October 31, 2010

MBARQGO Accessories for Men

MBARQGO is pronounced “embargo.”

An embargo can be defined as a restraint, a hindrance, or a prohibition of goods from one place to another. Life at times has a way of presenting 'embargoes' in our paths. However as resilient individuals, we owe it to ourselves, to strap up and get around these obstacles by any means necessary. The idea of MBARQGO is centered on the free movement of an individual and his or her goods.

We have to “Mbarq” on our own journeys, go forth and get that which we seek.

We, the MBARQGO team, make it our duty to provide you with the quality essentials. Our handcrafted pieces are made in limited runs from the richest and noblest materials available. They are designed to appease those with a refined sense of style as well as ensure a durability that will last.
Our goods will give you the ability to break through the barriers and bottlenecks of life and carry yours, whether around the block or around the world...

The idea was born in 2004 while one of the founding members was on his first solo overseas trip. “I realized how important it was to keep one's valuables safe and in one piece, and I knew there must be others with the same concerns.”

Slowly but surely the small idea started to take form. Trips were taken, prototypes were made, the dream team was being sought out and formed.

We would tell each other “carry your own weight.” That term went on to become one of MBARQGO's central themes. What does weight mean? We break it down as one's personal goods, one's self, and one's community.

Currently, MBARQGO is composed of a close knit international team focused on providing choice goods to small groups worldwide that resist settling for second best.

MBARQGO was founded by Michael Wogu. See a few more items here.

Photos & text Copyright MBARQGO.

Freemans Sporting Club—New York Manufacturing at Its Best!

Freemans Sporting Club’s new collection of heavy duty knitwear is launching in-store this week.

Woven and made entirely in Manhattan, these chunky shawl-collared cardigans exemplify the old-world craftsmanship that FSC stands for: the knitwear’s exquisite attention to detail, and the rich history of the garment.I
In their search for a partner to manufacture their knits locally, Freemans Sporting Club came across a very unique company with whom to partner.
Originally a German company, their Manhattan-based manufacturer sells knitting machines, and produce samples for large designer brands. They do not do production runs for anyone, with the exception of Freemans Sporting Club.

Their facility is also unique because they offer training classes in both pattern making and knitting and are considered the go-to knitwear resource in the US. Knitted from genuine Scottish Shetland, the wool cardigans feature side pockets, zipper closure and are constructed to maintain a strong, stable silhouette over time.

About Freemans Sporting Club
Freemans Sporting Club was established in New York City to pay tribute to the vanishing art of American handmade goods.

F.S.C. offers a roughly hewn yet refined reinterpretation of this bygone era, one in which a man’s garments were made to be both functional and long lasting.

Nearly all of the collection being manufactured within fifteen miles of the shop located on Rivington Street in downtown Manhattan, F.S.C. has grown beyond our humble beginnings but still remains as personal as the relationships formed through the creating of these modern, American made heirlooms.

Every F.S.C. garment is never more than a few hands removed from where it began and is made by the same ilk of seasoned artisans, tailors, and sewers who once flourished across the US and especially in the heart of New York City.

With less than 5% of American clothing being manufactured here, F.S.C. remains steadfastly dedicated and proud to be an American made product.
See a few more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Freemans Sporting Club.

October 30, 2010

Hyakinth by Jacek Kłosiński

Born in 1985, Jacek Kłosiński is the designer behind the Polish label HYAKINTH.

Jacek graduated n Fine Arts, in Lodz, going on to become a finalist in competitions like Off Fashion, Folk Fashion, Nokia Tends Lab, Jeans Design, and Re-Act Fashion Show.

Jacek maintains a labor intensive and innovative approach to ecological fashion as he specializes in textile printing.

Have a look at more images here.

Photos Copyright Hyakinth.

It’s Always Summer Somewhere with Bone Wear

Bone Wear has released the first few designs in their new swimwear range just in time for the southern hemisphere summer.

See more models here.

Photos Copyright Bone Wear.

D.S. Dundee: A New Range, A New Store

After a prolonged period of radio silence, D.S.DUNDEE returns to the fray with the winter range and a brand new store.

There’s too much to report in a single newsletter so over the coming weeks we’ll break things down into more detail, but in the meantime check out the range online—outerwear, tailoring (new 3-piece tweed suits anyone..?), a ton of Scottish knitwear, including some Fair Isle styles and beautiful chunky Merino shawl collars, 3 shirt styles and some of the finest footwear we've ever laid eyes on.

After a total overhaul on the store, we are now proud to open the doors on a space to do the collection justice. See the collection and new store here.

Photos & text Copyright D.S. Dundee.

October 29, 2010

Bespoke Tailoring by Stephen Seo

Stephen Seo, a modern bespoke designer specializing in custom tailored clothing for the most distinguished of taste, maintains a showroom in the exclusive 20 Pine Collection designed by Armani Casa in New York City's Financial District with a prime view of the New York Stock Exchange.

By appointment only, the open loft boutique offers an oasis for fashionistas and curious sophisticates alike to discover his whimsical shirt patterns, meticulouly detailed suits, along with cocktail dresses, stunning silk blouses and skirts.

Stephen Seo has designed miraculous pieces for various Hollywood Stars that were featured in award-winning modern day films, as well as the principal characters of HBO's "Entourage" who have been brandishing his signature suits for the hit show. He has been featured in several issues of The New York Times, Robb Report, Black Book and Departures.

Find the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Stephen Seo, Courtesy DSK Global.

Ravishing Mad & the Darkness Within

The Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is an exploration of the darkness within. It embraces loneli­ness and the relief that comes with living in whatever mood that comes along. We don’t like pleas­ers, and we don’t put on happy faces. The collection offers 10 different denim styles in 7 colours like bright red, black, print/wash out combination blue, and airbrushed grey. Ravishing Mad is well known for the draped big pocket jeans with an extremely high waist, and this season further incorporates draped cuts. Oversized plaid shirts with drunken buttoning are combined with unisex ass-door jumpsuits and mesh hoodies with huge sagging pockets.

The Swedish fashion label Ravishing Mad was founded in Malmö, Sweden, in 2008 by designer Anna Österlund. Ravishing Mad is a denim based punk rock label that works closely with musicians, artists and film makers and these collaborations are equally important as the fashion that is part of the Ravishing Mad lifestyle. Everyone involved in the RM projects are frequently switching places and either modeling, contributing with music or standing behind the camera. Anna is keeping Swedish design traditions: high quality, clean lines and stressing functionality, but going further, incorporating strong accent colours and straying away from the strict. The collections offer women‘s, men’s and unisex styles, both in ready-to-wear and more extreme versions.

Henrik Vibskov was one of the first to discover the RM denim and has stocked them in his stores in Copenhagen and Olso since the first collection. Anna is educated at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden, and graduated in 2006. She now runs the company together with her husband Truls Bråhammar.

“... I don’t like to divide my life into sections, I live it blurred. Work and fun can happen at any time, so I really don’t think there is any need to label it. I go play with my friends, or work, we might sometimes call it work and sometimes not. It evolves into music for some of us, or photos and videos, and some in clothes, or we just mix it all. I love these collaborations and look for them everywhere! I also do two major collections a year under the label Ravishing Mad (and denim is my thing). I show them at the fashion weeks of Paris, New York, Copenhagen and Berlin, but prefer the guerilla way, the anti fashion way, the fun way.”

View the entire look book here.

Photos & text Copyright Ravishing Mad.

October 28, 2010

Afro-Sapien: a Few More Shots

It’s hard to imagine life without the T-shirt. Since the 1960s, T-shirts have become a staple in the American wardrobe and a form of personal expression.

New fashion label Afro-Sapien makes it way into the streetwear scene paying homage to the significant achievements, contributions and successes made by individuals of African descent, as well as those of other nationalities who participated with and/or supported them along the way. Afro-Sapien reflects a state of mind and a sense of fashion.

Capturing the style and grace of select individuals including but not limited to African-American, Afro-Latino, Afro-Asian, as well as all other nationalities who appreciate and participate in an “Afro-influenced” culture—as well as the genres in which they created, the Miami-based company’s signature T-shirt collection embodies the Afro-influenced spirit with its simple design and thought-provoking quotes and statements.

Representing a global lifestyle, the collection appeals to men and women, teens, tweens and young adults. The company’s logo—a groovy African-American man and woman—are a throwback to the culture of the late 1960s and 1970s, a time when clothing styles and fabrics were inspired by non-Western culture—including Africa—and a time when everything from fashion to language to attitude was “far out” and hip, and afros were worn by both sexes.

Its provocative statements like tag lines “engage your mind” and “life, love and liberation,” are engaging people’s minds and starting conversation among the generations, across nationalities and across borders.

See a few more here.

Photos & text Afro-Sapien.

Veja Indigenos by Veja

Veja presents Veja Indigenos. The new style features uncluttered lines and a classic palette of camel, brown, and navy colors.

The look book features characters coming from some of the best independent stores in Europe.

They all met at the Veja studio in Paris last June. We wanted the Indigenos look book to be a tribute to their work and vision. They represent the essence of the Indigenos style.

See more styles here.

Veja — LOOKBOOK INDIGENOS from Veja on Vimeo.

Photos & text Copyright Veja.

October 27, 2010

Ember by Konrad Parol

For spring/summer 2011, Konrad Parol has prepared a collection entitled Ember, which he presented recently at Poland Fashion Week.

When I asked Konrad about the inspiration behind the designs, he replied, “the primary inspiration is people living under ground.”

In response to my inquiry into its relation to the previous collection, he stated, “The common denominator between the two collections—this one EMBER and the previous one REBELS—is a novel by H.G. Wells “The Time Machine.”

“Last time,” says Konrad, “I portrayed a master race; this time in EMBER, I portrayed the race of slaves, who lives underground. These are strong and proud people.”

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos by Lukas Dziewic, Copyright Konrad Paarol.

Commune de Paris: Hear the Roar Coming from the Street

Commune de Paris 1871 has launched yet another attack. Uproar and smoke. A collection of menswear, lively classic.

Scattered red and blue republican symbols appear on noble fabric of sober colours.

A cabinet of curios, packed with objects created by artists federated around the label (Lili Fleury, Munchausen, Adeline Cacheux), who reinvent the cockade, convert flags, coins and historical engravings, take over cannons, barricades, and furious roosters.

About Commune de Paris
It was a chance encounter between three young Parisians, all active in the world of fashion and graphic arts: Alexandre Maïsetti, Sébastien Lyky and Edouard Launay. What brought them together was a desire to produce and market designs that are like them.

They came up with the idea of creating a new label which would bear the stamp of both variety and coherence, based as it is on marrying a new international concept of art and traditional craftsmanship. Shirts, cushions, illustrators, polo-necks, fans, wall­papers, cashmere knitwear, factory, rings, musicians, shirts, leather...

The meeting of different genres and skills that com­bine to create a certain type of fashion, at once sim­ple, well-made, and even a bit meaningful...

Have a look at more images.

Photos & text Copyright Commune de Paris.

October 26, 2010

Footprint of Rubia®Red 100% Natural Colors

Several days ago, I received this newsletter from the managing director of Rubia®Red.

“In my last newsletter I announced a report about the CO2 footprint assessment of Rubia®Red.

The evaluation took place by the highly respected University of Utrecht; the final report came in now and looks very positive for our natural dyeing extract!

Our dyestuffs are more than carbon neutral; that is to say, they consume more CO2 in the vegetable stage as plants than what they produce in the stage of the colour production in our factory.

Therefore, customers using Rubia®Red will have so-called carbon credits!

When buying our dyestuffs, you can compensate part of the CO2 production of your own products.

So, our dye extracts have an exceptionally positive carbon footprint, enabling you to differentiate your products even more from competition!

Best regards from Steenbergen, The Netherlands and have a nice weekend,

PS: On 10 December, we will have an interesting Rubia event in the new headquarters of ZLTO in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. This will include an excursion through the building to see more than 1600 m2 carpets and interior claddings dyed with Rubia®Red!”

Way to go Rubia!

Photos & letter Copyright Rubia Pigmenta Naturalia.

NiAlma.com for Connoisseurs of Bespoke Luxury

With leading designers taking their sartorial cues from the unashamedly masculine lead characters of shows like Mad Men, it was inevitable that bespoke tailoring would once again become a major focus for the menswear market.

NiAlma.com, the brainchild of Adelaide born entrepreneur Stuart Andary, offers tailored-made shirts to men and women of all shapes and sizes through an innovative, user-friendly online shirt design system.

Established 4-years ago, NiAlma.com was the first web-based bespoke shirting service and, today, remains a market leader in the industry.

The ‘one-of-a-kind’ eight-step design system enables customers to create an entirely unique shirt within minutes.

With shirts starting from $99.00, NiAlma.com is offering shirts at a fraction of the cost of what traditional shop-fronted tailors charge, and they are conveniently delivered to people’s home or office within eight days.

Photos & text Copyright NiAlma.com, Courtesy Mother & Father PR.

Drew William at Vancouver Fashion Week

Next week at Vancouver Fashion Week, 23-year-old Edmonton-born designer, Drew William, will present his 2011 spring/summer collection, which is entitled “Fractured.”

As the young designers states, “This season is a visual investigation of line and space: a reductivist approach to design.”
He goes on to say that “This will be the second collection showing of Drew William’s women’s wear alongside his menswear.”

Drew promises that it will be the best collection to date. Have a peek here.

Photos Copyright Drew William.

October 25, 2010

COMING SOON is the first contemporary brand without the name of the designer mentioned. It is a brand created for a generation of women and men who wear what they like without stating who designed it.

These individual looks that combined Japanese style DNA with an Italian vestibility are timeless, casual wear pieces made with perfect construction and sophisticated simplistic details. One of the signs of COMING SOON is the dot logo on the label that is directly embroidered on the clothing making it visible on the outfit’s exterior.

For its sixth collection, Spring-Summer 2011, the COMING SOON catalogue itself strengthens the idea of the “Coming Sooners”, a gang of real people agreeing with COMING SOON’s philosophy; thus the Spring-Summer look book features an artistic family made of journalists, art directors, or editors, as the first chapter of this new tribe’s story.

This season, COMING SOON went back to the roots of the brand. It asserts its style through natural fabrics and a soft scale of colors: on a base of black and white is developed a palette of beige, greige, autumnal shades and different tones of blue (from light to royal and navy), enlighted with touches of pure red.

Both men and women can enjoy a large range of accessories, from the 72-hour bowling bag or the ideal daily tote bag coming with its matched Japanese clutch, to the polka dot bicolor scarf bringing back the dot logo on the foreground.

Men’s side is playing around the perfect masculine wardrobe. Classic suits worn with trilby hats and scarves seem to have a British accent, which one can also find in the Prince-of-Wales prints. The reversible vest—now a COMING SOON classic—that matches a casual shirt and used jeans, could be the ideal uniform for a poet, who would also wear his white shirt outside with his striped suit and would not hesitate to counterbalance the smartness of his jacket with dot logo t-shirts or sneakers.

This sixth collection is like a game with classic codes, a complex simplicity, a succession of soft suggestions never taken literally but always with a twist. A game of hide-and-seek leading to a subtle balance: eventually the essence of COMING SOON.

View the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Yohji Yamamoto.

Todd and Terry “Underwear Makeover” Winners Announced!

Several weeks ago, I published an article on Todd and Terry’s “Underwear Makeover” competition.

The voting has taken place and five winners have just been announced.

No names have been given, but their locations have been announced. Each winner will be winning a one-year supply of free Todd and Terry underwear, equating 24 pairs.

So Todd and Terry announces, “Congratulations - thanks to all the great entries!”

“Thanks to everyone that entered,” Todd and Terry continues, “it was an amazing response and we'll keep the fun coming—So come back regularly - make sure to subscribe for updates!”

Here are the winners:

1. Italian Stud - Fairlawn, USA
2. Melbourne, Australia
3. Arizona, USA
4. New York, USA
5. Leipzig, Germany

See them all here.

Blixt & Dunder: Bowties witih Pride!

Blixt & Dunder is the brainchild of designers Daniel Zander and his wife, Lisa. The bowties are 100% silk and produced in the UK.

Their motto: Wear It with Pride! As the couple state, “It takes a person of strong character to put on a bowtie for the first time.”

“With the bow tie around one’s neck,” they continue, “you will join the ranks of some of the world’s most opinionated people and you risk being looked upon as a snob, someone who is trying to make a statement, someone who revels in attention.”

Anything wrong with being the focus of people’s attention? Not according to Daniel and Lisa, as long as you wear a stylish bow tie make out of 100% silk.

Daniel and Lisa are based in Malmö, Sweden. See the photo gallery here.

Photos Copyright Blixt & Dunder.

October 24, 2010

Christian Westphal: Urban Warriors

Christian Westphal´s spring 2011 collection is a looser, a little more colourful and a lot more casual chic than fall, but his formula for quirky cuts is basically unchanged. After all, even the most die-hard urban warrior needs a break from black once in a while.

After a couple of seasons of citified dressing, collectors of Westphal may well be pining for his more eclectic but wearable pieces. If so, they’ll find plenty of them: washed out coats, soft boxy jackets, wrapped pants and shorts, and jersey that looked as if they’d been sourced from a trip around the markets of 19th century America.

Westphal explains he had been thinking about recasting basics and working on a kind of primitive collage concept inspired by a visit to the 19th century Wild West. But unlike the fall’s collection, with its bohemian layer on layer vibe, spring isn’t about an overarching theme or look: It is about giving a reason to shop, and as such, there are many arguments here for a guy to unfreeze his AmEx.

New fabrics are crushed techno taffeta, draped jersey, and glove leather-like cotton, and a starched looking white poplin shirt with origami-like folds round the neck. You will also find a pair of trompe-l’oeil sequined shirts, with their graphic shapes evoking a nighttime skyline.

The jeans are no longer artfully destroyed and stained but the corporation with the Okayama denim producers have outcomed camouflage patch worked jeans with rivets in antique gold and brass, however with a flicker of irony.

Patching together Sergio Leone´s picture “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”, the collection moves from complex jersey tanks with knots and spray dye and knit with a kind of moon-glow lightness. In the collage of elements, there are recycled fabrics and natural-looking hemp weaves, and a sidelong tribalism in the urban-warrior outerwear and accessories.

The nature-versus-man concept is for spring/summer 2011 a meld of futuristic technique and art craftsmanship.

View the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Christian Westphal.

October 23, 2010

Henrik Vibskov: the Designer

As a fashion designer Henrik Vibskov has produced Seventeen collections since he graduated from Central St. Martin’s in 2001, and he is currently the only Scandinavian designer on the official show schedule of the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, which he has been since January 2003.

Since the beginning of his career, Henrik has frequently been invited to and participated in festivals, contests, and talks, such as Swiss Textile Awards 2003 where he ended up in the finals: Hyères Festival 2003 and 2004, Expo 2005 japan, Noovo Festival 2007 in Santiago de Compostella, Design Week 2008 in Monterrey, Mexico and NOTCH Festival 2009 in Beijing.

Henrik Vibskov’s collections are sold only through thoroughly selected shops across the globe. Seven in New York, Midwest in Tokyo, Aloha Rag in Hawaii, Spr+ in Amsterdam, Traffic in Moscow, Mue in Seoul and his own Henrik Vibskov Stores in Copenhagen and Oslo are a few of the most influential stores, but lately countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have embraced Henrik’s designs.

Through his career, Henrik’s designs have won him prizes such as Beck’s Student Future Prize 2000, Danish Design Council Award 2007,Brand of the Year DANSK Magazine Fashion Awards 2008 and Danish Art Council’s Design Award 2009

See more images here.

Photos Copyright Henrik Vibskov, Courtesy Agentur V.

Henrik Vibskov: the Man

The name Henrik Vibskov is most commonly associated not only with a fashion label but a multitude of twisted yet tantalizing universes created in relation to each collection.

Between designing new collections biannually and creating the universes surrounding them, Henrik keeps himself occupied Touring the world as the drummer for electronic musician Trentemøller, and exhibiting at art museums and galleries around the world.

Henrik has made exhibitions at PS1‚ MoMA, Palais de Tokyo, Sotheby Gallery New York, ICA,Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in collaboration with Elmgreen & Dragset, MU Gallery in Eindhoven, MAD New York, NAI in Rotterdam, Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg, Pool Gallery Berlin and Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus in Bremen just to name a few.

He is currently elaborating on the ongoing art project ‚The Fringe Project‚ in collaboration with visual artist Andreas Emenius. 10 works including fringes in different shapes, colours, amounts and motion patterns make out the overall plan for this project.

Although Henrik has a principle of never giving away clothes to celebrities for commercial purposes, people like M.I.A., Devandra Banhard, La Roux, Kanye West, Bjørk, The Arctic Monkeys, Sigur Ros, Franz Ferdinand, and Lou Reed have all been spotted in Henrik Vibskov’s designs.

Other recent activities of Henrik Vibskov have been the release of two books – The “Fringe Projects 1-10”, and “The Panda People and other works”. Henrik has also been a jury member on final exams at Central Saint Martin’s and at the Antwerp Fashion Academy.

Have a look at more photos here.

Photos 2011 spring/summer collection in Paris, Copyright Henrik Vibskov, Courtesy Agentur V.

October 22, 2010

Timoteo Wants You!

The most recent photo shoot of Timoteo features model Joe Pace in a new model of military-inspired underwear, including briefs and jockstraps.

So if your look has gone military this season, you now have a great matching underwear selection with Timoteo.

I am not going to ask, so you don’t have to tell!!!

See a few more models here.

Photos Copyright Timoteo.

aussieBum: When Size Really Matters for Men

The aussieBum WJ Pro Wonderjock Men’s Brief is Bigger & Bolder than Ever, Featuring New ‘Free-Swing’ Technology.

aussieBum’s development of the WONDERJOCK revolutionised the way men around the world see themselves in underwear.

Launched in November 2006, the WONDERJOCK caused international online consumer frenzy. Men from around the world ordered the now famous underwear that delivered a promise to give them a package that made them proud! No Rings, No Strings, No Padding!

Since its launch, half a million pairs have sold around the world. The flattering attempts of competitors to copy the idea have done nothing but fuel the demand for the original garment. The WONDERJOCK is still one of the highest selling men’s underwear styles across the dynamic and vast aussieBum range.

Now comes the biggest upgrade since the original: the aussiebum WJ PRO.

The aussieBum WJ Pro features the original patented WONDERJOCK SIZE ENHANCING TECHNOLOGY with an even greater lift and visual size enhancing effect. Plus, for the first time ever, using the science of advanced ‘4D Virtual Grid Framing’, aussieBum introduces its new “FREE-SWING TECHNOLOGY” that provides greater sway freedom whilst maintaining superior comfort and support!

aussieBum founder Sean Ashby comments, “The aussieBum WONDERJOCK technology revolutionised the way men perceive themselves in underwear. For the first time ever, we gave men the opportunity to live confidently knowing that at all times, they were putting their best asset forward – their sense of self confidence.

At aussieBum, we take pride in the fact that we listen to our customers’ feedback and special requests. Just as the aussieBum WONDERJOCK came about as a result of customer feedback, so too does the new upgrade model the aussieBum WJ Pro.

Technological advances in fabric development and structure means that the aussieBum WJ Pro is made from the most luxurious cotton available. The underwear is even more comfortable and combined with the advanced technology offers even more support. We simply deliver what the confident men of the world want – aussieBum WJ Pro”.

The aussieBum WJ Pro comes in a range of colours and styles including brief, trunk and for the first time ever the jockstrap! Pre-release sales demand for the new aussieBum WJ Pro range forecasts the official release date of 26th October 2010 to be even bigger than the original release.
2006/09 Winner of the Australian Exporter of the Year Awards in Manufacturing by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), aussieBum is reputed for its undisputed manufacturing techniques and cutting edge design innovation. Now more than ever, if you doubt yourself… wear something else!

Check out more sexy models here.

Photos Copyright aussiebum.

Paul & Betty and Sexy Rock

The 2011 spring/summer collection of Paul & Betty was presented yesterday at the showroom of the eponymous brand.

The Paul & Betty man is modeled on the same philosophy [of Paul & Betty woman, as if coming out of the 54 Club], while maintaining the basic model of the classic moccasin or derby.

The details make the difference: soles, fluorescent laces and stitching, fringes exasperated with the detail of studs, camouflage, and finally lace reinterpreted for men and combined with a black finish.

Paul & Betty aims high and is chosen by those who want to stand out thanks to the Italian aesthetic and the tradition, which that appears on the international scene and loved by fashion celebrities.

View a few more models here.

Photos Copyright Paul & Betty, Courtesy of S2B.

October 21, 2010

Stella Bonds Cries Out 911!

Today I received the most recent collection of Stella Bonds, which was presented at the DC Fashion Week.

I immediately wrote to Stella, inquiring about the inspiration. Here is what she says:

“My inspiration was a clean look using simple details in jackets and wool pants, so they can be worn anytime without the feeling of going to work.”

“Men look incredibly sexy in suits,” continues Stella, “but they always complain about being too stiff, so adding fun details gives a sense of being casual.”

Well, I love the crime scene tape! Since I know the model, all I can say is “911.”

See more of Stella Bonds’ scene here.

Photos Copyright Stella Bonds.

n.d.c. “Sunday Mississippi”

The “Sunday Mississippi" of n.d.c. is a limited-edition shoe made for the “Cabinet of Curiosities” by Thomas Erber and to be presented from 29 November to 31 December 2010.

Inspired by the working class of the 1920s, the godillot[i] (combat boot) “Sunday Mississippi” is manufactured with the greatest respect for tradition by the finest craftsmen in Europe—experts in handcrafted shoes.

Mounted on a traditional construction Blake, the shoe combines the strength of calf leather as shown here in a range of khaki and brown to the refined exoticism of vintage alligator skin.

The patinated, aged aspect of n.d.c collections results from a process of manufacturing, which brings the brand special care.

The shoes are first soaked in an infusion of bark, minerals, and other natural ingredients and, then, are washed with natural soap and dried slowly before being coated with a balm specially designed by n.d.c. to give them an “already-made” appearance

Check out the boot here.

Photos Copyright n.d.c., Courtesy of Pressing.

[i] In the 19th century, Alexis Godillot manufactured military boots, and up until WWII the godillot was the military boot.

Handcrafted Futurism by aptform

For spring/summer 2011, aptform is focusing on handcrafted futurism.

A monochromic palette of high tech textiles and intricate hand-knitted leather and knits are united to create a silhouette of fluidity.

aptform’s unique use of hand drawing, washing, bleaching, and bonding techniques are used to encapsulate the atmosphere of this vigorous collection.

See more images here.

Photos Copyright aptform.

October 20, 2010

Fine Shirt Making by Jonathan Mezibov in Autumn/Winter 2010

I was very pleased today to receive the 2010 autumn/winter collection from Jonathan Mezibov, who, at a young age, has already become an expert in tailored shirt making.

I really enjoy what Jonathan says about the fit of a shirt: “Wear your shirt; don’t let your shirt wear you.”

Regarding the 2010 autumn/winter collection, Jonathan writes, “To round out our line of shirts for fall, I’ve added the Hunter Work Shirt—a stylized version of an American weekend classic.

His favorite item of the season, however, is the black Tuxedo shirt, which “with its round collar and pleated bib front, it’s definitely an evening shirt in the most literal sense of the term.”

Jonathan firmly believes that this photo shoot represents the hallmarks of the Jonathan Mezibov line; namely, “contemporary shirts with an uncompromising taste and design level.”

Jonathan’s brother, Blair Getz Mezibov, performed the shoot. The model is Brittain Ward at Wilhelmina.

Have a peek at a few more photos here.

Photos Copyright Jonathan Mezibov.

October 19, 2010

2011 Style Guide by Francesco: Getting to the Bottom of Things—Shoes

One major mistake that the more conservative male dresser commits against his suit is the color of the shoes—black only.

Don’t get me wrong, though. The black dress shoe should be an integral part of every man’s wardrobe; but this season it is all about breaking it up a bit—boldly mixing and matching.

Traditionally, shoes matched your belt. So instead of black, why not try brown; then, match the shade of brown to your belt and accessories, such as your briefcase or shoulder bag.

Now if you are really confident with your eye for color, seek out a shoe with a splash of color and—then—match that color with your tie, sweater, vest, or belt.

(Bear in mind, however, belts are not imperative this season. A beltless suit look can add an air of casual confidence and a little more length to the slim silhouette that you are trying to achieve.)

As for the type of shoe, the ankle-high dress boot is a nice variation. If you live in an area where the winter or rainy season is messy, lace up a more rugged-looking boot.

Finally for the young at heart, a stylish yet unpretentious sneaker can spice up a casual but “cooler” look.

(P.S. Retire the square-toe shoes!)

Check out more great looks for shoes here.

October 18, 2010

2011 Style Guide by Francesco: Panting over Pants & Below

Two weeks ago, I delved into a series of articles called “2011 Style Guide by Francesco,” pointing out how the main staple of this fashion season is none other than the suit—but with a twist.

The pendulum is swinging more formal, but with a modern, urban flair; so if we truly want to achieve this twist, we have to take an in-depth look at pants.

Now, you could take the easy road by purchasing a suit that comes with a jacket and matching pants, but you probably will not master the compete look of the season.
Currently, the right slacks for your suit attire will probably not be identical to the jacket but rather different in shade, color, hue, texture, material and/or pattern.

If you are ever unsure, don’t be embarrassed to ask for experienced help: matching colors and coordinating patterns require a good level of fashion sense.

If you are mixing up your look with a pair of jeans, for example, a darker color pair will normally go better with a suit jacket of a different color, texture, and/or pattern.

Whatever color or pattern you do choose, make sure the pants are without pleats, low waist, and slim leg. The young at heart may even throw on a blazer over some very snug-legged pants.

How Tight is Tight?
For the past few seasons, leggings have been appearing on the runways around the world, however, since most men would not wear them, they translate into in everyday life as snug-fitting pants—in some cases, almost as if they have been painted on!

Sock It to Me!
Thanks to designers like Thom Browne, some men are wearing their slimmer pants slightly above the ankle, showing some “skin” in the summer and some lively color-coordinated socks in the winter.

Again, if you do not have much experience, ask for help with this look; otherwise you may walk out of the store looking like you just put on some hand-me-downs!

Nevertheless, a little color showing at the ankle and coordinated with another item like the tie can really set you apart from the crowd!

Have a look at more examples here.

Photo Copyright Giovane Gentile.

October 17, 2010

“Dans un homme je cherche un garçon” by Patryk Szajan Sudzik

“Dans un homme je cherche un garçon” (literally, ‘In a man I look for a young man’) is a new collection by the Polish designer, Patryk Szajan Sudzik.

He uses something called “color breaks,” which are the end-points and mid-points in any spectrum of color. Anything that lies between these color points receive a blend of the break colors.

Patryk defines color breaking as an “unforeseen turnabout in male fashion.” He connects velvet and velour with pelts to give a new image in trends.

Inspired by urban fashion, Patryk uses furs in alluding to the animal instinct in human nature.

Patryk’s breaking takes place in the sunset-inspired color palette. This warm range of color provides gentleness as he emphasizes maleness.

Have a look at the look book here.

Photos Copyright Patryk Szajan Sudzik.

Maiden Noir “Wasted Youth”

Maiden Noir is pleased to present the Autumn 10 collection titled “Wasted Youth.”

The collection is a look through the eyes of a young war photographer trying to find meaning in what he is documenting.

The year is 1972 and the long war is near its end.

The cut and sew pieces in the collection pay tribute to a heritage of vintage silhouettes though leaning toward a more refined and clean classic look.

Fabrics used are a mix of heavy cotton twill, herringbone Frog Skin reversible camouflage, Army cloth twill and moleskin.

The focus is on the detailing, tailoring and materials. All of the pieces are made from Japanese fabrics and the selvage denim is tailored in Japan.

Featured items with the new collection include the Cameramen jacket with a quilted vest lining, the Reversible vest, the M-65 using ‘Breathtec’ fabric with all taped interior seams, the Woodland plaid shirt with solid flannel accents, and the Army cloth chinos available in both slim and standard fit.

Have a look at the entire look book here.

Photos Copyright Maiden Noir.

October 16, 2010


Van Dale founded his eponymous label in 2007, being supported by the company Simon & Simon and its employees from the beginning. This Danish designer is grateful to them for making the first collection a reality.

The VAN DALE collection is based on the term “Androgyny” with injections of playful inputs that turns itself towards the sophisticated male adult who’s still young at heart.

The VAN DALE consumer consists of a very individual identity who, like me, appreciates being anonymous.

The designer states that, “in respect of that fact I uphold the right not to bring the so-called “Target Group” into any further segmentation in terms of a certain “box” and colour, I will merely say that he lives within each and every one of us.”

“Therefore,” he goes on to say, “it is also my distinguished wish to be and always remain 100% anonymous, based on the ideology that the contemporary consumer is the real creator of VAN DALE.”

VAN DALE is currently available at the Temporary Showroom.

View the whole collection here.

Photos Copyright VAN DALE, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.

MyDAY by aussieBum

aussieBum has done it again with MyDay!

Now, guys can wear a different pair of underwear for each day of the week, especially great for the guy who doesn’t keep track of time so well.

Each brief or trunk is made from a soft, comfy cotton blend yarn with seven eye-catching waistbands, which will have you standing out in a crowd.

Make the best of every week with MyDay!

Have a look at more models here.

Photos Copyright aussieBum.

Svensson Sailor Coat by Armor Lux

The first heritage SVENSSON collaboration has seen day light. Armor Lux is a French brand from 1938 known for its striped sailor's sweaters worn by everyone from Picasso to Madonna. We’ve let them do their classic reefer jacket, which is still made according to the artisanship in Bretagne, France.

The reefer jacket has been a part of the French sailor's uniform since 1853. It was originally made by the sailors themselves whom, in those days, made them waterproof with tar, grease, and turpentine.

On sale only in our Malmö shops and webshop.

“The back ground is that we wanted to do the classic sailor coat for a long time and thought it would be great to go to an original manufacturer for the best craftsmanship and finish,” writes Mariano Leone of Svensson.

“The model was already very SVENSSON in itself: very clean, minimalistic, and timeless, so we took it as it was.”

Photo Copyright Svensson.

October 13, 2010

Randolph Engineering, an American Icon

Randolph Engineering (RE) is poised to become an American icon.

Supplying the military with eyewear since 1982, they have now caught the eye of many fashion forward designers, movie stylists and celebrities.

What’s the difference between RE and all the rest? Randolph Engineering is still a family owned and company, crafting all products onsite at the Massachusetts facility.

Steering clear of mass production, they are made with care and detail right in the USA.

RE has remained true to aviator style for many decades and even as fashion and style shift—they are sunglasses that stand the test of time in style and quality.

Check out more models of glasses here.

Photos Copyright Randolph Engineering, Courtesy True North Brand Group.

Lotuff and Clegg Leatherworks, Classic American Style

Lotuff and Clegg Leatherworks is another staple among American Brands that truly embodies classic American style.

All the craftsmanship is done right in the USA.

For decades Lotuff and Clegg have been developing sophisticated, luxurious accessories made from high quality materials with clean, classic design that will never go out of style and will be a piece that will remain with you for years to come.

Joe Lotuff & Frank Clegg
“Forty years ago, two boys found themselves standing by their fathers' sides. One stood in a factory that manufactured women's apparel, while the other stood in a factory that created leather accessories… We were both learning from our fathers, even then, about the importance of authenticity, design and craftsmanship.

Early on, we understood that products were seen as a reflection of an individual's personal style; and the best of those products—like the individual—got better with age. Lotuff & Clegg is the culmination of a hope that has been percolating for some time within each of us. And, our collaboration now allows us to bring the absolute best to a customer who can appreciate both the product's purpose and its worth.

We are humbled by your response to our team’s passion, artistry and talent. And, for the opportunity you have given us to honor both tradition and its master craftsmen, we thank you.”

See the photo gallery here.

Photos Copyright Lotuff and Clegg Leatherworks, Courtesy True North Brand Group.

Worst Underwear Contest: Todd and Terry At It Again!

Todd and Terry to Put Eighteen Underwear Felons on Trial for Crimes against Fashion

(MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – OCT. 12, 2010) – Following a month-long submission process searching the world far and wide for the most dreadful pairs of underwear, Australian underwear and swimwear brand Todd and Terry has now closed its “Underwear Makeover” competition and opened up voting on its official website, after carefully selecting the 18 best, or should we say worst, candidates.

Voting closes on Oct. 20 and winners will be announced on Oct. 23. Be warned, some of the underwear is old and disgusting, while others are just very bad taste. The underwear some men still wear is shocking and amazing. Some of the contenders include briefs with holes, stains and tears; pairs that are ill fitting; frilly lingerie; and cheesy, brightly colored boxers.

To vote, simply go to the official website and click on the “vote” banner. The five winners, judged by the public, will each win a year’s supply of Todd and Terry, equating to 24 pairs. The rest is simple.

While voting, the public may also take advantage of the brand’s “Free Shipping” offer. Todd and Terry has already reduced the price of Australia’s favorite underwear to $15.50, and now to kick off the festive holiday season, it’s offering free shipping when five or more Todd and Terry pairs are purchased before Dec. 31, 2010.

There’s never been a better time to treat oneself or spoil a friend. A five pack of Todd and Terry with free shipping makes the perfect gift.

Since its launch in 2009, Todd and Terry has quickly become a favorite among underwear enthusiasts with its fresh blend of bold and stylish designs.

Photo Copyright Todd and Terry.

October 12, 2010

“Mechanic Abandon” by Luca Bertoni

Born in 1988 in Verona, Luca Bertoni lives in Treviso, where he studies Fashion Design at the IUAV University Of Venice.

Surrealist influences, especially Luis Buñuel, accompanied by the use of warhing and photo-retouching lead him to the creation of menswear collections where sartorial clothes, classics only in their appearance, distort actually blending and volumes in the wardrobe of the perfect bourgeois.

His design method enables him to draw on always different contemporary themes (from industrial archeology to Lo-Fi photography) while maintaining its style.

Among the various experiences, the creation of costumes and accessories for the parade “Multinatural (blackout),” a project by Arto Lindsay for the 53rd Venice Art Biennale.

In the Spring/Summer 2011 collection Abbandono Meccanico, inspired by industrial archeology, sartorial outerwear geometrize the man’s silhouette, apparently forcing him in an abandoned machine-like volume.

The sleeves, in most cases sewn to the haunches, allow the movements of arms through a slit on the back of the sleeve.

Pants folds and inserts create an overlap of different fabrics, reminding the various layers of damaged plaster, so abundant in ruins of factories.

See the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Luca Bertoni.

New Brand Film for digdeep

Dig Deep Originals Ltd. (digdeep) has just launched a stunning brand film that combines imagery of its Autumn/Winter 2010 designer streetwear range and some of its sporting ambassadors (digdeep Icons) with its core brand messages. The film was produced by former BAFTA winning producer Jason Loader.

‘We Believe’ is the first of a number of new films destined for digdeep’s recently launched YouTube channel. Its strong visual style is a major draw of the film but it’s the philosophy of the brand and a taste of the quality of digdeep streetwear products that are at its core.

“We wanted a vehicle with which to show off our new AW10 range in a way that would appeal to existing customers but also introduce new audiences to the brand,” said C.E.O. John Postlethwaite. “At the same time, the spirit of the company – to give that extra 10%, to always challenge yourself, to dig deep in sport and in life – needed to be got across appealingly and succinctly. This digdeep philosophy transcends throughout the whole company from our Great British inspired designs right through to our delivery at point of sale.”

digdeep… it’s not a performance, it’s a way of life.

Photo & video Copyright digdeep.

October 11, 2010

Georgina Vendrell Spring/Summer 2011 Collection “Sunset”

Since the dawn of the summer day that rested from whites, the mood of our body has changed with the sunlight stains of yellow and orange rays.

We approached the late afternoon with darker colors. Intense blue gave way to black for the night. Now, the color palette shows her the sun.

The forms are straight as the horizon of the sea and the textures are very Mediterranean: fresh and shiny details.

All this for an elegant and bold man, committed to the power of color and the combination of fabrics, such as linen, cotton, synthetic leather—period.

Floral and animal motifs give a summer point to a collection that seeks to promote the human skin.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Georgina Vendrell.

Menswear Line Inogu Fabrics Releases Fall 2010 Collection

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 4, 2010) Clothing brand Inogu Fabrics releases a new collection this fall.

The fall 2010 release marks the return of the young menswear line after having been on a hiatus for about a year. The new collection, titled Beasts & Blossoms: Collection 1, shows the brands move towards a more mature look. Previous seasons featured bright colors and bolder graphics, in a very Southern California style. This season favors a softer and more sophisticated appeal, while still borrowing inspiration from ancient Asian art history, myths, stories, and symbols.

Beasts & Blossoms: Collection 1 features three designs in a variety of colors. A traditional Japanese landscape design is infused with Dutch techniques of perspective and shadow in '5 Birds in a Skyline.' 'Bellflower Emblem' showcases a Chinese bellflower in its simplicity as an emblem over the left chest. And in 'Snake x Peacock,' the two animals, both important figures in Esoteric Buddhist culture, face off.

Inogu Fabric's fall 2010 collection is available in limited quantities through their website at www.inogufabrics.com.

Inogu Fabrics was founded in November 2007 by Jason Lee and Jordan Ma. Inogu Fabrics seeks to re-appropriate selected works from the untapped dimensions of Asian Art History & Myth for a contemporary audience. They remix this imagery with modern principals and fashion aesthetics to create unique and raw products for the cultured individual.

See the entire collection here.

The custom code coupon for all readers of Men's Fashion by Francesco is if10%francesco (valid until November 11, 2010).

Photos Copyright Inogu Fabrics.

October 10, 2010

Miguel Antoinne Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Miguel Antoinne is a menswear label meticulously crafted and boasting incomparable quality and detail.

The label is for the man who doesn’t want just a shirt or a pant but instead is looking for exceptional garments constructed of unique elements.

Founded in 2008 by the designer, Miguel Antoinne’s vision is to complement through wardrobe style that is discerning, modern, and personified with individual flair.

This spring/summer collection was inspired and created with the thought of being back from the beach and having places to be.

Click here for a preview of the collection.

Photos Copyright Miguel Antoinne.

Miguel Antoinne Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Miguel Antoinne is a fashion designer known for attention to detail.

The son of a seamstress, he studied at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Self-trained in menswear, his touch is sharp tailoring, novel, masculine, and refined.

Finding inspiration is every facet of life, Miguel believes that “dress is copious and evolutionary, whereas style is individual and everlasting; that clothing is simply symbolic of the state of mind and should be experienced freely.”

Miguel Antoinne continues design and manufacturing in New York of the highest quality standards. He continues to create a wardrobe for the discriminating man who has a style all his own.

The autumn/winter 2010 collection is inspired by modernity and industrial materials. The use of a rustic color palette and supple leathers highlighted by sharp tailoring are hallmarks of the collection.

It was designed and manufactured in New York of premium Italian and Japanese fabrications.
Have a look at the collection here.

Photos Copyright Miguel Antoinne.

October 9, 2010

“The Art of DE” by Adrien Sauvage

Wednesday 22nd September - Adrien Sauvage premiered his first short film 'The Art of DE' at LFW SS11's Menswear Day.

“Here is the designer. Here is Adrien Sauvage. He is twenty-seven years of age. Currently
he is retired, the art of DE allowing him the leisure of never having to wake before twelve.”

The Art of DE
A Film By A. Sauvage
Narrated By Larry Lamb
Directed by: Adrien Sauvage, Jon Clements, Chris Gaunt
Written By Adrien Sauvage & Madeleine Morlet
Courtesy Starworks London.

A. Sauvage This Is Not a Suit—Collection 000—1-000—11

— 2 button country blazer in blue or plum Prince of Wales flannel check
— 3 piece country suit in grey Prince of Wales check
— Double breasted sports jacket in forest green wool or navy/brown two-tone
— Double-breasted lounge suit in dark brown or dark grey flannel
— 2 button city suit in blue or grey pinhead wool
— 2 button evening suit in midnight blue or dark grey mohair

— Corduroy trousers in electric blue, plum, warm grey, forest green, burnt orange.
— Slim straight-leg trousers in heavy winter cotton

— Scallop-collared shirts with front placket and double cuff
— Button-down shirt in jean
— Plain shirt with no placket and single cuff

— All suits have rope shoulders, working horn buttons, double vents, and are of slim body and shorter length, with com fortable volume in the slightly-shorter sleeves.
— Lapels plunge to a low V to give elegant lines and to highlight the tailoring shape.
— The suits are actively designed for specific occasions: the city suit is for day, the evening suit for night.

Adrien Sauvage is a young British man with a wealth of experience. Born on May 30, 1983, Adrien’s deep knowledge of menswear comes from creating the wardrobes for many international gentleman of great standing. First working with them as a stylist, Adrien soon moved into designing clothes for his clients when he realised their sartorial needs were not being met. From this, it was clear that a new proposition in menswear was in order.

Debuting this season, his brand A.Sauvage will work on the same principle, perfecting cut, concentrating on fit, and adding pieces to the range as season and need demands. Adrien Sauvage splits his time between Berlin and London, and has interest in art and the visual image that extends beyond the realm of fashion. Adrien Sauvage does exist.

See the collection here.

Photo Copyright A. Sauvage, Courtesy Starworks London.

October 8, 2010

Men’s Wear Duo Debut Spring 2011 Collection at New York Fashion Week

San Francisco, CA, September 10, 2010 – Louie Llewellyn, M.F.A. Men’s Wear Design, and Xiang Zhang, M.F.A. Knitwear Design, premiered their collaborative men’s wear collection at the Academy of Art University fashion show of recent graduates on Friday, September 10th at 8:00 PM in The Theater at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.

Boston native Louie used the theme of a ‘disagreement’ between a hard and soft men’s wear silhouette. He designed the woven pieces with sharp edges and bold lines, and then added softer fabrics for contrast. He used one of his favorite paintings, Incision by Jay Defeo, for the color inspiration and selected fabrics to evoke a feeling of strength and desire. His favorite fabric for this collection is a cotton-silk blend piqué in lavender and black.

Shanghai native Xiang designed the knitwear pieces for the collection. Over 30 swatches were created before the final color combinations were selected. A time-consuming plating technique, knitting with two strands of yarn held by hand and twisted to obtain the desired effect and color combination, was used. Each knit piece took approximately 50 hours to finish.

Since 2005, the School of Fashion at Academy of Art University in San Francisco has premiered the collections of recent graduates during New York Fashion Week. “We view this show as the University’s commitment to help launch the careers of these young designers,” said Dr. Elisa Stephens, president of Academy of Art University. “To be a part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is an incredible opportunity.”

About Academy of Art University
With more than 16,000 students, Academy of Art University is the nation’s largest private art and design university. Established in 1929, the school offers accredited A.A., B.A., B.F.A., M.A., M.Arch and M.F.A. programs in Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Architecture, Art Education, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Motion Pictures & Television, Multimedia Communications, Music for Visual Media, Photography, and Web Design & New Media. Online degrees are offered in most of the 16 majors. Academy of Art University is an accredited member of WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), NASAD, Council for Interior Design Accreditation (BFA-IAD) and NAAB (M.Arch).

About the School of Fashion
Over 2,500 fashion students study under the guidance of experienced fashion professionals in the School of Fashion, which houses ten areas of specialization: Fashion Design for Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, and Children’s Wear; Technical Design; Textile Design; Knitwear Design; Accessory Design; Costume Design; Fashion Illustration; Fashion Journalism; Fashion Merchandising; and Visual Merchandising.

See the collection here.

Photos by Randy Brooke, Courtesy of the Academy of Art University.

October 7, 2010

Li.Torres Spring/Summer 2011

Li.Torres is a conceptual menswear brand produced by Argentine designers Fabian Li and Javier Torres.

The designers create their collections through a deconstruction of classic tailoring and its reformulation into handmade pieces.

The primary focus of Li.Torres is what they call “the morphology” of the garment as the add complexity and innovation into each piece with neutral, cold colors like black, grey, and white.

See the entire collection here.

Photos Copyriht Li.Torres.

October 6, 2010

Griffin Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

The spring/summer 11 collection looks back to 1985 and the Katherine Hamnett era, baggy, oversized silhouettes and plenty of military detailing are the source of inspiration for this season’s collection.

Whilst we still delve into the Griffin archive for our classic, heritage garments like the Dartmouth and Imber jackets we challenge new technologies and dye techniques to create fresh and innovative detailing.

Bold features including oversized features, meet laser cut welts combined with bonded faux leather seams resulting in a performance meets fashion hybrid.

The colour palette is a mix of high contrast in black and white alongside a tonal DPM range of military green and sand and complimented with an electric blue as a highlight.

Desert Finnish DPM returns as the dominant camouflage with Swedish camouflage featured in a couple of pant and short styles as well.
Working closely with our Italian dye factory we have created a spray paint effect across a number of styles to give a worn, plastic look to the natural fabrics, catching only areas that the paint touches, leaving the undersides of pocket flaps and cuffs undyed, the effect subtly draws together the two contrasting base fabrics which include a mix of rich cottons and luxurious silks through to 3 layer technical waterproofs.

This season is about dramatic silhouettes, quality with a respect for local sourcing developed alongside new technology to make them relevant and functional to today’s lifestyle whilst aspiring towards a sustainable future.

Photos Copyright Griffin Studio.

We’re Moving…to the Cliffs

The Idea
Two years ago the Griffin family took a trip to Canada, whilst there they met a man who hung wooden pods in trees. This got Jeff thinking....If we can combine our love for the outdoors and our passion for what we do across areas other than fashion, we could create something really unique. Two years on, Griffin HQ is moving from its humble cowshed abode in the Wiltshire countryside to the Devonshire cliffs to put their ideas into action.

The Plan
In an area of outstanding natural beauty lays Hartland Farm a mile from Hartland point in North Devon and just a short walk from the dramatic Jurassic coastline. Soon to be the home of the Griffin Studio this rural location is the setting for our next project - An Eco Camping Retreat. A place to escape into the outdoors, camping without the mud, dome living in a sustainable and self sufficient environment. A creative place where people come to relax in an environment that is fun and at one with the outdoors. Working with the local community to create a social atmosphere bringing together outdoor sports, lectures and live music.

Why Now?

We have been designing men’s clothing for 16 years and whilst we're not millionaires we believe that what we do is appreciated by the people we sell to. Since moving out of London almost 10 years ago we have had some of our most successful years, this opportunity to think freely allows the realness to come through in our collections to deliver something that is truly distinctive. The country is our inspiration and these fresh surroundings in Devon will allow us to continue to create great clothing whilst building on our Griffin world to offer something new.

Follow Us
So as we say goodbye to Graceland & hello to Loveland we welcome the Griffin community to join us in our move. We will be blogging new updates and invite you to join us in conversation on facebook, twitter and the blog as the project develops. You can also subscribe to our blog to receive information direct to your inbox, click here to subscribe.

Photos Copyright Griffin Studio.

ANNTIAN Spring/Summer 2011 “Ocean View”

Picturing one dreamily look on the ocean, the collection plays with the variety of thoughts and feelings evoked within.

Tropical fruits, their taste and inherent beauty, plants and the unique diversity of rich colors, surfaces and haptics they offer—natural luxury.

Murmuring and flowing water, waves and plants, wind, structures of rocks and haptics of sand, shapes of mussels and corals - and all the multiple scents and smells. Contemplation, emotional and sensual experiences constitute the line.

Behind this is our wish to touch on the subject of how important the relation and behaviour towards nature, food and “living together” is.

Colours like sky, ocean blue, coconut white, reed and kiwi green, coral and watermelon red, orange, citron yellow go along with natural, soft , fluent and transparent, so as pure , rigid and clear materials.

The Shapes show movement and waves combined with contrasting straight and clear forms.

See the whole view here.

Photos by Johanna Ruebel, CopyrightANNTIAN.
Mo Oturak
Models: Julia & Richard