January 31, 2011

Let Ben Sherman Keep Time for You!

Know what time it is…

Ben Sherman take classic military silhouettes and pepper them with prep ... take ivy? Take cover ? TAKE NOTICE!

Ben Sherman was founded in 1963 by Arthur Bernard Sugarman (1925-1987), who was born in Brighton.

He emigrated to the United States in 1946 via Canada and changed his nationality to American.

He married the daughter of a Californian clothes producer and went back to Brighton later where he bought a concourse shirt factory.

The brand became famous for being sported by several well-known musicians and singers. It was the first company to produce the famous Oxford button-down shirt.

The Ben Sherman brand has since been the fourth largest men's casual wear brand in the United Kingdom.

Photos & text Copyright Ben Sherman, Courtesy Sane Communicatons.

Kris Van Assche & Eastpak

Moving towards a new silhouette where the suit, symbol of maturity, makes the codes of cool its own.

A fusion between raw elegance and more sophisticated pieces.

The tailored sweat-shirt reigns supreme, revisited, cut in woolen sheets, knitwear is refined.

Excessive volume on top with oversized sleeves.

Legs are straight and loose.

The palette is dark, down to the essentials.

A few shafts of natural color on a thin belt or on the welt of a shoe create a crossroads where street meets luxury.

A finale of caramel marbled wool highlighting the importance of details and the work accomplished on raw edges and volume.

Created in association with Eastpak, the bags are the perfect blend between pragmatism, structure and elegance.

See the entire collection at Paris Fashion Week here.

Photo autumn/winter 2011 collection, Copyright Kris Van Assche.

January 30, 2011

Formalwear? Never fear, Manzetti is here!

Mention formalwear and some guys begin to tremble. Mention a tux—and oftentimes you get male fear factor!

But formalwear and tuxedos are the epitome of male elegance, and Manzetti takes the shudder out of both!

Whether with bow tie or straight tie, cummerbund or suspenders—there are few other ways to impress the crowds than with a formal tux-like suit or full-fledged tuxedo!

For spring/summer 2011, Manzetti has just launched a chic line of formal menswear that will guarantee you look your stunning best, no matter what the formal occasion.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Manzetti.

“Functional Beauty” with Kiryuyrik

After Japanese designer Masakatsu Takayanagi graduated from Bunka Fashion College, he worked for Yohji Yamamoto as a patternmaker.

Just seven years later, in 2002, Masakatstu launched Kiryuyrik in conjunction with Yuki Taniyama, who, in turn, is a graduate from Kyoto Seika University and Bunka Fashion College. She also worked for Yohji Yamamoto as a press agent.

Kiryuyrik’s concept can be summed up in two words: functional beauty.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos 2011 spring/summer collection Copyright Kiryuyrik.

January 29, 2011

Barboni di Lusso—Luxury Bumbs from Italy!

According to a Latin motto, to be a street person is a choice—and such a choice is the mission of Barboni di Lusso.

Barboni di Lusso, literally “Street People of Luxury,” is the brand for the man who distinguishes himself by being one of a kind—unique.

The Barboni di Lusso kind-of-guy is not afraid to subject himself to prejudice, taking on a life of freedom outside every sort of slavery imposed by the dicats of fashion.

Barboni di Lusso is the brainchild of Paolo Atti, who at a university conference on marketing showed up in a white t-shirt with the words “street people of luxury,” which were written with a brush.

The attention that was attracted by that simple tee led Paolo to launch his brand “Barboni di Lusso.”

Now, Barboni di Lusso offers a “total look” with shirts, plants, and accessories but always in the style of the street bumb!

For spring/summer 2011, Barboni di Lusso offers a choice of life: a luxury that stems from an expressive character definted by sporty posh!

See the 2011 spring/summer collection here.

Photos Copyright Barboni di Lusso, Courstesy S2B.

January 28, 2011

Natural Selection Spring/Summer 2011

Groundbreaking British men’s denim brand Natural Selection invites you to visit them, behind the scenes on their latest campaign and look book shoot for Spring Summer 2011.

Having spent weeks scouting for the ideal location, the team went north, to find an immense timber yard in Yorkshire, with its endless trails of reclaimed timber from old schools, railways and churches. Machell’s timber yard was a memory for the Natural Selection team from childhood.

Revealing once more Natural Selection’s obsession with the heritage of denim and it’s industrial past, the new campaign stays true to their principals and in this behind the scenes preview, offers their growing fans a hint of new washes, ‘Pirate’& ‘Wave’ to come from Spring Summer 11.

About Natural Selection
Established in 2009…Natural Selection Denim draws inspiration from the spirit of competition and evolutionary progress. It is this essence of constant improvement that drives who we are, what we do and how we do it. We salute the denim pioneers before us and we respect the creators that surround us today.

See a few more shots here or go to the website.

Photos & text Copyright Natural Selection, Courtesy Starworks.

Creative Recreation Boots

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you have probably been slammed by several blizzards or hurricanes, and the winter is not nearly over yet!

If you need water resistant boots to help you hike through the rain, sleet, ice, and snow—consider Creative Recreation boots!

Satoro is you water resistant boot for deeper puddles or greater snow accumulation.
Dio Mid is the basic grey or black boot for the milder climatic days.

Definitely check out the website for many more models and collections, ranging from casual to formal.

Creative Recreation was founded by Robert Nand and Rich Cofinco in 2001 out of a desire to shoes that would make them proud.

See a few more models here or check out the Creative Recreation website.

Photos Copyright Creative Recreation.

Happy Socks are for Everyone…Everywhere

On a cloudy day in April back in 2008, an idea was born in Sweden to bring happiness to the world through socks!

Now, the innovators are doing just that, bring people Happy Socks in 40 countries.

Manufactured in Turkey with Cashmere, merino, and Hemp, the socks are churned out in contrasting colors, patterns, dots, and strips.

Whether on Wall Street or your street, you can be happy with Happy Socks!
See more socks here or go to their website!

Photos Copyright Happy Socks, Courtesy of Sane Communications.

YMC Spring/Summer 2011

You Must Create present a Spring Summer 11 collection inspired by nostalgic memories of the great outdoors …

The Spring Summer 11 collection from YMC has an innocent and charming naivety evoking a nostalgic feel of lazy hot and hazy summer days gone by. Inspiration is taken from outdoor pursuits such as camping and hiking (think Mike Leigh’s 'Nuts in May), and the outfits worn by youngsters from the city adapting to country life as WWII evacuees.

A warm earthy palette of muted, khaki greens, burnt orange, and mustard yellow is set against mid brown, navy and camel, evoking a Seventies feel. Block color pieces are teamed with an eclectic mix of patterns to keep the collection looking modern—from bold nautical stripes on jumpers, a tiny Japanese fish eye, simple indigo floral, fairisle patterns on knits, and Navajo prints. A standout oriental Hawaiian print in vivid orange is undeniably fun, and adorns a men’s short sleeve shirt or a flirty ladies playsuit.

This is a summer collection with a truly British heritage feel, and as such focuses on lightweight shapes designed for layering. Men’s mountain parkas are light yet durable, lapelled work jackets in heavy cotton or dark denim are robust, yet both look great worn with plain basic tees and tank tops, and teamed with shorts or chinos. For girls, sweet summer dresses are toughened up when worn under lace -up front kagoules, and shawl collared waxed cotton duffle coats. Team with classic ankle socks and 40s style leather sandals or punched highland brogues.

Fabrics are tactile and meant for layering—imagine whimsical days spent in summer meadows. Natural fabrics are key—pigment dyed selvedge twill, soft basic cottons and poplins, and cotton linen knits, mix with beautiful silks, leather patch detailing, and selvedge chambray.
Warm touches are added with indigo fleece back jersey and chunky fairisle knits, perfect for cool summer evenings.

YMC collaborate once more with iconic outerwear label Gloverall to produce an exclusive Spring Summer 11 jacket—a simple waxed fisherman’s coat, featuring the characteristic Gloverall duffle fastenings in rope and wood, and a YMC design twist on a rounded collar. Available in three color ways from the palette of the summer collection—navy, brown, or classic fisherman yellow.

Photos & text Copyright YMC, Courtesy the Mantic.

January 27, 2011

Happy 10th Kilian Kerner at Meredes-Benz Berlin!

This year Kilian Kerner celebrates his 10th collection—a small milestone for a great talent!

At the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Kilian showed for the sixth consecutive time with an emotional 2011 autumn/winter collection.

Retro in feel yet mod in look, the collection leans somewhat futuristic. Colors are limited but in number only and not in intensity!

Congratulations Kilian—you have become a pillar in German men’s fashion!

See more images on the runway here.

Sexy in the Summer—Ryan Lewis in Timoteo

Photographer Allen Zaki shoots US model, Ryan Lewis, at Santa Monica Beach for a foretaste of what Timoteo is bringing us this summer!

He jogs, rides a bike, performs on rings, does a few pull-ups, and spikes a mean volleyball.

Oh, yeah! He’s an amazingly sexy model too…or is it it what he’s wearing?!

I definitely need to hang out on the beach this summer in some of Timoteo’s sportswear!

Check out more sexy shots here.

Photos Copyright Timoteo.

Sasha Marini Models in Athens

Italian model Sasha Marini just sent me his most recent photo shoot, which took place in Athens by photographer Errikos Andreou and stylist Al Giga.

Sexy, sensual, and always with a touch of bondage, Sasha Marini is true to himself, his looks, and his labels!

Sasha sports several brandnames, including John Galliano, Balmain, Hugo Boss, Ann Demeulemeester, Givenchy, and Dior Homme.

While the majority of shots were published in Paris’ magazine Pref, Sasha reserved a few for us.

See more sexy shots of Sasha here.

January 26, 2011

Men’s Trends F/W 2011-12 Peclers | CIFF

Season Themes Men’s: Peclers has put together a trend presentation for the CIFF, which takes place in February 3-6, 2011. Four distinct trend lines are on display, each has substantive material, both visual and descriptive. Themes for both the men’s and women’s forecast are: Gold Medallist, Eco-Optimistic, World Remix, and Far-Off Lands. The report is a good overview to get retailers in the mood of the Fall/Winter 2011-12 season. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Peclers, and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF).

Gold Medallist
Re-infuses meaning to standard references...

Classicism becomes a compelling force and provides an opportunity to innovate. Because it is bold, majestic and charismatic. . . classicism is ideally up-to-date. It offers benchmarks for building, recomposing, and boldly reviving self-confidence and true elegance, those that are based on know-how, knowledge, and experience. A focus on classics with a radically contemporary and modern translation, allowing for offbeat and eccentric variations.

Hunting, horse riding, college and British traditions inspire our search for new key standards.

Eco-optimistic refocuses on an active and empathetic utopia, on co-production, on simple, sustainable and appealing solutions.

Make way for the community spirit, collective action, and creative collaborations, for a dynamic and solidarity-based utopia that will rebuild social ties and turn passive consumers into imaginative co-producers. This new generation of pragmatic altruism believes in the energizing power of enthusiasm, seeks simple, sustainable, alternative, local, fair and appealing solutions that aren't swamped in artificial lecturing and ideology. Basic, human and atypical solutions that are made for all those who have accepted the constraints of the modern world but take it with a dose of humor and hedonism.

With Eco-optimistic, we reinvent daily life by using color in a pragmatic and simple way. It offers a new aesthetic for an easy and casual wardrobe, for those who balance environmental responsibilities with playfulness.

World Remix
World Remix relates to current attitudes towards nomadology and mixing: it is a rich and modern story of human transmission and endurance.

Between yesterday's pioneer and today's migrant, population movements and cultural interactions have never ceased to intensify and accelerate. Globalization has helped us realize the tremendous diversity and riches of this "world culture" that merges with notions of a positive and sustainable future. Like a long human saga of transmission, wanderlust and endurance, "Nomadology" and "Hybrid-age" are re-infused with meaning and essence.

In World Remix, we integrate all world cultures and rediscover the pioneer workwear for sustainable functionality.

Far-off Lands
Far-off lands creates an essential imaginary parenthesis: a strange world of chimerical softness and galactic surges, where we are suspended between the year 1000 and an uncertain future.

Once upon a time, living the natural life of frugal simplicity and unassuming beauty, a return to the source of neo-Shaker or Pre-Raphaelite neo-romanticism, of a symbiosis with flora and fauna. This enchanted "green" dream of softness and freshness inspires urbanites tired of the Fast track and Junk life. We want to infuse, in our lives, some utopia, ecological adventure and rethink our relationship to nature in an exploding, muffled, timeless world, a precursor of things to come. This is the prelude to a new movement.

To be in harmony with one's surroundings is essential. Nature inspires our way of life and adds poetry and softness to the wardrobe.

Report courtesy of: Peclers Paris and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF). View the Peclers Paris Men's Report in its entirety.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.

“Go Wild in the Country” with Rene Gurskov

The darker side of Laura Ingalls as a boy.

Traditional Amish handicraft meets urban trash.
Where snakes are absolutely free!

The wild little girl of west translated into a modern boy.

The contrast of well behaving and going crazy.

Pretty traditional clothing trashed by a fight in the mud.

Mama’s homemade coat of many colours.

Dad’s handyman belt as a skirt.

Gender bending the beautiful countryside.

The songs of bow wow wow.

The “go wild” collection explorers the contrasts of yesterdays living and modern Buzz.

Is the countryside still alive and creating?

The collection has a puffed cozy side and a harder trashed urban side.

In the right mix – this country boy looks both cool and cute.

Check out the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Rene Gurskov.

January 25, 2011

The “Uncle Sam” Collection by Asger Juel Larsen

The autumn/winter 2011 collection tells the story of blended cultures and living in unpredictable times.

The collection focuses on elements of the dress and culture of North America in the 1860’s, in the period of civil war—reflected in the name of the collection: “Uncle Sam.”

The collection is dark, grey and dusty and exemplifies his idea of Gothic America.

Have a peek at a few more shots here.

Photos by Ellis Scott & text Copyright Asger Juel Larsen.

Wink, “Your Little Secret,” Now Available for Men!

Wink, the secret slimming shapewear women have been using for strong and durable compression on their garments, is now available for men.

Providing a smooth and even compression, Wink’s Men’s Shapewear, created of patented fabrics, are anti-microbial; engineered to provide the perfect balance of power and stretch in all directions with unprecedented slimming power and wearing comfort; promotes blood flow and helps boost energy levels up 20 22% in males; improves lymphatic drainage; and keeps you cool and dry all day.

With a background in medical products and a degree in marketing, mother of 3, Alicia Shaffer was inspired to create Wink in 2009 to help woman and men everywhere always feel and look fabulous. And, since Wink is so seamless, smooth, and sensual—no one will ever know she OR he is wearing it! Wink—their little secret.

Photos & text Copyright Wink.

Shopping in Amsterdam? Visit the OntFront Store!

Dutch menswear label OntFront opens their first brand store in Amsterdam at Haarlemmerdijk 121.

OntFront is contemporary designer brand for men, founded by the passionate entrepreneurs Tomas Overtoom and Liza Koifman. They’ve been creating collections since 2007 for the style conscious man with a rebellious touch—the bad boy and the gentleman. After fashion shows in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Shanghai and several pop up stores, the time has come for the official opening of the first OntFront brand store.

The interior of the store reflects the character of OntFront perfectly: smart with a rugged twist. Espresso brown walls give a warm yet manly feel. The golden clothing racks (designed by architect ADA design) float above the collections as crowns of kings.

At the entrance, a large picture of a Zazou is portrayed: a dandy rebel from Paris in 1944. The Zazous were an infamous subculture during the Second World War. These youngsters showed their identity and vision on life through clothing and slick hairdos. It was the time of bebop and swing jazz. The Zazou represents everything that OntFront stands for: style, music, originality, vision and creativity.

Next to the collections of OntFront, accessories, shoes and perfume are being sold from labels like Spyker, United Nude, Van Well, Filling Pieces, Gourmet, Fromanteel, Von Eusersdorff and Pasotti Ombrelli. You can also find a classic bebop hat, tie, or bow tie. All must-haves to go through life as a modern Zazou.

See more shots of the store here.

Photos & text Copyright OntFront.

January 24, 2011

Hypnotized byt Hypnosis with Agnese Narnicka

Agnese Narnicka is a Latvian designer that is paving the way for a new generation in the fashion industry.

Agnese received a M.A. from the Latvian Art Academy, where she continues to lecture.

The distinctive quality of Agnese Narnicka is her mix of originalty, uniqueness, and wearability—all in one design.

Her label is Hypnosis, also known as Hypnosis Fashion, which has won multiple fashion awards.

Agnese Narnicka exhibited her 2011-12 autumn/winter collection at the most recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Check out some more designs here.

Photo Copyright Agnese Narnicka.

Lucian Broscotean at Mercedes Fashion Week, Berlin

Lucian Broscatean is a young Romanian designer that just exhibited his 2011-12 autumn/winter collection at the most recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Lucian was born 1965 in Sibiu, which is a cultural center in Romania with an amazingly picturesque skyline.

Historically, the city was the center of Transylvania Saxons—Germans who began settling the area already in the 12th century.

Lucian holds a Master’s degree from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca.

Have a peek at a select few menswear designs here.

Vladimir Karaleev—Overcoming the Odds!

Although Vladimir Karaleev was born 1981 in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the age of 19 he decided to uproot himself and move to Berlin to study fashion at the University of Applied Sciences.

In 2005, Vladimir, launched his own fashion label with a debut collection entitled Cut 210.

His designs are heavily influenced by contemporary art as he experiments with shapes and cuts that, in turn, are influenced by geometric structures.

What is extraordinary about Vladimir is that he is color blind but he has surmounted the odds drawing strength from the colors taht he can see.

What an inspiration for all of us today!

Have a peek here at a select few images from his 2011 autumn/winter collection, which he exhibited at the most recent Merceds Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Wooyoungmi Fall/Winter 2011-12

This season, Wooyoungmi presents a FW collection that melds luxury and practicality in a subtle yet convincing way.

In overt contrast to a richness of fabrication, elements of outdoor endurance and utility are introduced.

Drawstrings, waterproof zips and elasticated cuffs appear on heavy wool coats, softly tailored trousers and urbane jackets, whilst waterproof trousers are worn elegantly.

Avoiding classic combinations, suiting is layered with drawstring collars, hoods, quilted shells and wind-blockers.

Knitwear is textured and its movement, a nod to that found in nature, is emphasized with a double yarn two-tone effect.

With couture sequins sitting effortlessly amongst over-sized outerwear and rubberized boots, style and function are an effortless pair.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Wooyoungmi, Courtesy Starworks.

January 23, 2011

“Kids in America” according to Freeman T. Porter

Freeman T. Porter—the French streetwear label that regards daily spring/summer 2011.

The theme is “Kids in America” and points to military trends and collegiate life—all with a utilitarian flair!

Founded 1993 in Munich as a tribute to American soldiers, Freeman T. Porter wants to be your biggest ally next winter, whether on the battlefield of daily life or at school!

What I like about the collection is how Freeman T. Porter throws a sexy French spin on the American preppy look.

Rugged jeans are stylized to European tastes by French tailoring.

If you are looking for the American college boy coolness or military roughness, hit the streets like a Kid in America.
See the whole collection here.

Photos Copyright Freeman T. Porter.

January 22, 2011

Sjaak Hullekes : History and Philosophy of the Designer

In his collections Sjaak Hullekes plays with the fragility of the male, his behaviors and modern times. How to escape from daily cares, and create your own, romanticized, life. What is it that makes a man feel good about what he is wearing? For Sjaak Hullekes it means focusing on what is important, what is efficient, well made and what at the same time has a refined sense of style. The label brings you, every season, wearable clothing to be worn by a contemporary man; a modern dandy...

Men’s wear designer Sjaak Hullekes was born in the small town Zierikzee, The Netherlands, on the 8th of October 1981. He grew up there and went on to Arnhem to study fashion design at the ArtEZ institute for Arts and Design. He graduated in 2005 during the first Arnhem Fashion Biennale, from an academy widely known for earlier graduates like Alexander van Slobbe, Lucas Ossendrijver (Lanvin) and Viktor & Rolf.

After his graduation he founded his company ‘Arnheim Fashion’ together with his life partner and ex-classmate Sebastiaan Kramer (1985). Since January 2006 they both free-lanced for several (fashion) companies to get started in the fashion industry. Since then they have been working for Alexander van Slobbe, Christophe Molet, Tommy Hilfiger, Elle pret-a-porter, State-of-art and many more companies.

One year after they founded Arnheim Fashion together (January 2007), they introduced their men’s wear label ‘Sjaak Hullekes’ during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Sjaak Hullekes as being the creative director and designer, Sebastiaan Kramer as being the label’s managing director.

During the Milan and Paris men’s fashion week, June 2008, they introduced the Sjaak Hullekes brand to the international market at the White Homme and Rendez-vous Homme showrooms, which they continued during the next fashion week. Since last season on Sjaak Hullekes is represented during the Paris fashion week at Tranoi Homme.

November 2009, Sjaak won the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Award 2009. An International jury consisting important people from the fashion industry thought of Sjaak Hullekes being the best Dutch designer to take part of the international fashion industry.

The Sjaak Hullekes collections are mainly made at appreciated manufacturers in Belgium and the Netherlands, to guarantee precise knowledge and workmanship to the customer.

Check out the look book here.

Photo & text Copyright Sjaak Hullekes, Courtesy Pressing Online.

Sjaak Hullekes Autumn/Winter 2011-2012

A first trip to a city which is unknown to you will bring you, as a visitor, new inspiration. You are able to see specific things which a local does not see anymore. A bright and naive look at the metropolis will reveal the city in its purest way of being as you have never seen before. The allies all locals are familiar with since they live in the city; the birds sitting in front of many windows; the blades of grass in-between the old paving stones or many other things can be seen as annoying or worse to the locals, but those things will be new and fresh to you and makes you feel like a newborn child again.

Hullekes always tries to remember the beauty of every detail in daily life; he gained the ability of looking with a kind of naiveté as if something new and unseen occurs. Hullekes strongly believes in details, admiring the small things in life brings him the passion of living in today’s world. This love for details is always an element in his designs.

Sjaak Hullekes clothing will never shout down the inner you, it is for carrying out who you are and will never overshadow your own character. It will slightly underline the characteristic details of you. Wearers of Sjaak Hullekes appreciate the significant value of details in their lives, as it does to Hullekes, but also in fashion and their surroundings.

Hullekes latest Autumn/Winter collection is focused on this feeling more than ever. This collection will show that beauty is not the equivalent of new. Hullekes will show you the beauty within all you already knew. The collection stands for the right combination in detailing, fabrics, colors and craftsmanship. It visualizes finishing’s on the outside which are expected to be on the inside.

Facing the beauty of the inside which is as beautiful as the outside. This makes all detailing only known by its wearer, visible every time he dresses himself. Natural colors as brown, off-white, blue, camel, pale-blue, grey and green are used to underline the importance of nature in life. Nature always has been part of our world, long before caring about fashion. Nature is all about detailing; it is the essential of all the visible on Earth. This is why Hullekes has chosen the nature as his inspiration for the latest collection color pallet.

Mainly using fabrics of high quality wools and cottons Hullekes shows the importance of basics in life. He enjoys the many ways these two materials can be produced and used. The differences in weaving, knitting and coloring distinguish fabrics, even consisting of the same fibers. Sjaak Hullekes believes this is what life and especially the Autumn/Winter of 2011 is all about, the small differences which make a person unique.

The latest Sjaak Hullekes collection is one consisting of all essentials of a man’s wardrobe. A broad variation of shirts, blazers, jackets, coats, polo’s, cardigans and trousers makes this collection one to be suitable for many men. Men who are passionate about the fine and fluent nuances in our modern society.

See the collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Sjaak Hullekes, Courtesy Pressing Online.

January 21, 2011

Oiler & Boiler Launches in the UK for Valentine’s Day

Stylish men’s underwear brand, Oiler & Boiler, has hit the high street just in time for Valentine’s.
Inspired by the preppy vibe of the Hamptons, Oiler & Boiler provides a stylish choice of underwear for the discerning man about town.

Capturing the essence of a Long Island summer holiday and available in preppy and quirky prints or simple block colour ways, these are an ideal gift for the man in your life this Valentines Day.

All Men’s Fashion by Francesco readers are entitled to a 10% discount up to February 11, 2011, by inserting the code VAL11 at Rockundies.

Choose your models here.

Photos & text Copyright Oiler & Boiler, Courtesy Huntworth.

Luis & Juke Launches in Time for Valentine’s Day

New and exciting underwear brand, Luis & Juke, has hit the high street just in time for Valentine’s Day; so, why not treat the man in your life to some super-stylish new undies?

Driven by the energetic sounds and styles of the fifties, Luis & Juke is on a mission to bring retro to a new young audience.

Boasting fun, flirty and brightly coloured prints, all at an affordable price tag starting at just £13!

All Men’s Fashion by Francesco readers are entitled to a 10% discount up to February 11, 2011, by inserting the code VAL11 at Rockundies.

Choose your models here.

Photos & text Copyright Luis & Juke, Courtesy Huntworth.

Australian Flood Relief by aussieBum!

Help Australia heal with a sexy pair of aussieBum underwear! ‏

This 26th January, join aussieBum to celebrate Australia Day & help the thousands of Australians affected by the terrible floods earlier this month!

After the severe floods that swept Eastern Australia earlier this month, thousands of Australian families were evacuated and 41 areas of Queensland were declared natural disaster zones as rising waters blighted communities and cut off towns in the state.

Joining the wave of fundraising initiatives to help recovery efforts, the team @ Australia’s men swimwear & underwear brand aussieBum pulled up their sleeves and got to work in an effort to help their fellow Australians, by doing what they do best: SEXY MEN UNDERWEAR!

AussieBum has released a new fun & colorful underwear range “QLD Flood Relief “, now on sale on its website. 100% of the money raised by the sale of this exclusive range will go to Aussies affected by the floods.

Australia’s famous Marathon Man, 3-time gold winning paralympian, Kurt Fearnley has teamed up with aussieBum in order to further raise awareness on this project and help those that need it the most.

Kurt comments: “In time of great need, us Aussies pull together! So I’ve got together with my mates from aussieBum to ask what we can do for those affected by the floods, Let’s help Australia heal!”

Click here to watch and download Kurt’s message.

So buy a special pair of QLD Flood Relief Undies on aussieBum today and help us help Australia heal!

Not to mention, these undies are promised to make you or your man as sexy as ever.

(Product Name: QLD Flood Relief Underwear, Available in yellow & Ice Blue, Brief & Hipster)

Check out the sexy models here.

Photos & text Copyright aussieBum.

January 20, 2011

“Happy!” by Desigual

Pure Optimism for Autumn/Winter 2011-12

“Happy,” the new Desigual collection for this winter was conceived to respond to a series of challenges: To infect people with positivity, to provide added energy from each and every one of its seams, to convey warmth with its feel and inflame the senses with the mere contemplation of its myriad details.

Optimistic and inviting, “Happy” was conceived with a palette built around a set of colors designed to stimulate a warm feeling of wellbeing. A range of velvety hues (pinks, violets, greens and blues) are displayed in the most intense of tones.

About Desigual
Desigual began its life under the leitmotif ‘Desigual is not the same” back in 1984. The leading light was its 20-year-old Swiss founder and creative director, Thomas Meyer.

Today the company, jointly led by Manel Adell and Thomas Meyer, is present in 70 countries and has a staff of 1700 people of 25 different nationalities. It has 150 brand stores, 5,800 multi-brand clients and is present in 500 shop in shops or corners in leading department stores.

Desigual Winter: Pea Coat
Desigual introduce the perfect pea coat to keep you warm this winter. With a detachable puffa gilet inside, the patchwork pea coat combines Desigual’s fun attitude with winter warmers to create the ultimate cosy statement piece of the end of the season.

Photo & text Copyright Desigual, Courtesy Surgery Pr.

Luis & Juke—Combining Music & Fashion…

…for a New Generation of Underwear Buyers

Driven by the energetic sounds and styles of the fifties, Luis & Juke is a new men’s underwear brand on a mission to bring retro to a new young audience.

Merging fashion and music the label is perfect for the style conscious everywhere.

Taking its name from Louis Jordan, the American jazz and blues singer who was known as ‘King of the Jukebox’, the hand-drawn prints and bold plain colour ways capture a spirit of adventure and fun that the designers felt had been lacking in the underwear market for too long.

Check out some more sexy shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Luis & Juke, Courtesy Huntsworth.

Oiler & Boiler: Breathing Fresh Air into the Swim and Underwear Market

Launching in the UK for spring 2011, Oiler & Boiler underwear and swimwear combines artistic and original hand drawn prints with simple but stylish plain colour ways.

The collection is set to become a must-have in every style conscious man’s wardrobe next year.

Heavily inspired by the preppy, classic look of the Hamptons, Oiler & Boiler captures the essence of Long Island style, providing stylish swimwear and underwear, all with a fantastically refreshing, affordable price tag.

Oiler & Boiler is a brand on a mission to turn everyday essentials into colourful design pieces great prices.

Have a peek at a few more sexy photos here.

Photos & text Copyright Oiler & Boiler, Courtesy Huntsworth.

January 19, 2011

Be My Aussie-tine…I Mean Valentine!

Make Valentine’s 2011 your biggest one ever with this special aussieBum selection, 100% guaranteed to nail you that perfect Valentine’s date you’ve been waiting for!

The team @ aussieBum has made a selection of their favorite Valentine’s gift ideas for you, each of them suited to match your personality whether you’re a bit of a show off, or a more laid back person... So let’s get started! First of all: what type of Valentine are you?

A Stand-out-from-the-Crowd Valentine, like our model Matt, on the pic?
Then, slap on a pair of the WJ Pro, aussieBum’s hottest range of underwear, and get the ultimate upgrade.100% guaranteed to make you look bigger and sweep that special someone off their feet on the big day.

A Cheeky Valentine?
Try these special aussieBum Valentine’s underwear! These are guaranteed to put a smile on his/her face AND they will be at a very special price, as aussieBum’s starts its new Special Sale this week on aussieBum.

A Classic Valentine?
You would rather be caught dead than standing in line to get into one of those busy, trendy dinner places?

If you’re idea of the perfect Valentine’s evening is to relax in front of the TV, then our Classic underwear range is for you. 14 different bright colours to choose from. Simple design. No fuss, no muss.

A Sporty Valentine?
Sweat. It. Off. That’s the only thing you believe in. And what if that hot date was just waiting for you at the gym after all?

Photos & text Copyright aussieBum.

Wrangler Spring Summer 2011: Retro Graphic T-shirts

For spring /summer 2011, Wrangler introduces a range of retro graphic t-shirts using archive campaign imagery.

Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s infamous “On the Road”, the spring/summer collection takes you to a journey through America and Wrangler’s colorful history with these retro print T-shirts.

Reflecting on the brand’s True American spirit, and its roots in Rodeo; these T - shirts are perfect for the all Americana look.

About Wrangler
We all may know of the name Wrangler, but do we know this much?

A wrangler in North America normally refers to someone who herds or handles animals.

The word wrangler seems to come from the Low German “wrangeln,” which means ‘to wrestle’. For this reason, the term has also been applied to people who debate.

As for jeans, well, Wrangler dates back to the 1890’s when a 20-year-old man from Tennessee by the name of C.C. Hudson left his state in search for work.

After the closure of the textile factory in which he worked, C.C. Hudson launched an overall-manufacturing company right about the beginning of the 20th century.

By 1943, the name of Hudson’s company became Wrangler, which produced good ole’ fashioned western jeans!

From that point onward, the history of Wrangler has been a bronco-busting, rodeo-riding journey that has lassoed nearly the world!

Check out the tees here.

Photos Copyright Wrangler, Courtesy Surgery PR.

January 18, 2011

Miami Fashion Week: An Exclusive Interview with Nicolas Felizola

One of the designers whose collections will be strutting down the the runway at the up-and-coming Miami Fashion Week (March 3-6) is formal wear designer, Nicolas Felizola.

In anticipation of the event, I had the wonderful privilege of an exclusive interview with the Venezuelan designer:

Tell me, Nicolas, where are you from exactly?
I was born and raised in Valle De la Pascua, Venezuela, a little town filled with love and the most beautiful atmosphere.

And where do you live now?
I currently live on a plane, travelling all over the world as work. I take inspiration from all the places I visit, and I also travel a lot due to the demand for my work. However, two places I would call home are Miami and New York.

(Still chuckling) When did you begin designing?
About six years ago, a Mexican celebrity asked me to find her a unique piece for a red carpet event. I couldn’t find her anything that I thought would be perfect, so I decided to create something myself. Several fashion magazines named her as best dressed for the evening, and that’s when I realized that designing was something that came naturally to me as a form of artistic expression.

What guides your sense of design?
I have been a fashion photographer for as long as I can remember. I would always select the pieces and use them in such a way as to represent and mark my own sense of style.

How would you sum up the particular “look” or “style”?
My stile is purely simple; I like lines, cuts, and wonderful fabrics…

How do you estimate the present state of men and menswear?
Men have become more and more conscious about fashion in recent years. They are looking for quality and style because they have become more aware of the importance of their own image.

How about the menswear scène in Venezuela?
I left Venezuela sixteen years ago and, unfortunately, have not returned often. Women from Venezuela, however, come to Miami regularly to get their most important gowns, in particular wedding dresses, designed by me. Men also come often to get fitted for suits from the Felizola Uomo Collection.

Will you continue to design high-end formal wear?
I am creating a more affordable line that will attract attention towards anyone who wears it.

Have a peek here at what is coming to Miami this season!

Photos Copyright Nicolas Felizola.

January 17, 2011

Marcin Podsiadlo’s “Urbanist Culture”

It is exciting to come across rising talent like Polish designer Marci Podsiadlo.

Born 1989 in Poland, Marcin studied at the University for the Creative Arts and now resides in London.

Drawing inspiration from urban spaces and hip-hop culture, Marcin’s designs are loose, oversized, and multilayered. Colors span shades from while to black, including grey.

Skillfully combing symmetry with asymmetry, Marcin creates a sportive, masculine silhouette consisting of kurta pants, leggings, and sweat suits.

Emphasizing wearability and functionality, Marcin offers men a new kind of creativity for the “urbanist” type of man.

His latest collection, 2011 spring/summer, was presented at Polish Fashion Week.
Check out the whole collection here.

Photos by Sebastian Szwajczak, Copyright Marcin Podsiadlo.