September 30, 2011

Otaku “The Passionate Obsessive” by Denham

The Destruction of Convention Continues

After launching the 1st EDITION Line for Autumn Winter 2010 with the Japan Dump Store finish in COLETTE [Paris], PRESENT [London] and the Denham Stores, it continues to evolve in a cycle of denims aiming for the highest standard of craftsmanship.

This season’s 1st EDITION entails 2 new models that have been developed within the Otaku spirit[i]. Every detail of the jean is considered and both models are constructed in the most distinguished way possible. The British and the Japanese exemplify this tradition that is associated with collecting and obsessing.

The first silhouette, Crossback, is a carrot fit, 5 pocket jean with double cinch ‘cross back’ construction, inspired by traditional dungarees cross back strap design.

The slim fit silhouette, Skinner, is a 5 pocket jean with signature DENHAM details, including 7-point-pockets, front yokes, darted hems and knees and usage of boxed button holes.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copright Denham.

[i] Otaku is a loanword from Japanese, meaning ‘obsessive’.

Kris Van Assche “A Moment of Time” 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Designer Kris Van Assche introduces his first short film directed by Joost Vandebrug.
The film was presented on the 28th of September 2011, for the launch of LONDERZEEL number 2 during Paris Fashion week.

A Moment of Time reflects the relaxed and down to earth feel of the Kris Van Assche Spring Summer 2012 collection.

It tells the story of two old friends that reconnect in a bar after sometime a part.

“In this ‘moment in time’ I tried to make the viewer feel familiar yet surprised and inspired by the perspective that makes this ordinary moment extraordinary” – Joost Vandebrug

See the still shots here.


Photos & text Copyright Kris Van Assche.

September 29, 2011

Pull & Bear Launches “Heritage,” a New Men’s Collection

Pull & Bear, a young and casual fashion brand of the Inditex Group, has launched the Heritage collection.

With the idea to reinvent the classics with basic wardrobe items, Pull & Bear is seeking to approach a more adult male public, to which it is accustomed and that has grown with the brand.

For the 20th anniversary, Pull & Bear has created this capsule collection as a tribute to the modern, urban, Bohemian man.

Heritage is a collection created for all who are looking for modernity without excesses and love something well done.

Masculine, Bohemian, sensitive, mature, and focused on self and with that which surrounds him.

Inditex is one of the main fashion distributors worldwide, which has eight commercial brands - Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe—with a network of more than 5.000 stores in 78 countries.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Pull & Bear.

September 28, 2011

Ray Vincente Spring/Summer 2012 “Les Poses de Vie”

At the most recent DC Fashion Week held in Washington DC, Raymond Brown presented the spring/summer collection of Ray Vincente.

In the words of the designer: “The collection was inspired by the movie Spartacus. I took my cue from the gladiator uniforms and the architecture of ancient Rome. “

Ray continues, “the look of the white, blue, and green pieces evokes the gladiator feel with its strength, plus its ease of function while the Black and White pieces take their cue directly from the architecture of the times with its sharp angles and asymmetrical yet fluid design.”

Check out the complete collection here.

Photos Copyright Ray Vincente.

Raun LaRose Spring/Summer 2012 Collection “Forever Young”

For the 2012 spring/summer collection, New York-based fashion designer Raun LaRose was inspired from his childhood as he retraces his steps back to his youth in search of the most cherished of memories.

What comes to his mind penetrates the collection; namely, backpacks, comic books, and “thoughtful pairing” in sports attire.

In Raun’s words, “as a menswear designer I strive to expand the concept of contemporary men’s fashion through innovation.”

“To challenge myself and explore new techniques,” continues the designer, “gives fruition to one of my key looks.”

Raun identifies that look as the woven hybrid backpack with the end of a “sporty, dressy undertone.”

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Raun LaRose.

September 27, 2011

Z E M Spring/Summer 2012 “Daylight” Collection

Samira Algoe graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2010. Shortly after graduating, she established the label Z E M to shape her ideas about menswear. The label focuses on rediscovering the archetype of menswear in a modern perspective: old becomes new.

By a gentle and native approach of this archetype, Algoe studies the identity of men. With Z E M she tries to discover the vulnerable side of men by pushing the boundaries of menswear.

Minimalism, an eye for detail, and ensuring high quality is essential. Z E M is wearable clothing for the confident, open-minded men who are comfortable in their own body.

The inspiration of Algoe grew from studying classic men’s swimwear; from this point the atmosphere was originated. This spring/summer 2012 collection is dominated by the sun, sea, and beach. Soft, fresh tones, as summer feels, portray the image of the collection. It reminds one of pure daylight, with an addition of a few dark tones. Algoe: “In my designs my signature clearly visible, I try to find and push the boundaries between masculinity and femininity.”

The materials used by Algoe are among others transparent silk cotton combined with cotton poplin, water resistant polyester in the form of a trench coat and a fluently jacquard woven cotton blend. Accessories that cannot be missed this summer, such as a bag and beach towel, will be presented as well.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Z E M.

Kornerd Spring/Summer 2012 Collection: Part 2

“Wolves in the Sea and the Desert in Me”

After travelling through Europe, South America, and Asia, Kersch returned to his seaside hometown of Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and decided to start designing again, initially with a pop-up retail project he called The Oblique, which sold his and other local designers’ wares.

“After taking a break like I did, it was so refreshing to be making pieces again – and with my own store I wasn’t worried about invoices or buyers and it allowed me to do my own thing and be creative again. It reminded me how much I loved doing what I am now doing again and led me to think about making a collection again.”

Kersch makes a welcome return to the Australian fashion fray as seemingly much matured and focused in both his approach and aesthetic. There is an underlying nomadic look to his creations which could be seeded in the designer’s recent wanderings. He is doing things his own way and on his own terms with his first collection in two years limited to only 50 of each piece and available online and through 10 select retailers in Australia.

Unlike many designers these days, Kersch personally oversees production and the hand-finishes on his garments’ dying, washes and jewelry. Accompanying the apparel are rings and pendants of wood, brass and silver, and a range of rubber-soled casual desert boots in nubuck, burnished brown and stone-washed leather.

With his new range Kersch tows the line between disheveled, grungy hippie sensibilities and a restrained, organic finesse. As the collection’s title reinforces, the tonal palette shifts between cool ‘oceanic’ blues and grays and warmer desert hues, muted green and an infusion of deep reds and oranges inspired by the ore-laden Australian outback.

“I think all designers leave an imprint of themselves in their work. I would say this range is a reflection of how I have changed over the last few years. In many ways I am not as naïve as I was first time round. I feel I now see things from a different perspective and have grown to value or appreciate much simpler things in life. I am definitely having more fun with it this time around.”

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Kornerd.

Kornerd Spring/Summer 2012 Collection: Part 1

“Wolves in the Sea and the Desert in Me”

This spring Australian menswear label Kornerd relaunches with a new offering, complete with accessories and footwear. After a two year hiatus, the collection exudes an easy cool and takes the brand in a new direction, with earthy hues, organic fabrics and a laid-back nonchalance.

At the core of this offering is a relaxed sophistication, with a wide array of basic pieces dressed with worn finishes and hand washes, and textured fabrics and knitwear adding dimension to a layered “stoner chic” wardrobe.

Designer Marcus Kersch is clearly an individual who wears his heart on his proverbial sleeve, and when asked about his sudden departure from the fashion scene in 2009, said:

“That was a personal decision and one I am thankful I made—I started Kornerd when I was 22 without a lot of capital. When the label took off and with every season much bigger than the last it was always a stretch funding this growth. I worked really hard and I thrived off seeing the rewards, but suddenly, almost overnight it seemed at the time, that all changed—Australia and Asia had started to feel the effects of the GFC and I, along with many others, had dozens of accounts either default on their orders or go into administration. It got to the stage where after I paid back my debts on one season, there was barely any profit.

When you see your hard work in a sense go to waste it can really take a toll—and to be honest I just said to myself, ‘Stuff this!’ You know? I’d had enough, I’d sacrificed so much and worked so hard, I thought I’d be financially secure by that stage and that had all been pulled out from under me. I was 26 and had all over the world friends who had spent years travelling, sharing amazing experiences, and I just thought, ‘that’s it, I’m done with this’. I wound up the business and took off to Germany, where my father is originally from, all in the space of a few weeks.”

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Kornerd.

September 26, 2011

GooDoo Footwear: Luxury, Comfort, Style

GooDoo takes pride in their excellent quality, unique procedure, and above all, style. Quality and style are the staples of the brand. Their designers and craftsmen have many years of experience in developing handmade shoes. Made out of the finest calfskin leather, GooDoo has developed a manufacturing tradition that dates back to over 30 years in Korea.

The GooDoo collection contains the most stylish pieces with unequalled functionality. GooDoo has the highest level of selectivity when it comes to selecting the finest leather. Only 10% of the skins proposed are retained for the production of GooDoo shoes. Hand stitching assures not only the highest level of quality, but also the highest level of comfort. They take exceptional pride in their superior craftsmanship, and unique manufacturing process. In addition, the mid-sole of each shoe contain memory foam that quickly molds and contours to the shape of your foot, ensuring unsurpassed comfort in all of their footwear. Each shoe from the GooDoo product line takes over two weeks to construct.

GooDoo’s inspiration comes from all over the world. Cities such as Hollywood, South Beach,
New York and Milan were all cognitive factors in the designs of each shoe. They offer exclusive designs, with superior quality and comfort—casual enough for jeans and a t-shirt, however still classy enough for a night out in your best dress shirt and slacks. Whatever style you are looking for, they have a shoe for you.

aLine media public relations announced today it has been retained by GooDoo, a handcrafted men’s footwear line. aLine media will provide publicity, celebrity outreach, and promotional services for GooDoo.

See the whole collection here.

Photos & text Copyright GooDoo.

April 77 Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Nothing is calculated. Nothing is prepared. Take it as it comes.

The garment that is at the top of the pile; the black jeans, which have been over washed until they turn grey; the traditional military style gabardine chinos are the key pieces of the anti-fashion basics with the minimalist bright denim shirt or the white tee.

A masculine wardrobe, androgynous and nonchalant, with tack-sharp figures and noble fabrics: cotton corduroy, open end denim, oxford, cotton twill, gabardine.

The unisex and tapered fit jeans are worn folded-up or with raw edge while old and used pockets are replaced by vegan leather fabric pockets, more resistant.

The Aprill 77 autumn/winter 2011 collection pays great tribute to that early 90’s silhouette, minimalist and androgynous.

Take it as it comes.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright April 77.

September 25, 2011

Duy Dinh Autumn/Winter 2011 Hip-Hop in Wonderland Graduation Collection

Norwegian born designer Duy Dinh Ngo, a graduate from London College of Fashion BA Menswear Fashion Design and Technology course, is proud to announce the launch of his first collection.

Inspiration for his collection spreads wide; from family, friends, things, he captures whilst strolling around the city and its vintage markets to investigations of the silhouettes of woman's wear.

Duy-Dinh’s graduation collection is inspired by Hip-Hop in the early 80’s, which has had a big impact on subsequent generations. Using Andrei 3000 from Hip-Hop duo Outkast as his main character, Duy-Dinh has created his own fashion Wonderland story, combining the Hip-Hop theme with Alice in Wonderland.

“I have created a collection of modern menswear by responding to a world where fashion constantly changes. As technology and culture moves forward, I will look back to the future and explore the 1980’s hip-hop culture, in conjunction with research into contemporary street fashion. This will be combined with elements of fantasy to create my own “’contemporary fashion wonderland.’”

The Duy-Dinh autumn/winter 2011 collection has been designed as a unisex collection with a strong focus on simple silhouettes combined with experimental shapes, details, and textiles. He has used light fabrics, such as smooth cotton mixed with jersey wool, cashmere wool, and heavy wool. Inspired by the colors from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, the collection ranges from Shiny black, light grey, dark blue, elephant white, green patrol, dark green, burn red, and burn orange.

The garments are accessorized with handmade wickerwork backpacks and shoes designed in collaboration with Elisabeth Thorsen. The garments have been designed to be interchangeable so that the individual can create their own looks.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Duy Dinh.

September 23, 2011

Clubhouse Underwear by Timoteo—Baby Got Back!

After reviewing the most recent collection by Timoteo called Clubhouse, I realized that the song “Baby Got Back” may not just apply to gals with special endowments but rather, in this case, to guys as well!

Models Joe Pace and Steven Dehler produced the locker-room images of the New Soccer Jock, which looks like a boxer brief in the front and a perfect fitting jock in the back—that is, butt bare naked!

Also available in the collection is the Clubhouse Super Low cut and the Clubhouse Athlete Jock cut.

So, if you have a special male someone with a special back something, you may just want to put it on display with Clubhouse and sing along…Baby got back!!!

Check out more Clubhouse back images here.

Photos & text Copyright Timoteo.

Christian Pellizzari Autumn/Winter 2011

For fall/winter 2011 season, he revealed his closet, the culmination of his education, research, and vision that makes Christian Pellizzari’s man the essence of classic European elegance and today’s trendy chic.

From his total look of basic knitwear with innovative details and finishings to heavier tricot knitwear for outdoors, you pass through the day with smoking shirts and shirts with plastrons mixed with jersey.

Tailored jackets are Christian’s true passion and his have soul.

Classic tweed, wool, cashmere and silk meet techno-rock poly, nylon, natural fibers, and leather in perfect balance.

His collection is an extraordinary mix of shapes and fabrics shown in coats, parkas, bomber and casual jackets.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Christian Pellizzari.

September 22, 2011

Oliver Spencer Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Today, Oliver Spencer returned to the catwalk with a superb collection inspired by French mod.

The industrial surroundings of the Mercer Street studios played a graphic background to the eclectic mix of models and London characters that took to the runway this season.

Positively boisterous with color, Spencer’s SS12 line brimmed with confidence and attitude. A white double breasted suit swaggers in the spotlight. Bold stripes and polka dots invest summer cotton with new strength. This is man at his most potent.

Clean, fluid lines give each piece a directness and ease. Fabrics are chosen for their texture and, like mélange, their depth. Footwear, such as capped-toe oxfords, offers classics shorn of their daintiness: shoes you can kick in.

Much of the collection is made in the UK, many items in London. The English-made suiting from the Oliver Spencer Tailored range comes unlined with taped seams, cut in linen or wool/cotton blends.

Call it Yacht Rock.

Oliver Spencer has been nominated for a 2011 British Fashion Award – menswear designer.
The show hosted a front row including actor Luke Evans along with musicians Alex James, Jonathan Jeremiah and David E Sugar.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Oliver Spencer.

Hyden Yoo 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

1920’s Romantic Neocolonialism Reemerges in New York

Inspired by the Oscar® nominated film L’amant, Hyden Yoo created a collection that draws inspiration from the romantic affiliation between an expat and a native. It’s an exploration of beauty with notions of taboo, and subtle eroticism from the late 1920’s neocolonialism. There’s juxtaposition between the elite and working class, and distinguished maturity and innocent fragility.

The palette is comprised of warm grey, icy silver, melted yellow, maple, and ashy sand with pops of color including ocean blue, hibiscus and golden root. Light fabrics can be found in the women’s collection including bamboo, cotton/silk voile, and crinkled natural fibers. The men’s collection uses the reliable cotton twill, sturdier canvas, and the extra soft cashmere blended yarn.

Accessories are launching for the first time this season! Made of cotton canvas with veggie tan trim, styles include a small saddle bag with oversized chain, a perfect envelope iPad clutch, and a large weekend draw string duffle.

For guys, a savannah style with subtle jacquard details prevails. Jackets come with oversized cargo pockets while classic trench coats and blazers have cotton twill tape details. Button down shirts come in a variety of styles from short-sleeve with subtle polka dot prints to chambray with savannah roll-up sleeves to create the perfect adventurer look.

T-shirts have a variety of details such as oversized envelope pockets, and dropped shoulder shape. Light weight knits with alternating single and double ply knits, and architectural patterns on tanks, cardigans and hoodies give a stripe pattern without changing the colors. Pleated trousers and slim pants with pinstripe patch details round out the collection that readies any man for his next endeavor.

See more shots here.

Photos & text Copyright Hyden Woo.

Carlos Campos 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

For spring 2012 Carlos Campos fuses tradition with modernity—combining South American heritage with the utility of the contemporary uniform. Drawing on the ethnic vibrancy of the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan cultures, Carlos Campos reconstructs the style of the modern man by reflecting the lifestyles of today but inspired by the past. The traditional blue collar uniform now imbibed with a palette that uses color as the direct element of surprise.

Through the vibrancy of South American prints, Campos explores coral red, golden yellow, royal blue, and cognac to give a fresh take on utilitarian work wear. Cotton fabrics are recombined with fine silk to create a collection that exudes a relaxed and cool aesthetic. Blazers and trousers are interchangeable allowing for solid and color blocked suit options. The versatility of these pieces is meant to compliment the character so that color is used as an approachable and fun means of celebrating individuality.

Outerwear is reconstructed with meticulous detailing and shifting silhouettes to embody the flowing theme of vitality and utility. Pockets are manipulated throughout the collection to include flap pockets on double-breasted jackets and patch pockets on single-breasted suit jackets. Double breasted trench coats boast elongated pockets and waistband pull strings thus marking the beginning of the modern lab coat. Shirt-inspired jackets with four signature pockets create a union between outerwear and shirts.

Color blocking has a large presence in this collection and is seen across all categories. Both polos and bomber jackets are reconstructed with asymmetrical color blocking details in light yellows and sky blues. The theme extends into shorts with color blocked waist band details in corals and royal blues.

The shirting options come in solids, stripes, and South American inspired prints embodying the fusion of classic and contemporary. Woven shirts with mandarin and regular collars fuse stripes and solid patterns at once.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Carlos Campos.

September 21, 2011

Christian Westphal Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Christian Westphal has been caught by the fuzz. Whereas last season was all about cut, and a comparatively languid one at that, the story for summer 2012 is texture. To ensure that the focus is on the fabrics, the Danish-born designer zeroes in on a few uncomplicated, graphic silhouettes: under-the-knee jodphurs, nylon biker jackets, pants with cut-away waistband, and the signature shirts, some of them pumped up with away-from-the-neck volumes and bringing refined, but heavy, stitches on collar pieces.

On the other side of the spectrum, a fitted jacket comes whipped up from a weightless cotton jacquard with tiny but bulky dots. From a distance the surface seems to be embroidered with tiny pieces from a turquoise beach towel, an embellishment you’re as likely to see in the Westphal collection as casual Summer wear.

In the Westphal collection you´ll see a mix of minimalism, strong silhouettes and classic American sportswear that still defines the 2010´s, and this remains Westphal’s thing. The most compelling examples here: a pair of white jackets in heavy cotton panama inset with geometric panels of heavy stitches at lapels and collars. They may be spare, but they aren’t plain.

The look is a dirty glamorous but quiet, modern Euro-boho, with an ongoing nod to armored self-confident noblemen dressed in casual cotton waistcoat, small and neat collars and accessorized with heavy trims and insect printed scarves. A style that contributes to dress with layer on layer, like the urban nomads we have become.

In a place between fantasy and often violent erotic act is the collection maintained in scratched and almost stage-like spaces. With narrow lapels, a small pleat, a color coating on thin silk crepe, but also large vertical cuts as the only props, the styles expresses both a fragile exposue and a grotesque physical energy.

Inspired by Svend Wiig Hansen’s vital expressive idiom, Dali’s and Bunuel surrealist silent movie "The Andalusian Dog," and Gerhard Richter’s photo-art, the collection is seen as a modern bridge to the classic tailoring and contemporary visual and moral energies - and probably also, and perhaps in particular, as a commentary on the general cultural emptiness.

For every look in the collection the person steps out through the many layers of soul, thoughts, bone, flesh, skin, fabric, induced in some cases by up to one hundred sedentary sketches. And in each look the ordinary, vulnerable and raw human pops out between each layer.

But where Freud concentrated on the subconscious and psyche up in childhood, Christian Westphal´s focus is the life here and now and the personal tangible expression of the body. It is in the mirror image between the viewer and the portrayed, where the collection comes to life. And it is this encounter with humanity that is Christian Westphal´s real errand.

Christian Westphal makes fashion by sourcing all his ideas in the industrial, scientific, computer-generated possibilities of the twenty-first century. His collections are always a serene piecing-together of classic menswear tailoring, optimistic and experimenting. His background is from the Parisian chic such as design assistant for Galliano at Dior Couture and modelist at Emanuel Ungaro for 3 years.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Christian Westphal.

Herrenschmiede—the e-tailor for Shirts & More!

Shirts, shirts, shirts, and more shirts—that is what you will find at Herrenschmiede. But for the active man always on the go, there never seems to be enough!

Whether you choose a classic or trendy style for your professional appearance at work, you need a tailor-made, perfect fit. Herrenschmiede offers you a wide variety of colors and patterns of timeless yet elegant business shirts.

For playtime, why not trade in your old stale tee-shirt for a comfortable, contemporary shirt with a more sporty flair?! Herrendschmiede provides a vast range of tailored casual shirts for all sorts of leisure time.

Do those black tie events intimidate you? Add a touch of unmistakable elegance to your tuxedo with a Herenschmiede dress shirt.

Finally, accessorize you look with an array of decorative items, such as the right choice of belt, which can give your look the personal touch that you desire.

At Herrendschmiede, you will also find an assortment of eye-catching ties for both formal and casual occasions.

Additional accessories include scarves, shoulder bags, cufflinks, bow ties, suspenders, and handkerchiefs.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Herrenschmiede was established in 2009 and is eager to serve.

Herrenschmiede—shirting and more!

September 20, 2011

When Sportswear Becomes Formalwear

Is he wearing cycling shorts with a suit?! Actually—he is.

The numbers of people “freaked out” by such an image are probably as many as the reasons for which they freak out.

“Who would wear that” we ask, “and where would he go like that?”

But what we fail to realize is that, since its origins in the early 1800’s, the modern-day suit has been shaped, molded, and developed by sportswear and athletic attire.

It was actually the British sporting jacket, which, designed for hunting and shooting, replaced the tailcoat and plunged the modern-day suit into the Twentieth Century.

One of the greatest occurrences during the 20th century was the birth of sportswear itself in the 1920’s, which marks the beginning of contemporary menswear as we know it today.

Slowly athletic attire and formalwear merged and mingled, especially in the post-WWII period, which has been characterized by a “casualizing” of styles.

This sporty influence has accelerated in recent years, wherein men accessorize suits with tennis shoes, All-Star Converse sneakers, and the like.

So, is it so strange that cycling shorts, swimming jammers, and other athletic attire would become part of the 3-piece suit?

You decide.

Photos Copyright Frankie Morello, text Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2012: “I'm the Messenger”

Here’s how Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti see the man for their next spring/summer collection: an Ivy League New York messenger boy who doesn’t follow the rules.

The volumes and dimensions of sartorial garments are taken apart, and sporty, urban accessories—of guys who struggle and weave their way through traffic jams for their daily survival—are spiffed up for the wardrobe.

Urban and committed, the Frankie Morello biker also prefers extreme color combinations where the only rule is “no rules”.

Shocking colors are combined with regimental cuts, traditional neckline, and sartorial touches.

“We were inspired by the metropolitan bike opportunism is influenced by the exotic stylistic and cultural melting pot of the Big Apple.”

About Frankie Morello
The Frankie Morello brand was founded in 1999 as a result of a meeting in styles between Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti.

Maurizio Modica gained work experience in Paris and Milan, starting in the artistic field as performer, choreographer, set and costume designer for a wide number of theatre and dance events, before working with Alessi, thanks to which he arrived in the world of design.

Pierfrancesco Gigliotti graduated from the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis called “The suit as architecture of the body”. He has worked in Milan, Stockholm, New York and Tokyo.

Have a look at the entire collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Frankie Morello.

Frankie Morello Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

“For us it’s just ended. Now we’re in the disaster movie, living the day after, with the responsibility of the survivors. And we’ll tell you about it. The world is changing, the crisis will persist and, meantime, we are standardizing ourselves to the different lifestyles. The Eighties will not return, the people will not suddenly throng the stores to buy everything they see. Fashion must change and us with it.”

The day after the apocalypse, the dawn of tomorrow, the uncertain destiny of those who have never stopped believing in the future. This is the setting that Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti have chosen to tell the tale of what will be from now on: «A point of no return, the inevitable cut-off line between fashion and fast fashion, between culture and consumerism, between survival and rebirth».

And so the new menswear collection has the face of a choreography inspired by the fantasy-apocalyptical visions of the cinema, which range from the Seventies trash catastrophe classics—in tune with the irreverent mood that has always distinguished the maison—to the more recent box office giants, such as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012”, but also the darker “The Road”.

“We thought of the catwalk as a theatrical show, a performance,” explain the two designers, “and we gave it choreography, as well as an explanatory name: ‘Mind Door Monoliths’.
In our representation, dancers, performers and models interact to communicate the message we want to give through two types of movement: coded, which for us represents the more interior and symbolic part; and classicality, the counterpoint to that of the performers and their wooden monoliths.

It’s the rawest, most instinctive movement, aimed at the construction of a metaphorical door to the future. The undisputed stars of this narrative are the clothes worn, which do not take second place, indeed quite the opposite. They become the ‘living’ captions of our story: the army blankets, like simple plaids, are not only a game of overlaps, a style army, but the architecture from which real clothes are born. We sectioned them, used them in part, readapted them with technical belts and transformed them into lifesaver jackets, just like sartorial pieces designed for survival.”

It’s a story sometimes threaded with bitterness that which Frankie Morello reveals on the runway. A story of denouncement, of disenchanted judgment of [the contemporary].

“It’s because we are going through a period that is itself the set of a disaster movie: it’s hard to imagine the future faced by the designers, challenged by fast fashion. We feel that we are not just designers who sit behind a desk designing a pair of trousers, but that we judged [the contemporary], the historic moment in which we find ourselves; a dramatic moment in which the fashion system seems to be suffering the consequences of a certain superficiality that, in past years, has marked the needs of the market.”

Not only: “The cost of this uncertainty, which is also and above all political, is being paid by art, which is increasingly mistreated.” And so, a T-shirt where the Divine Comedy ends up symbolically as a sandwich filling, as if to say that culture needs to be valued, not swallowed up.

“It’s a clear message: creativity is extremely important to us, something from which we no longer want to be separated. That is why we chose to express ourselves ‘through a performance,’ in which the prevailing mood is optimism: the ‘door of the mind’, the final finishing line, is the opening that leads to an unknown future, in which we are left with nothing except our interiority, represented by the nudity of the performers, defined by Maurizio and Pierfrancesco as ‘a philosophizing’ about the human body and its ability to build a refuge, which in our narrative takes the form of these portable wooden houses. The performers wear nothing else because each one of us must start anew from the self, from one’s own culture and preparation, to be able to build the world of tomorrow.”

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Frankie Morello.

September 19, 2011

Parke & Ronen New York Fashion Week Debut!

First New York Fashion Week Runway Show

NYC / September 2011 – Menswear favorite Parke & Ronen staged their first New York Fashion Week runway show on Friday, September 9, at Exit Art.

The spring 2012 collection not only highlighted the beautiful yet masculine swimwear that is the brand’s hallmark, it also re-introduced their casually chic sportswear.

With the debut of the new collection, Parke & Ronen will now offer men a full lifestyle collection that carries men from the beach to the office to the club.

Inspired by Spain’s beloved matador, spring 2012’s swimwear features a variety of styles including trunks, briefs and square cuts.

Also included, are traditional menswear favorites, including plaids and stripes in lush Mediterranean tones, as well striking modernist prints inspired by the designers’ travels to Spain earlier this year.

Although not as well known as the brand’s popular swimwear, Parke & Ronen’s sportswear collection was the foundation of the brand’s introduction in 1997.

Their sportswear includes all of the favorite elements of the brand’s swimwear – precise tailoring, colorful fabrics and sexy cuts.

About Parke & Ronen
Launched in 1997 by Parke Lutter and Israeli-born Ronen Jehezkel, Parke & Ronen offers men a lifestyle collection featuring fine details, quality fabrics and exquisite fits.

In addition to their beautiful yet masculine swimwear, the designers’ collection includes a full range of exceptional menswear that one can easily transition from day to night, workday to weekend, and city to beach.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Parke & Ronen, Courtesy Getty Images, Used by Permission.

InAisce Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection: “Ashen Tundra, Frozen Roads”

In this his fourth collection, Jona takes the wearer to the frontlines of the struggle between man and his environs. “Ashen Tundra, Frozen Roads”, which includes InAisce’s first foray into women’s wear, evokes the severe yet tranquil alpine environs of the designer’s youth.

Heavily textured materials with a palette of soft, cold neutrals conjure scorched hinterlands and icebound cityscapes.

The hues of a distressed sheepskin mimic the frozen shallows of an alpine lake while fleshy micro suede hints at the blue-black of its watery depths.

A triple-ply needle-punch simulates snow on asphalt with the black wool layer felted through the white cotton top layer.

Coated and tumbled lambskin bonded to Lycra gives the illusion of cracking obsidian.

Twice-washed elk-hide jackets shield against the elements as paper ‘hauberks’ are woven with wool and cashmere for elegant insulation.

The calfskin ‘Highlander’ boots are finished to resemble frosted tundra while the ‘Steppe Strider’ boots are of a steely black horse skin.

The seaming and silhouettes reflect both the forced lines of man-made superstructures and the crags and crevasses of mountain peaks.

An elk skin flight jacket faced with shearling unzips at four points on the neck, peeling the anatomically streamlined piece into a jagged form.

The fluid seaming of the full-length ‘Reversible Levitation’ is contrasted by jutting, inverted French seams at the joints and an apex at the back of the spherically molded hood.

Sleeves and pant legs are extended on cut-and sew pieces to create an exaggerated stacking at the extremities suggesting coiled energy.

The garments not only cover the wearer’s feeble flesh but endeavor also to give a glimpse of the immortal beneath that flesh. The woman radiates strength and tranquility. The man grows stoic and unwavering as he embraces his frailty and learns to ride the storm.

About InAisce
Brooklyn-based label, (pronounced in-äs-kə, meaning ‘in vain’ or ‘for nothing’ in Gaelic), was launched by Colorado-born designer Jona, who goes by first name only. Jona’s designs result heavily from memories of his travels throughout Europe, Asia, and Colorado.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright InAisce.

September 17, 2011

Mauro Grifoni Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

The masculine wardrobe reduced to its purest and most manly essence, without anachronistic rigidities: the Mauro Grifoni Uomo collection for autumn/winter 2011 reaffirms its roots – sartoriality, Italianism, cosmopolitism – in a mix of aplomb and nonchalance. The balance is light, dynamic, contemporary.

Jackets are the true protagonists. They are always light, compact, comfortable: single-breasted styles in heavy fabrics are alternated with single-breasted models with either elbow patches or half-belts; cannetè trims give to deconstructed styles a cozy robe-de-chambre feel. They are worn with slim trousers and perfectly-made shirts, precise as they were pure design objects.

The wardrobe staples are seen anew in volume and details: peacoats have raw hems, duffle coats become almost graphic; the single-breasted trenchcoat is shortened and draws a new silhouette. The biker jacket is made of leather and wool jersey, and has a body-conscious contour; field jackets are made of sheepskin. The same shift of codes characterizes coats: stitches on the back of the collar hint at sartorial workmanship on lean ¾ length styles; liquid volumes give bathrobe coats a certain composed nonchalance.

Knitwear, in pure yarns and precious fibers, is central in the quest for essential masculinity. Tactile textures define heavy crewnecks, cardigans and jackets. Oversized coats have wrapping volumes.

The distilled palette sees deep tones of blue, shades of grey, warm nuances of beige and camel as its main protagonists. Unexpected, seditious dashes of red break the tonal uniformity.

Accessories are authentic: treated leather lace-ups and belts, and then knitted ties and knitted bowties.

A sublimated and a-temporal vision of style.

See the whole collection here.

Photos & text Copryright Mauro Grifoni.

September 16, 2011

From Britten Spring/Summer 2012: “The Gardner”

The Surveyors of Style

To be young and promising is one thing; to understand that style is more than just fashion is something else entirely. Alex and Tim, the brothers behind men’s label From Britten, are bold and ambitious yet it is within their designs that an innate sense of style is pervasive.

“Style is not just fashion. It’s natural and unforced. It’s Instinctive. It has an understated impact.” Alex contends with conviction. “And we love how fashion requires so many different aspects of creative fields to propel it forward. It’s a one stop creators dream.”

The confident precision of the From Britten aesthetic is sharp structures met by soft textures. With reference to the impressionist artist Claude Monet himself, the new season collection ‘The Gardner’ fuses practical pieces with modern features.

Inspiration is sourced through innovative measures. Tim explains, “We subtract, add, and playfully adapt the original ideas, whilst respecting the tradition of where things came from. What may be there is just as important and why it is there.”

Natural tones compliment the use of fabrication for the Spring Summer 11/12 season. Exploring the use of natural fibers, like cotton and linen, with technical fabric combinations continues the experimental processes of From Britten. Signature garments are woven by a very gentle de-saturated color scheme of off-white, putty grey, mouse brown, sand, shell pink and slate.

Tailored blazers are complimented with technical shot green, cognac and ink. Crumpled chinos, cuffed collars and button down chambray shirts capture the mechanics behind the distinctive From Britten impression.

“What technology devices do we use? What lifestyle do we lead? How do we interact with our clothes with day-to-day tasks? These are the questions we pose to ourselves when designing our collections.”

Gaining a greater sense of style is an act of anonymity for From Britten. Emerging as something more than a clothing label is an impressive feat.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright From Britten.

Magnus Lõppe: An Intro

“I will be in fashion as long as I can surprise...”

Magnus Lõppe is established in February 2011 after winning a prestigious Designers Nest Award under Copenhagen Fashion Week that resulted high positive publicity in

Denmark and internationally as well as belief in Magnus Lõppes’ design by many fashion professionals.

Today, Magnus Lõppe can be considered a designer with clear, distinguishable concept that reflects through all his projects.

The statue -
The idea of perfectly calm mind being twisted with unconventional ideas and sparkles gives meaning and birth to the symbol of the trademark - everything that represents us - the statue of Magnus Lõppe - the calm basis for our twisted ideas.

The garments -
Not being afraid of technical complexity and experimenting with new tailoring techniques we create garments that follow the bespoke tailoring traditions, represent the quality of it, yet challenge the forms, cuts and patterns.

‘We allow ourselves to be creative within the frames of formal menswear...’

The project 002 - Rahunemise Projekt [‘The calming project’], presented at Copenhagen City Hall on 4th of August 2011 within the official show schedule of Copenhagen Fashion Week.‘002 - Rahunemise Projekt’ is a continuation of the project 001, exploring French-Hungarian photographer Lucien Hervé’s work. We are translating Herve’s architecture photography into garments.

Using the lines, layers, surfaces and mood.

In our universe, the man wears garments for his own satisfaction. He is a calm, mature, established and stable male in the age of 28-60. He works in the creative fields and this reflects through his way of thinking, lifestyle, and attitude...just for his own satisfaction.

The project surprises with new elements on the field of menswear—the formal kittle, cap form suit, loop form suit, coat garters, cardigan fading into cape.

The masculine pallet of 002 is beautifully earthy and dull, generally grayscale, accompanied with deep navy and metallic blue.

Wool has still remained the main fabric of the project. Fine Super 120 wool and worsted wool twills in suiting, wool-silk blends, cashmere, fine cottons in shirting and new-wool in hand knitted pieces build up a pleasant fabric collage.

See the runway images here.

Photos & text Copyright Magnus Lõppe.

Mörkna Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Mörkna is an androgynous line that explores the idea of exaggerated minimalism and expression of individuality through the use of layer and texture.

Established in the summer of 2010, the Mörkna collection is the result of the combined efforts of American-born designers Dave Fryer and Seth Bullough.

They look to stay conscious of line and volume with the careful selection of fabrics their highest priority.

Their goal is to offer interesting silhouettes, amazing fabrics and the best quality construction for those looking for an alternative to traditional masculinity.

“We’re fortunate to be working with a high-quality sewing factory in mid-town Manhattan and using surplus Italian fabrics, giving them new life.”

About Mörkna
mörkna: intransitive verb – to get (to grow, to become) to darken.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Mörkna.

September 15, 2011

Eastie Empire: Sporting Attire from an Older Era

A gentleman on the sports field, Francis Baker was typical of his era, sporting a tailored jersey that was smart for the occasion.

Our jacket in brushed grey mélange is a fitting replica, with tailored features and finished with cream herringbone tape and shirt buttons.

We discovered a pair of army sporting trousers dating back to c.1910, with ‘Ronald E. Fisher’ No. 1017, penned on the cream linen waistband.

A hundred years later we have reconstructed this pattern in similar grey mélange fabric, retaining the original features of back pleats, button fly and cream cotton lining. Like the original they are slim fitting.

See the whole jersey here.

Photos & text Copyright Eastie Empire.

Stelios Koudounaris Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

After nine women’s collections, Athens-based designer Stelios Koudounaris presents his first men’s collection for fall 2011-12.

The man Stelios Koudounaris is a modern alchemist: A man looking, asking and maybe a little eccentric—in any case—someone who is observant and aware. He deviates from what others consider normal; the alchemist creates his own mild explosive power of “normal”.

Arriving easy to ideas, he creates new impressions—clean, genuine, and not obvious. The collection passes by the established rules of elegance and real experiences and emotions, between the pure signs of rigor and claims of eccentricity.

Classic timeless materials, precision in manufacturing and comfortable proportions in the implementation are the main design principles of the collection, which “denies” everything that is not necessary, thus creating an integrated and easy to use all-day proposal. T

he colors are deep and dark: black, anthracite, burgundy, ink blue, and elegant brown in the handmade leather belts that complement the collection with the boots of the American designer Jeffrey Campbell.

Check out the whole collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Stelios Koudounaris.

Nenukko Autumn/Winter 2011 “Darkness Requires White Spots”

The idea behind the collection was to attempt an artistic and ideological connection of divergent yet not contradictory tendencies present in modern aesthetics.

Integration of futurism and folklore has a dimension of both visual experiment and the search of timeless style formula.

By applying the rule of the inverse proportionality, tailoring coquetry and traditional workshop were rejected in favour of the free body shaping by bending, wrapping, and breaking or punctual combining of various elements.

Fabrics with a clear industry finishing and specific technical characteristics were used in simple forms, sacrificing the complexity of the design and decorative detail. Primitivism of the shape is combined with modernity of the material and architectural block is broken by softness of the weave.

Syncretism of styles and synthesis of aspirations allow passing over contradictions, rejecting the necessity of choice, and reconciling what seems conflicted.

Every darkness requires white spots.

About Nenukko
Nenukko is a design team creating in the spirit of the unisexual simplicity and acting out of its own principle: without over-interpretation, without limitation, away from the consumer madness. The preferred fabric is knitwear, whose technical features allow realizing the basic ideological assumption: the universality of sex. The authors’ purpose is the visual inventiveness and reaching beyond the classical stylistic conventions. In this way, fashion is understood as a multithreaded process of change, in which the authors include themselves with all possible precautionary.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Nenukko.

September 14, 2011

Twenty(2)too Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

[Un après-midi, l’été]

The starting point for Spring Summer 2012 collection was Serge Gainsbourg’s “Melody”. The image of a decadent deauvillois summer, him driving his Rolls at midnight and picking up girls
wearing skirts over white pants was so powerful that I felt I had to try and relive somehow that dream.

The idea of a journey seemed only natural when put together with my obsession with emotional evolution and the search for a personal truth. So I imagined the awakening of an average Joe, who suddenly begins to realize that maybe things are not quite as he was convinced they were in the context of a crazy, free, creative summer in the 70’s.

Ambivalence, a melancholic mood, a bit of rock ’n’ roll, the desire to fly and the fear of the fall, the cross we’re all cursed to bear, and the search to find some peace of mind. All of these translate into apparently simple, light volumes defying the gender boundaries, beautiful navy inspired colors and some powerful looks going against the trends.

Check out the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Twenty2too.

830 Sign 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

The 830 Sign autumn/winter 2011 collection remains authentic to its effortless attitude and style through detail oriented, impeccably crafted, premium products.

Raw with an edge is at the center of the Men’s collection this season.

The clothes have an appealing soft quality contrasted with Camargue style giving them a new sense of freedom.

Inspired by Camargue, composed of natural backgrounds contrasted with vivid colors.

Vagabond meets the street smart modernist in this contemporary collection that ranges from rough knitwear in olive, camel, natural to the Japanese denim mixed with refined jackets and the finest wool t-shirts.

830 Sign is an understated brand featuring wearable yet timeless garments for both Men and Women.

The collection draws upon innovation and craftsmanship, utilizing exclusive fabrics, unique technology, and precise detail to design and fit.

Combining heritage and authenticity with an innovative spirit is what makes 830 Sign style modern and relevant.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright 830 Sign.

Sixpack France Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection: “Born Again Revisited”

Sixpack France is glad to present its new autumn/winter 2011 collection called “Born Again Revisited.”

The collection is the natural continuation of the previous spring/summer 2011 line “Dust to Dust.”

The same intention is here: Back to the products.

The line features a cut-and-sew capsule with Sixpack France first blazers and trenches, as well a graphic tee-shirt line designed by Jonathan Zawada, Cody Hudson, LS. Benway, and Raphael Garnier.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Sixpack France.

September 13, 2011

Daniel Palillo 2011 Spring/Summer Collection: “Never Mind”

Inspired by the time spent in America, Daniel Palillo’s spring 2012 collection draws from the anarchy of the designer’s teenage music heroes, while painting a portrait of his everyday lived experiences: Saturday evening soccer matches, Sunday morning cartoons, etc.

In a world of his own, Palillo has a penchant for the monstrous and the symbolic.

Staying inside his signature aesthetic–where enormous proportions meet three-dimensional structures and morbid graphics–the new designs take the trademark patchworks and cut-outs on another level, stretching in both shape and size.

And never mind the introduction of basic colours the black humour remains.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Daniel Palillo.

Simon Spurr at New York Fashion Week

“The Simon Spurr Spring 2012 collection is pared down to its purest form and blurs the line between its established modern aesthetic and a new interpretation of country elegance.”
-Simon Spurr

The Simon Spurr spring/summer 2012 collection maintains a multi-focal design approach combining architectural minimalism with sartorial functionality.

Rooted in English sensibility, each piece is tailored to precision. Graphic patterns in the collection have been inspired by the British Naval “Dazzle” scheme used extensively during World War I, consisting of geometric shapes and colors all sharply intersecting.

This season, with an emphasis on sportswear, key pieces in the collection include cotton trench coats with leather sleeves, printed outerwear, two-toned suiting and leather-motorcycle jackets bonded with cork.

British heritage is referenced in multiple pieces where the traditional taped seam construction of a mackintosh is moved from the inner lining to the outside of multiple garments.

Each piece in the collection is individually designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Italy, using the finest Italian, English, and Japanese fabrics.

Simon Spurr’s design aesthetic is clearly informed by both his English upbringing, as well as by his years spent working with Hedi Slimane, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. His approach to design is firmly built upon frameworks that emphasize color, proportion and deliberate subtlety.

See the collection here, or simply watch the video.

Photos & text Copyrigh Simon Spurr.

September 12, 2011

OntFront x Casio G-Shock

The watchmaker Casio G-shock launched their first Dutch collaboration with menswear label OntFront. The young label was picked by Casio G-shock because it represents Dutch fashion and cutting edge street style in one. Casio challenged OntFront to design a tough and rugged G-shock that equally represents the refined character of OntFront.

OntFront designer Liza Koifman chose to work with the GA-110C with analogue and digital elements. The firm and tough watch is matte anthracite and the wristband is covered with a pixelated snake skin print and OntFront logo.

Only 50 pieces will be manufactured in Japan and all watches will be numbered and engraved by hand. The watch will be sold exclusively at the OntFront store in Amsterdam and Gorilli in Rotterdam, starting from October.

To officially launch the collaboration, OntFront has created a soundtrack and a video campaign about four friends on a road trip to the beach. The soundtrack contains vocals of Geoffrey Sijlbing a.k.a. Afaka and the beat was created by the duo Fret Hinge. The video was directed by Marnix Postma with Naveen Kalloe on second camera. The cast consists of Geoffrey Sijlbing, Ruben Solognier, Riquel Gilliad and Eva Bartels.

History G-shock
In 1983, Casio launched the shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch. This product shattered the notion that a watch is a fragile piece of jewelry that needs to be handled with care, and was the result of Casio engineers taking on the challenge of creating the world's toughest watch. Using a triple protection design for the parts, module, and case, the G-SHOCK offered a radical new type of watch that was unaffected by strong impacts or shaking. Its practicality was immediately recognized, and its unique look, which embodied its functionality, became widely popular, resulting in explosive sales in the early 1990s. The G-SHOCK soon adopted various new sensors, solar-powered radio controlled technology, and new materials for even better durability.

History OntFont
In 2008 OntFront entered the market with a fresh concept; a clear mixture between classic tailoring and cutting edge street fashion. Their first ‘one piece collection’ was the hooded blazer; an all time classic. It was successfully sold in niche boutiques all over the globe. Amsterdam- ,Hong Kong- and Shanghai fashion week followed, where OntFront showed its collections. And in January 2011 the first OntFront brand store was officially opened in the centre of Amsterdam (Haarlemmerdijk).

OntFront x Casio G-shock from OntFront on Vimeo.

Photo & text Copyright OntFront.

Percival Present Their Autumn/Winter 2011 Fashion Film

Percival Clothing presents their fashion film showcasing their AW2011 collection including a selection of trousers, shirting and outerwear.

With each collection Percival up the ante and offer us more and more quality made British garments as well as a collection that expands season after season.

Percival AW11 Fashion Film from Percival Menswear on Vimeo.

Photo & text Copyright Percival.

Swiss Chriss Jackets: Protection, Softness, Warmth

The new Swiss-Chriss collection combines materials created ad hoc with innovative, technological contents, with models with a natural, snug shape, comfortable, essential and practical, with great thought given to aesthetics.

The special newly-conceived thermal-comfort fabric, mostly composed of wool, gives elasticity and thermal protection to the garments, making them more attractive (since it embraces and follows the body in its movements) and practicality (thanks to the elasticity of the fabric) and guarantees that it has a “true” function since it gives much greater protection from the cold than a “normal” wool.

Jackets with a timeless line, in which the distances between urban, sports and formal styles seem to disappear finding synthesis in unique models in which artisan skill, technology, and nature speak to each other.

Snug and warm, extremely pleasant to wear. Check out more jackets on the Swiss Chriss website.

Photos & text Copyright Swiss Chriss.

September 9, 2011

Tim Coppens at New York Fashion Week

After graduating from the Fashion Academy in Antwerp, in 1998, the Belgium-born designer, Tim Coppens, moved to Germany where he designed for Bogner and Adidas.

Tim later moved to New York where he designed for Ralph Lauren, finally launching his eponymous menswear label in 2011.

At New York Fashion Week this week, Tim presented his 2012 spring/summer collection, which was inspired by the French film entitled Un Prophète.

Released in 2009, the film narrates a story of an illiterate 19-year-old French youth of North African descent who is sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment for killing a police officer.

Through a series of ruthless events, the young lad abandons all innocence and turns to a life in crime—a life that seems to promise more than what he could have found outside the bars.

See the collection here.

Photos 2012 spring/summer collection, Copyright Tim Coppens.

September 8, 2011

Sandor Lakatos – Fetish and Elegance

Sandor Lakatos is a men’s wear creator, fashion designer and concept improver, someone proud of his knowledge and the unique family heritage in his profession.

The key of his confidence in making his ideas a reality is his solid professional background and knowledge.

A traditional suit to be worn by a minister, a manager, a lawyer, or exclusive ones for a rock star, a business man, a media or entertainment guru shows special elegance of high-fashion style and quality materials reflected by each piece of him making his works unique and unmistakable.

Since the brand Sandor Lakatos was born in 2005, the young creator has achieved great success exhibiting in showrooms in London, being subject of several photo shoots in New York.

In his latest editions a futuristic black and white geometry replaces the androgen elements, but the lovers of the brand receive what they got used to during the course of the previous years: long-lasting and ageless male fashion.

This way his creations may attract men enjoying detailed, modern, but still classical lines at the same time; dedicated to wear quality products, high-end creations.

See the collection here.

Photos & text 2011 autumn/winter collection, Copyright Sandor Lakatos.

Cruciani: An Introduction

Cruciani was created in 1992 by Luca Caprai with the precise aim of conveying his values and family culture through a message of excellence.

Luca Caprai’s vision is based on a set of principles that underpin his business model.

Its objective is to achieve production of garments that meet the needs and demands of all markets whilst maintaining the highest possible levels of craftsmanship and quality.

Luca Caprai’s vision is that of developing desires and giving them tangible form. A Cruciani product cannot but be made entirely in Italy and represent the best of a traditional heritage, the state of an art in continual evolution. Two requisites that plainly cannot be met outside Italy.

The Cruciani brand is now perceived as different and distinctive. The name of Cruciani not only evokes the work done by a company but a new art de vivre, a cosmopolitan attitude and an elegance in which rules are creatively décontracté.

The product is young, casual and sophisticated. It’s pleasing to wear and has the timeless, universal quality of truly inspired design.


The manufacturing company is located in Trevi. Sixty-six artisans gather there every day to perpetuate an ancestral art based on quality, precision, expertise and painstaking care over even the smallest details.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Cruciani.

September 6, 2011

Shake Appeal 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection “Teen Dream”

Shake Appeal’s trademark minimalist geek returns this autumn/winter 2011 with a collection inspire by the classic American.

Urban sophistication meets youthful easiness.

Casually cool and totally wearable, designs draw their inspiration with elements from smart officewear and ivy league athleticism, making it just as versatile at the office, on holiday, or a walk in the park.

And it really is as simple as that.

Check out the entire collection here.

Photo & text Copyright Shake Appeal.

September 5, 2011

Norse Projects Villad Shirt

Canvas heavy duty shirting is nothing new; however, few can do it with the same substance as Norse Projects.

A heavy canvas shirt heavily inspired by military shirting—9oz to be precise—enough to ensure that this shirt can be worn as both a jacket and an over shirt, with the fit allowing for layering underneath.

Versatility being a favorite of the military after all, no longer will you find yourself in a Bickle as, once you’re wearing it, all the ladies will be talking to you.

Norse Projects is very much cream of the crop when it comes to modern utilitarian gear done in a streetwise manner, and long may it continue.

Photos & text Copyright Norse Projects.

Flocks “Common Trail” Collection

Sheepskin as a material has a long history in Australia and has been used by Flocks’ tannery for the past 100 years.

Founded 2008 in Melbourne, Flocks was born out of the need for high quality, practical footwear with a stylish edge.

Following the choice of the finest materials, the design process begins with the result of timeless, generic styles.

See more styles here.

Photos Copyright Flocks.

September 3, 2011

Deal By Ethan 7-Day Labor Day Sale

It’s Labor Day on the 5th of September in the USA.

To celebrate, Deal By Ethan is having a Labor Day Sale with a difference: a seven-day sale from 3 September through 9 September 2011. Save a further 20% sitewide.

Please use the LABORDAY20 coupon at checkout to redeem your discount. Savings apply on 350+ brands, including popular US brands.

Photo & text Copyright Deal By Ethan.

Bring on the Noise Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection : “Kraut”

“Kraut” is originally a German word meaning pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) and was a derogatory term used by the English during the Second World War.

In modern times the term is used to describe German Rock, and because it has been recognized for its high musical quality it used as a complementary term.

The current collection, focusing on Germany, has included these elements, detailing items from German military and especially introducing the German zipper maker “OPTI” for its zippers and “PRYM” for its snap buttons, all the while utilizing used German clothes as a reference.

Each item has an essence of Germany, so we would like you to check out the details.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Bring on the Noise.

September 2, 2011

Style Trends: These Boots are made for Walkin’…

We’ve all heard the song… Well…most of us… Okay, most of us from my generation!

Whether you have heard the song or not, this autumn/winter season is all about boots—cool boots—and letting them hang out for walkin’!

Similar to the women’s silhouette, this season can be summed up as volume over skinny. “What does that mean?” you ask.

For your upper body, you want to find some sort of voluminous coat. Mind you: by no means am I implying to buy oversized outerwear.

The coat, jacket, and/or sweater must be sized—that is, fitted to your size—but the style is to have lots of volume. Some of these voluminous coats even feature an ample cow-neck collar.

For your lower body, the best choice is a pair of skinny pants or very slim-leg trousers—any sort of pant that gives the effect of a legging, which maintains a masculine appearance.

Then, tuck your choice of tight pants into a rugged worker boot or some sort of trendy boot.

You can even take some dark cord and wrap it several times around the ankle of the boot to jazz up the look.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the slim look or you simply cannot find a skinny pair that works, simply roll up the pant leg to slightly above the boots.

Top off the look by pulling the flaps of your boots down, even untied if possible, and let the boots do the walkin’.

Get some more ideas from the images here.

If you do not care for the style, well, at least enjoy the video:

Text Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco, photos Copyright Chi Zhang.

Shipley & Halmos E-Commerce Website

Designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos are re-launching their namesake website now to include a fully expanded e-commerce offering.

Their designer men’s ready-to-wear and accessories collections, as well as exclusive products, are all now available on the site.

The brand’s considered take on classic menswear staples, such as outerwear, knits, tailored shirting, and their signature two button single breasted suiting encompass the range of the initial offering.

The introduction of footwear and eyewear are also on the site, as are items that fill out the fully curated wardrobe from Shipley & Halmos, including socks, boxer shorts made from cotton shirting, and neckties.

Users can shop the site’s clean, functional layout by either category or shopping by look, in which shoppers can purchase a full look from the seasonal look book.

Exclusive accessories only available on the site include a leather briefcase and wallet, as well as a canvas artist’s tote.

Previous to the re-launch, the site offered the brand’s limited edition and collaborative items via Things! by S&H.

Designed and operated by the designers, the site will provide customers with capsule collections for pre-season collections, such as Pre-Spring and Pre-Fall.

Shipping is complementary for orders over $200 and international shipment is available for select countries.

Photos & text Copyright Shipley & Halmos.