May 31, 2011

Alphady: the Magician of the Desert

Born Seidnally Sidhamed in Timbuktu, Mali, on 1 June 1957, Alphady has come to be known as the “Magician of the Desert.”

Son to a Nigerian father and Moroccan mother who were both Tuareg, Alphady is a pan-African designer, who, interestingly was greatly influenced by the artistry and costumes of Bollywood films!

Nevertheless, it was not until 1983 when Alphady returned from studies in Paris and became a fashion designer.

Four years later he was declared the best African designer by the French Federation of Couture and Ready to Wear.

As evidenced by the picture gallery, Alphady draws heavily from ancient tribal Africa, combing embroidery and batik in modern designs.

In addition to fashion, Alphady seeks to fight poverty and the spread of HIV infection in Africa.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Alphady.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Pre-Collection

Louis Vuitton Men’s Studio Director Paul Helbers took an inspirational trip to Japan recently and the early results show in the Fall/Winter 2011/12 pre-collection. “We’re always aiming for a mix between casual sport and urban style for the pre-collections,” says Helbers. “This season the balance is even more masculine with an additional kick in details inspired by Japanese sport from baseball to samurais.”

The collection maximizes texture and layering with lots of fabric play to treat the casual/urban contrast in a very sophisticated way.

Shearling is bonded to give the leather exterior a smooth surface. And one jersey zip front sweatshirt has a detachable sheepskin lining. Jackets throughout feature the samurai sleeve with an elbow patch extending to the cuff. The new trouser is styled like Japanese baseball pants with an extra-wide waistband. And in the spirit of relaxed urbanity, casual trousers pair with a velvet blazer in ultra-smooth and crease resistant New Generation velvet.

Dark olive with black sums up the colour range this season with red as the single accent, but there’s also dark indigo blues including several neat wash variations in Japanese denim. Sweaters are paired with heavier shirts, in soft checks or washed denim, for a masculine kick. And shirts are cut short with pockets to be worn over trousers.

A down jacket with detachable sleeves and hood reversing to moleskin examples the casual vs. dressy dynamic. And a cashmere fleece sweater looks deceptively casual.

Louis Vuitton’s Champs-Elysées pattern turns up everywhere in quilted down, on gloves, shirt weaves and silk ties. And the LV logo takes on a casual edge in a tie-dye degradé coloration for scarves.

The protection styling of a vintage Japanese catcher’s blouson inspires the hood quilting for a jacket, and a reversible blouson has a Japanese baseball logo on the back of the silk side. And while intricate cable stitching gives a zip front cashmere sweater a thicker texture for more masculine, casual look, the collection also goes very luxurious and chic in superfine sweaters produced on a unique sock machine. Wool seersucker is a new casual crossover for a blazer this season, which is completely unstructured and styled like a shirt.

The basic idea of this pre-collection is that everything goes with everything. And so thicker garment dyed shirts and textured cashmere sweaters mix effortlessly with suits from the business collection for a casual/chic balance, while a denim suit plays with the dark indigo wash style of Japanese denim.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Louis Vuitton.

H&M 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

For autumn/winter 2011, H&M has prepared a fashion-forward line of menswear that is rivaling couture brands on the runways.

The collection presents a progressive look of fun suit jackets with inverted or mandarin collars, slim neckties, bright color parkas, and coat with tails tuxes.

Overcoats offer flowing draped lapels and furs.

Additional accents include paneling, blocking, pinstripes, chunky neck scarves, and high-water pants à la Thom Browne.

Photo Copyright H&M.

May 30, 2011

Cook Your Bag in Hell’s Kitchen!

Not only does Hell’s Kitchen have an entire line of bags, which reads like a menu in your favorite Italian restaurant, but now you can cook your own bags with the as a sous-chef in Hell’s Kitchen!
You can choose from the menu any of the following entrée Messenger bags: Spaghetti Top, Maccheroni Top, and Raviolo Small.

You shirt will be used in the lining of the bag, and if your tee was has a label, it will appear.

The offer stands until May 31.

So, cook your own bag in Hell’s Kitchen with Italian designer Marco Lai.

See more images here.

Photos Copyright Hell’s Kitchen.

Vicarious by Nature 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

Apparently more and more eco-friendly brands are merging with contemporary clothing and lifestyles, such as Vicarious by Nature.

Vicarious by Nature sources organic raw materials from certified vendors to produce comfortable and soft garments, which are also fashion forward.

Vicarious by Nature also partners with non-profit organizations to contribute to the global community.

The company was founded in 2007 by Robb Hanson.

The Vicarious by Nature brings forth a very casual, almost rugged, masculine look.

Natural, organic, vicarious…Vicarious by Nature—the eco-friendly sustainable journey towards fashion.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Vicarious by Nature.

May 29, 2011

Maiden Noir 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

We are pleased to present the Summer 11 collection titled ‘Battle Field’.

This collection explores the open sea and the ’Blue Jackets’.

The cut and sew pieces in the collection pay tribute to a heritage of vintage silhouettes though leaning toward a more refined and clean classic look.

Fabrics used are a mix of light weight broad cloth cotton, 60/40 cotton/nylon, woodland camo and jacquard.

The focus is on the detailing, tailoring and materials. All of the pieces are made from Japanese fabrics.

Featured items with the new collection include the Field Jacket in broad cloth, Mini Check dress shirts, bright oxfords, and Ripstop Field cargo shorts.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Maiden Noir.

May 28, 2011

Konrad Parol 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection “Les Mercenaires”

Konrad Parol’s autumn winter collection “Les Mercenaires” is the next rebeliant uncover of the designer.

This time it is much more conscious and mature. “Les Mercenaires” are the 21st Century contestants.

The subject of rebels and outsiders, presented in collections for several seasons, this time was reinterpreted in a more contemporary way.

The starting point for designing the collection was a romantic rebel fighting for a just cause. Konrad Parol proposes a figure that is rough and geometric.

It is dominated by architectural forms and the asceticism of the line. The seemingly drab colors have been broken by strong and orange accents.

What characterize Parol’s style is a form and great quality; the clothes were made of high quality fabrics and materials: cotton, leather and wool.

The whole perfectly harmonized with the industrial space of factory where the premiere took place and touchy sounds composed by PLEQ.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Konrad Parol.

Serum Versus Venum: Toward a New Luxury

Summer 2011 marks the return of Brooklyn-based fashion brand, Serum Versus Venom (SVSV). The return celebrates a new vision and focus on expanding its "street couture" bespoke model, with ambitions to serve a much larger audience.

"While much has changed during our hiatus, our obsession with quality has never altered. After searching the world for inspiration and innovation, we are finally at a point where we believe we can offer something that is better than our previous best." - David Gensler, Founder, SVSV

Anti Mass Agenda
We believe that no product mass produced and intended to be consumed by a mass market should ever be considered rare or exclusive.

Rarity and exclusivity should come from the scarcity of materials and the complexity of skills, craftsmanship and time spent in manufacturing. Marketing, Image and Association are ultimately not elements of quality and thus should never be factors of value.

Our Mission
Our goal is to produce innovative and relevant garments and objects of the highest quality that help our consumers achieve a state of hyper individuality.

Quality Control
We believe the Designer should maintain complete and constant control of all steps from concept through consumption, with an acute focus on manufacturing.

Passion & Tradition
SVSV is exclusively made in our own Brooklyn-based factory. No outside or unknown hand plays any part in our production. We are proud to live and work in New York, playing a small part in continuing this city’s rich heritage of producing world class garments.

We believe passion and obsession equal unsurpassed quality.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Serum Versus Venum.

May 27, 2011

Men’s F/W 2011-12 Innovate Trend

Seasonal Theme Menswear: Fall/Winter 2011-12 presents a clean, considered aesthetic drawing inspiration from instructional diagrams & scientific symbols for the Men’s market. Refracted light patterns and chemical colors synthesize with organic structures and molded shapes for an invigorating vision. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of

Menswear F/W 2011-12 Trend Forecast
A clean, considered aesthetic draws inspiration from instructional diagrams and scientific symbols. Refracted light patterns and chemical colors synthesize with organic structures for an invigorating vision. Mpdclick provides a valuable range planning tool with garment inspiration from runway, trade fair, retail & street, directed in to seasonal phases for autumn/winter 2011/12.

Phase 1: spectrum

Spectrum inspired by the angular and geometric forms of prisms and spirographs, while synaesthesia [union of the senses] adds spontaneity to the aesthetic. Shapes and lines are inspired by harsh angels and flat surfaces: voluminous silhouettes are constructed from panels, with rotating prints often adorning each. Unusual shapes and proportions combine; sight structural touches mix with controlled fluidity, such as sharp cap sleeves on flowing garments, while linear graphics and prints juxtapose softer profiles.

Proportions sees voluminous tops combined with slim-fitting cigarette pants with linear piping, while later harem and loose-fit styles may combine with body-con tops, complete with asymmetric necklines. Blocks of perfect seamless free-fall shapes have limited fastenings with unfussy yet precise details; structured pleats, fluid gathers, and triangular gaudets provide interest and figure enhancement.

Contrasting textures also add interest: mixing latex with crepe or silk satin. Meanwhile cooler and print effects are stimulated by light bouncing and reflecting off surfaces adding an iridescent, semi-sheer appearance.

clever panelling; angular & prism prints; controlled fluidity; contrasting colours; soft silhouettes; precise clean cuts; soft layered fabrics; bright colour palette; simple shapes featuring block prints; gaudets & geometric inserts; long line tee's; uneven hemlines.

precision-cut tapered trousers; colour contrast hemlines; saturated & abstract graphic prints; light colour fade effects; sharply creased denim jeans; asymmetric folds & drape; fitted and pleated waistlines; bold colour palette; carrot & peg leg shapes.

statement waterfall jackets; bold colour blocking; linear piping; asymmetrical hemlines; free falling fabrics; clashing cubic prints; refracted light inspired prints; defined necklines; minimal detailing; synthetic high-shine & iridescent fabrics.

Phase 2: nurture

Nurture places our natural environment under the microscope intelligent interfaces, and sensory surfaces push the boundaries of mainstream fashion, gaining a functional yet slightly futuristic aesthetic. Molded shapes with sleek organic curves are the result of fabrics like neoprene-manipulated resin-plated fine gauge knits and polyurethane based materials. These bold dramatic cocoons skim the body and contrast the use of delicate graphics and prints with x-ray like qualities.

Science further influences the theme with laboratory inspired shapes: belted button-through jackets hark back to the exemplary lab-coat yet reinvent and add a touch of minimalism to the quintessential trench. Defined, rounded shoulders update the past silhouettes, while soft funnel necks line with bright color and excitement.

In contrast, body-con under layers use latex, PVC, and stretched mesh in neutral hues. Denim flavors innovative details with twisted belt loops, and intricate back pocket stitching. Block shades with minimal distressing add to a calm, clean aesthetic.

clinical block white; moulded shapes; organic structure; modern minimalistic styling; reworked silhouettes; form holding fabrics; soft funnel necks; style meets function; clean cut; exaggerated & rounded shoulders.

functional traditionally cut trousers; reinvented classics; tapered leg; defined seams; contrasting detailing, linear graphic prints; cool white; minimalistic design, lab inspired basics; synthetic textiles; unaffected & plain denim.

sculpted shoulders; laboratory inspired shapes; organic silhouettes; asymmetric zip placement; simplistic styling; linear shapes; controlled fluidity; tailored aesthetic; geometric panelling; oversized outerwear, magnified nature themed digital prints; moulded panelling.

Phase 3: quantum

Instruction and calculation provides an intelligent solution to everyday tasks, which is further emphasized by Quantum’s use of color and composition. A controlled, linear outline dominates, also affecting print placements and details. Lattice cut-outs and precise fan pleating evokes a sense of care and deliberation, with brash synthetic color interspersed and peaking through.

Color and surface are inspired by equations and the chemical elements: grid-like and angular patters and panels in the synonymous muted hues form clean and contemporary decoration. Extreme proportion play is again an inspiration, this time layered over one another; figure-hugging separates are worn with bubble shapes and outsized outerwear, while unusually flared hems and epaulets add a futuristic, experimental dimension.

Denim styles are clean and simple, using linear stitching, multi-way zips and paneled details. Innovative double waistbands, concealed zips, thin pocket chains and dropped-crotch shapes contribute to a fashion-forward visual. Subtle effects and slight whiskering enliven otherwise plain washes.

reworked tailored shirts; clean multi-functional shapes; geometric patterns; colour flashes; basic cut tops; mathematical panel detailing; contrasting colour blocking; interrupted stripes; synthetic fabrics.

controlled panel placement; geometric inserts; straight leg; clean precise pleating; contrast fabrics; intelligent & treated textiles; linear colour flashes; leg lengthening side seam details; deliberate proportions; overdyed denim jeans.

contrasting piping details; diverse fabric choices; proportion play; silhouette altering shapes; accurate detailing; calculated panel placement; 3/4 length jackets; sharp hemlines; visually stimulating prints.

Mpdclick's monthly trend overviews provide you with the latest product trends emerging this month covering all genders and ages to ensure fashion professionals have the broadest outlook of the global retail sector. In depth reports provide an invaluable resource of inspiration for brand ranges and merchandising ideas. Selected trends are also presented in downloadable pdf story boards, allowing you to create an instant impression and inspiration on the design floor.

Mpdclick is a leading commercial online fashion trend forecasting service. Mpdclick offers the fashion industry designer, buyer and executive the global creative inspiration and consumer intelligence needed to succeed. A subscription to keeps you informed of rapidly changing fashion and consumer trends and provides creative inspiration, market research and a library of usable resources, 24 hours a day.

Photos & text Copyright Mpdclick, Used with Permission by WeConnectFashion.

May 26, 2011

Interview with Nigel Cabourn

Last year we were invited to New Castle by Nigel Cabourn. He wanted to share a sneak preview with us of his 2011 spring/summer collection. He told us about his search for old designs, materials and fabrics.

He shared some of his most bizarre finds with us and told us about his quest to put these finds in a contemporary, Nigel Cabourn perspective. This search for a perspective led him to this season's theme: The Submarine. This is how Nigel created a naval season with a true Cabourn touch.

We were honored to get such an outstanding introduction to the collection.

In Tenue de Nîmes’ opinion, this short interview shines an extra light on the extraordinary spring/summer 2011 collection by Nigel Cabourn.

See the collection here.

Nigel Cabourn - Spring Summer '11 collection from Tenue de Nîmes on Vimeo.

Photo & text Copyright Tenue des Nîmes, Journal des Nîmes.

Nigel Cabourn: Vintage Par Excellence

Nigel Cabourn has worked in the fashion industry for over forty years, but his clothing has little in common with most people’s concept of the word fashion. He is influenced not by trends but a longstanding passion for vintage clothing, fabric and details.

These elements have formed the basis for much of his output over the years and continue to be a vital part of his collection today.

Nigel Cabourn was a student at Northumbria University from 1967-1971 and he started his own label while still in his final year and against all advice stayed in the North of England, another source of inspiration over the years. This cold, windy location has certainly influenced him and he is known to be one of a few true outerwear specialists.

Nigel has collected vintage clothing for over 30 years and has an archive of over 4,000 pieces, including salvaged British Military uniforms and work wear and a trove of exploration garments unearthed from all corners of the globe. It is this ever increasing vintage collection that is the cornerstone of each collection, not a response to a particular trend or general demand. Each collection has a real story, sense of history and integrity underpinned by the highest level of quality.

Today the Cabourn team work and play in a converted gardener’s house at the bottom of his garden overlooking a cricket pitch and are the envy of everyone who visits them, especially when it’s summer and they’re working in the sunshine!

See the Nigel Cabourn collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Nigel Cabourn.

Dana Lee Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

The NY-based menswear designer uses luxury fabrics and detailed construction to create a product that has the integrity of a heritage brand while being fresh and contemporary.

Her latest collection is relaxed and uncomplicated; each piece feels effortlessly right for the moment.

The collection is sold at stores, such as Bird, Opening Ceremony, and Creatures of Comfort and is gaining a cult following around the globe.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Dana Lee, Courtesy Omen PR.

May 25, 2011

MB999 Spring/Summer 2011 Collection “Anthropoda”

The world has gone through great morphological transformations, whereby human impact on the earth is unraveling threads of the basic structures of life.

As a result, we have adapted to evolutionary change; a new breed emerges; from destruction a beautiful chaos is born.

Out of this transformation, the season’s designs utilize and disrupt geometries of the Fibonacci sequence [mathematical patterning]; patterns and symmetry evolve, adapt, and mutate through each piece in the collection.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright MB999.

BP999 Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection “Further”

For autumn/winter 2011, BP999 has created a collection of the ultimate radicals from the Sixties, including “Beat” Writers and Hell’s Angels.

Entitled “Further,” the collection spans the infinite possibilities of perception with asymmetrical layering, leathers, knits, and rugged details.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright MB999.

May 24, 2011

Strummerville T-Shirts & More!

In addition to acting, songwriting, and broadcasting, Joe Strummer was rhythmic guitarist and lead vocalist of the renowned British rock band, the Clash.

Son to a Foreign Service diplomat, Joe was born 1952 in Ankara, Turkey, going on to live in Egypt, Mexico, and Germany.

Eventually Joe moved to London where he studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Growing up with a passion for rock music, Joe relocated to Wales where he encountered college musicians and became vocalist and guitarist for assorted groups.

When he returned to London, he formed another band with friends called the 101ers, named after their flat address.

When Joe joined others to form the Clash in 1976, his music took on a political and social battle in fighting racism, Nazism, militarism, and social decay.

Joe Strummer soon went on to become one of the icons of British punk.

After his death in 2002, Joe’s friends and family set up a charity called Strummerville, which assists aspiring musicians—their mission is to change the world through music.

Strummerville offers a cool line of t-shirts, polos and more, all of which feature the original artifacts from Joe Strummer’s personal belongings.

Each design is limited to 101 shirts in four sizes—hence, collector’s items for Joe’s fans.

See more images here.

Photos Copyright Strummerville.

Saracen by Bedouin Foundry

The Saracen messenger bag is handmade in England, constructed using waterproof 10 ounce ‘Rhino wax’ waxed canvas with top grain vegetable leather.

Buckles are the strongest in the world made from Austrian Cobra, creating a lifetime guarantee for this bag.

Adding to this guarantee, seatbelt nylon webbing is used in the straps.

Zip pocket at front and two sleeve pockets within, the bag is beautifully lined with a hand printed cotton pattern.

Available at the Great Divide. See more pictures here.

Other styles include historic and Mediterranean names like Ottoman, Barbary, Medina, Sipahi, Mamluke, ad Janissary.

Photos & text Copyright Bedouin Foundry, Courtesy Sane Communications.

May 23, 2011

April 77 & Herman Dune

April77 team up with Herman Dune to bring you a limited edition capsule collection.

The collaboration includes revisited DAD chino pants and a t-shirt designed by David “Yaya” Herman Dune.

The DAD chinos have been revisited by Herman Dune in two colors: Sun (Safari) and Burst (brick red).

David-Ivar “Yaya” Herman Dune, singer and guitar player in the band designs all of Herman Dune’s artworks, designed all illustrations, from the labels to the packaging

The design for the April77 x Herman Dune t-shirt is by David-Ivar “Yaya” Herman Dune; it was manufactured using Old Timey equipment and was then washed and flock-printed.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright April 77, Courtesy Tommy Huber PR.

Reversible Bowtie Collection

Inspired by the Brooks Brothers heritage of mixing vivid patterns and colours (our legendary “Fun Shirt” is a splendid example), the Social Primer for Brooks Brothers Bow Tie Collection is yet another innovative—and playful—take on a classic.

Exclusively designed in collaboration with founder K. Cooper Ray and just in time for the summer bow tie season, the iconic Brooks Brothers bow tie has been re-imagined with a traditional, yet irreverent, perspective.

Taking our own authentic fabrics, the collection features reversible styles that can create not one, but many ways to wear the bow tie.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Courtesy Profile PR.

L.G.R. 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

“Some years ago I was in Eritrea, Africa, wandering through my grandfather’s old warehouse of Italian imports, when I discovered a model of sunglasses from a time long forgotten. These beautiful designs immediately evoked the romanticism of an era long gone by: the merging of two worlds, the adventure of Africa and the glamour of the Riviera. I returned to the original manufacturers and created a line capturing this timeless elegance.” Luca Gnecchi Ruscone

The Italian artisanal production of L.G.R is a way of preserving values through the concept of hard work by real people, who have specialized in a meticulous line of craftsmanship in order to achieve excellence. Each frame is the development of one individual who has built it from start to finish, wit with an underlying passion that results in a genuine product.

“This building has been my grandfather’s house and shop, in Asmara, since 1948. It was built by the Italians more than one hundred years ago. On the bottom floor there is the optical store where I found the first L.G.R frames and above is the apartment where I stay when I go to Asmara”. Luca Gnecchi Ruscone

L.G.R for Corviglia Ski Club Presenting the models Naivasha and Massawa in a second limited edition for the prestigious club, the classic styles have been fitted with ultra protective bi-mirrored lenses, and personalized with their logo. They are ideal for high altitude solar exposure, 400% UV protection, infrared protection and bi–mirrored coating which blocks the blinding rays of glare created by light reflected on snow. The limited edition is for sale exclusively in the club house for members.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright L.G.R.

May 21, 2011

Pointer Footwear Points to Summer!

Established in 2004, Pointer was created with the aim of making simple, well-designed casual shoes in response to a market then saturated with increasingly technical trainers and hyped-up limited edition sneakers.

Pointer employs people it likes, from artists to interns; based in London, the company is backed by a creative stable of friends and co-conspirators, inspired and informed by everything from art and music to skateboarding and breakfast.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Pointer.

Commune de Paris 2011 Spring/Summer Tees and More!

Commune de Paris has released several new tees for Corso Como in Tokyo; they are also available on the Commune de Paris website. The tees feature gallant cavaliers.

Along with the tees, I have also uploaded the latest 2011 spring/summer look book, which displays a classic Parisian look.

See the items here.

Photos Copyright Commune de Paris.

May 20, 2011

Designer Forum New York Moves to Flatotel

Menswear Event Connects Buyers and Emerging Designers

May 20, 2011, Broadlands, VA—The Custom Tailor Designer Association (CTDA) announces that its Summer 2011 Designer Forum New York (formerly The Haberdashery Show) will take place on July 16-19, 2011 at Flatotel in midtown Manhattan. The men’s fashion industry event brings together upscale retailers and buyers with emerging designers and distributors of men’s clothing and accessories. The Forum attracts vendors who want exposure to new clientele, with everything they need under one roof.

Hosting Designer Forum New York at a larger, more affordable venue demonstrates CTDA’s commitment to support vendors of fine menswear. Flatotel provides two options for designers to exhibit their products: a large ballroom with ample walking areas, and a designated floor of suites reserved exclusively for the Forum.

“Our goal is to create an exciting show in a relaxing environment where buyers can discover unique and exciting products from new menswear designers and manufacturers,” said David Eisele Sr., President of CTDA and owner of Davelle Clothiers, a custom-design men’s clothing store in Reston, Virginia. “Flatotel not only delivers in space and ambiance, but the $165 per night room rate we negotiated for vendors makes the Designer Forum New York a great value as well.”

Natalie Alexander, Director of Designer Forum New York 2011 adds, “This menswear show gives buyers and exhibitors what other shows may not, a flexible show schedule, space throughout the hotel to meet with potential clients and vendors, and a convenient Midtown location.”

Now in its fifth year, Designer Forum New York attracts hundreds of retailers, buyers from all over the world.

To register or for more information contact Natalie Alexander at, or call 888-248-2832.

Clae Footwear & Penfield at Glass Boutique

Clae are a footwear brand that perfectly combines the smart casual look with all the aspects of what we love from a sneaker—comfort, clean lines and durability. Here we see Glass Boutique mix these shoes with some Millwood chino’s from Penfield.

About Sunpocket Glasses
Sunpocket was introduced in France, in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s.

View the sunglasses here.

Photos & text Courtesy Sane Communications.

New Bone Wear Sleepwear

BONE WEAR has released their popular Long Sleepwear in five new exciting colours—the perfect gear to wear to bed or lounge around the house.

See the new line here.

Photos & text Copyright Bone Wear.

Kris Van Assche Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Although I have posted the runway shots of the Kris Van Assche 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection, I have just received some new shots from the look book, as well as the line of shoes.

Check out the look book here.

Photos & text Copyright Kris Van Assche.

May 19, 2011

Eastie Welcomes You to the 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

Eastie welcomes you to their world of tailoring for the gentlemen and journeymen found in every modern man.

Travel, ambition and a desire to look your best is at the forefront of the fashion conscious male’s mind daily, and Eastie, a brand that embraces Eastern influence mixed with a western appropriation of heritage styles once perfected by Himalayan adventurers, and gents of the British Raj successfully combine them all to produce iconic fashion with contemporary features and a polished fit.

Sartorial living and lifestyle run throughout Eastie from what the brand represents to the materials used in the collection, all constructed from the best Indian fabrics lined with the finest linen available.

From the shirting, blazers and even down to the variety of trousers on offer all is tailored to provide a proper fit and a civilized finish providing comfort like no other.

Eastie aims to provide durable work wear that is built to last and that will stand the test of time.

It is for this reason Eastie celebrates the ‘dandy old world’ and mixe and adapts it to produce a style guide for a more civilized modern world.

See more shots here of the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Eastie, Courtesy Sane Communications.

Penfield Spring/Summer 2011 Tees and More!

Penfield seems to make summer easy with their vast amount of summer t-shirts, shorts, and accessories that come in a large variation of styles and colors.

A mixture of polo’s and t-shirts that don classic Penfield logo’s make up the t-shirt collection, as well pocket t’s to keep the collection on trend.

Twill and oxford cotton shorts complete the summer look in style and the bag accessories can keep your Penfield Jacket stored away in style.

See more of the tees here!

Photos & text Copyright Penfied.

May 18, 2011

The Perfect Tangent Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Perfect Tangent would like to express our anxiety about the World with Infinite Information, taking our Logical Details to a different Psychological state of mind. Pak Man Lee has interpreted our Logical Designs philosophy into a Black and Heavy winter collection. The label builds on its first collection by continuing to weave unexpected hidden elements and functional details into its pieces.

Perfect Tangent would like to present our favorite pieces of the collection “Trojan Jacket.” Inspired by a vintage windbreaker from “West Coast Ways, 1960’s,” Pak has created an Iconic Snap-Down Collar with a Hood Hidden Underneath. The entire jacket is made in 8.05oz Japanese Canvas & Cow Leather with Beautiful Corduroy interior. Also, it is decorated with Real Horn, adjuster, Stopper and Buttons.

The “Flight Jacket” is a sleek and elegant recreation of a bomber jacket, constructed with light jersey interfaced with textured silk, reinforcing its structure without sacrificing its versatility. In autumn/winter 2011, we have explored style in Black Suede with Gold Zipper.

About Pak Man Lee
Exposed to European interior and fashion design since his childhood, Pak Man Lee (“Pacman”) developed an intuitive appreciation of personal style as a means of self-expression. He is currently living in Hong Kong.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright the Perfect Tangent.

Men’s Color Trend Spring 2012, Design Options

Color Trend Report Young Men's, Contemporary: The Spring Summer 2012 young men’s color forecast is on display, with four themes that range from: Road Warrior, whose khaki and crimson palette gives depth to utilitarian staples; Total Eclipse emphasizes decorative yet subtle accents; Electric Moves, with midnight blue and bright red shades that convey innovation; and Retro Rags, a blend of dark violet and green hues for the avant-garde.

Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Design Options, the color forecasting company who brings Southern California's unique aesthetic to the world.

Spring 2012 Color Forecast

Color Theme: Road Warrior
Khaki and crimson red tones of thunder chopper and night rod give depth to patch pockets and cuffed trousers.

Color Theme Total Eclipse
Faded blue and beige shades of unconcealed and unveil emphasize decorative yet subtle accents.

Color Theme: Electric Moves
Midnight blue and bright red shades of velocity and locomotion fuse with uncompromising innovation to express peculiarity.

Color Theme: Retro Rags
Retro Rags: Dark violet and green hues of ostentatious and avant-garde blend creative notions with supple nuances.

About Design Options
Design Options, has a global client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms. Design Options is dedicated to bringing Southern California's unique aesthetic to the world. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the current marketplace, fuels the company's imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion.

Worn By—the Rock ‘n’ Roll Icon Brand

Worn By is a label dedicated to capturing the most iconic moments in rock ’n’ roll history.

Searching the world for inspiration and working with original artists, musicians and photographers to revive original imagery and designs worn by legends of the past.

Since 2004, Worn By has become a leading brand for many of the world's premium fashion retailers.

Appealing to music lovers of all ages who appreciate the style and legacy of icons and honoring the most infamous moments in rock history.

Each t-shirt comes with its own unique Polaroid style hangtag detailing the influence behind the print.

All of the vintage inspired t-shirts are made using the best fabrics and washes, together with great colors, stitch detailing, and print techniques to achieve a truly authentic finish that feels great to wear.

See more images here or go shopping below!

Photos & text Copyright Worn By.

Worn By - shop now

May 17, 2011

Vilebrequin’s Promise for the Future…

Protecting Our Environment, One Turtle at a Time

To celebrate its 40th anniversary and demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection, Vilebrequin, the renowned French swimwear company, will help a historic restoration project of our marine ecosystem which represents approximately 73 percent of the planet.

To highlight this commitment to nature, Vilebrequin has teamed up with Fabien Cousteau, grandson of renowned oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and founder of the Plant A Fish Foundation.

With financial support from Vilebrequin, the Plant A Fish Foundation will work to reintroduce certain endangered species to the environment, specifically sea turtles, the symbol of the brand, that are essential to the balance of the aquatic ecosystem.

As such, the program will focus primarily on the Hawksbill turtle, one of the most threatened species.
It is one of Vilebrequin’s missions to see this species survive.

Photo & text Copyright Vilebrequin.

Theatre de la Mode Spring/Summer 2012 “Polvareda”

Theatre de la Mode introduces “Polvareda’ for spring/summer 2012. The collection is inspired by the dust track roads across the desert regions of Mexico. The passing scenes and the dusty trail reveal a multitude of colour and form that spark a graphic and concise range for spring/summer2012.

Fabrics incorporate raw linens, featherweight jersey, cotton canvas and a loose weave cotton knit jersey. Autumn/winter 2011’s brushed cotton tartan has been reintroduced in a lightweight version for spring/summer. Fabric blending is at the core of the collection with jersey, rib and tartan in the Rib-yoke shirt.

The classic Theatre de la Mode Bellow sweat is reworked into a jacket combining canvas and cotton sweat. Other pieces include a printed slim sweat pant, the T-cut shirt, Biker sweat and the Elastic-waist tailored trouser.

Spring/summer 2012’s print makes a bold statement using clean, monochrome shapes fashioned from the collection’s South American roots. Colours in the range feature dusty stone, golden beige, rich khaki, rusty tan, washed-out grey with navy and emerald tartan accents.

There is a natural ease throughout the collection that fuses fabric and pattern alongside Theatre de la Mode’s customary mix of tailored casual wear. Bleached out tones on a hot summers day personify the collection’s lightweight nature.

Check out the collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Theatre de la Mode.

May 16, 2011

Cy Choi 2011 Spring/Summer Collection “1 1 Root 2”

Everything loses its unclosed possibility by being named, although it is a long-held belief.

The possibility finally comes out when we accept the relativity of its value and perception.

In other words, the truth is so subjective and relative that it is differentiated by the criterion defining it.

This might be a skeptical response that doubts universal truths. However, it clears and makes the possibility being covered with an absolute truth come into view.

About Cy Choi
Cy Choi is designed by Korean designer Chul-Yong Choi, who, born in 1972, Chul-Yong Choi studied Fashion Design at the Hongik University of Seoul.

Chul-Yong Choi went on to study at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, where he resides today. He launched Cy Choi in Paris, in 2009.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Cy Choi.

Cy Choi 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection “Inosculation”

The inosculation of A + B makes possible the variety of C.

This combination enables us the changes that facilitate new creation, which is still considered valid in Design.

The fixed idea cannot survive for good. The wriggling, raw-ish, untreated and alive design will be inosculated in your senses and your desires of novelty.

About Cy Choi
Cy Choi is designed by Korean designer Chul-Yong Choi, who, born in 1972, Chul-Yong Choi studied Fashion Design at the Hongik University of Seoul.

Chul-Yong Choi went on to study at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, where he resides today. He launched Cy Choi in Paris, in 2009.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Cy Choi.