November 30, 2010

Perugia: the City of Jazz

After our meeting at the city hall in Spoleto, the director of Varna International and I hopped into our rented car and sped to the city of Perugia.

Located in the center of the Umbria region, Perugia has come to be known as the artistic city of Italy and, since the early 70's, the city of jazz.

Umbria Jazz was born in 1973 as the Festival took jazz music from around the world to the medieval streets of Perugia.

Throughout the years, famous artists have performed at the festival, including Dizzy Gillespie and Keith Jarrett.

Now, fashion lovers will also be able to join in on all the jazzy fun, too!

In conjunction with of Varna International, Men's Fashion by Francesco is launching a new program entitled “the Music of Fashion,” in which students of design and professionals can join fashion tours throughout Italy.

Our first tour is entitled Fashion Jazz, at which time models will strut down the runway to the rhythmic sounds of a live jazz band!

Models, designers, students of fashion, and fashion lovers—if you would like to be a part of this exciting event, send me an email and sign up now!

See more shots of the city here.

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

Under the Shade of Umbria

Located in central Italy between Rome and Florence, Umbria derives its name from the ancient tribe, the Umbri.

The Umbri are one of the oldest tribes that settle central Italy in the 6th century BC.

The Umbri were invaded first by the Etruscans and later by the Romans, who established the colony of Spoletium, or Spoleto—my first stop on this trip.

Although Umbria passed from the Romans to tug-of-war between the Byzantines and Ostrogoths, the region finally fell under the rule of the Pope.

Besides Spoleto, other prominent cities of Umbria include Assisi and Perugia, where Men’s Fashion by Francesco will kick off the festival tour called Fashion Jazz, in conjunction with Varna International.

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

Etruscan Men, Etruscan Fashion

While there is a notable Roman influence to be found in Perugia, what I like most about the city is its Etruscan past.

Although little is known about ancient Etruria, we do know that the Etruscans had developed an extensive civilization before the Romans conquered the peninsula.

Historians pinpoint the Etruscans’ arrival to the Italic peninsula as early as 1,000 BC, originating from Asia Minor and bringing customs and costumes that were similar to those of the ancient Greeks.

In Greek, Etruscans were known as Tyrrheni, from which we have derived names like Mediterranean and Tyrrenian Seas. The Romans called them Tusci or Etrusci, leading to names like Toscana or Tuscany in English.

Etruscan men wore loin skirts and tunics similar to that of the ancient Greeks. They also sported a short cloak made out of wool that was called a lacerna.

Later in history, the Etruscans donned something called a tebenna, which entailed a long cloak-like garment that was draped across the left shoulder and pulled around the chest to be tucked under the right arm.

Often the tebenna was striped with assorted colors according to the social status of the man who wore the garment. Historians think that the Romans actually modeled the toga after this Etruscan garment.

Jewelry was very common among Etruscan men. Hair was often braided.

Photos Public Domain.

November 29, 2010

Spoleto & the Festival of Two Worlds

After an enjoyably long nap on Alitalia, I woke up this morning as we touched down at the Fiumicino airport in Rome.

I rushed to the rent-a-car office where I met the director of Varna International, with whom I am planning nearly a dozen choral-orchestral concerts throughout Italy next year. We, then, set out for our fist stop—Spoleto.

Spoleto is an ancient city in the Umbria region that lies on the rolling hills at the feet of the Apennine mountain range—the backbone of Italy.

Spoleto has inherited a magnificent legacy from the Romans with a Roman theatre, an ancient bridge, and an amphitheatre that is still used today.

As for modern times, Spoleto has inherited another legacy in world of music—the Festival of Two Worlds, which I have set out to explore.

Every summer since 1958, the music festival sweeps the town with the most exquisite dance, theatre, and music performances.

The Festival is the brainchild of Italian composer, Gian Carlo Menotti, who envisioned “Two Worlds” taking part in this event—one American and one European.

In 1977, Gian Carlo Menotti founded the Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, South Carolina, as counterpart and twin event to the Festival of Two Worlds.

Although Spoleto and Charleston have remained twin cities, the two festivals “twinned” only 15 years until separation.

Today with a recommendation letter from the city of Charleston, we met with the mayor and other officials of Spoleto to set into motion a grand finale at the Festival, which will also mark the 100th birthday of its founder, Menotti.

Negotiations got off to a great start! Afterwards, I took a few photos for your enjoyment. Click here.

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

November 28, 2010

Italy in a Whirlwind

I am very excited that, tonight, I will take a transatlantic flight back to Italy—even if just for one week.

While I definitely plan to investigate the menswear scene—past and present—my primary purpose is to organize 10 classical concerts throughout central and northern Italy, in conjunction with Varna International, for which I have been handling all PR.

Since most of the concerts will be performed in two regions of Italy, the focus of this trip will center on Umbria and Veneto, with several minor exceptions, such as a quick stop in Emilia Romagna and Toscana.

So buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a whirlwind tour of 8 Italian cities in 7 days! Let’s say, I know how to handle a stick shift!

Have a panoramic view of my hometown here.

Photos Forio, Ischia, Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

November 27, 2010

Ron Dorff: Discipline is Not a Dirty Word

RON DORFF Paris-Stockholm, the collaboration of a French-Swedish design duo (Swede Claus Lindorff and Frenchman Jérôme Touron) proposes an alternative to over-designed and over-casual sportswear, combining the pure lines of Swedish functionalism with French classicism.

The brand’s leitmotiv “DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD” gives away not only how the design duo works but also the type of client the brand is aiming to seduce: urban, hardworking men, whether at the gym or in life in general.

For Spring/Summer 2011, the RON DORFF collection continues to revisit great classics of men’s sportswear with a carefully-chosen selection of iconic pieces.

The palette is graphic black, white and grey mélange with minimal detailing.

Reminiscent of the two “O” in RON DORFF, the double discreet black-lacquered eyelets are the only signs of recognition adding a suggestive detail to each piece.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Ron Dorff.

Patrizia Pepe Spring/Summer 2011 Sneak Peek

Work wear influences, dusty rarified moods, handmade finishes and washed looks… ingredients of the collection’s two themes INDIGO SOUL and DESERT NOMAD.

Introducing an exclusive and sophisticated casual look with sharp but mellow outlines: trench coats – whether long or short – are simply tailored in the cause of greater wearability…jackets are unstructured or garment-washed, and go with soft-waisted pants… great attention is paid to inner linings, which evoke a hand-crafted mood… shirts with special details and lots of different fabric mixes… and finally air dried denim and chinos in all sorts of finishes that emphasize their artisan origins….

The color palette follows the characteristic tones of the two main themes: shades of BLUE and NATURALS intertwine and blend pleasingly, often set off by SELVAGE RED.

The choice of fabrics favors diagonal reinforcements in spring and summer weights, double-sided elements, patterned cotton jackets and trousers, poplin shirts in classic designs or faded-looking prints, and Pima cotton jersey and piquet. Washes and finishing processes carried out on the finished garment further enrich its look and texture.

Weaving yarns yield either fine cloths or heavier outerwear consistencies. Cottons and linens, purl stitching, multicolor braiding with manual touches, woven details and garment dyeing, all contribute to each item’s complexity and usage originality.

The accessories, in leather or fabric, take on a transversal role, ready to match with or set off any stylistic mood while simultaneously highlighting it.

A glance towards the past, in search of the joys of genuineness.

Photo & text Patrizia Pepe.

November 26, 2010

Sjaak Hullekes

Sjaak Hullekes was born in Zierikzee, The Netherlands, on the 8th of October 1981.

After finishing his secondary school he went to Arnhem to study fashion design at the ArtEZ institute for Arts and Design.

He graduated in 2005, during the first Arnhem Fashion Biennale.

After his graduation he founded his company “Arnheim Fashion” together with his life partner and ex-classmate Sebastiaan Kramer (1985).

The collections of Sjaak Hullekes are partly made in the Netherlands and partly in Belgium, to guarantee a good knowledge of workmanship to the costumer.

See the 2011 spring/summer collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Sjaak Hullekes, Courtesy Pressing Online.

Sjaak Hullekes: Digging Deeper

In his collections, Sjaak Hullekes plays with the fragility of the male, his behaviors, and modern times.

“How to escape from daily cares and create your own, romanticized, life.”

“What is it that makes a man feel good about what he is wearing?”

For Sjaak Hullekes, it means focusing on what is important, what is efficient well made and what—at the same time—has a refined sense of style.

he label brings you, every season, wearable clothing to be worn by a contemporary man, a modern dandy...

See the 2011 autumn/winter collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Sjaak Hullekes, Courtesy Pressing Online.

November 25, 2010

John Beck: Furniture Maker Turned Designer

John Beck is a steelworker who creates handmade steel furniture. For this holiday season, the craftsman has gone designer with an exclusive line of t-shirts that are based on his table designs.
Here is what the designers says:

“Some folks like to call me an artist because of the things I create. But I don’t think so. I’m a regular guy, just any random guy you’d see walking down the street. The only difference is I got lucky and I’m able to do the things I love for a living. I’ve also managed to surround myself with some pretty darn good help.

I’ve always been crafty with my hands using a pencil, pushing a broom, or welding someone’s favorite piece of furniture. It comes from my grandpa I guess. I learned to weld straight out of high school because I needed a job and I’ve loved it ever since.”

See the designs here.

Photos Copyright John Beck Paper & Steel.

November 24, 2010

Svensson’s 1st Shoe

In the beginning of the 1900s shoes where manufactured in the small village of Montegranaro as an extra income to agriculture.

After the Second World War the town was the most famous in Italy for its shoes. The culminating point was when brands like Gucci and Prada moved in.

2010 the town's history is linked with Malmö and SVENSSON when our first shoes are being manufactured here.

The shoe is a replica of a classic Italian welted sport shoe, a 70s sailor's shoe sole combined with a high tennis shoe from the same period.

SVENSSON began taking form during the late 90´s in Möllevången, Malmö, Sweden. It started with basement clubs and concerts but soon developed to other fields of media, communication and visual arts.

SVENSSON MAGAZINE was founded 2002 and edited from a two room apartment.

SVENSSON SHOP opened in 2005 becoming a combination of creative studio, boutique and gallery. The same year the first pair of SVENSSON JEANS originated.

See the whole collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Svensson.

November 23, 2010

Harrys of London—the Shoes, the Men

It Takes Time to be Timeless
We believe in innovation and evolution in footwear.
True innovation requires a healthy respect for tradition, classic design and exceptional quality.

Harrys of London was founded on the concept of combining traditional cobbling techniques and the latest footwear technology. The goal was to create stylish, modern men’s shoes defined by exceptional quality and timeless design.

Throughout the brand’s history, Harrys of London has retained an unwavering commitment to the founding principle that men’s shoes can be both timeless and innovative.
This uncompromising vision has enabled the business to build an enviable reputation for excellent quality, creativity and integrity.

The seasonal contrasting colour ‘pop’ has become an iconic feature of the HARRYS brand. These soles offer excellent traction and high abrasion resistance in a multitude of environments.

Creative Director Kevin Martel and Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe Bonfiglio are in charge of the company’s development, which today has become known for integrity, innovation, quality and design.

“Harrys of London is known for innovative and beautifully crafted shoes. We have a loyal following of men who are drawn to our quality and timeless design. I am one of those men -and I enjoy working with, and responding to, the needs of our customers.”
-Kevin Martel

“Harrys of London -Where beautiful shoes are comfortable and customers are considered friends. Because once a customer tries on our shoes, we have a friend for life.”
-Giuseppe Bonfiglio

See the look book here.
Photos & text Harrys of London.

November 22, 2010

Christophe Lemaire

Whilst working on a wardrobe which articulates rather like an alphabet, he encourages each individual to choose his own style vocabulary, his own basic equipment and moreover his own personal uniform, to be composed according to the time, place and his general temperament.

He suggests a minimalist, ample, comfortable and yet defined silhouette which frees one’s movements and underlines the attracting singularity of individualities who integrated those forms where far beyond and classic Ming together in silence. To simply wear is to savor every moment of its art of tranquility.

To continue along the lines of a discourse centered on style perceived as a strictly personal matter, the concise and carefully structured collection creates multiple and playful combinations based around hybrid pieces which can be infinitely combined together.

The padded modules transcend even the most conventional and sober of kurtas, and the masculine army officer collared shirts structure long skirts of a woman whose sensuality is visible in the smartness of a detail, an accurate association of colors. For men, sleeves with a Chinese volume apply to supple jackets that feel like shirts.

Cotton and silk is found on total look on a jacket, large pants, and an unlined caftan. An inexhaustible palette of a vast range of neutral colours, tinged with a milky shade, Indian pinks, ochre and mossy greens decline skillfully those essential pieces.

Just like Japan’s music or the hot and unfathomed bass of Mick Karn which tampers with traditional Chinese melodies, Christophe Lemaire’s collection maintains equilibrium between discipline and a dreamy sensitivity in order to create confusion allowing unexpected and strange harmonies to escape.

See the full collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Christophe Lemaire, Courtesy Pressing Online.

November 21, 2010

Fulcrum by Domingo Rodriguez

Fulcrum: Something that supports something else, revolving about it or depending on it.

AW10/11 runs on the basis of the spine, the scaffolding lines of the human figure that everything else is built upon. Pieces echo the body creating skeletal forms created through engineered pattern cutting.

The design is streamlined to give a soft, sleek, refined finish for a collection that draws on situational elegance, consisting of pieces that have no base in any fixed history, yet are resonant of many.

A softly tailored; layered silhouette is a reflection of the fibre content and colour. The culmination of these factors creates a sense of nonchalant luxury with soft lustrous fabrics and textures, cashmere, layered sleek jersey and sheers, softly blistered leather and suede.

Colours run from nude, flesh and bone through to neutral hues of dust, ash and mink.

Italian manufacturing is now secured for a launch at MC2 Showroom in Paris during menswear fashion week from January 20th 2010.

Domingo graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 2008 and won the Menswear Award at Graduate Fashion Week 08. He then went on to secure the Harold Tillman Scholarship at London College of Fashion to complete his masters on the MA Menswear Fashion Design Technology course. He has interned for Kim Jones and Carolyn Massey and is a Fashion contributor for BBC Blast.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Domingo Rodriguez.

November 20, 2010

Benetton Spring/Summer 2011

Light Age
A shirt and … you’re all set: this seems to be what United Colors of Benetton is saying. In fact the striped or plain-colour shirts are uniquely cool and light. If we then pair them with gabardine trousers – long or Bermudas – we’ll be ready for even the very hottest weekend in summer. Pale blue, white and green with a touch of grey are, as always, the most appropriate colours. Make sure everything has a slightly crumpled air to be sure you won’t risk looking too formal.

Military Gym
These guys seem fresh out of an army camp gym. The visual impact is immediate: cotton canvas for jackets/shirts mixes with the jersey of T-shirts and tracksuit trousers; khaki teams with mottled grey or green; shirt checks also appear on pocket and zip details. The result is a fully-fledged task force all set to fight ... those extra pounds.

Summer Colours
Freedom to mix colours in the season best suited to this activity. A rule-free mix ‘n’ match creating attractive colour schemes with unexpected results. Glossy and matte fabrics, contrasting lengths and volumes, different weights: any “misuse” is allowed as long as it generates a new image of summer vitality.

Sunday Brunch
A casual look for an increasingly popular social event. You can wear what you like, from a two-piece suit to a knitted cotton top with Bermuda shorts, as long as everything has a totally informal look. The palette includes shades of blue matched with touches of brighter tones like red and turquoise. The fit is often roomy, to comply as much as possible with the relaxed mood of this Sunday opportunity for meeting our friends.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copryright Benetton.

Benetton Autumn/Winter 2010

Back Forward
A step back into the ’30s to borrow its atmospheres and reproduce them with a modern twist.

Outerwear fabrics have volume and are full-bodied as only wool can be. The jacket is still the main player, be it plain-coloured or with classic motifs. Leather jackets keep company in harmonious matches. Trousers follow the same path as jackets.
Knitwear and jersey articles in this theme round off a formal yet creative look. A small range of well-defined colours: grey, brown, periwinkle, dark blue and black.

No Rules
The mix ‘n’ match adventure seems eternal. It allows us to try unconventional schemes without feeling the consequential awkwardness. Corduroy and distressed gabardine, wool tartan and ultra-worn jeans are emblems of authentic casual wear. If we want to go a bit further, we could try a knitted wool cardigan over cotton fleece trousers, or a cotton three-button vest top under a padded, woven-cloth jacket and knitted wool trousers.

“Fool Colours”
We never renounce tradition. Strong colours belong to winter, too, especially when choosing a padded jacket, sweater or sports trousers. Consequently, materials follow the same theme: nylon padded with genuine goose down, wool yarn worked in jacquard patterns, heavy jersey trousers with a waist draw cord. Contrast is a distinguishing trait of this theme: colour contrast, of course; weights; right/reverse. There is no particular fit in this case, just a state of extreme relaxation.

In this case denim, now acknowledged as a fabric for many occasions, plays its original role. Garments made of “Genoa cloth”, especially blue jeans, are worn for leisure time. Washed-out, crumpled, dark, fitted, dirty: these are a few of its looks, which are teamed with check flannel shirts and modern waterproof cotton trench coats. Jersey cardigans with a warm handle are worn over T-shirts decorated with graphic motifs.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copryright Benetton.

November 19, 2010

Sisley Spring/Summer 2011

Gate 27
Travel, as an out-of-the-ordinary experience, leads us to choose clothes with multipurpose shapes, materials and colors. Everything we consider”classic” acquires an exceptional value, i.e. capable of hiding both technical and practical qualities. An excellent compromise to pack in a bag.

Rock’n Rolla Road

Rock caused a music revolution that also shook up the Fifties’ lifestyle and, consequently, fashion. This atmosphere permeates a collection which brings together a number of key elements in dusty colors, especially the red jacket that is a clear tribute to the James Dean of Rebel Without a Cause. T-shirts with a photo of this Hollywood legend further characterize the mood.

Re-act, Re-generate, Re-educate

An essential concept in this story is a form of modern nomadism with respect for nature and an awareness of the value of things. Colors head in several chromatic directions, with green creating a link between safari jackets, Bermuda shorts and T-shirts.

Space Oddity
David Bowie, the Thin White Duke, undoubtedly inspired this theme, which is almost a quick guide for the third millennium dandy. Hints of color, like fuchsia and pale blue, accompany white and dusty blues. Formalwear is ready to cross new style horizons, finally entering a new dimension.

Habana Blues
Indigo evokes the color of the deep sea, introducing a summer mood in which worn jeans and brightly-printed shirts are the key articles. Linen and cotton are the essential fabrics for a story encompassing enormous contrasts. Just like Cuba.
See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Sisley.

Sisley Autumn/Winter 2010

Arctic Heritage
An enjoyable vintage feel in an up-to-date modern context. The unspoilt atmospheres of Canadian territories come to life again in Sisley’s men’s styles for the outdoor theme.

Check cotton flannel, washed faux sheepskin, distressed denim and wools with a hand-knitted look join forces with new-generation details and fabrics. The casual style–under the motto”relaxed elegance” – springs to new life with the help of yarn-dyed cottons and pigment-dyed corduroys for authentic worker-style trousers.

Volumes are clingy as if to emphasize the idea of the protection they give against the rigors of winter. The colors are a range of basics - like red, blue, green, brown and yellow – filtered through the half-light of the woods.

Nocturnal Butterfly
The night and nocturnal men. This is the theme running through Sisley’s styles for him.

Contrasts of glossy and matt, black and white, roomy and tight are often seen in colors, fabrics and fit Corduroy, moleskin, satin and cotton create such a eclectic range of clothes as to go from the jacket to the waistcoat, both with a close fit, to T-shirts with “rocker” graphics – not forgetting embroidered shirts and deeply-distressed jeans.

The main color is black in the company of other nocturnal shades like cobalt blue or asphalt grey. Flashes of red and white brighten the look like neon signs through the dark.

Sisley gives a new look to the fit and matching schemes of classic styles, creating a fresh, contemporary elegance.

Fabrics range from the smart look of woven wool with a knitted effect to the luxury wool yarns of the dinner suits and on to sophisticated cotton weaves used for shirts.

Knitwear introduces complementary elements, such as the waistcoat, for a look that is carefully studied yet carefree and youthful.

Black dominates the scene, though “assisted” by dark shades like smoky grey, purple, midnight blue and mixtures of green and blue, like “blue coral.”

The silhouette is close-fitted and streamlined, apart from the heavy overcoat that envelops everything in soft volumes.

See the collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Sisley.

November 18, 2010


When I hear the word delicatessen, I think of delectable treats that tickle my taste buds! Well, here is another Delikatessen that tickles my fashion buds!

Creative director at Delikatessen, Andrzej Lisowski, comes from a long line of designers, as he was raised in the atelier of his grandmother, who was a blouse designer in the “holy” Polish city of Czestochowa.

Delikatessen is all about emotions and people and the courage that is required for “special” people to accomplish “special” things.

Garments are designed with passion as Andrzej draws inspiration from his heritage.

Deep in reflection about society and its impact on the individual, Andrzej creates designs that are subtle, subjective, and personal.

In the same way an individual relates to a painting, so Andrzej explores the relationship between the consumer and a shirt.

See the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Delikatessen.

November 17, 2010

Domingo Rodriguez

Domingo Rodriguez is a young menswear designer that is based in London. In 2008, Domingo graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University, winning the Menswear Award at Graduate Fashion Week.

Domingo soon proved his design skills once again by securing the Harold Tillman Scholarship for his MA at London College of Fashion.

He presented his 2011 spring/summer collection at Paris Fashion Week. The collection follows current trends of minimalism with hits of draping, flowing fabrics and a touch of shine.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Domingo Rodriguez.

A Winter Provocation by Luca Larenza

Looking to humble beginnings for the inspiration of this fall’s collection, Luca Larenzadressed a charming array of silk/cashmere and baby alpaca knits in earthy hues of brown and burgundy.

With the new campaign coming together, led by the photography of Giuseppe Yuma Migliaccio, Luca Larenza found the season’s unlikely star in Eduardo as styled by Davide Valentino.

For this fall 2010 campaign, he dressed a time-honored man and he explains that, in his case, “the presence of an old model, with the skin worn out by work and life, is reconnected to a concept of tradition that goes beyond the modern beauty canons.

Especially in the South of Italy, elegance is a value handed down from our ancestors. What remains for sure is the attachment to the roots, the land, and its preciousness.
Furthermore, it [the campaign] is a provocation to the fast fashion that now rules the market, and the fast-pace of modern urban lifestyle.

See the collection here.

About Luca Larenza
Luca Larenza is a young Italian designer, best-known for his casual-chic clothing line. In spring 2005, he decided to create his own exclusive T-shirt brand, and since then the collection has been developed to become a variety of top styles for men…

Photo & text Copyright Luca Larenza.

November 16, 2010

Johannes Faktotum: an Olympic Winter Collection

For the Autumn/Winter 2010/11 collection Johannes Faktotum focused on creating a clean line of interchangeable knitwear pieces.

Inspired by the bold uniforms of Olympic ski athletes, the silhouettes are body conscious and fitted.

Yarns are composed of extra fine Italian merino wool and the garments are double knit to provide structure, durability and insulation.

Linear color blocking is used to create a strong graphic statement through a palette of heathered grays, black, royal blue, navy and green.

The knit pieces are presented with waterproofed nylon elements, including a protective hooded yoke and a drawstring short.

View the whole collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Johannes Faktotum.

November 15, 2010

“Aeolus” by Johannes Faktotum

For the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, Johannes Faktotum focuses on the combination of sport sailing and an appreciation of urbanity.

Looks combine modern athleticism and sleek tailored designs. Colors are reminiscent of striped spinnaker racing sails, with a graphic palette of grey, black, white, and royal blue.

The outerwear in the collection consists of variations on the traditional windbreaker with reflective elements, breathable mesh linings, and utilitarian snaps.

Technical fabrics like neoprene and featherweight nylons are balanced with soft cotton textured sweaters and body conscious color blocked knitwear.

Accessories are performance inspired, with waterproofed socks and hoods, sandals, water and shock resistant watches, and a reflective sailing harness.

This collection is for the masculine and athletic creative, one who exudes confidence in life, sports, and personal style.

See the collection here.

About the Designer
Johannes Faktotum, meaning “jack-of-all-trades” is a menswear line established in 2009 by Johanna Bloomfield. Johanna began her career in menswear in 2002 when she moved from New York to London to study at the London College of Fashion. She went on to gain work experience in Paris and Berlin, and eventually returned to New York to work on the Ralph Lauren men’s collection.

Photos & text Copyright Johannes Faktotum.

November 14, 2010

Jeroen Van Tuyl Autumn/Winter 2010

Men’s wear label JEROEN VanTUYL was created in January 2000 and is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The first ready to wear collection called SCHERP was presented in January 2001 at the CASABO salon in Paris and also at the CAROLE DE BONA salon in March of the same year.

Jeroen van Tuyl has from the beginning integrated the international men’s wear designer calendar by being part of Féderation Française de Prêt a Porter et des Créateurs de Mode, schedule for men’s wear in Paris.

The style from the first collection is very recognisable by exercising on angles and pointed shapes and figures. The materials used are a mix of classical basics in natural fabrics and technological textures and are addressed to young men without concession and turns to the future with a spirit of nostalgia.

The second men’s wear collection MECHANIZED FOR SPRING SUMMER 2002 was also presented during the men’s fashion week at salon CASABO at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in July 2001.

International press magazines, such as Japanese avant-garde COMPOSITE, French MODZIK, and FASHION DAILY NEWS, starts to be attracted by the label JEROEN VanTUYL.

The third collection ARMOURED FOR AUTUMN WINTER 2002-2003, presented at Casabo January 2002, continues the search for new architecture on male bodies and is addressed to brave men: long coats are present, the classical stripe is twisted, the fabrics are more and more refined.

Jerseys are matched with suits in elegant fabrics and optical fabrics for some of the shirts. New suits combine short jackets and remarkable pants.

The press is more and more present and you may find Jeroen van Tuyl’s coverage in magazines such as Journal de Textile, Jeunes createurs – Young Blood, Max Mode, Up-street and again Composite.

The collection BRAVE FOR SPRING SUMMER 2003 is a continuation on the ‘evolution’ of the square pattern theme and a translation of historical garments into modern and experimental, but elegant, garments. It is a continuation in the search for ‘new’ wearable men’s wear garments but with respect for the tradition of men’s wear. The showroom presentation of this collection was held in the Institut Néerlandais in Paris.

In September 2002 Jeroen van Tuyl participated with the exposition Mode à suivre 2 at Musée de la mode et du costume; Palais Galliera Paris and on 30 November shown his collection at the Gwand- Award for up-coming design contest in Lucerne, Swiss.

Right after graduating from the Arnhem Institute for the Arts in 1998, Jeroen van Tuyl and Edwin de Rooij founded the label VanTUYL DeROOIJ. The duo produced two collections: the first women’s collection New Entity Chique 2000 for s/s 2000 was shown in Paris at Espace Austerlitz.

The second mixed collection Klapstoel for a/w 2000/2001 was also shown in Paris, at Centre Smart de Bercy. One of the garments of this collection was exhibited at the exposition Mode à suivre – Paris et ses jeunes creatéurs at Musée de la mode et du costume; Palais Galliera Paris in September 2000. You may find coverages VanTUYL DeROOIJ’s in magazines such as Nova magazine, Le Double, Dutch and High fashion. Jeroen van Tuyl attended a seminar at the Saga international design centre in Vedbæk in Denmark and had practical work experience at the labels; Dirk Bikkembergs, Joe Casely-Hayford and So by Alexander van Slobbe.

See the collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Jeroen Van Tuyl.

Happy Birthday Todd & Terry

Todd and Terry Celebrates 2nd Birthday with 24-Hour Countdown Sale.

(MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – NOV. 9, 2010) –Australian underwear and swimwear brand Todd and Terry is changing the rules of the old adage, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

On Nov. 16, to celebrate their second birthday, Todd and Terry will not only let their customers have their birthday cake, but they’ll let them eat it too.

For 24 hours on Nov. 16, 2010, the brand will be holding an incredible sale that will rival all of their competitors. Commencing at 9 a.m. EST, you can choose 10 pairs of hot Todd and Terry underwear for just $50! (plus shipping costs) That’s unbelievable!

To make sure you don’t miss out, whichever time zone you are in, the brand will have a clock on its website counting down to the end of the sale. It’s a Todd and Terry birthday! But at this party, you’ll get the gifts.

Shoppers can head to the official Todd and Terry website,, to take part in this sale.

Since its launch in 2009, Todd and Terry has quickly become a favorite among underwear enthusiasts with its fresh blend of bold and stylish designs.

The brand’s originality and fashion-forward sensibility has earned the brand a perfect “5” score from Menswear Review, and has been called “another fantastic brand from Australia” by Guys Underwear Blog.

It has also made the covers of popular publications like New York’s Next Magazine and large feature articles and photo spreads in MetroSource, FantasticsMag, Grab Magazine, Echelon, and Out in Jersey.

Courtesy the Grapevine.

November 13, 2010

Human Scale by Tiedeken

The new collection Human Scale from Tiedeken was inspired by statements of economist Fritz Schumacher.

He claimed a comeback to human scale, a come back to small clear units which could often solve large, unmanageable problems a lot better than complex and complicated constructs.

Schumacher’s ideas, which he compiled in his book ‘Small is beautiful’ in the mid 70s, are not only inspiration for the Berliner designers’ current collection. They even influence their working methodology, life philosophy and general mindset. Just like in their first collection, where the tetrahedron was their icon and leitmotiv,

Human Scale is built on elaborate cuts and patterns, reaching a great effect with little input.

By the way, the shape of the tetrahedron appears again in the new collection.

See the entire 2011 spring/summer look book here.

Photos & text, Copyright Tiedeken, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.

Tetrahedron by Tiedeken

Tiedeken—the new Berli- based fashion label presents its first collection called TETRAHEDRON.

Tetrahedron, a volume made of four equilateral triangles, is the most stable unit one can imagine—at the same time it is simple as well as functional, minimal as well as aesthetic.

It is more than a geometric figure for designers, Regina Tiedeken and Tom Keller, who run the label Tiedeken since the beginning of the year.

It is an ideal, a symbol for what Richard Buckminster Fuller stated in the sentence “Doing the most with the least.”

The tetrahedron, the fashion designers’ symbolized leitmotiv, therefore turns into the main theme of their first winter collection 2010/11 named Tetrahedron.

The geometrical figure shapes patterns, which have partly been developed out of triangles. It also functions as a graphic element, e.g. a multi colored rapport made of the flat projection of the tetrahedron.

Regina Tiedeken was part of the label “vonwedel & tiedeken,” whose CI und grafik design was significantly shaped by Tom Keller. The former Westwood assistant and the product designer now also offer male fashion as part of their collection.

Tiedeken is not only a fashion label though. They also aim to position themselves in their previous design fields graphic, multimedia and costume design.

See the entire look book here.

Photos & text, Copyright Tiedeken, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.

November 12, 2010

Royal Hem by Copen

Royal Hem is a relatively young menswear brand born in 1998 but has inherited the knowhow and expertise in men's tailoring from its holding company The Copen Group. Copen has produced and distributed for names such as Alexander McQueen (1996), Alessandro dell Acqua (menswear), Pennesi and Alviero Martini PrimaClasse amongst others.

Founded in 1963 by Ado Pennesi, Copen is the perfect example of a successful medium-sized enterprise. Over time it has become one of the principal protagonists within the Italian "made in Italy" menswear businesses.

Copen has built its reputation on producing collections that successfully combine classics with a hand-made twist, whilst being in line with the trends of the moment.The collection is specifically designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious, young dandy, the sort who is constantly in search of new and original styles and pieces.

The hallmark of the Royal Hem range is its special and highly wearable slim-fit designs and their exceptional fit and is certainly the strongest characteristic of this brand: every item of clothing fits like a second skin, while also remaining very practical and comfortable.

The range has been instantly successful that Royal Hem is now to be found in many of the sector's most important and influential boutiques internationally and growing season on season.

Royal Hem is a relatively young menswear brand born in 1998 but has inherited the knowhow and expertise in men's tailoring from its holding company The Copen Group. Copen has produced and distributed for names such as Alexander McQueen (1996), Alessandro dell Acqua (menswear), Pennesi and Alviero Martini PrimaClasse amongst others.

Founded in 1963 by Ado Pennesi, Copen is the perfect example of a successful medium-sized enterprise. Over time it has become one of the principal protagonists within the Italian "made in Italy" menswear businesses.

Copen has built its reputation on producing collections that successfully combine classics with a hand-made twist, whilst being in line with the trends of the moment.The collection is specifically designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious, young dandy, the sort who is constantly in search of new and original styles and pieces.

The hallmark of the Royal Hem range is its special and highly wearable slim-fit designs and their exceptional fit and is certainly the strongest characteristic of this brand: every item of clothing fits like a second skin, while also remaining very practical and comfortable.

The range has been instantly successful that Royal Hem is now to be found in many of the sector's most important and influential boutiques internationally and growing season on season.

See the collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Copen Group.

Eclectic Trends: from the Past, Present, Future—by 0044

Over the past year or so, I have been travelling throughout the Mediterranean studying the history of menswear and the impact on various cultures on the runways today.

In many of my writings, I speak of the flow—draping—which was so prevalent in the wardrobes of ancient Greek men, the Romans, and throughout the cultures of the Middle East, right down to modern times with tribes like the Tuaregs and other Middle Eastern men.

For spring/summer 2011, the label 0044 has prepared for us a collection of flowing menswear. The color palette is basic and the look is casual.

You will notice cape-like garments, low-crotch pants, and tunic-like items.

See the trends here.

Photos Copyright 0044.

Asos Holiday Campaign

The new ASOS Holiday 2010 campaign was shot by notable portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator Todd Selby, following the classic idea of individuals in their own personal space, in this case, “Model’s Own.”

See more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Asos.

November 11, 2010

Lenny Agustin at Jakarta Fashion Week

At Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesian designer Lenny Agustin presented a few items from her menswear collection.

Lenny’s designs appeal to a young but mature crowd as her mission is to introduce traditional Indonesian garments to the younger generation.

Her desire is that younger Indonesians feel proud about the rich history of Indonesian craftsmanship.

One of her main focuses is on Batik, which, Lenny asserts, originated in Indonesia.

See Lenny’s designs here.

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Military Heritage with Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe’s winter collection for men plays with a king of contemporarily updated uniform mood, with military echoes and tailoring that looks back to the 1940’s and forward to the future.

Military heritage set in a modern everyday urban context: the result is multifunctional jackets and mixed fabric patterned shirts; pants—whether cargo or formal—are in woven cotton, while knitwear uses predominantly chunky melange yarns; the colours are earthy, with nuances of beige and green, underlining a mood that’s both rural and urban;

The classic repertoire reworks 1940s models and atmospheres, developing a profile that is disciplined, elegant and finely tailored.

An abundance of overcoats, single- or double-breasted, in plain or patterned cloth; jackets and pants in graphic wool melange can be matched to combine different patterns; the recurrent colours are grey and navy blue, with deft touches of white;

And to round off the collection, monochrome uniforms usher in a dynamic dark look; the military inspiration persists but with more ascetic overtones hinting at a post-modern feel; it’s the colour that sets the tone, for the most part sheer black or ultra-deep nuances; nylon coats, pants and jackets in stitched jersey fabric or shiny wool, monochrome shirts with pleated details… all adding up to a brazenly assertive high-impact look.

About Patrizia Pepe
The Patrizia Pepe brand was founded in Florence in 1993.

The protagonists are a couple of entrepreneurs: Patrizia Bambi, the creative and stylistic spirit and Claudio Orrea, head of management and administration.

See more of Patrizia Pepe here.

Photo & text Copyright Patrizia Pepe.

November 10, 2010

The First Drunknmunky Web Store is Now Live!

After a lot of anticipation we now have our first ever webstore up and running. Head over to the site where men’s and ladies tees, sweats, jeans, polo shirts, belts, hats bags and footwear. We’ve got some great gift ideas and offer for the launch of our new store including a free beanie with your first order!

Featured Products
Our featured products are the top products of the collection as chosen by us. Keep your eyes on these as they’re bound to go quick. There’s also plenty of products on the store that you won’t find anywhere else, exclusive to us.

Win £500 of Drunknmunky Gear
Fancy an early Christmas present? Be in with a chance to win £500 of Drunknmunky gear throughout November and December. One winner will be picked each month up to Christmas to win the gear along with the 5 runners up receiving gift vouchers for our already discounted January sales, cant go wrong!

Check out the new updates to our news section, you can now read up on our offers, brand news and competitions.

Check out more items here.

Photos & text Copyright Drunknmunky.

Dark Urban Hippie Knitwear by Lars Andersson

Lars Andersson is a New York based knitwear designer. He describes his design aesthetic as “Dark Urban Hippie”, and the collections consistently paint that picture.

Andersson was born is Sweden, where he soon became entranced with the craft of knitting. “In Sweden” he says, “everyone learns how to knit, it’s a cultural thing.” The designers’ first garment was completed at the age of six- a sweater for his Monchichi monkey doll.

After completing two years of fashion school in Sweden, Lars made the move to New York to pursue studies at FIT, but stopped short of his degree. “I quickly became entranced by New York City, and soon I was living a life submersed in its dark, downtown culture.”

During this period, Lars’ love for knitting came full circle, and he began making one-of-a-kind sweaters for his friends in NYC. The response was so overwhelming that he decided to put all of his energy into his craft, and the first collection was born.

Although now stateside, Andersson continues to be powerfully influenced by Sweden, a place he describes as “very dark, and the furthest thing from fancy. It’s a minimal environment, really old, dark and mysterious. It’s raw and unfinished, but still beautiful. The countryside is haunting- the pitch-black forest, the deep greens of the mosses and pine trees, and the grays of the stones”.

For the last six years, Andersson has been designing and manufacturing his line of knitwear for men and women. His focus is on the trade and skill of knitting, and the collections are constructed from only the finest Japanese and Italian yarns. With a team of knitters, he produces each garment by hand from his studio in Brooklyn.

“In the end,” he says, “the most important thing for me is that my customers end up with timeless pieces that will last a lifetime, defy trends, and always look contemporary and cool.”
Have a look at the collection here.

Photo & text Lars Andersson, Courtesy CJ Swanton.

November 9, 2010

New Bags by Polipo!

The Season’s surprise continues with the launch of the NEW MESSENGER with a new design.

This bag is full of pockets and possibilities, no limit to add gadgets and colors! Just ask here!

The straps system is renewed with a iron medical clasp buckle really strong and easy, the big flap of this bag make the design basic and allow you - together with a totally new buckles system - to carry on external huge load!

Plus a simple back pocket for your laptop and 1 more pocket to your important small personal stuff!

Have a look at the bags here.

Photo & text Copyright Polipo.

Trend Alert –Peace Love & Custom Tees by Hypothesis

Are you ready for the next level of you?

Introducing Hypothesis Inc., Theory of Self Co. ®, a creative graphic design and illustration studio that has successfully grown into a unique blend of women’s and men’s t-shirts and hoodies. Hyp-Inc provides consumers with custom made t-shirts and hoodies that not only relay powerful designs but also have powerful meanings of art, music and culture behind them. Hyp-Inc. is a company designed to promote messages of peace, unity and diversity.

This not just another tee company, originally started as a creative design studio in 2004. A love of art and music led Founder of Hyp-Inc., Eugene Serebrennikov, to start designing the very first Hyp-Inc. shirts in his college dorm room. Those designs have since made their way onto the worldwide musical stage and onto the bodies of music-aficionados everywhere including Moe, Dave Matthews Band, MatchBox 20, Gov’t Mule, Timbaland, and Kid Rock, to name a few.

What makes this company so cutting edge? Hyp-Inc. sits down with its clients and has a one-on-one discussion of the consumer’s vision and from there they are able to artfully align the graphic to coincide with the message. Hyp-Inc's designs are artfully and ethically crafted in 100% sweatshop-free print shops.

Hyp-Inc. tees are one-of-a-kind creations made using the most durable and comfortable materials available. Many of the tees are also available in organic cotton. Not only will you be customizing your own tees you will be promoting the uniqueness that is you. Freedom to express yourself through casual wear…100% your say, 100% your way.

Hyp-Inc. has become a permanent fixture in music design and a leader in the industry, with hundreds of original screen-printed posters, CD packaging, logo designs, and concert apparel. Select designs can be purchased online at But for the trend-setting consumer with their own unique style, custom has been the preferred choice among celebs.

“Freedom of expression is our mantra. Creativity is our speciality” –Hyp-Inc.

See the tees here.

Photos & text Copyright Hypothesis Inc, Courtesy the Tesla Group.

November 8, 2010

Surface to Air: Postcards from the Edge

Postcards from the Edge
From American Puritanism to a moral decline.

This season starts with a road trip from Texas down to the Mexican border, with references from movies “From Dusk Till Dawn”, “Thelma and Louise “ and “Paris Texas.“

Further down on our road trip we find an influence from the bad boys and outlaws of the road. Inspired by their pinstripe suits, biker attire, dusty capes & tops in suede leather and linen fabrics; Mexican and Indian influences in sandy hues are used to add heat to the color palette.

With reference again to the film “From dusk till dawn”, we end the trip in this mysterious stripper bar where anything is possible: lavishness crazy, dark, hot, bad and animalistic.

Next, the allure of snake dancers, vampires and go-go dancers lead us in a seductive and glamorous component of the collection. Body conscious dresses in shiny materials with liquid and psychedelic snake prints, structured cut out dresses, transparent knits add the S2A touch of just the right amount of sportswear integrated into a sexy silhouette.

The Code of the Road
The outdoors and the biker’s way of life are the key themes of our SS11 Men’s collection. The basis of the collection remains a timeless men’s wardrobe with revisited classic pieces.

Washed out garments give the worn and sun damaged effect, while leather & suede pieces with intricate stitching provide an edgier appeal. Denim is a large part of the collection this season with all over printed and multi colored denim shirts.

Leather & waxed cotton pants and burn out denims are the perfect addition to the silhouette. Sprayed denims and denim looking fleece jackets that have a bit of a 7O’s vibe, reveal an essence of American sportswear, especially in the pima cotton mix knitwear.

Leather & waxed cotton pants and burn out denims compliment the foldable windbreakers with special engraved detailing in horn as well as outer details on tees and sweatshirts with 90’s influences.

Pastel color jersey tailoring such as suits paired with shorts and detailed mackintosh coats complete the look with a pair of destroyed chinos. Balance meets bandit is the code of the road for spring/summer 2011.

Have a look at the entire men’s collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Surface to Air.

Surface to Air

Surface to Air came of light in the early 00’s. Beginning as a creative agency, the team has branched out into music, film, ready-to-wear, photography, graphic design and strategic planning. Today, each department is developing its own activity within the vision and style of Surface to Air.

By taking this direction, Surface to Air has collaborated with music groups like Justice and Chromeo (music video direction), fashion & luxury brands such as Uniqlo, Louis Vuitton, Loveless, Tsumori Chisato and Issey Miyake (visual communication) and have teamed up to create limited edition collections with world renowned artists (Justice, Norwegian fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo...).

Surface to AirStudio
Prestigious companies, international luxury brands and world renown record labels have often contacted the creative directors at Surface to Air for their expertise in photography, branding, packaging and illustration (Ministère de la Culture, L’Oreal Luxe, P&G, Lacoste, Uniqlo, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Tsumori Chisato, Chromeo, Scenario Rock, EMI, Sony…).

This new structure has acted as an extension to the Surface to Air Studio by having a hands-on approach to strategic marketing and distribution (trend analysis, advertisement space…) and allows the execution of each project to have an impacting result from start to finish. This year, we saw the launch of Uniqlo in France.

The duo behind Surface to Air films, are cousins Jérémie Rozan and Martial Schmeltz. By respecting their influences and references, together they have developed a personal aesthetic that is recognizable in their commercials and music videos (Louis Vuitton, Sony, Justice, The Streets, Mignight Juggernauts, Diesel, Scenario Rock…) and remain memorable.

Known for their printed t-shirts and collaborations with graphic designers, and avant-garde consultants, Surface to Air clothing founded its men’s collection in 2004, following with a women’s collection in 2006. Today, the brand Surface to Air has been also successful with their accessories as well as their collection collaborations (Justice, Solve Sundsbo).

Every season, a capsule collection is developed around an influential artist (music, fashion, design). The collection is available at the Surface to Air shops (Paris & Sao Paulo), and in 190 selected stores worldwide (Barney’s, Le Bon Marché, Browns, Park, Le Printemps, Fred Segal, Lane Crawford, Isetan, Colette…).

See more items here.

Photos & text Copyright Surface to Air.

November 7, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010: Day One

The largest fashion event in the Southeast Asian region, the Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/11 (JFW), will be opened in November 6th and will end on November 12th 2010 at the luxurious Pacific Place shopping mall. More than 150 designers, 33 brands will participate in the event.

The vibrancy of Indonesia’s fashion industry mirrors the country’s cultural diversity, open society as well as its booming domestic economy. Indonesia is the world’s largest Moslem country, the third largest democracy and one of the three rapidly growing Asian economies after China and India.

The Jakarta Fashion Week is organized by the Femina Group, one of Indonesia’s leading media companies. This is the third time the JFW is being held.

About Day One: Daniel Mananta
On day one, menswear was presented by Daniel Mananta during the Grazia Glitz & Glam Celebrity Meets Fashion show.

Of Chinese and Indonesian descent, Daniel Mananta is an Indonesian actor and TV host, who hosts Indonesian idol.

Since right click is not disabled on this blog, please go to Men‘s Fashion by Francesco main site to view Daniel Manata‘s collection.

Upper text Courtesy Generic photo, purchased copyright.

Asher Levine: Down to the Shoes

Yesterday I posted articles on two seasonal collections by US designer, Asher Levine. I waited to post the line of shoes from the spring/summer 2011 collection on purpose, since they are so unique.

True to the designer’s hybrid techniques, the range clearly reflects his reorganization and abstraction of shape and form.

With fins projecting from the heels as an extension of man, the collection harnesses a sense of energy from the natural world, fusing it with human existence.

Enjoy the collection here.

Photos Copyright Asher Levine.

November 6, 2010

Asher Levine & the Natural World

Asher Levine is heavily influenced by the natural world, and often pulls inspiration from organic, biological and scientific sources.

An inherent terrestrial presence can be seen in his work, and his pieces reflect his trademark reorganization and abstraction of shape and form.

Asher’s unique design aesthetic seeks to evaluate and challenge the industry's standardized corporal limitations on the human figure.

His Spring/Summer 2011 Collection not only advances sexual boundaries but structural ones, as well. The clothes harness energy from their organic origins; they are active.

Instead of passively resting on the shoulders of the wearer, each piece becomes an extension of the wearer’s body—establishing a hybrid physiology.

Fins project from his heels and shoulders. Dangling tentacles droop from his midriff. His elongated tail flows freely in the wind. A symbiotic relationship develops between the man and his attire. The aesthetic fluidity of the collection serves to deconstruct gender binaries.

Unlike the fitted suits and tailored button-downs that reinforce rigid perceptions of menswear, Asher Levine celebrates our genre’s potential to attain artistic significance in the face of utilitarian demands and ideological constraints. It promotes a new breed of masculinity that is self-defined rather than prescribed.

In addition to his collection, Asher Levine can be seen on performance artists such as Lady Gaga, Sam Sparro, Dangerous Muse, and Johnny Weir.
Have a look here at the whole collection.

Photos & text Copyright Asher Levine.

Asher Levine: the Designer

Asher Levine’s design skills first developed at age 10 while taking a sewing course in his native Florida hometown. A natural fascination with fashion design quickly emerged, and in 2006 Asher moved to New York City to pursue a Managerial Entrepreneurship degree from Pace University.

While taking business courses, Asher independently began creating conceptual designs out of the basement of his West Village apartment.

His experimental outfits were adapted by many nightlife personalities and could be seen across the New York underground club circuit.

Asher’s debut Fall/Winter 2010 collection came shortly after his graduation, at which point Asher started creating outfits for various prominent performance artists.

In September of the same year, Asher's Spring/Summer 2011 collection was shown in a presentation from his midtown showroom.

Have a look here at the entire collection.

Photos & text Copyright Asher Levine.

“Nightmares and Cowboys” by Daniel Palillo

Daniel Palillo is a Finnish designer whose hallmark is dark, oversized clothing.

Daniel studied Fine Arts and Fashion Design at the University of Arts in Helsinki, going on to merge various modern styles of menswear, ranging from gothic to hip hop.

For his 2011 spring/summer collection, Daniel has prepared a collection of “Nightmares and Cowboys.”

See more images here.

Photos Copyright Daniel Palillo.

November 5, 2010

Agi and Sam

Agi&Sam is a contemporary menswear brand that showed this season (spring/summer 2011) in collaboration with Vauxhall Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week.

Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton began the brand with the fundamental thought of designing for ‘men’.

After years of countless menswear collections displaying either a fear to create something different, or collections, which push too far and never seeing the light of day, they aim to sit firmly in the middle.

With a strong emphasis on print and humour they believe that fashion should never be taken too seriously.

Over the last two years they have worked in London for designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Armand Basi, Blaak Homme, J.W. Anderson and Carolyn Massey and are currently working with producer and musician Labrinth.

See the collection here.

Photos & text AgiandSam.

Palladium Boots & Bodega “Fisticuffs”

On November 6, 2010, the much-anticipated limited collaboration, FISTICUFFS Boot, by Palladium Boots and Bodega, will be available in select retailers tomorrow.

The FISTICUFFS boot features a herringbone pattern on the upper and rich chocolate premium leather, wool lining, comfort foot bed and gusset tongue. Each pair of boots will be individually numbered, with only 396 pairs being available globally.

Bodega will also run a lottery for their exclusive Gentleman's Pack for those who are lucky enough to get their hands on a pair of FISTICUFFS. Each boot purchase will have a coinciding number that will be entered into the drawing.

Five winning numbers will be posted on on November 13th along with instruction on how to claim the prize.

The Gentleman's Pack includes a classic French Opiel Pock knife, a Japanese Straight Edge Nail Clipper from Seki, a British badger hair shaving brush and shaving soap from E Shave, a classic steel razor from Merkur of Germany, and other Bodega essentials.

See the line here.

Photos & text Copyright Palladium & Bodega, Courtesy Noted Communications.

Ana Locking: Insides

There´s a part of me in all of my collections, each of them reflect my worries and personal fears, parts of my being…

"INSIDES" plays with irony and double entendre. Physical insides versus emotional insides; a dissection of the duality of men; body and soul; flesh and spirit, the marriage between these two opposite concepts.

“INSIDES” is a story about decomposition and regeneration; life in motion. There are existential crises and lively emotions.

The prints in “INSIDES” are photographs of the insides of the human body captured by the lens of a microscope.

Materials and textures decorated with images of red corpuscles, leukocytes, muscle tissue, tendon; the paradox: that it is covering the outside with the inside.

Being able to literally see the insides of the body gives people the chance to see themselves in a whole new light.

The clothes are tailored and perfectly structured. Sheer, lace, asymmetries and tailored belted jackets are some of the primary elements.

Colors & Textures
Pale skin, tanned skin, red blood, blue blood, yellow bile, bones and black that comes from the depths of the human being.

Photographic prints of the human body are the main motif of the collection and create a parade of abstract images that resemble natural landscapes.

Jewelry is in the spotlight: circular charms hang from tangled chain necklaces and bracelets as a metaphor for red corpuscles intertwining with muscle tissue.

The shoes: sandals for men that allow room for the skin to breathe and python and leather stilettos for women with sky high heels complete the look.

See the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Ana Locking.

November 4, 2010

‘Narratif’ by Obscur

‘’We are all interconnected, heroes, friends and foes. Through our inner admissions we have endured or braved the rainy weather on many occasions. The narrative capacity of our audacious nature enables us to experience, touch, expose and bear’’

The S/S 2011 collection of Obscur is such an untold story, captured by misty lands, roughness and enveloping clouds, with nature as its operator. Along with the seasons, a range of the garments were constructed out of washed lamb leather.

Furthermore, their voluntary decomposition is to be underlined by carefully executed zippers and pockets. The intentional selection of crude materials combined with pieces that vary remarkably, both in length and volume, expresses volatility and flotation.

We caress and experience our surroundings individually. The garments thus tend to become one with the bearer himself. The gently treated leathers frame the natural endoscope of emotional decay.

Obscur also stands for forward motion, where one chooses to appear in our material capsules, readily lined, knitted, constructed or linked. The segmented materials in black and pigmented dyed grey create the illusion of a fog, a fog through which we arise.

Traditional elements such as raw edges allowing for smooth layering and overstated prismatic monotones can also be recognised in the pieces. The general feel of exclusive detailing, interaction and introvert opulence can be noted in the qualitative materials, subtle linings, comfortable knits and rich feeling materials.

The collection can be seen as an encounter, between captured nocturnal elements and deconstructed decadency, with a dash of luxurious tormented momentum.

Have a complete view of the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Obscur, Courtesy Marlo Saalmink.

Obscur: “A dark opulent society...’’

“...where you own what you wear.’’

The Obscur A/W10 collection is another morbid encounter between energy, abstraction and our souls.

The materials meet and observe your body, to become one. The raw outer dead shells of the pieces consist of cotton, wool, cashmere and thick raw leather, which keep the living from disintegrating momentarily.

The Obscur naturally coloured fibres keep your energy from draining by avoiding yourself to be exposed to the world.
All the leathers are being washed from their dyes and chemical processing, in order to get closer to a state of solemn austerity & sterile manifestation.
The AW10 line includes loose collar and sleeve ends, which can be taken off, or on, to create a unique silhouette and provide desirable shelter to your skin.
The signature raw edges are often incorporated in the designs, to allow for a smoother transition of layering when combining different garments.
Facets of the inspiration for this collection were drawn upon the work of Austrian artist Gunter Brüs. This man is a true lover of the obscure, dark and the profusely morbid.

Obscur AW10: ‘’a dense feeling web of exterior layers which imbed the bearer as a protected capsule in our society’’.

View the exciting collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Obscur, Courtesy Marlo Saalmink.

New Launch: Volta Footwear

Volta Footwear presents a capsule collection built on the Vibram® CT, a new cross-training sole developed exclusively for the Italian brand by Vibram.A

fter the introduction of the first mid-cut model called "classic" in the 2008, followed by its highly evolved “boot” in 2009, the brand is ready to launch a new concept of low shoe: it is called Street, and was created to be the next "instant classic".

The capsule [collection] consists of three colors. The materials used are 100% waterproof waxed canvas , coupled with a lightweight mesh fabric—Aernet—on the heel and tongue. The cover is as always in Italian kidskin. Berlin was the scene of the worldwide launch of “Street” buyers.

See a few more models here.
Photo & text Copyright Volta, Courtesy Maria Licci Media & PR.