August 31, 2011

Vanguard Fashion: Sounds Like an Investment!

Vanguard Fashion is an Australian premium lifestyle label that symbolizes a melting pot of alternate subcultures, fusing surf, skate, fashion, rock, grunge, new wave and hip hop into its highly wearable clothing.

The label has evolved since its birth in 2005 to be internationally renowned now, stocked in boutiques across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan and Indonesia.

The current SS11 collection is accompanied by the dreamy AWOL film by filmmaking legend, Riley Batchelor.

Check out some of the collection here.

Vanguard Spring 2011/12 - AWOL from Jono Cottee on Vimeo.

Photos & text copyright Vanguard.

August 25, 2011

Worn By 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection: “101%” Video Viral

To launch their AW11 collection, Worn By present their short video titled “101%” showcasing the current collection.

101%” shows friends and members of the brand letting their hair down on a typical night out for the Worn By rock & rollers.

Heading to the legendary haggard old party pub The Macbeth, Worn By's work ethic is translated into their partying with each member going “101%” all night long!

Check out the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Worn By.

Commune de Paris & FrenchTrotters

Clarent Dehlouz of FrenchTrotters and Alexandre Maïsetti of Commune de Paris get together to create an exclusive capsule collection for autumn/winter 2011.

Four elegant garments make up the collection: two shirts “Ferré”, one cardigan “Belleville 02,” and a bag “18mars FT.”

Special care over detail, quality of the fabrics used, fitted shape, precise choice of colors: these are the self-imposed condition that the two Parisian labels have adopted.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Commune de Paris.

August 24, 2011

Young Men’s Color Trends F/W 2012-13 Design Options

Color Trend Report Young Men's, Contemporary: The Fall / Winter 2012-13 young men's color forecast is on display, with four themes that range from: Classic Luxe, Cool Contrast, Big Chill, to Street Wise. The color boards present directional palettes, trend descriptions, and incoming color combinations along with runway visuals. In all, a quick snap shot of key color influences for the menswear market. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Design Options, the color forecasting company who brings Southern California's unique aesthetic to the world.

Fall / Winter 2012 - 2013, Men's Color Trends

Smoky grey and silver shades of ostentatious and opulent give subtle details a polished appeal.

Tan and brown tones indicate elegance within layers of fine heather-mixed wood.

Steel blue and icy grey tones of conceivable difference and irrevocable gestures resonate on sleek wool.

Shades of turquoise and black intermingle brilliantly on canvas pique cotton.

Brick and muted mustard tones prudently accentuate cotton twill.

Khaki shades of charcoal tints add the perfect finish to twists of mohair.

Green and faded olive tones give flashy accents to subdued lines and multi-faceted textures.

Blue and camel combinations of urban shapes and cross mode exude ultra fashionable flair.

Design Options, has a global client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms. Design Options is dedicated to bringing Southern California's unique aesthetic to the world. Its singular, cutting edge perspective, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the current marketplace, fuels the company's imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, used by Permission.

Silas Clothing 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

Silas + Maria Make a Welcome Return to the UK

Silas are glad to be launching back in the UK with direct acknowledgement of both the brands previous aesthetic and successful tenure in the UK, when it found comfort and cult status immersing itself in sub cultures that enabled their ability to swerve the mainstream and masses via attachment to skateboarding and avant-garde music genres.

Since leaving the shores of the UK and relocating to Japan, the manufacturing and depth of the brand has become more extensive and an element of the ‘post skateboarding’ look and feel has been replaced with more maturity for AW11 in the overall garmentry - patterns - hues - fabrics - differing cuts to suit and complement form with greater substance are visibly apparent, making this a lifestyle collection to facilitate the wardrobe of the forward thinking fashion conscious male in colder weather conditions - denim is top tier - chino fabric is luxury and the shirting advocates cut and sew with outerwear doing what it should - protecting you from the elements ... with style.

Collaborations with eminent Japanese and English iconic brands are present in AW11 to give the aforementioned depth to the brand offering - To celebrate 25 years of Slam City Skates Silas collaborated on a micro collection of tee / beanie / wallet to again pay homage to whence it came. Japans Key worked with Silas on a dead-stock military tent fabric to create a hold-all and military cargo pants - rugged yet sartorial.

Silas are also proud to announce their new retail direction with a standalone store ‘formally’ opening in September in Islington - the space will be the hub of the brand, the customer will be privy to ltd editions and special collaborative pieces found only at the flagship store alongside art exhibitions and live performances – again emancipating hidden talent and manifesting destinies is high on the agenda – choosing to shirk the bright lights of the current EC1 / E2 retail boom Silas want to stay on the periphery where they find solitude and the ability to look from the outside in, purveying a Machiavellian sensibility to their NEW UK direction.

Also for AW11 the traditional ‘look-book’ etiquette has ultimately been foregone to disperse with any over formalities, and a provision of ‘what it is to be Silas’ has been delivered with aplomb, a more relaxed photo-shoot was curated by a true acclaimed master of the craft, the eminent portraiture and street style snapper Shaniqwa Jarvis was entrusted with the reigns to deliver a fresh yet familiar aesthetic that is and in keeping with the Silas ‘relaxed’ ethos.

See the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Shaniqwa Jarvis; text, Silas Clothing.

August 22, 2011

Hyakinth by Jacek Kłosiński: Childhood Inspiration

Recently, Polish designer Jacek Kłosiński sent me his 2011 autumn/winter look book with a brief explanation of the inspiration:

“An archival picture from my preschool was the first inspiration to create this collection, in which I try to answer a question what has grown out of young boys. Children can see and sense the mysteries of the world, things hidden from the eyes of adults, because of the freshness of their view. In this sense, my collection is a symbolic, the lost Arcadia, where probably we will never can back. In this collection I refer to the past, perceive the world through the eyes of the child, so reality is deformed, as in dreams and fairy tales, where people have the ability to transform into various characters and nothing is so obvious.”

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Hyakinth.

August 20, 2011

Butterflysoul: Urban Ape…Radical Charming!

The BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE men’s collection for summer 2012 is affected by a very personal and intimate vibe.

It is a view into a world where clothing is less ordinary.

Based on black and white tones, the pieces are about draping, structure and destruction.

There are vibrant loose fits as well as tight and sexy silhouettes showing lots of skin.

The iconic urban ape stands for a new personality; he is the chieftain of the inner constitution, proud and extroverted.

Standing strong on the ground with a mind flying up in the sky.

The label BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE exists since nearly a decade.

The two designers Maria Thomas and Thoas Lindner are self educated, which probably is the reason for their outstanding style and handwriting.

With the opening of their own store in Berlin one and a half years ago, they also built a platform for new up-and-coming designers.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Butterflysoulfire.

August 19, 2011

Gentry Accessories “The Williams Collections”

Gentry believes that life is lived in details - the final moments, the finishing touches, the respectful nods to tradition, and the rich heritage of menswear.

Gentry is a re-thinking of classic accessories for today's modern gentleman.

Founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2009, Gentry strives to create timeless pieces to polish any ensemble.

Each piece is inspired by the golden era of menswear, a time when attention to detail was just as important as the men who wore them. All GENTRY products are proudly produced in Los Angeles.

See more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Gentry.

Miroslav: An Intro

Let's be honest, despite what experts might say, every man knows what the most valuable part of his body is. They don't call them the crown jewels for nothing! And if you want to protect your jewels, you need to keep them somewhere safe.

MIROSLAV underwear is made in Australia from the best quality imported Japanese cotton. The time and effort that goes into crafting each piece means you won't need to waste any time choosing what to wear in the morning.

At MIROSLAV, we know you want your underwear to be hole proof. We know your bum is an Aussie one. So we don't waste your time or your money telling you that. The focus is on comfort, reliability and style.

See more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Miroslav.

August 18, 2011

Odeur Spring/Summer 2012 “Unisex”

Aerial Ambitions
A hunger for more. Swedish label Odeur continues to explore the unisex vision of a playful, aware silhouette in (their) its Spring/Summer 2012 collection named Aerial Ambitions. The collection is presented in a wide range of fabrics including fine cotton, silk and linen. This season’s colour palette is monochrome in white and black including some shades of grey.

Odeur’s very specific aesthetic is kept well in this rather sporty collection, that finds its inspiration in the human illusion of being able to fly, as in the tales of Icarus that covers human conceit. The silhouette is still playful and the focus on details as well as the unexpected cuttings characterize the collection, as always.

A brief history
Odeur was founded in Stockholm in 2006 as a brand experiment, using a specific white, light and clean scent instead of a visual logotype to label the graphic and dramatic, yet playful garments. The first collection included a few t-shirt styles that where distributed amongst a few initial clients in Sweden and Japan.

Today Odeur is designed by Petter Hollström and Gorjan Lauseger and has spread to 17 countries, selling jeans, outerwear, accessories and fashion clothing. The collection is represented at, amongst others, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, Temporary Showroom in Berlin, Oki-Ni in London and OAK NYC in New York.

See the entire look book here.

Photos & text Copyright Odeur.

Pull-In & Manhattan Portage Co-branded Bags

This fall, French intimates brand PULL-IN bring you two limited edition Messenger Bags. Combining PULL-IN’s creativity with Manhattan Portage’s classic style and iconic red label, the partnership put together two timeless designs that ring true to both companies’ quirky styles – the NYC Europa Messenger Bag and the Fraise Europa Messenger Bag. A perfect mix of urban New York street style with tongue-in-cheek French flavor, this new collaboration will be available in both PULL-IN and Manhattan Portage flagship retail stores world-wide and their respective online sites by the end of August.

Both prints bring in the unique styles of the brands that fans have come to know and love. Perfect for the New Yorker on the go, the NYC Bag is distinctive to the Big Apple, with a graphic print of popular NYC symbols on both the exterior flap and a small inside zippered pocket. The Fraise Bag features PULL-IN’s signature strawberry print on the interior lining and features brilliant red zippers. Both designs include the iconic Manhattan Portage and PULL-IN logos on the front and include expandable zippers allowing the bags to instantly double in size.

Perfect for carrying books, clothing and any other must-have items, these eye-catching, limited edition bags will be available just in time for the upcoming back to school season. Only 500pc of each print will be available at PULL-IN and Manhattan Portage physical and online flagship stores during back-to-school. Grab one quickly while they last!

Photo & text Copyright Pull-In.

Chapter Soft Launch Collection Teaser

Preview the spring/summer 2012 soft launch collection, which will debut at Capsule Tradeshow in Las Vegas next week August 22–23rd.

The collection features premium, affordable product, such as denim and woven shirting, designed with the highest level of integrity and quality.

The collection draws upon influence from the Chapter family and stands to remain true to the sentiments of those who grew up with skate, snow and artistic roots. Chapter will be delivering to select retail for a spring/summer 2012 soft launch with a full men’s and women’s collection scheduled for a Fall 2012 debut hitting retail stores globally in July 2012.

About Chapter
Chapter assembled as a commitment to autonomy founded by a loyal collective of modern minds and artisan hands willing to uphold their creativity as part of a shared common vision of supporting others curating a similar lifestyle.

Chapter will strive to design and provide quality, contemporary product that tastefully punctuates a lifestyle inspired by attuned fashion, art, and music, enhanced by social connectivity and significance.

“Chapter’s mantra, ‘Nothing More Beyond’ asserts our position that utmost quality doesn’t start and stop at design and the aesthetic of each collection but also extends to the lifestyle we lead, weaving itself into every aspect of our identity” states founder, Frank Delgadillo.

Chapter is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California.

See the collection teaser here.

Photos & text Copyright Chapter.

August 17, 2011

Canterbury Lifestyle, ‘Played in Heaven’

Taking inspiration from a plethora of rugby shirts ranging from the 1930’s right through to 1987, iconic paneling, striping details, and color ways can be seen taking centre stage in this collection.

The collegiate range brings a modern twist to classic sporting inspired clothing.

Canterbury doesn’t only dress men on the field but also off—the clubhouse becomes a hub of sartorial style after a hard competitive match.

About Canterbury
Canterbury was founded 1904 in the New Zealand province of Canterbury.

For more than 75 years, Canterbury of New Zealand has produced tricots for the All Blacks and remains one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of Rugby clothing.

Now, over 105 years after the founding, this iconic New Zealand rugby brand has set its sights on a newly inspired lifestyle range.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Canterbury.

Two Thirds: An Intro

A brand with more than devotion to the Ocean

Two thirds menswear brand was established in San Sebastian, heart of the infamous and beautiful Basque Country.

Its founders, all keen surfers with sartorial edges to their aesthetics, felt there was both a necessity and a gap in the current saturated ‘street wear’ market to formulate a brand with the waves, as opposed to paving stones and tarmac at its heart ... a surf-inspired label that would set them apart from rest.

Transcending the boundaries of street and sports apparel, twothirds is fast becoming a credible and desirable lifestyle brand across Europe.

Key to its success and ability to transcend the aforementioned boundaries is its philosophy: always be free—free from the urge to “ride on the back of the waves of passing trends” is something that is seeing the brand do well.

Its ethos of purity and sustainability—purity in design, high quality sustainable fabrics, alongside a committed connection to the ocean—are seeing twothirds crash on the shores of more territories on a monthly basis.

The name twothirds comes from the notion that two-thirds of our planet is covered by ocean.

Twothirds aim is to address those who are awake and aware of the immense value of the ocean, as well as having a thirst for style and substance. More than just another green brand, they are a blue brand—twothirds is ‘the’ blue company.

It is for the love of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a puristic approach to surfing and the lifestyle beyond the beach that set the parameters for the concepts that inspired this first Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

Within the range can be found hues that reflect the passion for a lifetime spent in close proximity to the water and the sun with welcome nuances of turquoise’ and navy fade to grey’, while pinks and sun drenched yellows sit parallel to compliment.

Knitwear is oxymoronic, soft to the touch with a rugged aesthetic that pays homage to a sailing tradition with rope and drawstrings and deck wood toggles making a cameo where necessary.

Trousers are chino based in tapered silhouettes, again in lux fabrics that alongside technical outerwear pieces and beanies, complete the outfit of the urban Steve Zissou/Jacques Cousteau.

There are also accessories made entirely from recycled fishing nets that again define an unconditional love for the ocean and sustainability.

Become an eccentric yet stylish Oceanographer and feel good while doing it—sustainable and stylish—twothirds.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright twothirds.

August 12, 2011

Grenson x Tenue de Nîmes Wingtip Brogue

Tenue de Nîmes enjoyed such positive reactions after the release of the first Grenson x Tenue de Nîmes brogue that a second interpretation had to follow soon.

This shoe has been part of English shoemaking heritage for well over 100 years. The wingtip brogue was originally a country shoe.

The holes in them were functional back then, rather than mere decoration: they’d let the water out when worn on walks across the bogs.

The brogue has long since migrated to the city and this one is very elegant with its grey nubuck upper and contrasting white eyelets and laces.

Tenue de Nîmes finished it off with a hand painted, double leather white sole.

The shoes are marked with a combination of the Grenson 'rose' and the Tenue de Nîmes 'cross' embossed on the in- and outsole. Limited edition. Hand made in England.

See more images here.

Photo & text Copyright Tenue de Nîmes.

A.F.D Camo & Sky from Pointer Footwear

Pointer Footwear present the A.F.D in two fresh new color ways for autumn/winter 2011, Camo and Sky prints breathe a breath of fresh air to one of the cleanest style of shoe that Pointer offer.

The A.F.D is a casual shoe adaptable to any outfit; here the eye catching prints bring the simple silhouette to life making these a focal point for the eye to find when an outfit is being inspected.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Pointer.

August 11, 2011

Stephen F Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Since the start in fall 2010, Stephen F has received attention and praise. The cloths are already being sold side by side designer labels like Givenchy, Balenciaga, Lanvin, and more.

The brands trademark is the mask and the royal blue color.

Stephen F is a Swedish high-end brand that stands for timeless well tailored clothing.

Every piece has something special that makes the garment stand out; such as the choice of fabric and small edgy details. Everything is made in limited quantities. Nothing is mass-produced.

We are working with Italian, English, and Swedish fabrics and everything is made in Italy, Sweden, and Portugal.

Watch out for the MASK!

“How you dress says a lot about who you are, and your clothes should be a statement of your individuality.”

— Stephen F

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Stephen F.

Chi Zhang Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection “Destroy & Rebirth”

Yesterday I received the autumn/winter 2011 look book from the young and talented Chinese designer, Chi Zhang. I am always intrigued by his designs.

You probably have heard how menswear often lags the trends in women’s wear, but not so with Chi Zhang. He is right up there with the most current of trends in both!

When I asked Chi about the inspiration of the collection, he responded:

“Because this is the autumn/winter 2011/12 collection, the 2012 end-of-world-idea came alone. Therefore the inspiration of this collection is ‘Destroy and Rebirth’. As you can see the whole season is separated into two parts. It starts with dark mysticism and edgy elegance and ends with the rebirth part, which will be more bright and promising. I want to give an idea that, even it were the end of world we would always fight for the bright side.”

See the entire collection here.

Photos Copyright Chi Zhang.

August 10, 2011

French Trotters by Veja

Veja and French Trotters have collaborated to create an exclusive collection of men’s sneakers. With a clean stripped-back design, understated colors and ecological materials, the Veja × French Trotters sneakers are available in low and high top styles.

French Trotters — For their 3 Parisian boutiques French Trotters curate a selection of rare and high end labels. During the last 2 seasons French Trotters have also created their own line of clothing, whose pieces are crafted entirely in their atelier in Paris.

The leather used has been tanned naturally using acacia extracts. The soles are made of wild rubber originating from the Amazonian rainforest.

Each pair of Veja x French Trotters has been waxed and polished in order to reveal the natural shadows and give them a mottled finish.

Have a peek at a few more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Veja.

August 9, 2011

Ethosens Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection “Dear Mistake”

It is an antithesis to the completed styles that are assumed to be the correct answer of the world.

Because the human is not a computer, he or she sometimes gets attracted to a sense of discomfort born from an M I S T A K E.

This is the collection focused on the “M I S T A K E.”

Expressed styles born from the M I S T A K E while doubting the intellection of the answer.

Brand Concept
“ETHOS” has the meaning Habit, and “SENS” has the meaning Sense.

ETHOSENS was born by fusing these two words.

ETHOSENS thinks that there is new discovery by paying more attention to all senses to be born from habit.

The brand aims at the innovative expression that can become the standard in the future wants to pursue the essential creation that can bring a new sense of values in the world.

Designer Biography
Yui Hashimto graduated from Esmod Tokyo in 2000.

Afterwards, Yui worked as an assistant in YAB-YUM and LOLO of the fashion brand.

Yui started ETHOS in 2003.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Ethosens.

August 8, 2011

ANNTIAN Autumn/Winter 2011 ‘Crystal Inside’

ANNTIAN autumn/winter 2011 carries away from cold, icy winter days outside with crystal clear air and gives in the longing for coziness and comfort—for being inside. The Interior of one’s home is in focus now - there’s all these things that make you feel at home and comfortable, that allow you to contemplate. Objects you’ve come across over the years and that happened to be beloved ones. Things of no real value, just full of “meaning”, thoughts and memories of your own... Pillows, books, rugs and blankets, plants, stolas, tea and pastries…

On this basis graphic elements of the collection are inspired by ornaments, patterns of rugs, crystals, geometric arrangements to be found in “still-life”. Colors are earthy, brown tones, black and white, plus strong highlights like red and pale neon green, accompanied by a fresh pale blue. Patterns are based on the approach of “involving” blankets and scarves in garments and silhouettes - patterns developed out of “wrapped” blankets.

The composition: series of wool coats, jackets and trousers, few fragile Silk dresses and tops, some printed jerseys, and an ensemble of knit, being important in the line. Alongside the clothing line the collection includes pillows, blankets, rugs, printed porcelain dishes and tea sets, plus the crystal-porcelain Jewelry line and the winter boots.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright ANNTIAN.

Messagerie Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Messagerie proposes again the research for the Brit Style of late-Seventies, mock unkempt, reinterpreting it in a sartorial way and changing it into a refined casual style with hunt and riding-themed details.

The collection hangs on to the original project, sartorial DNA which widely attains from the traditional garments characterized by sobriety and rigor, in contrast with eccentric suggestions and references to Mod and Punk culture.

Narrow cuts, flowing, taken down and reconstructed jackets, a very intriguing color palette: those are Messagerie autumn/winter 2011 collection’s references.

The emblematic garment is the narrow double-breasted jacket with military details, double layered, rough garment washed, made of mélange Shetland wool.

Fabrics and Materials
Mated but light Harris tweeds and Shetland wools. Mélange velvet.

Washed cotton-wool over-dyed with vegetal colorings.

Knitted double-face fabrics waxed or resined waterproof cotton.

Wool, silk, tone on tone micro-patterned suits, pinstriped or Price of Wales checked wool faille, cashmere cloths.

All shades of grey, camel, black, brown, hunt green, mud, blue.

Punk and dandy styles which take inspiration from the English sartorial tradition with military jackets to be worn with cotton trousers, with loose waist and narrow bottom or slim fit in stretchy wool.

Trench replaces parka, double-breasted coats have wide reveres.

All the garments are full of details with accurate inside constructions.

Jackets with measured and small volumes, soft inside structures, “the body has to fill the garment”, the knitted fabrics give comfort.

On the contrary the suits look constructed, the shoulder is big, the sleeve a focal point, recipe for conveying a new dynamic; they recall the night and usually have reveres with grosgrain ribbons.

Thick pullovers in camel hair, double-knitted, heavy outside, light inside; Shetland wool classically constructed with details typical of tailoring, with the aim of giving a mix of “modernity”, particularly on the cardigans which become sartorial jackets.

See the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Messagerie.

August 4, 2011

Bone Wear in the Eyes of Michael Andrew

BONE WEAR is proud to showcase the photographic talents of Michael Andrew Photography.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Michael approaches his shoots with an open mind and his diversity has gained him exposure on a number of notable fashion and culture sites like Ethansays, YVY Magazine, reFRESH Magazine and beautifulMAG.

BONE WEAR is thrilled with this set of photos that Michael has done for us of model Chris D, and there will be more from him over the next few months.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright Bone Wear.

Happy National Underwear Day! By Fresh Pair

Freshpair’s 9th annual holiday dedicated to underwear appreciation!

Did you notice your free undies have an EXPIRATION DATE?

A recent Freshpair poll showed that 73% of Americans wear stained, overstretched, hole-y underwear that has passed the expiration date. This year we’re putting a stop to that.

What IS National Underwear Day?
National Underwear Day is an annual holiday dedicated to the appreciation of underwear all around the world. Think about it: Fashion is always in the media. People focus so much on what they wear on the outside, that they forget about what’s on the inside. Freshpair has always said, “The right pair of underwear or panties can make you feel great!” and National Underwear Day gives us a special chance to get that message out loud and clear.

It all started in 2001 when an army of Freshpair models, dressed only in their underwear, took over Times Square and collected signatures advocating a day of underwear appreciation. Since then, we’ve done everything from star-studded underwear fashion shows to record breaking giveaways. The response every year is huge and comes from people from all over the world.

THIS year, instead of keeping all the fun in New York City, we want to celebrate National Underwear Day with the whole country so we’re giving away 5,000 pairs of underwear for free!

From the hottest men’s and women’s brands, including Calvin Klein, Wacoal, 2(x)ist, Bali, C-IN2, Go Softwear, Papi, b.tempt’d, Barely There, Clever, Natori, Le Mystere, Cocksox, Hanes, Vanity Fair, Elle Macpherson, Maidenform and Josie by Natori.

We learned from a recent Freshpair poll that 73% of Americans wear stained, overstretched, hole-y underwear that has passed its expiration date. They think just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t matter how it looks. But we know that’s not true. When you see yourself in a new pair of underwear in the right fit for you, you instantly feel better. So our solution to the problem is to give fresh pairs to as many people as we can!

How do you win a free pair of underwear?
Just go to from August 1-31st and enter the contest by choosing the style of underwear or panty you want. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! It’s a great way to try a new style you’ve always wanted! The lucky winners will be drawn by September 19th.

In addition to the huge giveaway, some of our top brands will be on sale from August 1-15, including Gregg Homme, Assets, Equmen, Carnival, Obviously, Joe Snyder, Lunaire, Sculptees, Good Devil, Intymen, Magic Silk, Ed Hardy, Bumgear, Mansilk, Glamorise and Male Power.

Georgina Vendrell 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection: Inspiration “Soho”

“When designing I always imagine a man bold and with a commitment to bring something different.

What I have clear is that this man goes through the streets of London Soho.

Soho is a good place where I turn for inspiration: the atmosphere, energy, and mix of cultures that make it unique.

This universe stunning, modern and full of magnetism perfectly reflects my idea of fashion and expresses what my clothes.

This has led me to do one of my collections British well-dressed man, but always with a point breaker.

I bet on colors and tiles, mustard, green, and gray and have used liberty prints.

As for the fabrics I used wool knitting and cotton.”

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Georgina Vendrell.

Eastie Autumn/Winter 2011

Eastie welcomes you to their world of tailoring for the journeymen and gentlemen of the modern world.

Travel, ambition and the desire to look your best are all prominent factors at the forefront of the mind of the fashion conscious modern male.

So Eastie, a brand embracing the Eastern Frontier and infusing it with a Western appropriation of heritage styles reminiscent of Colonial India and the British Raj, have successfully produced an iconic collection with contemporary features and a clean fit.

Refined taste and a penchant for the finer things in life is the aesthetic behind the collection.

This is represented in the quality of the materials utilized in the construction of the garments, ranging from the finest Indian denim to the best linen available.

The attention to detail and the tailoring of the pieces is indicative of what Eastie represents.

The collection features shirts, blazers, trousers and polo’s all tailored to provide a proper fit, a civilized finish and comfort like no other.

Taking influence from the British Army of WWI and the common working man at the turn of the century Eastie has aimed to produce durable work wear that truly will stand the test of time.

This collection pays homage to, and celebrates the fashion and the lifestyle of days gone by whilst adapting it to suit the fashionable man of the civilized modern world.

Photos & text Copyright Eastie.

August 3, 2011

Kevin Azzopardi Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

How can a designer have full control over his collection? Will he ever be able to completely oversee and supervise the manufacturing of his garments? When do the clothes cease to be the work of the designer?

These are questions that Kevin Azzopardi has confronted in his spring/summer 2012 collection. Titled, “& Pieces Are Added,” SS2012 is the sequel to his last collection and a detailed study in how to maintain creative control in a day and age where everything, fashion included, is outsourced and manufactured by a third partner. Azzopordi started the design process by asking himself when will the distance between him and the clothes mean that it’s no longer his own collection.

The result is a unique interpretation of the manufacturing process where Azzopardi has interrupted the outsourcing by receiving the clothes from his factory in a state of incompletion. Upon return, the pieces have been altered and reconfigured by Azzopardi, adding another creative layer on top of the actual design process and manufacturing. By accepting the work back half done, Azzopardi as such reassumes creative control and responsibility for his garments and reclaims the final say of its montage.

This means that “& Pieces Are Added” is a collection where every piece is able to stand alone, each item designed and finally individually put together by Azzopardi using personalized and unique in-studio techniques that have come to characterise Azzopardi’s work through his previous collections. For this season, that led to the perfect combination of English factory expertise and Azzopardi’s own take on conceptual menswear for a modern man who is aesthetically demanding whilst yet craving an exclusive mode of fashion construction and style.

Technically speaking, Azzopardi received his wardrobe breakdown—the collection consists of jackets, trousers, T-shirts and jumpers—in fragments. Tops came back without joined shoulders, with unattached sleeves and an unfinished centre back, and jackets and trousers each arrived in two parts. Azzopardi then united and bonded the pieces in his studio, achieving the unique sartorial voice of this collection.

“& Pieces Are Added” is an elegant everyday wardrobe. It takes care of your daily needs in a playful way, but adds the couture details that only a handmade craftsmanship can provide. Azzopardi has restricted his palette to a range of blues and has brightened it up with a self developed ‘Ink Smear’ print that has been rendered digitally onto velvets and jerseys.

Using Italian and Portuguese fabrics, the collection is centered on viscose cotton, jersey and wool—all unified by Azzopardi’s unique construction techniques.

See the collection here.

Text David Hellqvist & photos Copyright Kevin Azzopardi.

Kevin Azzopardi: Getting Acquainted for Autumn/Winter 2011

Kevin Azzopardi is an Oslo-based menswear designer with an unorthodox and conceptual take on the manufacturing process of fashion.

Having passed through London, Azzopardi moved to Oslo in 2008 to pursue collaborative projects before recently setting up his eponymous label.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, the 29 year old creative started his career studying theatre design at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), which led to Azzopardi art directing music videos and working as a costume designer on short films.

In 2007 he art directed the clip for Paul Kelly’s ‘God Told Me To,’ which then went on to win ‘Best Music Film Clip’ at the prestigious Inside Film Awards.

Moving his focus on to clothes, Azzopardi earned his Bachelor Degree in fashion design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where he—in 2007—won the Object’s Award for Creative Innovation for his graduate collection of elegant menswear and elaborate printing techniques.

See the collection here.

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August 2, 2011

Terrace Production: An Introduction

Terrace Production is a London-based company that produces modern, British menswear of a high quality. The company was formed in 2008.

Terrace Production combines high-end fabrics and components, modern design, and craftsmanship in each piece.

The policy at Terrace Production is to use soley British and Italian manufacturing, which is still recognized globally as the very best in the world.

The autumn/winter 2011 collection will be available from September and will include outerwear crafted in England and Denim and knitwear from Italy.

See more shots of the line here.

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Get on the Façonnable Cruise in 2012

The Joy of Spring

Evoking the belle vie on the Riviera, Façonnable’s new lifestyle Cruise collection is fun, fresh and full of new creations. Being launched ahead of Façonnable’s 2012 spring/summer, this collection embodies both youthfulness and sophistication of the Côte d’Azur thus combining practicality with luxury and elegant style.

The Collection is easy to wear, comfortable and refined, keeping the real essence of Façonnable at its heart thanks to its unique cuts, the use of the best textiles and the special mix of colors. Despite the strong sense of modernity, the design team has mined Façonnable’s heritage, evoking the iconic features that have made the label famous across the world. In sync with the warm, fresh climate of a Riviera spring, the collection covers the entire spectrum, working with blocks of revitalizing bright or more natural tones, with complimentary colors, often working together or sharply contrasting in the same piece.

Chic and distinctive, the hallmarks of Cruise for men are jackets. Short, functional, lightweight and supremely stylish, they are distinguished by their key features. The soft touch of the fabric, the comfortable fit and the creative use of badges and exclusive inner linings are here to be found. Sweaters come in a variety of styles and textiles, resulting in the perfect range of knitwear for active guys. Made of velvety soft wafer thin mix of silk, cotton and cashmere, they are available as a v-neck, a round collar, a polo sweater or as a hooded cardigan. The polo has always been a key menswear piece. In a twist on an all time classic style, Façonnable has produced a selection of polo shirts that play with pure colors each with a pie crest. The detailing is exceptional, the texture is richer and warmer, and the design is more versatile.

With a bold tone and modern lines, Cruise has a breathless energy. It is a true example of old meets new, history meets the modern day.

See the collection here.

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August 1, 2011

Freddie Flintoff Announced as New Face of Jacamo

Former England cricket captain and sporting legend Freddie Flintoff has been named as the new brand ambassador for men’s fashion e-tailer Jacamo.

The brand, which has carved out a niche for itself providing quality fashion for real men of all sizes, will work with Freddie throughout the AW11 campaign. It has also been confirmed that the relationship with Freddie will continue into SS12, when exciting design collaboration with the sportsman will be revealed.

On the announcement Freddie says, ‘I'm really pleased to be working with Jacamo. I love the brand and what it stands for - a huge choice of labels, great prices. I'm looking forward to starting work on my own collection next summer.’

‘We’re more than happy that Freddie is on board for our AW11 campaign. He’s a great role model for real men. At Jacamo we’re committed to providing clothes that fit and we can’t wait to develop a collection next season with Freddie that will reflect his personal style, and that of men all around the UK’, said a Jacamo spokesperson.

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