applied by French painter and Arab musicologist, Rodolphe d’Erlanger (1872-1932).

Hence, this color is reminiscent of the French occupation of Tunisia, which lasted from 1881 to 1956. French language and culture still dominates the country today.

Now, t Rodolphe d’Erlanger’s palace now houses the Center of Arab and Mediterranean Music.

Rodolphe was instrumental in developing the genre of music known as Ma'luf (or Malouf), which is a form of North African music that was born in Andalucia, in the 9th century and revived in the 1920’s.

View the city here.

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

September 18, 2010

Urban Explorations by Palladium

Palladium’s Fall 2010 look book features images from the latest in a series of urban explorations that the heritage boot brand has undertaken.

Featuring Johnny Knoxville, ‘Detroit Lives’ takes viewers on an “off-the-beaten path” exploration through the Motor City to discover if there’s more to Detroit than the scenes of destruction and abandonment that it’s become known for.

The exploration takes us into abandoned buildings and urban terrain, which serve as the backdrop for the imager—all shot by New York artist and photographer, Peter Sutherland.

About Palladium
Palladium was founded in 1920 to make aircraft tires for the aviation industry. In 1947, after the end of WWII saw demand for tires dry up, Palladium put their canvas and rubber expertise to use by making boots that were as hard wearing as their tires.

Palladium soon became outfitters of the legendary French Foreign Legion with their classic canvas Pampa boot. Over 60 years later the timeless design of Palladium’s signature Pampa boot is as relevant as ever and available once again for explorers worldwide.

View the whole collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Palladium.

Seasonal Themes: Men's F/W 2011/12

Seasonal Direction Mens Apparel: Overarching seasonal themes for F/W 11/12 as seen at Sourcing at Magic. View galleries which include color, fabric, trim and pattern callouts specific to each theme Through the use of vignettes and props, the season's 4 key trends are illustrated, including: Savile Row, Alpine, Sherwood Forest and Boarding School. Presented on Infomat, courtesy of Fashion Snoops, where the full report is available to subscribers.

Seasonal Direction

A classic menswear inspired theme realized with grey flannel, tweed and shirting stripes. Sheer's and a hint of lace create a feminine take.
This outdoor centric theme utilizes Tyrolean patterns, fair isle stitches and blanket plaids with cozy fabrications to keep the chill out.

An enchanted forest theme, tinged in medieval lore with lush materials and deep saturated color.

School is back in session with preppy overtones and a nod to a post punk sensibility.
Photos & text Copyright Informat, Used with Permission.

Euro Street Style Summer ’10

On The Street Mens Festival Round Up: No longer the domain of out-there hippy fashion, festival dressing represents an eclectic collection of inventive mix-and-match pieces. Versatile garments remain popular, especially at Glastonbury, despite the welcome respite of scorching sun - accessorized with feminine details, including headscarves and floral wreath headbands. The boys were equally eclectic, fusing Indian inspired graphics with slim-line jeans, as gender stereotypes and boundaries continue to blur. Presented on Infomat, courtesy of, the site known for great visuals and early trend identification.

Indian Inspired
The Urban Bedouin trend, prevalent on the Spring Summer 2011 men's runway, inspires festival attire. Indian inspired graphics and swirling paisley prints are juxtaposed with simple square cuts, re-contextualized when paired with battered slim-line jeans. Eastern embroidery and gilded Moroccan motifs add interest to surfaces, and add an unexpected edge of decadence.

Optic Stripes
A minimal graphic tradition inspires optical black and white stripes. Simple silhouettes and skinny fit shapes juxtapose with draped necks and loose necklines, a laid-back approach to summer style. Mix and match stripe within garments, or pair with monochrome separates for immediate impact and an unexpected summer aesthetic. is a leading trend agency whose clients include leading brands, luxury brands, retailers, etailers, stylists and celebrities. specializes in the commercial translation of conceptual trend looks to help you create best-selling on-trend styles. With access to vast image galleries, focused key trend reports, emerging trends and major themes updates, trendstop subscribers are always ahead of the trend.

Photos & text Copyright Infomat, Used with Permission.

Izzy Lane…Rescued Sheep…at EcoLuxe

I interviewed Izzy Lane in an interview last year, at which time we learned about the company’s efforts to save a rare breed of sheep as lambs from slaughter by using their wool in each collection.

This month, Izzy Lane will be exhibiting the 2010 autumn/winter collection at Ecoluxe. So, this press release is for all you Green Fashionistas:

EcoLuxe, the ethical luxury fashion weekend is being launched on the 18th/19th September this year. It will be a bi-annual event to coincide with London Fashion Week. Created by a group of ethical designers, EcoLuxe promotes high end, environmentally friendly fashion designers and brands.

The official opening of this year’s EcoLuxe will be by leading international trade lawyer, supporter of environmental issues and the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife Miriam Gonzalez. Held at London’s No1 Aldwych Hotel, a stone’s throw way from Somerset House, EcoLuxe will be open to press and fashion buyers who are looking for high quality, luxury and exclusive brands with a conscience.

A maximum of thirteen luxury ethical designers and brands will be showcased at this year’s EcoLuxe including; award winning British wool designer Izzy Lane, vintage inspired clothing Beaumont Organic, London based Spanish designer Elena Garcia, Parisian natural skincare Sentuers De Fee, bridal and eveningwear Tammam, hats and scarves Sophia Couture, shoe maker Gwendolyn Carrié, Brazilian swimwear Olga Olsson, day-to-evening wear Outsider, timeless leatherwear pieces Anupa, Central St. Martins graduate Nyonyo&Yayra, leading couturier By Stamo and Indian embroidered accessories Panchachuli UK .

All the designers involved in EcoLuxe share the same philosophy of actively creating beautiful and environmentally friendly products in an ethical manner. The brands are all 100% ethical, not only in the production process of their designs but also with an overall responsibility to green issues.

EcoLuxe will be an biannual green event promoting leading ethical luxury brands and designers. From this year’s showcase held at No.1 Aldwych, voted ‘Green Hotel of the Year’ 2009, to the bust forms used to display the merchandise being 95% eco-friendly and even the signage made from 100% recycled paper. The event will also be a platform to support local charities who share the same ethical values and beliefs.

Have a peek at the collection here.

Photos Copyright Izzy Lane.

A Historical Collection by Griffin

I just recent this lengthy yet exciting press release from Griffin. Especially for history buffs like me, the release is particularly interesting as it narrates the historical context and origins of each garment:

Inspiration & Colour Range
We are not a simple one-dimensional brand, but a design studio producing clothing that fly’s under the radar. Combining the ultimate Griffin mix of urban clothing designed from our creative hub in the country, positively insular in our ideas, yet global in our free thinking approach we take inspiration from our travels and lifestyle, this autumn/winter 2010 collection results in an interesting mix of technology meets military.

With an appreciation for original military garments this season, we turn our attention to the American military uniforms of the 50’s and 60’s, pulling snorkel jackets and smock jackets from the extensive Griffin archive and researching classic movies such as the 1968 film “Ice Station Zebra” staring Rock Hudson (nothing quite like an old military film).

This season is all about a respect for local sourcing, traditional skills, quality and our heritage taking all these elements and developing alongside new technology and making them relevant and functional to today’s lifestyle whilst aspiring towards a sustainability future.

Core Items

As the world reflects, we have taken the time to look back at our heritage, spending many hours rooting through our extensive archive to produce a collection that represents our original style whilst continuing to push the Griffin mix. Mixing high technology with traditional skills we have developed a style we became famed for in the mid 90’s, the Bareskin.

The ‘Technical Bareskin’ development started four years ago but only now we have access to the technology to achieve the garment we wanted.

The ‘Reversible Bareskin’ is a style taken from the U.S. Military Parka, a fantastic shape and Griffin Military favourite. Lengthened and finished with a true parka style fishtail hem, this bareskin has had a little volume added to the a-line silhouette adding a great swing to the back of the coat.

The ‘Dartmouth jacket’ is a short jacket designed with front bellow pockets, which have been bonded to give a modern take on the vintage which was traditionally re-enforced and an example of the new technology applied to the making of this garment. This jacket is fully reversible and features a limited run of Belgium Desert Camo on the outside, the lining inside is in black and white wool from Woolrich and manufactured in the USA since 1830. Finished with functional reversible sleeve tabs, a detail that came from an original reversible 1950’s snow smock, keeping it true to it roots the engineered hood has real fur but using fur that is off cuts and patch worked back together. This style has come from an idea that the military mainly used cotton’s not manmade fabrics, the wool is warm and the cotton is shower-proof and fully biodegradable.

The ‘Hope Cove Smock’ is a beautiful, simplistic, silhouette inspired by a U.S. Military 50’s smock coat. Its made in a classic black single layer fabric, as well as two Woolrich option. This jacket is incredibly versatile and works well as a jacket or a sweat. It has adjusters on the cuffs and two pockets on the front; the neckline is laced with an adjustable hood.

The ‘Technical Softshell’ jacket has a slim silhouette using softshell fabric combined with the traditional Woolrich red & black check. Its character is clean, modern and functional. The shape is ergonomically designed for plenty of movement with an off centre zip, featuring engineered sleeves with seams piped in camo. The hood is sculptured with piping details and features a rounded nose piece for smog protection.

As the Griffin farm adopts its first Wensleydale sheep for the Griffin farm. To coincide we have developed a ‘Parka Sheepskin’ with a local sheepskin tanner and manufacturer based in Somerset, England. The pattern was developed by Griffin in Italy and has a signature sleeve detail and a swing to the back of the coat creating a great shape. The coat also has a sculptured hood with high neck with a front riri zip, and two angled zip pockets on the front. The coat is a true Parka with a fishtail back. This unique garment is a limited edition product and available in two colour ways in both a full length and shorter version.

The ‘Thai Pant’ is a style we introduced 10 years ago, it sold out immediately but was never reproduced, now 10 years on from its first introduction we thought it was the perfect time to develop this great silhouette. This season is a unique cross between a snow pant and a Thai trouser, a lot of room in the seat, with a low slung crotch and gusset. The trouser has a banana seam detail running down the front of the leg for shaping and darted at the back to create a sculptured leg.

The ‘USMC trouser’ is a style we have developed for a number of years and after a series of requests from customers and buyers we are reintroducing the pant. First developed from a 1945 boiler suit the USMC trouser is a wide leg pant with a low slung crotch. Fitted with large combat pockets and adjustable tabs at the hem these trousers offer a really comfortable fit. As a more commercial alternative the ‘Hanoi Pant’ is the sister style to this pant, designed with a slightly raised crotch and slimmer leg, this style is also available in a range of colours in both cotton and chunky corduroy.

The ‘Archback trouser’ is an iconic Griffin style; it was originally developed from a vintage climbing trouser. With ergonomically designed legs and darted knees the fit is wide but fitted with a low slung crotch. The zipped arch back panel is of course it’s most distinctive detail and a feature we can only achieve due to the flexibility of our great Italian factory. Traditionally a coat manufacturer, our factory has the ability to be more creative in the make than a traditional trouser manufacturer, using the finishes and detailing found in outerwear.

The ‘Banana trouser’ is slim fitting trouser with a four panel leg design plus a seam at the back of the knee which infuses the pant with a great bit of attitude and a great sculptural shape.

For Autumn/Winter 10 we have teamed up with world famous American fabric mill, Woolrich. Based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. we were passionate about working with a fabric manufacturer that was rich in American heritage to fit with our U.S. military inspired collection. Wool was a fabric we wanted to work with for its traditional finish and great quality and have chosen Woolrich’s signature Red & Black check which can be found across a range of styles from the autumn/winter 10 collection.

This season we have once again teamed up with renowned fabric Mill, British Millerain. Based in Lancashire the mill has been providing waxed cottons and canvases for workwear to the military for 130 years. Having worked with the company a number of seasons ago making a canvas cover for my Land Rover and printing a tree camouflage we return to the company for their reputation for traditional military fabrics for the highest quality dry wax cottons. These fabrics are hard wearing yet lightweight, they are waterproof without carrying a heavy wax coating and this season can be found featured on our Reversible Bareskin Coat.

Our collaboration with Manchester based Baracuta continues this season. The brand that recently collaborated with Oasis was established in the 1930’s and was recognised for the distinctive Fraser tartan check. This season we have combined both key fabrics within our collection, the Woolrich red and black check with the Dry wax British Millerain fabric within the G9 silhouette in a signature Harrington cut made famous by the likes of Steve McQueen and Oasis. The Griffin X Baracuta range continues to be manufactured in England and is a Limited Edition product.

We have teamed up with Woolistic sportswear to design a collaborative cycling jersey after a request from our cyclist customers. Swiss-based knitwear company, Woolistic, have been designing high quality merino cycling jerseys for just 10 years, but in this short time having gained an international reputation for the quality and performance of their jerseys. We have mixed the heritage Swiss jersey colours into a unique piece crossing over the worlds of both fashion and sport. The back pocket features the Woolistic logo and Griffin heart, the silhouette is a classic slim silhouette built for performance and available in a long sleeve option for Autumn/Winter in either cream or black.

This season we have succeeded in finding a well established English shirt maker. Based in Kent, England, Rayner and Sturges have been manufacturing shirts for almost a hundred years and currently supply a number of Saville Row tailors and high-end designers. We have combined the great quality of the English manufacturing with some of Italy’s finest shirting fabrics from the famous mill Albini, to bring the ultimate quality shirt in an array of contrasting and exciting designs.


Since the label began over 15 years ago we have been manufacturing the collection in the best Italian factories. Having trained in Italy, Jeff continues to support Italian manufacturing; this is because of the quality and skills of the factories and fabric mills. Based in the valleys of the Alps, the factory and its employees carry a passion that is very Italian they are great at what they do, and proud of the garments they produce. As well as the Griffin brand the factory also manufactures many luxury brands including Dries Van Notten, Missoni, Dior and Armani.

Where possible, we maximise the skills available within the UK, new this season we are working with Fenland Sheepskin, based in Somerset, the local sheepskin manufacturers’ tan and manufacture at their onsite factory. We continue working with factories such as original sportswear brand Gymphlex for our 100% cotton interlock jerseys, and Baracuta for our G9 collaboration jackets, all part of our Made in England range. Although price is important our ethical morals and beliefs come first, which is why we are asking our customers to invest in quality clothing, disposable clothing doesn’t help anyone.

See the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright

Color, Color, and More Color with Orri Henrisson

Melbourne-based menswear label Orri Henrisson goes modernist for spring/summer 2011.

The collection “Operator, I Need a Model Please!” is named after the Australia band Operator Please.

Orri Henrisson is designed by Henry Ng, who comes from a background in arts and multimedia.

He founded the label in 2008 as a reaction to the black local aesthetic in clothing. In a work, he could not find anything that he wanted to wear.

Henry is inspired by photography and music, especially Lady Gaga at the moment.

Photos Copyright Orri Henrisson, Courtesy Mother and Father PR.