July 30, 2011

Introducing Tie Trader

We were working at a large Wall Street firm when the recent Global Financial Crisis struck. As you might guess, the combination of bank bailouts, fat cat bonuses and dwindling 401K accounts meant we were not the most popular guys around at the time. In order to rebuild our business we needed to stand out from the herd. Par t of this involved projecting the right image. In other words, we had to look good.

We soon discovered that a few well-chosen accessories didn’t just add to our suits, they made the outfit. A great t ie helped us to project that cool, calm and confident look we were striving for. But it was difficult finding such ties and accessories at the right pr ice. We were disappointed with what was on offer and we knew we could do better. The result is Tie Trader, a company guided by 3 simple principles: quality, design, and value.

Our products combine the spirit of Wall Street with top quality and great design. All Tie Trader t ies are made from the highest quality silk and are designed so as to be both modern and timeless. They all come in our signature beech wood-hued box. Don’t throw it out, it’s the perfect place to store your t ie the right way - rolled, not hung (so as to avoid creases). And yes, that is the bull and the bear in our logo, old symbols of Wall Street, traders, markets and the economy.

Tie Trader is all about drive, success and looking good enough to earn that ridiculously huge bonus. So put on one of our power t ies and embrace your inner CEO. Add in some cuff links to seal the deal. And get all this at a faircost. After all, as value investors, we believe the secret to a good investment is buying at the right pr ice. So let us do our bit to help you get the confidence that comes from being “in the money”.

Check out more ties here.

Photos & text Copyright Tie Trader.

July 29, 2011

Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2011

Stone Island was created by chance, as we like to say, in 1982. At the time, the firm was called C.P. Company, as was the brand it produced. C.P. Company was considered the forefather of all Italian casual wear brands.

Its “subtitle” was ‘Ideas from Massimo Osti’ and Massimo, a graphic designer and intellectual from Bologna invented it. In the mid Seventies, he was the first to get interested in army surplus garments, to understand the importance of the enormous cultural wealth to be found in vintage markets in Italy, a territory that through the ages had seen so many ancient and modern armies pass by.

Massimo was the first to study the functional characteristics of these garments, cataloguing shapes, pockets, fastenings, garment accessories and studying the worn looks and faded colours that are so full of historical flavour.

In order to reproduce them, in Ravarino, in the province of Modena, he perfected a sophisticated garment dyeing laboratory and experimental print works. He began research into materials and weaves, mixing them, coating them and transforming them by dyeing the finished garments.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Stone Island.

Stolen Girlfriends Club “The Big Comedown”

Refining their rock edge, Stolen Girlfriends Club applies their irreverent approach to sharp tailoring, loosened by sport inspired jerseys & nylons.

Main details include heavy lace-up and a lick of leather, offering a collection with a slicker surface and a darker heart.

The Big Comedown reflects a superficial beauty with an ominous undertone.

Whether inspired by punk romanticism, peace and love, or nomads and bikers, each Stolen Girlfriends Club collection has the base of rock and roll delinquency that has become beloved of a growing customer base of influential fashion leaders: Skate punks, art drunks, and movie stars in shit-box cars.

Check out more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Stolen Girlfriends Club.

July 28, 2011

Corino Coxxxano Spring/Summer 2012

Wellness Begins with What One Wears Underneath

Compelling designs and exquisite fabrics enrich the Berlin company’s demanding underwear scene.

The new image campaign was orchestrated by the famous American underwear model Barrett Pall and Sex and the City’s renown model, Markus Zierke.

Besides the quality of the three new collections—Haute Sculpture, Color Couture, and Water Couture—the brand pays special attention to unique, visual highlights.

The Coxxxano Haute Sculpture series—in classic white, black and gray—fits any occasion and comes in the form of pants and panties.

The collection Coxxxano Couture Colour, however, is inspired by the fresh colors of summer and enriches the underwear segment with vibrant color accents.

The trunks of the Coxxxano Water Couture line are mainly contrasted, keeping a tight-fitting two-tone pattern and fit, exuding a sporty look.

The swim shorts, by contrast, make their fresh floral print on a longer-cut style for certain nonchalance.

Corino Coxxxano appeals to a broad, open-minded audience of nearly all ages—but remains individual and mainstream at the same time.

Have a look at the sexy models here.

Photos & text Copyright Coxxxano.

July 27, 2011

Aksel: More than Just Shirts

Several centuries ago, Aksel (pronounced äk-sel) was an esteemed Berber prince who dominated a war-torn North Africa, preserving the freedom of his people from invading nations. Of Berber origin himself, Yazid wanted to pay homage to his culture while defining a company that was created for the free men of today.

Our logo is comprised of an ancient Tifinagh character, pronounced yaz, which translates to free man. As an ambitious young entrepreneur, Yazid pursued Stanford’s MBA program to prepare himself for a life of unbridled and creative business pursuits. Traveling the world, sourcing fabrics, designing shirts and meeting with talented minds, he is a living example of the lifestyle he promotes. He hopes you too will enjoy the freedom of following your own dreams in the luxurious embrace of an Aksel.

Several centuries ago, Aksel (pronounced äk-sel) was an esteemed Berber prince who dominated a war-torn North Africa, preserving the freedom of his people from invading nations. Of Berber origin himself, Yazid wanted to pay homage to his culture while defining a company that was created for the free men of today.

Our logo is comprised of an ancient Tifinagh character, pronounced yaz, which translates to free man. As an ambitious young entrepreneur, Yazid pursued Stanford’s MBA program to prepare himself for a life of unbridled and creative business pursuits. Traveling the world, sourcing fabrics, designing shirts and meeting with talented minds, he is a living example of the lifestyle he promotes. He hopes you too will enjoy the freedom of following your own dreams in the luxurious embrace of an Aksel.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Aksel.

Hackett London “An Englishman Abroad”

Hackett spring/summer 2011 for men showcases four collections, resplendent with signature Hackett detailing, luxurious quality, timeless design and intelligently considered attention to detail.

Correspondent, inspired by the globetrotting gentleman;

Hackett Mayfair Collection, refreshed for Spring/Summer through clever use of colour and extended knitwear pieces;

Caribbean, continuing the travel theme through an explosion of colour and print;

and finally Nautical, reimagining the sartorial elements of sailing and yachting, with a navy, and crisp white palette, with accents of deepest red.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Hackett.

July 26, 2011

Nico Didonna Lights up London

The iconic buildings of London are a big influence for Nico’s autumn/winter 2011 collection.

Architectural shapes manifest themselves in exaggerated collars, layered up pieces, and lean silhouettes.

The usual unique details, which Nico’s name has become renowned for, are present as ever. Creating an ever more youthful, chic, as well as classy collection.

This idea of the garment being adaptable to wearer is inspired by the way buildings are created to suit their surroundings. The shape of the Gherkin building that allows for transparency, and lets more natural light in was a key influence.

Colors are drawn from this urban source; slate grays, metallic browns and jet black. Injections of bights, such as turquoise and electric blue, brings excitement to this palette.

Fabrics are luxurious as always; quality wools and robust alpaca complementing the tweed suits and the luxurious cottons introduce new textures.

This exciting collection brings a new wardrobe of possibilities to the existing and new Nico Didonna customer. Those looking for something sophisticated and beautiful are provided for fully. The different shapes and complimentary colors of the pieces allow them to be built up as outfits, or worn alone as standout pieces.

With versatility at the forefront, this collection can equally be worn to the most glamorous functions, or on more casual days. Whatever, the situation, one thing is guaranteed; you will be the talk of the moment!

Check out the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Nico Dionna.

Kris Van Assche : a T-Shirt for Japan

Kris Van Assche in collaboration with Misericordia, has designed an exclusive T-shirt for Japan.

All profits will be used to support the relief efforts of the Japanese Red Cross, for their ongoing help to those affected by the tragic events of March 2011.

The design of the t-shirt refers to a message from the designer himself ‘Hope & Love will Save us’.

Photo & text Copyright Kris Van Asche.

July 25, 2011

“Walking the Line” with Jimmy Choo & Mr. Porter

Jimmy Choo Launches a Short Film in Collaboration with Mr. Porter

Jimmy Choo are delighted to announce that Men’s Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection is now available to purchase.

To celebrate, Jimmy Choo has collaborated with MrPorter.com to create “Walking the Line” – a short film shot in New York City and featuring key styles from autumn/winter 2011 Collection.
The short film follows a man who takes risks in life by “Walking the Line”.

Shot in New York City the Jimmy Choo man will be seen walking many of the City’s eclectic linear elements, such as a crosswalk, the Brooklyn Bridge and the edge of a reflecting pool, all the while conveying a sense of impeccable style, masculinity and the perfect balance between classicism and Rock ‘n’ Roll style.

“I am thrilled to introduce men’s shoes to the Jimmy Choo world. My vision of the Jimmy Choo man is one who exudes confidence and style whether he is an artist or an investment banker. The first thing I look at on a man is his shoes.” - Tamara Mellon, OBE Founder and Chief Creative Officer

In addition to the jimmychoo.com and mrporter.com websites, the Jimmy Choo men’s shoes will be launched exclusively in a selective distribution of the most influential men’s specialty and department stores in the world.

See the shoes here.

Photos & text Copyright Jimmy Choo.

July 23, 2011

Merckx Organic Prologue Pant by Amsterdam Blauw

Fact: Organic and sustainable products are becoming an ever important part of our daily consumer lives; we try to buy our biological groceries from local producers, enjoy our ‘slow food’, recycle our waste whenever we can and wash our denims as little as possible. Amsterdam's Blauw pride in the organic lifestyle, sticking to a diet of sustainable product where possible alongside their obsession with cycling has resulted in The Merckx Jean.

Named after Eddy Merck—one of the world’s most talented cyclists ever and nicknamed ‘The Cannibal’ for his insatiable appetite for victories winning virtually every important race, most multiple times—Amsterdam’s Blauw are paying homage to one of the purist riders on the track and in the field with a specially constructed denim made specifically to ride in.

The custom tailored slim fit pant is made of 100% organic loom state green selvedge denim. The pockets have been reinforced with canvas taping for extra strength and the legs have been printed with special reflecting cuffs to be seen at night. It has a spoke wrench pocket and actual tool included, sealed with the limited edition world colors patch. These feature—in combination with cycling, which is 100% environmentally friendly and keeps you fit—completes the circle.

This ‘fixie’ pant and its community sits very close to the values and passions of Amsterdam’s Blauw: a remarkable community in its diversity and individuality. This informal crowd embraces all walks of society just as denim does. From punk rock to college guys. From bike freaks, hipsters and ageing fathers with mortgage repayments and office jobs and everything in between. Denim and cycling draw strong parallel. Two worlds become one through their mutual simplicity in both aesthetic appeal and flawless functionality. And both when used properly need little maintenance.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Amsterdam Blauw.

The Kakadu Traders Vest

Kakadu Traders brings you the essential for the urban traveler.

From the outback to the concrete jungle this multi pocket utility vest is the perfect companion for the many needs of the sartorial urbanite, a functional piece in the fashion wardrobe.

Available in versatile waxed cotton for the ever unpredictable weather conditions.

Rain or shine fashion can be function (well priced to boot!).

Photos & text Copyright Kakadu.

July 22, 2011

Lavenham Jackets Autumn/Winter 2011: Luxurious Traditional Wear for the Great Outdoors

The men’s Lavenham Autumn Winter collection for 2011 once again pushes the boundaries of traditional quilted outdoor wear and injects a youthful sense of luxurious country side living into a collection suited for either city strolling or woodland footpath walking.

For this collection Lavenham have delved deep into their 40-year-old archive to bring a collection inspired by traditional stable workers and of course all things equestrian.

Materials used this time around expand into the finest and more refined materials that Britain has to offer with British wools; British Millerain wax and high performance yarn dyed woven polyester.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Lavenham.

July 19, 2011

Camo River Collection Spring/Summer 2012

The Camo “River” collection is inspired by the river “Cervo.” It runs across the valley, into the Biellese area.

The river, just as human life, has a winding and articulated way.

It has its birth, in this case, from the lake “Lago della Vecchia”, then it goes through small villages and cities ending its course by jumping into the sea.

The flow, as a simbol of life; for us the river “Cervo” is as important as any other river , torrent, or stream.

See the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Camo.

Timoteo Exclusive Tanks & More

Timoteo is an ever-expanding line of underwear, swimwear, gym wear, jeans, and more.

In the most recent photo shoot, model Steven Dehler who has walked the runway for Timoteo poses in front of the camera with exclusive tank tops.

Keeap up the great work, Timoteo!

See more sexy shots of Steven here.

Photos Copyright Timoteo.

Sun Pocket Original –Avalanching Its way onto Catwalks, High Streets & Hipsters Pockets

Sun Pocket first unfolded in France in the late 1970’s, originally made for the sunny ski slopes and the warm Mediterranean Sun Pocket soon avalanched its way into the fashion scene, being worn by the rich, famous and fashionable of any ice capped mountain range.

Moving out of the 70’s into the 80’s Sun Pocket retained the joyful explosion of colours and a style that saw them the eye wear of choice for hotdog skiers and 80’s hipsters.

20 years on and Sun Pocket find themselves being brought back to life globally being stocked in over 18 countries after now-brand owner, Jacob Höglund, found a pair of the foldable sunglasses by accident in his families ski cottage in Trysil, Norway 2009.

See more shots of the sunglasses here.

Photos & text Copyright Sun Pocket.

July 18, 2011

CIFF Spring/Summer 2012 Trends

Season Themes: CIFF has put together a trend presentation for their upcoming August show. The report features S/S 2012 direction, key silhouettes and color boards for the men’s and women’s apparel market. As always, the show’s trend report is a visual treat, and a good overview to get retailers in the mood for the Spring Summer 2012 season. Trends include: New Edge, Techno color Summer, Soft Alternative, and Urban Jungle. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF).

Spring Summer 2012 Trend Forecast

In New Edge, we represent a strong desire for modern shapes that we would like to be pure yet sensual. This modern outlook offers a radically simple, minimal aesthetics found appealing once again, updating an idea of classicism and timelessness. Between a search for original purity and the redefinition of shapes, we identify the contours of a new frame of reference. Highly stylized, shapes and lines are defiantly structured or erased to leave room for a comfortable ergonomy with generous, enveloping, air-conditioned fullness. We draw strength from the desert, a fascination for expanses without borders and opt for timeless eroded denim and sediment-like fabric effects.

This is a call for pure relaxation, cheerfulness and vacationing: a joyous escape from everyday life. Take up the colors of summer and the codes of seductiveness and give them a joyful spin, without fear of being over the top. We play Summer clichés “to the hilt” between jet-set opulence sultry seduction and impetuous glamour of the Happy Hour. Or opt for a California cool, coloring the preppy look with show-off humor, and playing with beachwear and American casual wear to concoct a smart relaxed look. Summer once again has a mythical attraction.

Start dreaming of a more gentle connection with time, of a return to a more authentic existence. Between pragmatic realism - a better quality of life, sustainable and local consumption—and fantasized idealism: the dream of a simple and fair life, of authentic values. Enchanted authentic offers a continuation of the slow movement, but has a more elaborate and richer artisanal edge. It is a celebration of generosity, gentleness, richness and consistency and a desire to rediscover a refined, long-forgotten savoir-faire and seek graceful sensuality with old-fashioned charm. Compose a refreshing romanticism, without naiveté. Like a wistful collector, list the outfits of forgotten trades and crafts or prefer endearing and dainty touches for an enchanting bucolic mood.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.

Spring/Summer 2012 Accessories/Footwear Trends

Seasonal Theme Men’s Accessories: The 2012 London Olympic Games inspire a key trend for Spring/Summer 2012 men’s market. National Hybrids explores the diversity of nationalities, creativity and traditional past times that blend to form a modern multi-cultural society. Find shapes and details for men’s footwear and accessory product categories. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Mpdclick.com.

Phase One: Diversity
As we take a celebratory approach to migration and the doves of cultural influences that make up moder Britain, an eclectic combination of styles fuses with an evocative 70’s aesthetic: bold typographical styles in vivid shades are reminiscent of retro sign writing, combined with textile designs and decorative motifs from a global library of inspiration.

Phase Two: Liberty
Phase two, Liberty, follows a trend for nostalgia and etiquette, looking at the traditional pursuits inherent to the history of British leisure time. Inspired by May Day on the river Thames, picnics in the city parks and genteel activities, such as croquet and bowls, a quintessentially British aesthetic prevails with oversize floral prints, refined tailoring, and graphics with a touch of eccentricity.

Phase Three: Relay
Phase three, Relay, takes a look at the impact of the London Olympics, both aesthetically and as a lasting legacy to Great Britain. Ambitious regeneration projects and forward-thinking architectural feats will potentially have a positive effect on the nation long after the closing ceremony takes place. Influence taken from archival Olympic posters imbues a retrospective quality to the visuals of this phase, with blocky typography and oversized, simplified motifs featuring on minimal sporty separates.

About Mpclick
Mpdclick‘s monthly trend overviews provide you with the latest product trends emerging this month covering all genders and ages to ensure fashion professionals have the broadest outlook of the global retail sector. In depth reports provide an invaluable resource of inspiration for brand ranges and merchandising ideas. Selected trends are also presented in downloadable pdf story boards, allowing you to create an instant impression and inspiration on the design floor.

Mpdclick is a leading commercial online fashion trend forecasting service. Mpdclick offers the fashion industry designer, buyer and executive the global creative inspiration and consumer intelligence needed to succeed. A subscription to mpdclick.com keeps you informed of rapidly changing fashion and consumer trends and provides creative inspiration, market research and a library of usable resources, 24 hours a day.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.

Trend Flash Fall/Winter 2012-13 Textile SpinExpo

Seasonal Direction Textile Fiber Knitwear Men’s/Women’s: This must-see Trend Flash report is an inspiration. We all know it’s the yarn and fiber folks to watch for incoming trends. They are first in the trend cycle. This is the case here. On view, 10 spectacular trend boards which give a clear idea of the incoming mood, direction, color, and textural elements for fall / Winter 2012 - 2013. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of SpinExpo, a focused exhibition specific to the fiber, yarn and knitting sectors.

Fall Winter 2012-13, Seasonal Direction

SpinExpo Collections Overview
View swatches and learn about some of the international spinners, knitwear manufacturers and designers that will be exhibiting at the NYC show.

SpinExpo is the only international creative offer for fibers, yarns, knitwear, and knitted fabrics. It’s a great show, one not to be missed.SPINEXPO New York will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion/Altman Building in NYC July 18th-20th, 2011, where the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collections will be shown.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.

July 14, 2011

Tenue de Nîmes Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Tenue de Nîmes is launching a collection of special, hand-dyed, natural indigo, customized Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes that will be released during Amsterdam Fashion Week this summer.

The Chuck Taylor All Star serves as a perfect muse for Tenue de Nîmes. With deep roots in style and culture, both the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe and indigo denim have led somewhat parallel lives.

The Chuck Taylor All Star shoe and a pair of jeans have long been a staple of youth culture and music and have served as a symbol of independence for decades.

Fittingly, Tenue de Nîmes asked the legendary denim experts, the Manabe family from Okoyama in Japan, owners of the Momotaro brand and Rampuya dyeing factory, if they would be able to indigo-dye a limited amount of 50 pairs.

Mr. Manabe agreed, and kindly provided us with 50 pairs of stunning hand- numbered shoes, dyed in natural indigo. Because of the irregular composition of natural indigo, the shoes all have a different signature.

Each shoe is unique thanks to the traditional craft of hand-dyeing and the use of natural ingredients throughout the process. Every shoe is decorated with a Tenue de Nîmes cross on the inner sole.

Have a look at more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Tenue de Nîmes.

Jimmy Choo Autumn/Winter 2011

Jimmy Choo unveils its Autumn Winter 2011 advertising campaign to launch in August and September books globally, shot for the first time by fashion photographer Steven Meisel.

The campaign is inspired by cinematic 1970s Parisian glamour and conveys the darker, subversive side of femininity.

Meisel lenses model Raquel Zimmermann in the old-world glamour of New York City’s Waldorf Astoria and captures a scene of stolen, or perhaps forbidden, romance.

This campaign also features men’s collection product in conjunction with the launch of Jimmy Choo men’s shoes.

Each campaign image sees the Autumn Winter designs at the centre of a glamorous drama between a courtly Zimmerman and her lover.

…he wears the ST. JAMES, a minimal and modern expression of a British classic double monk-strap in black spazzolato with an English pewter buckle.

About Jimmy ChooFounded by Tamara Mellon, OBE in 1996, as a luxury footwear company, Jimmy Choo today encompasses a complete luxury brand with women’s shoes, handbags, small leather goods, belts, sunglasses and eyewear.

The brand’s products are available in the growing network of Jimmy Choo freestanding stores as well as in the most prestigious department, specialty and duty free stores worldwide.

From its original base in the United Kingdom and United States, the Jimmy Choo store network now encompasses more than 120 stores in 32 countries worldwide.

Tamara Mellon OBE, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, and Joshua Schulman, Chief Executive Officer, oversee the company’s development which today enjoys the stature of one of the world’s most treasured and prominent luxury brands.

Photos & text Copyright Jimmy Choo.

Ellesse Heritage Autumn/Winter 2011

Ellesse Heritage presents their brand new autumn/winter look book.

Showcasing how effortlessly their sporting heritage can be applied and incorporated into the modern man’s wardrobe.

We show here how the luxury and comfort of sporting influenced garments can sit perfectly under or over smart or casual dress. Ellesse Heritage.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Ellesse Heritage.

Frameworks by GPPR: An Introspection

Frameworks is GPPR’s inaugural foray into eyewear; an essential piece of a man’s ensemble, a pair of well-crafted frames can easily be the pivotal item that finishes a man’s semblance.

The first installation in this program is The Malcom, an eyewear frame inspired by the indelible Malcom X.

Crafted in Japan using hand molded Italian acetate with CR-39 lenses, these frames were created for the reformed iconoclast, the contemptuous gentleman: the modern Renaissance Man.

See the glasses here.

Photos & text Copyright GPPR.

July 13, 2011

The Individualists Autumn/Winter 2011 “The Sound of Silence”

“The Sound of Silence” is a poetic interpretation of a man’s life. Focusing on the turbulent emotions he feels while growing up. Intending to remind us the evolution of a human being from its birth to death, the construction of the collection and its shape emphasize the man’s body and its movement.

It applies to pants with curved shapes, around the body-turning knitwear or precisely placed cutouts on a jacket sleeve to accent the articulation and make movement more natural.

The melancholic note of the collection comes from the sober color palette by using a strong and deep black intermingling with desaturated shades, washed out blue tones and contrasting with taupe and grey.

The signature proportions – a perfect balance between tailoring and a slightly grungy look – is particularly expressed with this collection.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright the Individualists.

July 11, 2011

Olivier Borde Spring/Summer 2012

Olivier Borde reinterprets the essential items of the male wardrobe, infusing them with modern French sensibility and authentic artisanal spirit.

His creations revisit the canons of traditional tailored elegance and original sportswear, deconstructing familiar forms and confidently reconstructing them into new classics.

Olivier’s interest was in menswear, but his beginnings would lead in another direction. In 1999, he was hired as Creative Director of French women’s wear brand Ichthys, which he left in 2004, in order to co-found the Charles Anastase label with the fellow French designer – a venture that was rewarded with the prestigious Andam Prize and the favours of modern style icons such as Beth Ditto, Kylie Minogue, Chloe Sevigny and Diane Kruger.

In 2008, after parting ways with Anastase, he fulfilled his ambition to create new menswear classics, with a debut signature collection unveiled to critical acclaim at the Festival d’Hyeres. Since this auspicious debut, he has presented the collection during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, each garnering accolades along the way.

See more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Olivier Borde.

Chauncey Autumn/Winter 2011

Chauncey, a Brussels-based label is the idea of designer Nathalie Bouhana and her photographer partner David Sdika.

Having previously designed knitwear for Hermès, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Anne Valérie Hash, Nathalie has an eye for luxury knits.

Creative, minimalist but exclusive, Chauncey prides itself on European craftsmanship.

No eccentricity but modern design. Extreme precision and the highest quality yarns and manufacturers.

An “elegant gentleman traveler” look with a slice of Belgian surrealism.

Check out the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Chauncey.

July 8, 2011

Loewe Autumn/Winter 2011

For its advertising campaign for autumn/winter 2011, Loewe’s strong, sensual, passionate imagery features Spanish male model Andrés Velencoso. This season the visuals presented provide a gentler, more intimate context for Loewe’s ready to wear and leather accessories. Velencoso is pictured in the hotel room wearing Loewe's Amazona Weekender in Black and Loewe's Amazona Weekender bag in 'Oro' and Brown.

The campaign was shot in the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, a century-old landmark where the Hollywood star Ava Gardner would drink with Ernest Hemingway in the Fifties and Sixties, after making the city her home. Her rock and roll antics at the Ritz have since become part of local mythology. Both she and Hemingway were Loewe customers, a natural connection to the house that the creative team behind the campaign was keen to explore.

Shooting the campaign were Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who have demonstrated their instinct for narrative in fashion photography with a series of images that read like stills from a glamorous movie. Working alongside Mert and Marcus were their trusted collaborators Paul Hanlon and Lucia Pieroni on hair and make-up respectively.

Introducing a sense of intrigue around the relationship between Velencoso’s character and that of the female model, Mariacarla: both are seen in the same hotel room, but never at the same time. The use of motion blur around the lamps draws attention to the presence of a watching eye, giving the campaign a voyeuristic edge.

The art director of the campaign was stylist and Editor Katie Grand. “We felt it was really important that it took place somewhere iconically Spanish,” she says. “We had considered shooting on the southern coast, but the shoot was scheduled for March – not the best time for the beach. Once we’d decided on the Ritz we moved heaven and earth to make it happen; it was the perfect location, what with its glamorous history and its connection to Loewe.”

About Loewe
Established in 1846, Loewe represents Spanish luxury, specializing in leather goods, ready-to-wear, bags, accessories and fragrance.

In 1996 the company joined LVMH, the world’s leading luxury goods group. Today Loewe is a key player in 34 countries with over 160 stores worldwide and headquarters in Madrid.

Photo & text Copyright Loewe.

Los Vladimirovich “De profundis clamavi” Из глубины я плакал

From the Depths I Cried / Desde lo más profundo te invoco
Land of the dead, or rather of Death, its paths and side—paths from a truly phantasmagoric maze.

Covering an area of 43 hectares, or just over 105 acres, the Pere –Lachaise cemetery is the largest in Paris, and probably the last place most romantic in Paris, where each walk will transport you from one grave to another, according to your sensibility.

Like any cemetery can be defined by the relations that he establishes between the living and the dead. Going to Pere Lachaise is like traveling in a strange and fascinating world where art and nature unite to create a harmony that soothes and invites contemplation, meditation and dream.

The scope of the framework of Pere Lachaise, the poetry that emanates from the world of trees and stones mixed, tombs multiform embedded in greenery, the endless variety of tombs mean that the decor is unique.

More than a picturesque garden, more than a complex and varied collection of architecture , Pere Lachaise is a truly unusual and unique place .

The capitals largest burial-ground is also a splendid park. Although Pere Lachaise is an excellent places for a stroll , it would be wrong to think or it simply as just another tourist attraction, for it has other claims to greatness.

Mystic enclosure within earshot of the sounds of the city, Pere Lachaise lives on its history , its secrets and its legends (necrophilia, prostitution, black messes).

In this little corner of history one can almost hear the message of their faith in the future.
Science is powerless to death and only art and dreams offer us some consolation.

See the 2011 autumn/winter collection here.

When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
well I beg your pardon
walk the straight and narrow track.
If you walk with Jesus
he’s gonna save your soul
you gotta keep the devil
way down in the hole
he’s got the fire and the fury
at his command
well you don’t have to worry.
If you hold on to Jesus hand
we’ll all be safe from Satan
when the thunder rolls
just gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole.
All the angels sing about Jesus’ mighty sword
and they’ll shield you with their wings
and keep you close to the lord
don’t pay heed to temptation
for his hands are so cold
you gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole.


Photos & text Copyright
Los Vladimirovich.

Los Vladimirovich Autumn/Winter 2011

Los Vladimirovich Владимирович Marath & Yurik Menswear Collective (LVM&Y.MC) brand was formed in 2009 as a part of the creative Group: Vladimirovich-Group. That supports artists, photographers, & designers selected and invited to contribute with the Collective (Les collaborateurs).

Based in the World… In the Idea: Everyone as a world citizen - A world without physical territory. The 6 self-taught artists: born, grew up, study, moving, reside & work in different countries.

The Collective LVM&Y.MC was created in order to present and examine the ideas of the Modern Man … from the perspective of designers. The Pursuit of Perfect Man …that is reflected in is work.

The Brand Designers and Les Collaborateurs grounded their creations in functionality, comfort, simplicity, little details & quality.

An artist collective is the result of a group of artists working together; follow the same ideologies, aesthetic and political views, living and working together as an extended family.

Artist collectives have occurred throughout history. Collectives featured during both the Russian revolution when they were set up by the state in all major communities, and the French Revolution when the Louvre in Paris was occupied as an artist collective.

The collective intelligence made possible by the cross-combination of multiple creative minds and disciplines, the cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches.

Photos & text Copyright Los Vladimirovich.