February 28, 2011

Scabal Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

Brighter Colors Are Back
“Last summer, the British was back and it looks like they’re here to stay for a while” muses Olivier Vander Slock, Sales & Product Director at Scabal, on the styles we will see in 2011.

“But although the British style is classic, traditional, rather formal, our collections radiate summer colours and freshness.”

The slim look stays with us, with short jackets and unpleated trousers.

“The slim look will be nicely presented again this year by the false three-button jacket,” affirms Olivier.

“The wearer has three buttons but displays only two, thanks to the rolling lapel that covers the top button and gives a firm line down towards the waist—accentuating the slim, elegant look.”

Have a look at more photos here.
Photo Copyright Scabal.

Scabal: Not Just Fine Fabrics

Founded 1938 in Brussels by Otto Hertz, Scabal was originally a cloth merchant and supplier of fabrics. His successor is JP Thissen, Chairman Scabal Group, who is assisted by his son Gregor Thissen (CEO Scabal Group), the third generation.

In 1938, Scabal had just 6 employees; today Scabal employs approximately 600 staff worldwide. Over the years, Scabal has evolved from a simple supplier of fabrics into a supplier of top quality fabrics to the most prestigious tailors and textile businesses around the world.

It has also become a designer and manufacturer of the finest ready-to-wear menswear and personalized made-to-measure clothing, allowing their customers to perfect the art of self-expression through their clothing.

Scabal pioneered the made-to-measure concept some 25 years ago and is still one of the leading companies in personalized made-to-measure garments. It has also remained true to its roots and is one of the most innovative developers of new fabrics, creating new fabric qualities year after year, such as Gold Treasure, Diamond Chip, Temptation, Lapis Lazuli, Summit, Private Line. In this regard, Scabal is constantly engaged in research for ever finer and more luxurious fibers and fabric qualities.

In 1996, Scabal launched an accessory line, an exclusive range of items including shirts, ties, knitwear and belts so that its customers can look a 'Gentleman' from head to toe.

The accessories are made in Italy by the best craftsmen and, like the fabrics, are produced using materials of the finest quality.

Scabal never ceases in its quest to refine its products further and to offer top-level quality and service!

Photo Copyright Scabal.

Orlebar Brown Spring/Summer 2011 Sneak Preview

Orlebar Brown has just released a new video clip, which promotes the spring/summer collection.
The label has also launched a new home pattern called “Geometrics” and coming in is available in Bulldog, the classic beach short in black and white, and Dane, the longer board short in red.

Check out more shorts here.

Photos Copyright Orlebar Brown.

Bring on the Noise Spring/Summer 2011

Inheriting the 70`s punk spirit, the Art Punk Movement “No Wave” started in the New York underground scene.

The collection “Bring on the Noise” carries the chaotic scene that No Wave has created.

We would like you check out the design work of the cutting and the pleats, to the waterproof material, transactional geranium, cross-stitched material, all the way to the original material and the Vintage Scurf.


James Chance
One of the greatest punk scene designers from the late 70`s to the 80`s. Sublimating the sound of James Brown, he has influenced the music scene. Truly the legend and the man of the No Wave New York underground scene.

“Libertas” in Latin means freedom and liberty. Just like the name, this design has no rules and no laws. Only freedom for you.

We want the people to say "This is the one!.” Searching around the world for the right material... Collaborating with the old and the new... All handmade. We give you "The One": RT.

See more shots here.

Photos & text spring/summer 2011 collection, Copyright Bring on the Noise.

February 27, 2011

Straps for Jockeys: Bone Wear Jockstraps

Otherwise known as supporters, athletic supports, jocks, and straps, jockstraps were invented by a Chicago sports company in 1874 for bicycle jockeys who needed such support.

While many athletes choose jockstraps for support and free movement, jockstraps have become increasingly popular as regular underwear.

South African brand Bone Wear, which specializes in gym wear, sleepwear, and swimwear, has just released a long-awaited jockstrap coming in white, black, and bijou black.
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Photos Copyright Bonewear.

February 26, 2011

Rick Owens' Anthem Men’s Collection Spring/Summer 2011

When Rick Owens designed his Anthem Men’s Collction for spring/summer 2011, he was thinking of austerity and severity.

He envisions uniforms and functional work apparel that mix the shapes of a slave’s skirt from an Egyptian tomb, combined with a vionnet draped t-shirt and a leather jacket made from an old eileen grey chair.

Rick Owens suggests a commitment to an idealistic higher purpose with the veils, but he admits that he himself does not believe in one—at least not now.

Now, Rick is attracted to the ceremony, the pageantry, and the sacrifice that spiritual devotion implies.

Born 1962 in California, Rick Owens studied Fashion at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Rick Owens.

United Nude Launches Men’s Capsule Collection for Spring/Summer 2011

United Nude, a brand co-founded by architect Rem D. Koolhaas and shoemaker Galahad Clark in 2003, has been well known for pushing the boundaries of shoe design for years. The brand began with the launch of the Mobius shoe and has since developed into a well known architectural footwear brand for women sold in over 40 territories and 400 points of sale across the globe.

As United Nude has grown over the past few years in size and notoriety it became evident that the brand had almost as many male admirers as there were female, despite the fact that up until now the brand did not have any products for men. Listening to the flood of requests from our male followers, United Nude presents its first men’s capsule collection consisting of three key styles:

The Hollow, our protagonist concept launching the United Nude’s men’s collection, combines an elegant classical men’s shoe with a hollowed carbon fiber heel and leather molded outside. The shoe’s heel is prominent, but not exaggerated, and is true in its character to the architectural DNA of the United Nude brand.

The Fold is a key style in United Nude’s woman’s collection. For SS11, the Fold features a new Lo heel height for women and introduces a Men’s Fold as well.

The Universal, like the Fold, is a unisex shoe. The Universal is just that, a shoe that can be worn by men with jean’s or with dress pants and can suit nearly every situation.

About United Nude
United Nude is a brand co-founded by architect Rem D Koolhaas and shoemaker Galahad Clark. Located at the intersection of design and fashion, United Nude creates products with new shapes, new constructions and new materials, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The motto “exclusive by design, not by price” has allowed United Nude rapid growth becoming an international brand with a very distinctive style. In the last year a new chapter began with the opening of flagship stores in Amsterdam, New York and Shanghai and an upcoming flagship store in London!

Rem D. Koolhaas
Creative Director and Founder, Rem is a Dutch architect trained at the Technical University of Delft in Holland.

Galahad Clark
Founder, Galahad is a seventh generation shoemaker from Somerset, England where he learned the family trade.

Check out the shoes here.

Photos & text Copyright United Nude, Courtesy Surgery PR.

JUMA 2011 Autumn/Winter Unisex Collection: Sneak Preview

Brother and sister duo, Alia and Jamil Juma, have traveled to India, Tibet, Thailand, and Shenzhen (China) where they researched wildlife and local tapestry techniques.

Along with these influences, the designer duo incorporates gradients of color—midnight blue, burnt coral, olive, tangerine, nude, and black—to render the collection darker and moody.

Silhouettes and styling are directional as the video reflects the mood.

February 25, 2011

Theatre de la Mode: Olympian

On the 15th July 2010 Theatre de la Mode will premier a film by Camilla Robinson a vision of Olympian Gods and the capricious behavior of humans. Characters are draped in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection from Theatre de la Mode and as the Gods and Goddesses peer dreamily down upon us, the Olympian collection is brought to life in a visual spectacle.

The premier taking place at 203 Brompton Road, is the creative vision of Christopher Kelly. As Creative Director of Theatre de la Mode Christopher is known for innovative presentations of the Theatre de la Mode collections and S/S 11 is no exception.

The film will be projected onto the ceiling, reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel playing on the theme of Gods and Goddesses. Interrupting the grandeur of the Gods are black and white scenes of human destruction on Earth, images of the wrath of Gods in stormy skies and floods are mixed with archive footage of our own attempts at Olympian athletes, circa 1930’s.

Visions of Gods and humans are cut together in a surging finale.

The Olympian collection is the materialized Vision of Camilla Robinson’s film. Inspired by the Olympian deities, the collection is made using draping, silhouettes and quilted textures. Shapes are taken from the draping of the togas but retain a structured control. Prints are inspired by John Stezaker photography collages combined with Chinese porcelain repeats and colour blocks. Combined, this creates a refined collaboration of colour and shapes.
See the whole collection here.

T d l M :: Spring / Summer 2011 :: Olympian from Theatre de la Mode on Vimeo.

Photos & text Copyright Theatre de la Mode.

Snake and Dagger: Experts in Denim

Edgy London-based denim brand Snake and Dagger look to cement their place as innovators in the world of denim.

For autumn/winter 2011 they have pushed the boundaries in applying new wash and finishing techniques to the traditional material of Japanese Selvedge Denim.

One such piece is the beautiful garment dyed grey denim, which has also had the treatment of grey reflective paint which only becomes visible during night time.

The brand maintains it core principals of only selecting Japanese Selvedge Denim from small boutique mills.

With the denim being the start of all the design process and chosen to getter better with wear and age.

Autumn/winter 2011 continues with the theme of mixing the clean with heavily distressed denim. It also heralds the introduction of denim shorts in the Five Pacer fit plus a new fit specifically for Chinos the Fer De Lance.

The three core fits in jeans Rock Viper (Skinny), Five Pacer (Slim straight leg) and Blue Krait (Blue Krait) have been maintained and well received.

Brand History
Snake and Dagger is the brain child of Bayo Lasaki and Roy Westfield. Starting with the core of any contemporary man’s wardrobe, the two embarked on a two year journey of discovery, tracing the route to find the world’s best denim and jeans manufacturers.

Exploring many of the denim-producing countries around the world, the journey led them to Japan. It was here that they were shown the art of denim creation learning and working with masters.

Roy explains, “Spending time at the denim mills and wash houses gave us the ability to appreciate and understand the complexity of denim, you can’t learn that in a classroom”.

Equipped with the knowledge of Japanese denim production, the pair have set about creating a core denim line that represents their influence and style.

The name Snake and Dagger is derived from the historical symbol of a snake coiled around a dagger. An artistic symbol which has managed to transcend throughout time, signifying above all values of strength and honor.

Check out the 2011 autumn/winter collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Snake and Dagger.

February 24, 2011

Christopher Shannon & Lavenham at London Fashion Week, Fall 2011

To those who were unable to get down to London Fashion Week for the Fall 2011 shows here is a Christopher Shannon preview.

Christopher Shannon's collection is full of sporty influenced garments infused with the Lavenham quilt.

As originators of the quilted jacket, Lavenham show once again that they are as fashion forward as the market they serve!

Check out the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Christopher Shannon, Courtesy Sane Communications.

Cassette Playa & Lavenham at London Fashion Week, Fall 2011

Here is a snapshot of the 2011 autumn/winter collection that Cassette Playa presented at London Fashion Week, Fall 2011.

Designer Carrie Mundane added her signature elements of hand-painted, leather biker jackets, digital print placement shirts, and tracksuits.

Quilted bombers and silk jackets by Lavenham graced the collection.

Carrie Mundane is known for her inspirations from the 90’s, African prints, rave, Japanese anime, and animals.

Photo Copyright Cassette Playa, Courtesy Sane Communications.

Oliver Spencer Autumn/Winter 2011

Oliver Spencer presents his debut runway event.

The London-based designer has created an AW11 collection that cuts straight to the heart of the stylish modern man.

Channeling his personal clothing obsessions, Oliver Spencer mixes beautiful English suiting with iconic American sportswear, filtered through a life-long love of just-so fabrics and practical details.

The catwalk show offers a first view of his new tailored line of English-made suits.

The Oliver Spencer AW11 collection is inspired by late-1970s ska music, the full-on confidence of its adherents, and the unmissable authority of their look.

Highlights include the big, belted Greatcoat; a revisionist take on the bomber jacket; quilts; macs; and elegantly offbeat knitwear. Footwear is powerfully masculine: rough, tough shoes and boots in shades of burgundy and peanut, some with brogue details or involving mixtures of leather and suede.

Colors favor the autumnal -red, orange, khaki and the mischievous use of camouflage. Fabrics lean towards naturals, with tweed, Shearling, herringbone wools, knits and pure cotton shirting.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Oliver Spencer.

February 23, 2011

Jaeger London Spring/Summer 2011

Jaeger London’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection marries fine tailoring in a modern silhouette with new-season prints and bold shades. Inspirations include early Alain Delon films, Pop Art and Surrealism.

Elegant slim-line tailoring is cut from a new contemporary suit block. Shirts feature graphic patterns with a hint of Roy Lichtenstein.

The collection is infused with an interesting mix of textures and fabrics, from Aertex knits through to paperweight chino-style suiting.

Trompe-l’oeil effects feature throughout and engineered shirting and suiting see historic patterns grading into one another.

Colour Palette
Midnight, Rose, Porcelain, Cornflower, Smoke, Silver, Tan, Sunburst, Jade, Burgundy, Khaki.

See more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Jaeger London.

Jaeger London Spring/Summer 2011 Accessories

A sharply edited range of pieces designed to complement the modern man’s wardrobe.

Jaeger’s established house-style bags are updated this season in various combinations, such as dark, unwashed denim with glossy leather, or cotton twill in honey with black leather trims and handles.

A new weekend bag shape, a duffle-style and an oversized shopper bag are all introduced to the range for spring. In addition, a new minimalist-look suit carrier comes in navy with zip compartments to house shirt and ties.

This season also sees Jaeger’s debut collection of men’s sunglasses. These are hand-finished and available in a classic gold metal-rimmed frame and a retro-inspired tortoiseshell resin frame.

Drawstring duffle bag in heavy cotton drill and suede with tan leather handles and shoulder strap; available in khaki or midnight blue.

Suit carrier in navy with a leather bottom with zip compartments for shirt and tie.

New sunglasses range featuring two classic frame styles: gold and tortoiseshell. Italian leather belts including bridal leathers, canvas and leather combinations and suede.

Finest leather wallets with coloured leather internals, folio cases and iPad cases.

Grey suede or navy suede belts with white leather trim. Patterned socks in classic dots, vertical stripes and dashes.

Colour Palette
Denim, Honey, Navy, Black, Stone, Khaki, Burgundy, Gold, Papaya.
Have a look here at more photos.
Photos & text Copyright Jaeger London.

SIKI IM Autumn/Winter 2011

Siki Im was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. After completing his Baccalaureate, he was drawn to architecture, and relocated to Great Britain, where he graduated with First Class Honors from the Oxford School of Architecture.

Having worked as an architect in various cities around the world, Siki Im moved to New York City in 2001 where he worked for the progressive architecture firm, Architectonics. Numerous projects later he decided to take a break from architecture, and move onto fashion design.

Siki Im was the Senior Designer for Karl Lagerfeld, and Helmut Lang. After years of designing for fashion houses, he thought that it was a good time to utilize his knowledge, as well as experiences in architecture, furniture, graphics, art, and music, manifesting it all into fabrics and shapes.

Brand Statement
“The work of an intellectual is not to mould the political will of others; it is, through the analyses that he does in his own field, to re-examine evidence and assumptions, to shake up habitual ways of working and thinking, to dissipate conventional familiarities, to re-evaluate rules and institutions and to participate in the formation of a political will (where he has his role as citizen to play).” - Michel Foucault

There are certain statements and sentences of poems that we come across during our younger years while studying, that may leave a deep impression on us, and that may influence our actions at a later moment in our lives, be it in a conscious or unconscious manner.

Siki Im feels this way about the meaning of this above cited anthropological statement of Michel Foucault, which he seems to bring to life in his design process:

Exploring the boundaries of institutional and conventional fashion and craftsmanship, he strives to reevaluate the existing landscape of high-end men’s wear. Hand-tailored blazers are at the core of his collection, surrounded by men’s wear pieces across all categories of tops, bottoms and outerwear.

The brand is indeed an exercise of exploration of traditional tailoring techniques and a “mise en oeuvre” of unique shapes, creating ergonomic volumes and unusual proportions within a sculptural approach.

Siki Im also draws his inspiration from artists like Gordon Matta Clark, Tatiana Trouve and Agnes Martin, to name a few. Their conceptual, visual and tactile influence can be felt in those carefully hand-tailored, artisan suits - employing the highest levels of craftsmanship and using the highest quality fabrics that embody the minimalist and refined aesthetic that will be the signature of the brand.

See the look book here.

Photos & text Copyright SIKI IM, Courtesy Nouveau-PR.

February 22, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Ninh Nguyen

Ninh, it was wonderful to meet you in New York at your installation during fashion week…. Tell me a little about where you are from and where you grew up.…
I was born in Paris and grew up in France for 9 years before I moved to Texas. It was a complete 360: from compact streets, small cars, humid grey weather and Colette to huge roads, vast lands, dry heat and Wal-Mart, respectively.

Where did your sense of style come from?
I acquired my sense of style through my mother, who always dressed me up for school (see photos).

How easy or difficult was it to transfers schools?
It was very frustrating going to school not knowing English, but as a kid it’s easy to catch up on a new language. I still speak fluent French to my parents and brothers, English to friends, and Vietnamese to my family.

I thought your name was Vietnamese… Where do you live now?
I am currently residing in NYC. I moved to the Big Apple just like how everyone moves to New York- to build dreams.

You didn’t always pursue fashion, did you?
I went to the University of Texas at Arlington and received my Bachelors in Biology and minor in Psychology. I initially took the medical route as both my parents are pharmacists. I had no passion in becoming a doctor but loved and was intrigued by the subject of psychology so much that I decided on becoming a social psychologist could be an option.

And then…?
A twist of fate changed these plans and I found myself applying to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Why FIT and not the other fashion schools like Parsons, Otis or FIDM?
Because FIT was the only school in the States to have its own Menswear program. The other schools you would have to take two years of Fashion Design before you could switch over for another two years of Menswear. I had no intention on designing women’s clothes, so FIT was an easy answer.

So, how did you develop this passion for fashion?
Besides my mom structuring my sense of style, I’ve always had a keen eye for fashion. Plus I’ve always helped friends (girls) pick out their clothes or went shopping with them—which more or less says something about one’s influence in style.

Any other influences…?
Also, art runs in the family. My grandfather was an architect, my oldest brother is a photographer, and my other brother does 3D animation for games and movies.

How do your parents feel about all these non-medical careers?
My parents are proud of us, nonetheless, even though none of us followed the "traditional" route of becoming a doctor.

Does anything in particular inspire you as a designer?
To artists, anything can inspire their designs.

How about the collection I viewed in New York two weeks ago?
For this collection, I was greatly inspired by the concept of military units: army boots, aviator jacket, modern navy trench coat, police officer uniforms, etc. Since it is my first collection, I wanted to show people what I could do as a designer. I didn’t want to focus on just one concept, but unified the entire concept of military into one cohesive collection.

The addition of winter gloves (made out of either leather or shearling), zipper knitted neck bands, and the collaboration of amazing jewelry by Cat Varga brought the collection together.

This season we focused greatly on double-breasted jackets as well as woven dress shirts with unique collars, cuffs and plackets.

If you had to rate it?
My first collection, Autumn/Winter ‘11/12, was a success! We had a great team of talented individuals working together and making this show a reality. Hard work pays off, but this is only the beginning. There are many more hills to climb and rocks to overcome before I can reach the peak of the mountain.

Do you hold to any sort of philosophy that is clearly seen in your collections?
My philosophy in creating clothes starts with the right fit, draped by the right fabric, and finished with a touch of art.

How would you define someone’s personal style?
Your personal style is what makes you different and unique from everyone else. It is about what looks good on you and to you, how you combine fabrics while mixing color variations, and how you choose to portray yourself to the world around you.

So would you say clothes make the person?
The clothes make the person—yes. It raises your self-esteem and makes you feel good inside.

And aside from aesthetics…?
…aside from knowing what looks good, you have to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.

How can you define the NINH kind of guy?
As mentioned, the NINH label is for the modest, confident man, the intellectual and cultured, the passionate and open-minded—a modern-day Renaissance man. He is well-groomed and open-minded, has proper etiquette, and respects others—the quintessential gentleman. Late twenties to early forties. Young at heart, yet sophisticated and very mature.

Would this also be your current client base?
The NINH collection attracts a specific client-base, which shows value in the designs as we do not extend to all fashion customers. Our customer is very fashionable but what separates him from the crowd is his sense of style. He knows he will not look like the guy next to him as his style will be unmatched.

Trends die as soon as they become mainstream. Fashion can be bought; style, one must possess. Our focus has always been the little details in the clothes that make the NINH line unique. The constructions to our designs make the NINH man feel supreme.

How do you perceive the fashion scene in New York?
NYC is a great city to be in for fashion. It is such a melting pot of different cultures and walks of life that I could easily get inspired by any random stranger. It’s a pleasant feeling to just sit at a local coffee shop in East Village or SoHo looking at the many diverse street trends walking back and forth…with a sketchbook in my hand and looking meticulously at every detail as if I were an eagle eyeing on a mouse! I love this city!

Future plans?
Any plans in the near future are to travel to London, Tokyo, Seoul, and Milan to acquire as much knowledge on the culture, clothes and fabric as I can, to become a better and more influential designer in the men’s scene.

Congratulations to you Ninh and much success!

Photos Copyright NINH.

Native Son: The Track. The Train. The Traveller.

Inspired by the infinite triptych of past, present, and future.

Specifically looking at the United States, the collection answers the question of what a man may look like if he had to exist in yester, today, and future America.

See the entire 2011 autumn/winter collection here.

Native Son - The Track, The Train, The Traveler (dir. Isaac Rentz) from More Media on Vimeo.

Photos & text Copyright Native Son.

Zen Moments by Szen

There are some special things which manage to belong to us instinctively, especially when they derive from authentic manual skills, which we recognize naturally.

Szen was created to support this spirit through delicate and tenuous collections—a range characterised by soft, warm colours which give the models a “used” flavour.

Merit of the manual technique with which the artisans measure out, after numerous experiments and tests, the intensity and blend of the colour shades to be printed separately on both sides of the garment when it is still just cross stitched, i.e. just stitched on the shoulders.

The different colours on both sides blend partially to create two new, uneven colours.

All of this makes it possible to reverse each top making it unique and perfect for creating combinations beyond any trend or seasonal fashion.

Have a peek at the 2011 spring/summer collection here.

Photos & text Szen.

February 21, 2011

Raun Larose Speaks from the Heart

My inspiration for the collection came from a book I had read titled “Time Traveler” by Dr Ronald Mallet, published in 2007.

I was fascinated by the author’s vision of creating a time machine that could visit both past and future.

After reading the book I formed this character in my mind, the young man who is a risk taker and wants to lead his generation into the future that is before us.

Although he sometimes looks to the past his mind is focused on the future and what it has in store.

As a Designer I want to represent progression. I don't want to go backwards. I think fashion is and should always be about moving forward.

I love and admire the past in which many great designers paved the way, but I want to speak to a new generation of men.

I have a passion for tailored clothing but I also like to leave room for question. I want to take people on a journey through my collections, let them explore a different side of life or even take them on an imaginative journey.

As a designer growing up in Brooklyn I was heavily surrounded by street fashion and that genre of fashion. I began sewing at age sixteen and decided to attend school at age twenty.

My mom, who was a seamstress, would sew gowns for a few high end clients. High end was her specialty. She taught me about the quality of luxury and design. I didn't realize until this collection how much of an impact she had made on me.

I enrolled in the Art institute of NY where I was majoring in Women's wear. After about a year of school I decided that Menswear was my true passion. I withdrew from Art institute and Enrolled in FIT, where I took menswear design courses as well as tailoring. Shortly after I started the label and have been working on it ever since.

I wasn't inspired by any designer in particular, but some designers that I find inspiring are Ricardo Tisci (Givenchy), Phillip Lim, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent (Women's), and Raf Simon's. I feel that they represent the future of Menswear.

As a menswear designer I want men to see the beauty within themselves. I want them to look and feel masculine, but still exude a certain type of confidence than cannot be defined. I want to represent quality fit and originality.

My collection is being produced here in NY. I work very carefully and closely with my sample makers to make sure that the attention to specific detail meets my standard and to also ensure that the fit is just right.

Have a look at the 2011 autumn/winter collection here.

Photos & Text Raun Larose.

Michael Bastian: the Man, the Designer

Michael Bastian was born in Lyons, New York, a small Upstate town near Lake Ontario.

After graduating from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, he moved to New York City, where his first job was as an Assistant Buyer at Abraham & Strauss.

This was followed by positions within Sotheby’s, Tiffany & Co., Polo Ralph Lauren, and most recently, Bergdorf Goodman, where he was the men’s fashion director for five years. It was this experience that led Bastian to launch his own menswear line, MICHAEL BASTIAN.

“Through the process of setting the men’s fashion direction for Bergdorf Goodman, it became increasingly clear to me that there was a real need for a new American voice in the men’s designer world—something modern and luxurious, but also a little broken down and familiar.

I start with something perfectly designed and executed, then spend a lot of time knocking the edge off of that perfection.” Now in its ninth season, MICHAEL BASTIAN is carried in over 50 retail locations in America, Canada, Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

Fall 2010 [saw] the launch of a new special collaboration, GANT by Michael Bastian….

This collection will be widely distributed in over 60 countries worldwide, in both GANT stores and independent specialty retailers. He is a resident of New York City.

Photos & text Copyright Gant.

Gant & Michael Bastian Spring/Summer 2011

The spring 2011 season, featuring both men’s and women’s sportswear and accessories, is inspired by the unlikely combination of the sports nerd and the bombshell finding each other and falling in love.

The curious pair embarks on a yesteryear affair, further inspired by the honeymoon destination of mid-century Niagara Falls.

Michael Bastian explained: “We all know the GANT guy – pretty straightforward, athletic, and healthy.

The men’s collection is clean and refined with colorful classics and easy warm-weather washed-out signature pieces, including lightweight patchwork button downs, shorts and rousers, featherweight corduroy suit separates and the perfect swimsuit.

About Gant
GANT is a lifestyle brand with an American sportswear heritage, offering modern high quality casual wear with a European touch.

The company’s values are based on its authentic American East Coast heritage, dating back to the launch of the brand in 1949.

Since then the brand has been further developed, taking inspiration from Europe in terms of fabrics, designs, and lifestyle influences.

Today GANT is a truly global lifestyle brand offering a full range of clothing for men, women, and children.

In addition GANT branded timewear, footwear, eyewear, fragrances and home furnishings are designed and marketed by licensees.

GANT’s history began when Bernard Gant started making shirts in New Haven, Connecticut.
He quickly turned his passion for quality and design into the business of making casual sportswear.

His sons, Marty and Elliot, later joined the company and maintained their father’s dedication to garment craftsmanship and attention to detail. Now, it is a Swiss-owned company.

Everything GANT does originates from the shirt. It is the very foundation upon which the
GANT brand was built.

GANT has a history of strong international growth, and is today established in over 60 countries through 600 GANT stores and a large number of selected premium retailers.

See the entire look book here here.

Photos & text Copyright Gant.

February 20, 2011

Manuel Bozzi on the Stage at San Remo!

Manuel Bozzi has made his voice heard all the way to San Remo Music Festival, the inspiraton of Eurovision!

But it was Manuel Bozzi, the jewelry maker from Pias, that was on the stage singing; rather, singer Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi of the duo La Crus, who was wearing a Manuel Bozzi ring.

San Remo Music Festival was born in 1951 in the Ariston Theatre of the city, San Remo, and has launched the careers of Italian singers like Andrea Boccelli and Eros Ramazzotti.

As for Manuel Bozzi, he is the rock-chic craftsman who is known for romantic and refined men’s jewelry, making his voice heard around the world.

See some more shots here.

Photos Courtesy Claudio Leoni Public Relations.

“Kardia” by Diego Zuñiga

Diego Zuñiga was born 1987 in Tijuana, Mexico, going on to study Graphic Design in the same city. He has been designing clothes since the age of 15.

For spring/summer 2011, Diego has prepared a collection called “Kardia,” playing on hospital dress and uniforms.

According to Diego, the collection ties contemporary man to hospital life and clinical medicine of the future, evoking the interplay of tension and other feelings that may be perceived in a hospital.

Go to the entire look book here.

Photos Copyright Diego Zuñiga.

Daniel Palillo “Talking Heads”

Daniel Palillo is a Finnish designer who plays on oversize silhouettes with lighthearted prints as he draws inspiration from the music genres of hiphop, gothic, and heavy metal.

Daniel studied both Fine Arts and Fashion Design at the University of Arts and Design Helsinki.

For spring/summer 2011, the Daniel Palillo collection is entitled “Talking Heads.”
Check out the collection here.

Photos Copyright Daniel Palillo.

February 19, 2011

Sexy Eye Candy from Bone Wear

Bone Wear keeps churning them out, not just great swim suits and underwear but new models too.

Showcasing a sweet assortment of new goodies from Bone Wear is model Luke Brumer.

The next time I compete in an event, I’d love to wear that Bone Wear suit!

Enjoy more eye candy here!

Photos Copyright Bone Wear.

Road Menswear: On the Road to Charity

ROAD ties fashion and social responsibility together with its latest clothing collection, how two brothers are going back to their roots and paying tribute to early beginnings.

Seattle, WA February 2011 - Seattle based apparel company ROAD announced plans to donate a portion of the profits generated from its new Limited Edition Madras Collection 2011 to Anbalayam, an Indian charity dedicated to bringing education to the disadvantaged. In celebration of its 5 year anniversary, the men’s specialty boutique is giving back to the very region that was the inspiration for the collection, and where the beloved Madras plaid fabric first originated. The collection will be available in ROAD stores, as well as online beginning April, 2011.

ROAD designers were inspired by the rich history of Madras fabric and the wonderful work that the Anbalayam charity has done, and saw this as an opportunity to come up with a vibrant collection that celebrates both. The special features of this Limited Edition Madras Collection 2011 include chambray fabric piecing, as well as other unique trim details. This is a Limited Edition collection, with each piece numbered and identified by ROAD’s Heart of Fashion logo, a red stitched heart. The hand-woven fabrics feature incredible breathability, vibrant colors and lightweight touch.

The goal of Anbalayam is to enable children and young adults by providing them with a positive home and proper education, so that they can live a prosperous and productive life beyond this charitable institution. Currently there are 63 males, ranging from 6 to 20 years old, living in the home. Students are either orphans or semi-orphans who fall below the poverty line. To date, all students have successfully moved out of Anbalayam upon graduation. The charity, founded in 2003, has remained open with the help of local sponsors within the community.

Today however, Anbalayam is struggling to provide students with the basic necessities and relies heavily upon donors to make ends meet. ROAD’s contributions will help improve the quality of life for students by ensuring they have adequate nutrition, bedding and clothing, as well as covering tuition costs for students entering the college level. Anyone who purchases an item from the Limited Edition Madras Collection 2011 will help raise funds for Anbalayam.

“I wear ROAD because the clothes make me feel younger than I am, and because I don’t know of any other men’s boutique that offers such unique, high-quality clothing that is versatile enough to fit my lifestyle. ROAD understands that it’s not just about offering great products, but also sees the importance of giving back. This Madras fundraiser is a phenomenal way to get some great clothes and also help a community in need,” says Tom Hedges, President of the Washington based winery, Hedges Family Estate.

Madras fabric originated in Southeast India and has been found in archeological sites dating back to 3000 B.C. It is believed that the familiar classic check (or plaid) pattern was created in the 18th century, when local hand weavers were inspired by the tartan patterns worn by the Scottish regiments that occupied India during this time. Since then, the region has continued to produce their highly acclaimed Madras fabric by using virtually the same basic techniques. Today it is the staple for the American classic wardrobe and major designers, such as Ralph Lauren, use it season after season to capture the preppy look.

ROAD owners Raj Shah and Akhil Shah began their journey in the apparel industry over 35 years ago after having traveled to Southeast India and discovering the region’s beautiful fabrics. Southeast India is recognized throughout the world for having magnificent textiles, and it is also home of the Anbalayam charity. The brothers have come a long way since their first undertakings in the apparel industry, and their success has been largely based upon their commitment to achieve excellence through hard work and determination. They bring this same level of enthusiasm to supporting the Madras fundraiser, which will enrich the lives of others halfway across the world.

“My brother and I learned that doing business in India is personal. People take you into their homes and offer you tea and ask you how you’re doing. It’s built on trust and personal relationships. We have tried to embody this in our company today. Circling back to our roots and supporting the community that inspired us in the first place is a chance for self-renewal, but more importantly, to show our gratitude.” says CEO of ROAD Raj Shah.

The Limited Edition Madras Collection 2011 will be available to purchase at the Seattle and Bellevue ROAD stores, as well as online at www.roadapparel.com. The collection consists of shorts, shirts, a jacket, bag, belt and hat, all of which were designed using genuine Madras plaid. Retail prices range from $38-$148. Samples are available upon request, for press only.

About ROAD Company
ROAD is a distinguished brand of fashion offering clothing and accessories to today’s on-the-go man. Products are versatile, fit for comfort and show exquisite quality, design, and sharp detailing. ROAD provides handsome and smart fashion to reflect the unique attitude and personality of the individual.

See Anbalayam here.

Photos & text Copyright Road.

Theatre de la Mode: Arctic Contortion

For A/W 2011 Theatre de la Mode presents a collection that embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery. Inspired by heroic figures and classical illustrations, this season sees the reinvention of Theatre de la Mode’s signature draping, made more remarkable by the addition of slim line pieces and collaged hand crafted print.

The arctic explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, a turn of the century British hero, provides the inspiration for the oversized, utilitarian cut of the collection. A statue of the explorer outside the London headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society, perfectly displays the voluminous silhouette with protective draping that epitomizes the look of Theatre de la Mode. The style invokes an adventurous spirit, while retaining the comfort and practicality of its utilitarian foundations.

Drawing further inspiration from times past, a pencil drawn study of British birds is transformed into an imaginative, geometric crest, which becomes the central motif in the collection. More traditional drawings of a taxidermied Eider appear printed on T-shirts. Featuring throughout the range are hand painted stripes that have been collaged into triangular patterns adding a textural element to jersey and sweat pieces.

Fabrics for the season include wax coated cotton, offering a layer of protection to casual separates. A Classic brushed cotton tartan and needle corduroy add to the authentically British feel of the collection. With a mused palette of rich navy, khaki, stone grey, maroon and olive, the utilitarian look is preserved.

Theatre de la Mode Creative Director Christopher Kelly has become known for his unique take on men’s ready to wear. His oversized silhouettes demand a relaxed attitude to sophisticated style and bring a refreshing challenge to contemporary menswear.

Take a look at the entire look book here.

Photos & text Copyright Theatre de la Mode.

February 18, 2011

Rochambeau & the Travelling Solder

The inspiration for spring/summer 2011 was taken from the traveling soldier, as Rochambeau fuses a conservative silhouette to military structure.

The vibrant colors are an expression of the soldier that travels the globe to assorted cultures. Accentuating this theme of differences are hyperbolic cuts and exaggerated patterns.

Makeup and hairstyles play on the notion of travelling throughout the desert to the point of wind- and sunburn.

It’s military expressionism a la Rochambeau!
See the look book here.

Photos Copyright Rochambeau.

The Darker Side of Simon Spurr

Five years after introducing his eponymous luxury menswear label, New York-based designer
Simon Spurr will reveal a darker side to his personality with his autumn/winter 2011 collection….

This will mark the 3rd season of the SIMON SPURR luxury main line since separating from the
SPURR label, a re-positioned and widely distributed collection that’s centered on premium denim and modern sportswear.

While the SIMON SPURR range will continue to reflect Simon’s clean and contemporary aesthetic, the new autumn/winter 2011 collection is more conceptual—custom-made fabrics
and materials are juxtaposed against one another to create movement—and sets a more serious tone in a darker color palette.

“I think the majority of people know the collection for its tailoring, clean lines, luxurious fabrics and sophisticated look,” Spurr said. “And whilst this runs through the collection, the reduction of the color palette allows the viewer’s eye to focus more towards the fit, texture and proportion of the product.”

By restricting color and primarily using black, white and grey, the collection also achieves a definitive, more dramatic point of view. Oversized, hooded cashmere knits are paired with formal suiting, while graduated stripes in custom-made suits are contrasted with coated fabrics, laser-cut plonge leather and outerwear, including a black wool and cashmere top coat with leather sleeves and a fawn-colored shearling trench coat.

“There is still a reality to how these clothes can be worn—this is a signature consideration to the brand – but I have just pushed the boundaries of sartorialism slightly,” Spurr said.
With the exception of the denim, SIMON SPURR is produced exclusively in Italy.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Simon Spurr, Courtesy Starworks Group.

Frost Birgens Spring/Summer 2011

What is interesting about the Frost Birgens 2011 spring/summer collection is that, at first glance, it depicts the average kind of guy.

But when you take a closer look, it actually portrays the average kind of guy who wants to be different from the rest of the crowd!

Consistent with current trends, the knee-length long johns play on the idea of leggings. The johns are ideal for the guy who does not want to wear shorts above the knee.

Additional trendy items are the rugged boots, the rolled up pants above the ankle, and a touch of asymmetry.

Danish designer Jacob Birgens launched his label in 2007.

See the look book here.

Photos Copyright Frost Birgens.

February 17, 2011

Blood is the New Black

In 2004, Mitra Khayyam launched Blood is the New Black in Los Angeles for several purposes.
First, she wanted to showcase emerging artists and introduce them to the public. Mitra also shares the profit of every t-shirt with the artist that created it.

Moreover, Mitra desired that the public explore new trends in art and design, as well as issues that have meaning to the artists, such as love, death, sex, money, social status, god, and more.
Topics of the 2011 spring/summer collection include vanity, mortality, youth and religion and incorporate the work of six international artists from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.

You can expect 100 designs by more than 30 international artists for the entire 2011 spring/summer collection.

Modeling the collections is Christopher Daze.

Preview the collection here.

Photos Copyright Blood is the New Black.

Rochambeau: from the Streets of New York to the Hills of the Hmong

Designers Michael Venker, Joshua Cooper, and Laurence Chandler met at Parsons’ senior thesis show in 2007, afterwards launching the label Rochambeau, which is Egyptian for the popular game of rock-paper-scissors.

For spring/summer 2011, the Rochambeau collection takes us to the Far Eastern hills of Asia where the Hmong people dwell.

I first became acquainted with the Hmong in university when I was teaching refugees fleeing Laos, many of whom were Hmong. I then lived amidst the Hmong in China where they are readily called Miao.

The dress of the Hmong depends on the tribe, but what is pervasive among most Hmong tribes are colorfully embroidered garments and batik, which is fabric dyed with wax-drawn motifs.

Rochambeau incorporates the colors and other isolated garments into the 2011 spring/summer collection with draping, panels, and vesting.

Check out the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Rochambeau.

Y-3 Escapes to New York During Fashion Week

Y-3 hits the road for Autumn/Winter 2011 with a collection inspired by the nature of escape—on horseback, on foot, and into the hills. Fittingly, the show presented clothing designed for a journey, combining classic materials and silhouettes with futuristic and protective details like waterproof zippers, neoprene insets, holographic toggles, and ergonomic quilting. Shown in New York’s Soho district on Sunday, February 13, 2011, as part of New York fashion week, the collection debuted on a set constructed to resemble a dusty trail, further underscoring the season’s back-to-nature message.

The collection explored variations on a theme of escape and was inspired by books, such as Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild.” This meant protection first and foremost, realized in exaggerated funnel-neck collars; simple modularity; voluminous, cocoon-like silhouettes; and intensive quilting on everything from hoods to coats to leggings. In classic Yohji Yamamoto fashion, prints and patches on select garments spelled out the collection’s theme, stating phrases like “Nowhere in Particular,” “Homeward Bound,” and “I’m on the Road.”

Ultimately, the show was about the journey not the destination, and the clothing was designed with this in mind. Y-3 for men followed a similar trajectory, showing army parkas, striped union suits, quilted work jackets in suede and wool, and cotton leggings inset with panels of Fair Isle knits.

Y-3 presented two new breakthrough fabrics: Cool Max Wool, breathable wool with an evaporative cooling system, and Diaplex, a wool herringbone bonded to Goretex that molds itself to the body, becoming like a second skin.

On the accessories front, Y-3 underscored the collection’s themes of warmth and comfort, showing oversize hooded scarves, quilted nylon hats, and gloves belted with three pieces of leather—a subtle play on the three-stripes tradition. Shoes for men and women combined the technical expertise of Adidas with classical shapes and materials, like a Japanese warrior boot with a cutout sole for men, and an “origami” wedge heel for women.

“Traveling means coming back home,” Yamamoto explained backstage of the show’s inspiration. “We are always unconsciously wanting to come back. It is one of man’s strongest desires.”

See the runway shots here.

Text Courtesy Image.net.

February 16, 2011

Disciplines© by Ron Dorff

Ron Dorff Launches a New Limited T-Shirt Edition: DiscipLines©

RON DORFF, the French-Swedish sportswear brand behind the claim “DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTYWORD” is launching a new, limited T-shirt edition carrying the name “DiscipLines.”

The name is explained by the graphic prints themselves based on iconic sports lines from legendary sports disciplines such as tennis, swimming, baseball, lacrosse, and badminton.

The limited edition consists in this first series of 5 different graphic prints in black on white developed by Swedish graphic artist Johan Oxe.

The edition will be launched on rondorff.com as of 15th February and also in select boutiques around the world such as Jeffrey in New York, NK in Stockholm and Club 21 in Singapore.

Additional items in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection include jogging shorts, sweat shirts (with big and small print), briefs, tank tops, and jogging trousers.
See the other Disciplines here.

Photos & text Copyright Ron Dorff, Courtesy Pressing.

Moonchild: E.C.H.O.E.S Debut Collection

Epic Crusade Healing Our Egotic Soul

Brought into this world in 2010 by Pascale Koehl—stylist and head of collections within the brand APRIL77 for 7 years—MOONCHILD is a lunar child.

His head is in the stars but his feet are firmly rooted in the ground.

In a disenchanted world, where unstoppable consumerism has lost all meaning, he invokes magic where it was least expected, at the mysterious crossroads of geography, history, concept and imagination.

MOONCHILD is a merger between postmodern Europe and the Peruvian traditional communities within which all garments are handmade.

Between innovative design and the ancestral knowledge of the Andes Incas.

Between the futuristic vision of a new Odyssey and Native American myths and legends. Both ancient and timeless; aspiring to a fantasized future.

Between Western silhouettes and shapes that are embedded in our collective imagination: like the reinterpretation of the tutelary Poncho figure through the prism of retro-futuristic psychedelic folk.

“Echoes” (FW11-12) is the first chapter in this epic mystical journey. Made entirely from 100% natural Alpaca fiber.

In its quest for the alliance of Beauty and Good, MOONCHILD guarantees respect for the environment and the proper treatment of all animals used for shearing, as well as fair wages and consideration for the rights of all knitters and weavers working hand in hand with the brand.

MOONCHILD works hard to respect and promote the cultural heritage, craft and environment of everyone associated with the brand.

Existential commitments and poetic values that will heal our souls!

Epic Crusade Healing Our Egotic Soul.

See more photos here.



Photos & text Copyright Moonchild.

Esemplare: from Urban Style to “Hobo Chic”

The Esemplare 2011 autumn/winter collection suggests an urban lifestyle for the man who regards fashion a life experience in a world where time means money.

Loosely fitted styles add to the “Hobo Chic” look—a collection of comfortable and trendy items.

Garments like the Field Jacket, Pea Coat, and U-Boat Jacket exalt the military vintage feel.

See the look book here.

Photos Copyright Esemplare.

Elia Maurizi—Shoemaker Par Excellence

Elia Maurizi has just come out with a new collection of shoes and boots for autumn/winter 2011.

The collection is full of unisex yet rugged-looking footwear that will have no problem matching next year’s choice of styles.

Some items feature subtle floral prints, vintage effects, and furs.

See more of the new line here.

Photos Copyright Elia Maurizi.

February 15, 2011

Jack Mackenroth for Todd and Terry—Sexier Than Ever

Aussie label Todd and Terry—producers of underwear, swimwear, and sleepwear—has just released a new line of comfortable, fitted briefs.

Modeling for Todd and Terry is designer, athlete, and HIV activist Jack Mackenroth, who looks better than ever!

Born1969 in Seattle, Washington, Jack graduated from Berkeley with a degree in Fine Arts and Sociology. Later, he attended Parsons School of Design in New York.

Have a look at more sexy shots here, or order online at Todd and Terry!

Photos Copyright Todd and Terry.

Björn Borg: A Champ from Tennis to Tees

Born 1956 in Södertälje, Sweden, Björn Rune Borg nurtured an interest in tennis at an early age out of a fascination with a golden racket that his father had won at a table-tennis tournament.

By the age of 13, Björn was already a hard-hitting champion in Sweden, conquering anyone on the courts under 18.

Included in the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Björn won more than 70 top-level tournaments throughout his career.

After the star player retired in 1983, he founded a fashion line. Now, Björn Borg is a popular Swedish brand of underwear, sportswear and accessories.

Both Björn Borg the player and Björn Borg the brand name are champions!
Check out more runway shots and stills here.

Photos Copyright Björn Borg.

February 14, 2011

Trends Spring/Summer 2012: Fashion Snoops

Seasonal Themes Men’s/Women’s Apparel: Overarching seasonal themes for Spring/Summer 2012, a sneak peek at trends that will be presented at Sourcing at Magic. View galleries which include color, fabric, trim and pattern callouts specific to each theme, the season's 4 key trends are illustrated, including: Simple Picnic, Boho Spirit, Desert Adventure and Tropical Punch. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Fashion Snoops, where the full report is available to subscribers.
Simple Picnic
Casual looks fit for a summer picnic appear sweet and innocent and undoubtedly relaxed.
Brilliant gingham checks and garden florals sit next to eyelet, linen, chambray and classic cotton poplin.
Boho Spirit
Driven by the strong 70s sentiment, this traditional bohemian expression is realized with eclectic hippie mixes of print and pattern. Paisleys, botanical flowers and ethnic border prints play amongst gauze, silk, crochet and rich embellishment.
Desert Adventure
A desert expedition brings in a rugged and exotic feel with raw materials paired with animal skins.
The natural feel is expressed through crinkle linen and dye techniques while prints come alive with snake, leopard, feather and reptile. Beading and fringe add extra flavor.
Tropical Punch
Tropical references are expressed in a bold and bright medley that puts prints and patterns at the forefront. Amazonian inspiration brings in lush jungle landscapes filler with tropical fruits. Hawaiian florals are essential and Polynesian tiki prints bring in an exotic flavor.

Photos & text Copyright Fashion Snoops, Courtesy WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.

Mik Cire: Exclusive Interview with Eric Kim

The following interview was conducted between Eric Kim and Francesco backstage at Mercedes Fashion Week in New York, just prior to the Mik Cire runway show, Saturday, February 12, 2011.

Eric, it is great to see you again! The last time we met, you told me that you wanted to return to the basics. Have you accomplished this goal within this past year since your debut collection?
Yeah, to a certain degree. With the economic climate, it puts a lot of pressure on the business side of things, in the fact that I do run the operations. It makes it a little different than just being a designer where all I have to think about is design.

But, yeah, I am still going with the same theory. I still believe in the same things. You know, I want to do what I want to do. Regardless to whatever the industry is doing, I want to do what I want to do.

Last year you mentioned that the inspiration of your debut collection was the WWI Dough Boy. Your 2011 spring/summer collection seemed like a deconstructed version of that... Could you elaborate on that collection?
It’s all about comfort in that season. You know, I’m definitely a form and function guy, coming from a big active wear collection. Spring/summer for me was just a lot of form and function.

How about the 2011 autumn/winter collection tonight?
Once again, tailoring is my roots, so I like everything to fit extremely well, extremely fitted. But coming across that issue is the function of everything. You know, you are very restricted to what you can do, movement, and so forth.

So we created what we call the “flex seam” and we put in elastic inside the seaming, which allows everything to give so that you could have a much tailored look but still be able to move.

Especially when you are using cashmeres and high-end fabrics, you can’t add stretch in the actual weaving of the fabric, unless it is manufactured that way. To compensate for that, we put it in the seams.

Where have you found the best reception of your new label?
It’s definitely more on the East Coast; it’s definitely more overseas—they’re a little bit more forward. Obviously the West Coast is more cookie cut. The East Coast is more pushing the threshold.

I’m curious, where overseas…Europe…like London?
You got it!

You told me that you are an adrenaline junkie… So, what has given you your adrenaline rush within the last year?
You know, I used to race downhill mountain bikes. I got back into that this year. So, getting back into my cardio, getting back physically fit—I think are the biggest things for me.

Any closing words for the readers of my magazine in Egypt?
Nothing is going to power up to what has just gone on… The fact that the regime, that he stepped down, is a good thing…as long as the people are happy, I guess.

As far as fashion is concerned, it is truly—I always believe—that it is your own identity. Don’t let anyone dictate that for you. It’s whatever you feel comfortable wearing. You know, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, probably you shouldn’t be wearing it.

I don’t ever really tell anyone they should look a certain way. That’s your personal identity. So, just be yourself, whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Eric, thank you…it has been great!

Have a look at the entire 2011 autumn/winter runway collection here.

Photos Copyright Mik Cire.

February 13, 2011

Mik Cire at Merceds Benz Fashion Week in New York

Yesterday I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, primarily to interview Eric Kim of Mik Cire and preview the Mik Cire 2011 autumn/winter collection.

Founder and former designer of Monarchy, Eric Kim launched his new line of menswear last year with the aim of leaving any sort of commercialization and returning back to the basics.

His debut collection for autumn/winter 2010 drew inspiration from the WWI Dough Boy, whereas his 2011 spring/summer collection featured a deconstructed military look that emphasized ‘relax’.

On the runway yesterday, the Mik Cire 2011 autumn/winter collection continued the theme of a relaxed deconstructed Dough Boy.

The collection consisted of hooded cardigans, double breasted trenches, bandage boots with lots of asymmetry, layering, and assorted furs and leathers.

In a nutshell, the collection was exactly what Eric Kim would wear!

Stay tuned for the exclusive interview with Eric and many more photos of the complete runway show!
See a few preliminary shots here.

Photos 1-4 by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz, Courtesy Image.net.
Additional photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

Ninh by Ninh Nguyen during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Right after the Mik Cire runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, I hopped on the subway and headed downtown to a menswear installation by newcomer designer, Ninh Nguyen.

Of Vietnamese origins, Ninh Nguyen was born in Paris and grew up in Texas where he studied medicine and psychology, going on to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

The event last night was exuberating with open bar and pulsating music. Models exited onto a square podium to present the collection.

The 2011 autumn/winter Ninh collection drew inspiration from the uniforms of state troopers and police with bombers, trench coats, tailcoats, and more.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Ninh and many more photos!

See the preliminary images here.

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

February 12, 2011

Damat/Tween at Istanbul Fashion Week: “Limited Edition”

ORKA group, the dynamic fashion house of one of the world’s highly sought after brands, has just put on another spectacular fashion show of the Damat Tween brands hosted at Santral İstanbul, for the Istanbul Fashion Week 2011.

Thinking about a “limited” collection to underline the essential pieces for celebrations, special parties, and gatherings, Damat/Tween created a timeless and extraordinary collection that will eternize the unforgettable memories of our lives.

Designed for young and dynamic men that are experiencing their first excitements in life, ties made of unusual materials such as leather or knits and accessories combined with metal details replace conservative neckties.

As essentials of a gentleman’s wardrobe, shoes come forward as the distinctive pieces of the collection. Made of suede, leather and velvet reflecting the color palette of the whole collection, these shoes are perfected with bindings and special embroidery. A variety of velvet bowties, ties and vests that appeal to a wide variety of personal style preferences will be the favorite pieces of the season.

The combination of midnight colors such as saxe, ruby and dark green with surprising materials adds on to the distinctive characteristics of Damat Tween’s “Limited Edition” collection.

See the entire runway collection here.
Photos & text Copyright Orka Group.

Damat/Tween at Istanbul Fashion Week

At the most recent editionn of Istanbul Fashion Week, Turkish label Damat/Tween presented a 2011 spring/summer collection with the them of Prom Boys & Girls.

Prom is short for promenade. At the end of the students’ senior year in the United States in Canada, a formal black tie dance called “the Prom” is held.

Some schools differentiate between a Senior Prom and Junior Prom, while many other countries have equivalents to the US and Canadian proms.

Nevertheless, guys normally rent a tuxedo, buy their date a corsage, and take a formal picture of the couple.

Oftentimes, a Prom Queen is chosen, as well as a Prom King and Prom Court—all very regal sounding!

Historians trace the origins of proms to the late 1800’s. See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Orka Group.

February 11, 2011

New Wave Merc Spring/Summer ’11 Collection

The Merc spring/summer ’11 collection takes inspiration from early 1960’s British new wave cinema. Imagery is borrowed from cult classics such as Blow Up, Billy Liar, and the Italian Job. Influences are also drawn from characters played by Tom Courtenay and of course the brilliant Michael Caine. Here at Merc we can provide your key summer staples.

Summer is strong, classic and patented. Shirts remain slim and well detailed with micro button down and rounded Edwardian collars. The picture on the right, is a great example of shirting with a prominent print, topped off with a cream Pea Coat, also available in classic black.

A big S/S ’11 look is combining smart tailored sta press trousers, cropped to the ankle with smart brogues. This can be achieved with the Winston trouser combined with the core range Tassel Loafer. Keep the outfit slick and chic with the Smith Harrington jacket with a new style, the two button neck fastening.

Knitwear has a mod college twist, checked Harrington’s and smart shorts. The Selby pictured to the right, is a different take on the original polo shirt. It is a knitted version to the classic, available in both white and navelette, with vertical striped detail.

All this and more can be bought online, at Merc’s legendary store on 10 Carnaby Street in London, or at over 80 other outlets throughout the UK. Merc have also recently introduced a new classic line for women which can be seen in store on on-line.

About Merc
‘Merc’ was established in 1967, with Carnaby Street thriving and the swinging sixties taking over London. Youth orientated and youth driven, the boutiques of London set the tone and the world watched and followed. The 'Merc' name reflected razor sharp cut, attention to detail and an immaculate finish that was the signature 60s look. Building on these foundations Merc has continued to build and grow as a brand year on year.

Check out the collection here or watch the film:

Photos & text Copyright Merc, Courtesy Be Communications.