October 28, 2011

Modasuite presents: MEN OF NEW YORK

Modasuite is in an empire state of mind and is taking over the streets of New York City on the 1st of November 2012. Modasuite, characterized by immaculate craftsmanship with Savile Row tendencies speaks to the men of today with its unique retail concept and electrifying persona.

The Men of New York feature six varied personalities bound by a perfect synergy expressed by their innate sense of style, photographed by Justin Bridges behind the ingenious blog, Tucked. The Campaign features, Jace Lipstein (Grungy Gentleman), Neal Gibeau (Actor), Scott Pegram (Lawyer), Jian Deleon (Writer), Julien DeCanali (Buyer) and Sean Hotchkiss (Khaki Crusader) to portray their street style combined with an element of Modasuite.

The Idea
Incorporating a sartorial sensibility with individuals’ effortless sense of style, Modasuite has taken street style to a greater height. Eschewing overtly avant-garde references, the men encapsulate the entrepreneurs they are with the mesmerizing streets of New York as their audience. Inspired by the Men of New York Campaign, Modasuite will feature a limited edition capsule collection sold exclusive on www.modasuite.com

About Modasuite
Modasuite was created for men that want great clothes that are accessible and fit perfectly without the hassle of shopping. Modasuite elegantly streamlines the online shopping experience by offering members perfectly tailored clothes at personalized, exclusive prices. Clients answer a few questions on their style and sizing preferences. Modasuite's team of stylists create looks based on each clients tastes and the client in return gets a personalized selection at an exclusive price. Clients can purchase their garments in regular sizes or made-to-measure to fit their unique silhouette. The best part? By cutting out the middle men and shipping directly from Modasuite's workshops, clients get their garments at wholesale price.

Photo & text Copyright Modasuite.

October 27, 2011

Color Preview Spring 2013 Men’s Report: Trendstop.com

Color Forecast Preview, Spring/Summer 2013 Men's: This exclusive report is a sneak preview from Trendstop.com's inspirational Color Trend Book for Spring / Summer 2013 Men's Market. These two trend boards come from a set of 30 across four color groups; fashion colors, base colors, accents and metallics. The two key fashion colors presented here, one a shade and the other a group story both show a mood, a Pantone Fashion + Home reference and early product translation. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Trendstop.com, the site known for inspirational and accurate trend analysis.

Mint Green
A cool blast of mint green throws a frisson of springtime color into the mix. Spearmint and pistachio hues pulls on retro references from both sides of the Atlantic, with 50's interior and leisure shades, alongside deckchair and candy stripes with a sportswear twist.When used as a block shade this luscious pale absinthe is undeniably casual and can be used with alacrity on techy nylons and finished cottons. Mint greens are applied to lightweight anoraks, sequined sweatshirts and baseball caps for a sportswear feel, as well as 80s inspired Miami chinos, casual button down shirts and loafers, making this shade work well for youthful first timers as well as nostalgists.

Ice Cream Pastels
Disarmingly retro pastels anchor some of the season's more starkly futuristic trends in soft, familiar shades. Mouthwatering washes of vanilla, strawberry and lemon bring a sense of lightness and delicacy. Silhouettes are sleek and refined. Surface design demonstrates restraint within the vibrancy of geometric-pattern tailoring. Sportswear inspired semi-formal looks emit phosphorescent glows of orange, lilac and mint, and exude classical elegance in the palest of powder blues.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.

October 22, 2011

Superdry—a Super Brand for Super Guys!

Superdry may look like the hottest street wear brand in Japan, but don’t’ let the writing fool you!

Superdry was established in 2003 by James Holder, who hurled the label into one of the fastest growing in the UK.

Now with a strong international presence, Superdry rides on the popularity of men and women around the world for its eye-catching designs that are inspired by Japanese and American pop culture.

Besides super t-shirts, Superdry offers a wide assortment of items, ranging from jeans and chinos to polo’s ad knits.

Accessories include belts, watches, bags, hats, underwear, and more!

A definite must to check out are the leather jackets, which come in basic bombers, crashed biker, and rodeo styles.

Who has worn Superdry? Well, David Beck for one! But why wait for celebrities, when you can be one yourself!

Superdry—the super brand for super guys like you!

October 17, 2011

Scott James in Boston with His Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

On October 18, Scott James Kuhlman, designer and founder of the Men’s clothing line Scott James, will be sharing personal shopping tips with his clients at the Scott James flagship store at 160 Newbury Street in Boston.

During the night, the lucky winner of a $750 gift card will get a personal style consultation with Scott and assistance choosing key clothing pieces to create fashionable total looks for the Fall/Winter season.

Characterized by price-sensitive pieces ranging from $ 95.00 for a shirt up to $ 550.00 for a coat, the Scott James label combines Italian craftsmanship and sensibility with American fit, hence their right to hold the title of being the first truly “Ameripean” brand.

The Fall/Winter collection of Scott James is comprised of casual, yet sophisticated knits, shirts, pants, blazers and jackets designed to satisfy the wardrobe needs of the contemporary man.

Founded by Scott James Kuhlman in 2009 the Scott James collection is sold in specialty retailers nationwide, including the Boston flagship store.

See the collection at the Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Scott James.

Commune de Paris 1871 Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

As it presents its new designs, Commune de Paris 1871 takes up the motto of the “Salon des Refusés,” which brought to the public eye so many of the most significant painters of the late nineteenth century.

Commune de Paris 1871 says no both to showy professional rebelliousness and stuffy homage to tradition and, in so doing, raises the standard of freedom.

Its palette is composed of deep blues, warm browns and, here and there, a few notes of spicy red. Its material is rich but always delicately wrought.

The design espouses its subject to perfection, at times light, at others elaborate, but always elegant.

But what constantly strikes one is the almost manic care given to every detail, an inherited skill that was thought to be lost.

Commune de Paris 1871 re-explores the heritage boldly and with jubilation and thus presents us with the best of its art.

See the collection on the e-mag at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos & text Copyright Commune de Paris.

October 14, 2011

Viktor Anisimov Spring/Summer 2012

Ukrainian designer, Viktor Anisimov, is a graduate of the National Military Institute of Physical Education in Saint-Petersburg—a school that prepared professors for the Armed forces of the former Soviet Union.

Nevertheless, Viktor loved to shop; and through shopping Viktor developed a love for fashion.

By the time he met his wife, who was a model, Viktor had already begun sketching designs.

Drawing inspiration from the military and sports, Viktor creates complex designs like skirts that can be fashioned into slacks or pockets that can be transformed into bags.

This Ukrainian designer’s spring/summer collection ranges from 1950 suits to stylish warm ups, onto leather jackets and tees, with models carrying a musical instrument.

See the collection on the e-mag at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos Copyright Viktor Anisimov.

Olena Holets 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Olena Holets is a Ukrainian designer who got her start in the elite textile industry.

Although Olena’s collections draw heavily on traditional clothing, her designs are non-traditional.

Jeanie pants, drop crotches, Capri shorts, riding style pants, washed jeans—all comprise the “bottoms” of the 2012 spring/summer collection.

From tuxedos to jackets and vests, the styling combines the wide variety of pants with sneakers, preppy shirts and polo’s, and basic tees—all with a historically ethic Ukrainian flair.

Check out the collection on the e-mag at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos Copyright Olena Holets.

Aleksey Zalevskiy 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Aleksey Zalevskiy was born 1974 in Kyiv, Ukraine, going on to study as a makeup artist ad puppeteer at the Theatrical and Artistic School in Odessa.

Aleksey’s collections are a composite of dualities, characterized by retro-chic, sport-glamour, and “theatrical kitsch.”

Three of Aleksey’s collections were devoted to the fight against AIDS.

For spring/summer 2012, Aleksey has created a collection of urban wear with a strong influence from the armor and clothing of medieval state, Kievan Rus.

See the collection on the e-mag at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos Copyright Aleksey Zalevskiy.

October 13, 2011

TWOTHIRD’s Le Capitaine Hat

This hat is unambiguous in its inspiration - taking its cue from Wes Anderson’s already cult classic The Life Aquatic which in turn took its styling from Jacques Cousteau.

Marine biology has never been quite so glamorous.

Let’s hope there’s not an evil Jeff Goldblum character lurking round the corner though!

Made from 100% organic cotton as soft as the whisper of the sea lulling against golden shores.

This is the guilt free hat that wears its ethical credentials with pride.

Photo & text Copyright Twothirds.

Blood is the New Black: Holiday Campaign & Video

Today, Blood is the New Black released its Holiday 2011 promotional campaign. The 5-minute short film, directed by Demonbabies (Jesus Rivera) takes inspiration from Jean Rollin films of the 70’s. The occult tinged film follows two young women as they take a journey to the dark side with the help of an enigmatic man they meet at the cemetery.

After a psychedelic freak-out induced by a mysterious potion, the characters find themselves under the spell of a beautiful Witch – all the while wearing over 30 new designs from the Blood is the New Black holiday collection. A fourteen page look book featuring stills from the film accompanies the video – also designed by Demonbabies.

According to Demonbabies “inspiration for the film came from all over the place. I wanted to make a mix of something pretty, something psychedelic, something funny and something creepy.” The film’s brightly colored psychedelic scenes, 70’s era campy horror, and satanic virgin sacrifices somehow seem the perfect vehicle for Blood is the New Black tees, a company always known for pushing boundaries with its arsenal of artist designed tees. How did the two merge?

Demonbabies says he was “watching a lot of Jean Rollin’s films from the 1970’s like ‘Shiver of the Vampire’ when developing the concept. It was a huge influence on my process. That and all the psychedelic potions I was injecting into my forehead.”

The Holiday 11 collection features designs by over 30 artists, including a capsule collection created in collaboration with Soundscreen Design. The collection entitled “Genrefication” features prints by Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Hisham Bharoocha, and other artists – each design focusing on a genre of popular music. In addition, the Holiday features designs by artists including Dan Rocca, Demonbabies, Bobby Whigham, Fumi Nakamura and more – adding up to over 60 new graphics.

The tops are available for both men and women, in an assortment of bodies ranging from unisex supima cotton long-sleeve dip-dyed tees to slub French terry hi-low sweatshirts for women. All Blood is the New Black tees are sewn, dyed, and printed in Los Angeles.

Nocte Virginis - Blood is the New Black Holiday Collection 2011 from Blood is the New Black on Vimeo.

Photos & text Copyright Blood is the New Black.

October 12, 2011

Feud London 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

Quirky vintage styling meets modern finishes and adventurous colour schemes.

Each pair is a contrast as vibrant as the city itself from its pavements to its people.

See the collection at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Feud London.

Reds 2011 Autumn/Winter Shirt Collection

Reds 2011 Autumn/Winter Shirt Collection is now on sale, consisting of button downs in printed velvets and a Union Shirt and Western shirt in chambray or denim.

See the collection at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos Copyright Reds.

October 11, 2011

ADV 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

The Tranquility of Nature is in this collection.

Man in the city who wants to run away from rush hours of businesslife prefers ADV in new the season to return to nature. ADV fall/winter 2011/2012 collection presents functional forms by geometrical patterns, dense colours without limiting action.

ADV fall/winter 2011/2012 collection, definition of comfort and elegance, almost all products are designed with different wash techniques. Peerless tissue and non-ironed wash and dye techniques are unified with colourful and detailed designs as an alternative style.

Waterproof goose feather sailor coats, fragmented dyed tricots will be the must-have products of the season for the men in seek of nature. The brand new pieces of the collection are chinos, unlined, shirt-weighted woolen jackets and patch-work shirts.

Environment-friendly, respectful towards nature ADV man reflects his sensitivity through his outerwear. The choice of the fabrics in new season is completely organic, woolen and cotton lined, checked patterns.

The main colours of the season which reflect the tranquility of nature are blind coal, indigo, forest green, maroon and the tones of earth to create unification with concept of the new collection. As usual there are such irrevocable colours as blue, sand, stone and navy tones, in ADV Fall-Winter collection.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright ADV.

Damat 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

Union of Practicality and Functionality in Fashion
The main theme of Damat Autumn / Winter 2011- 2012 season is practicality with function in fashion. All demands, that will complete man in the city with elegance, are provided and presented in the collection.

Re-definition of luxury…
While all those wonderful designs are prepared, there is only one thing which is not ignored: the luxury. Damat, reflecting the comfort that men need, will be the choice of the ones want to experience that redefined luxury.

Besides products which show the frame of the body shape, tricot combined with jacket and wollen knitting combined over the jacket that seems like outerwear stand out in the collection.

The keyword of the season: “Outerwear”
Outerwear, shaped by demands in every season, will be the must-have product of this year. Outerwear including classic style redingotes, coats without jacket, coats as jackets, nylon jackets and waterproof trenchcoats gain meaning in the Autumn/ Winter 2011-2012 Damat collection.

Colours with Damat difference
Although traditional colours such as tones of grey from anthracite to coal, navy, mustard-camel tone and bitter brown are stil basic selections, dark roots and smoky tones that present men’s self-confidence and also make them feel comfortable become fundamental colours in the collection.

Unique Tissue of patterns in Damat collection
Elegant designs, created by limited edition fibers and cotton, cashmire-silk mixtures, are composed to make Damat man feel special. The shirts become season trend with micro and macro checked patterns. The combination of single blazers with trousers stand out in the collection in order to produce more individual styles in casual and formal options.

“Knittings”, new style in Damat designs
Knitting, another trend of the season, is used for Damat Collection. Combination of knittings is produced by two seperate contrasts. Superfine gauge fabric with its mega thin tissue like second layer of complexion and completely thick wollen that reminds of old traditional hand-made tissue are designed in accordance with the harmony of body.

Inevitable trend of the season: Accessories
Details at the suits that make together functionality and smartness are the most popular parts of the season. Handkerchiefs, foulards and knitting neckties produced by new mixture of configuration are also must-have pieces of the new season.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Damat.

Tween 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

“It’s all about utility”

Tween A/W 2011-2012 collection explores man’s irresponsible need for discovery. Inspired by the discoveries that have shaped the modern world, new collection offers a dynamic and innovative aesthetic for the modern man who loves to travel.

“Prepared to go anywhere, equipped to be confident”, the collection is made up of pieces that appeal to the free spirit. Multipurpose garments are created with an innate elegance, with highlight pieces including reversible functional coats that can also be used as bags. Woolen jackets are coated and washed and sit alongside leather, denim and the range of fine gage and chunky knitwear.

Mackinaw coats, relaxed suiting and patterned knitwear are offered in saturated hues of mustard, maroon, blue, brown, green, grey and navy.

Video Art
In line with the new collection’s modern and freedom loving spirit, Tween has collaborated with a selection experimental young video artists to offer their interpretation of the individual pieces in the collection. These videos underline the key concepts of the collection: courage, freedom, running away, movement and discovery.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Tween.

October 10, 2011

Gazzarrini 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

Another great collection that sums up the spirit of the 2011 autumn/winter season is the Italian label, Gazzarrini.

Pietro Gazzarrini founded his eponymous company in 1993, blending traditional Italian tailoring with modern-day trends.

The autumn/winter collection is full of layers, including jackets, vests, sweaters, and scarves.

Like many other stylists have shown this season, slim leg pants are tucked in or rolled slightly above rugged looking boots, which are often open or partially tied.

Furs, asymmetrical collars, and low cut necklines embellish the collection. I particularly like the additional built ad waist bags around the hips.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Gazzarrini.

October 7, 2011

Twothirds 2011 Autumn/Winter Video

Escape to the sunny climes of San Sebastian with Twothirds

It is for the love of craftsmanship, attention to detail and the strength and depth of their innate relationship with the ocean that sets the tone of the aesthetic for this Fall/Winter 2011 Collection from the style ambassadors of the Ocean – Twothirds

The concise and deliberate collection overtly reflects the brands passion for a lifetime spent in close proximity to the water, with a myriad of shades of blue prevalent within the range. Subtle details and a injection of fine-gauge Knitwear, oxymoronically soft to the touch with a rugged aesthetic, tpay homage to a sailing tradition utilizing old rope, drawstrings and deck wood as inspiration for many aspects of the garments from the collar to the toggle...

Trousers are fundamentally chinos with tapered silhouettes in lux fabrics that dip their toes in the ocean alongside technical outerwear pieces and Zissou meets Cousteau style beanies.

The 'piece de resistance' hails from the accessories side of the line where bags come from collaboration with Twothirds x Recycled fishing nets again cementing unconditional love for the ocean, sustainability and provenance.

The Twothirds ethos is all about becoming an eccentric Oceanographer with sartorial edges and chasing that damn elusive shark...

Protect what you love - feel good doing it and all hail Bill Murray.


Photo & text Copyright Twothirds.

Closed 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

For the autumn/winter season this year, German label Closed has produced a trendy collection, which combines formal styling with the casualness of the streets, mixing in some winter ski and hiking footwear fun.

For the most part, pant legs are either tucked in a boot or rolled up to show some sock. Jackets and blazers overlap unbuttoned cardigans and chunky sweaters, over jean shirts and a formal tie.

The mixture of textures and fabrics are just as amazing as the mixing of looks and styles—casual yet formal, playful but serious.

The Closed collection definitely captures the spirit of the 2011 autumn/winter season.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Closed.

Closed Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

As a clothing brand, Closed dates back to the late Seventies and originated out of Italy. The brand quickly captured the market with their new denim design approach which has been the first alternative to ordinary 5-pocket jeans.

Denims and chinos are Closed’s core competences. The idea behind every new design is “form follows function” and this approach resulted in the DNA of the brand – the X-Pockets.

Closed is a family-oriented enterprise, proud of its heritage whilst always looking ahead to future innovations. The core values that started Closed remain valid until today, some thirty years on.

The 2012 spring/summer collection is a wonderful mixture of casual and formal wear, with multiple layers of streetwear ruggedness and classic elegance—all with an occasional splash of color.

Now, Closed is based in Hamburg, Germany.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Closed.

October 6, 2011

The “Shearth” is Born—a Sartorial Shirt Made from Wood!

The Italian service concept of My Personal Dresser has evolved within the sphere of eco-luxury and its sartorial brand, The Heritage, has launched an exclusive “Shearth”—the first sartorial shirt of wood” and completely eco.

With a long reputation of comfort in traditional clothing, 100% biodegradible, and a result of completely eco-compatible processes, ShEarth is characterized as a sartorial product of extreme quality for the following reasons:

It is ecological, because the wood from which it is derived is cultivated; therefore, it is not based on a cycle of unnatural deforestation.

It is hygroscopic; that is, able to absorb humidity (35% more than cotton).

It is permeable by vapor; in other words, capable of transmitting liquids.

It is a thermoregulator (for the combined properties mentioned above) since it is a textile product composed of fibers that can easily absorb and transfer to the outside the humidity emitted by the human body.

The result is an item of elegant and refined appeal by sartorial standards and with the added value of personalization, such as with the neck, cuffs, and monograms.

Photos & abbreviated text Copyright My Personal Dresser.

Revolt—a Film by Esteban Studios & Tom Rebl

Revolt - the concept
The dark and industrial surrounding sets the mood for the inner turmoil.
The protagonist struggles with his mental demons revolting against himself. He fights against his own perception to reach his real determination and beliefs. Fighting against social constraint for the sake of one´s real personality.

Esteban - the director
Esteban is the rising star in the fashion film industry. At his young age of 22, he is already directing projects from the initial concept all the way through to the end. He covers all aspects of the moving picture as well as photography. Following his unique style, Esteban is already producing innovative material and is right on track to become a well-respected director.

Tom Rebl - the designer
Raised in Germany, educated in London and now executing his business from Milan, cutting-edge menswear designer Tom Rebl is available in thenmost prestigious boutiques around the globe. His distinctive style got him a solid client base including Karl Lagerfeld, Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Tom is known for discovering new model talents and got a soft spot for eccentric “outsiders“.

Daniel Bamdad - the model
“This is art“is inked above his right eye - Daniel´s favorite tattoo. He is considering his body as a piece of art. He spent about 100 hours getting tattooed by now.

Paradoxically, super-inked Daniel is making a big stir in the fashion business, which is made-up of flawless bodies. Discovered only some months ago behind a bar, he already opened the Vivienne Westwood shown at Milan Fashion Week and strutted the catwalk for Versace.

He is definitely one to watch!

Revolt from ESTEBAN Studios on Vimeo.

Photo & text Copyright Tom Rebl.

Minimum 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

Danish brand minimum has evolved into a well-established and acknowledged brand stocked in stores throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada, and is presented in 25 showrooms worldwide.

Minimum put a great effort into making the right design and fit in every collection. They aim at giving their customers high quality products, unique details, and a feeling of having fun wearing them, yet affordable.

Their collections are inspired by the urban pulse and evolved into sharp designs reflected by the present trends.

Minimum is a lifestyle brand contributing to the basic wardrobe, as well as providing conspicuous items for special occasions.

Minimum was established in 1997 by Peder Tang as a small retail shop in the centre of Aarhus, Denmark.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Minimum.

Remus Uomo Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Constructed upon the firm foundations of traditional tailoring skills and a continued appreciation of indulgent yet refined materials, Remus Uomo brings a fresh silhouette to the Menswear market.

With contemporary lines, slim line collars, cutting edge casuals and cleverly tailored Suits, this architectural approach is what signaled the fashion house’s international appeal.

Every piece in the Remus Uomo collection, from the simplest of casuals to the most structural of suits, has been cut, trimmed and finished to provide something more than just clothing.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Remus Uomo.

October 5, 2011

Damyller 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

A Story of Success

Damyller was founded in 1979, in the town of Crickhowell, Santa Catarina, which is a southernmost state in Brazil with a very high standard of living.

Damyller adheres to principles like respect for humanity and preservation of the environment.
Already present in 25 Brazilian states, Damyller plans to open 15 new stores in 2012.

Inspired by the styles of the 1970’s, the Damyller 2012 spring/summer collection was photographed in Bodie, California.

Now a historic park, this ghost town once boomed to 10,000 inhabitants who were drawn by the 1800’s gold rush.

What better place to evidence the ruggedness of the Damyller man who is always in search of gold!

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Damyller.

Meltin’Pot 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection

“Life is a Journey to Nowhere”

The fall/winter 2011 season for Meltin’Pot will embrace and celebrate some important changes both to the collection that will be unveiled at Bread and Butter but also to the overall communications strategy together with a new retail project. The start of this comprehensive strategic brand evolution, which began with the launch of the first Meltin’Pot MP001 jean back in 2009, will really start to take shape from this season on and will set precedence for the new look Meltin’Pot of the future.

Meltin’Pot MP001 Men’s collection: It’s about being you, but better….

From this season and moving onwards the success story of MP001 will influence the entire range and become the leading design role model for the both male and female collections, becoming the actual” MELTIN’POT collection”.

The tough edged theme behind the collection is the modern reinterpretation of one of the cornerstones of the world of jeans and that is—work wear.

The MP001 collection comprises jeans and chinos that have not only come in a wide range of perfect fits but are also made from new, innovative and extensively researched fabrics and in the washes that have been developed in some of the best Italian laboratories.

They are also complemented by an edited selection of tops that redefine the very concept of work wear that has never been so up to date and modern.

T shirts, jackets and knits are also rich in detail and made in the most premium of fabrics, for true aficionados.

The Meltin’Pot collection boasts new models to the existing MP001, 2, 4.5 and 6 pants and range of models and fits. The first is MP007, a slim fit pant that features a back zip pocket detail and the new ergonomic anti-fit chino the MP011, alongside the MP009 a regular slim fit pant complete the basic part of the collection.

Other scoops include the new models MP008 and MP010, an on- trend chino available in both satin moleskin and gabardine.

The Meltin’Pot Men’s Basic Denim Collection: Being Contemporary, in a New Way.

The new, innovative basic denim collection has been fully revitalized and is fully in line with
MP001’s DNA: the new pocket design, and iconic MP001 markings and details derived directly from this successful MP001 capsule collection design and style, with its distinctive yellow stitching on the back pocket. The fits range from super slim to the new regular that is more comfortable, and all incredibly perfect.

Great attention, as always, can been seen across this collection in terms of the vast range of quality fabrics, washes, new fabric innovations and details that feature for both men and women and the separates have never been closer to the world of denim than in this collection.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Meltin’Pot.

Ana Locking Spring-Summer 2012 “Under Beauty”

“The shadows that live under beauty enable the light to shine more brightly.”

We seek balance and the essence of beauty, but nowadays, these balances cannot be found and, for some time now, there is more interest in researching the reality of a meaningless, chaotic, fragmentary world which is maintained thanks to the need for idealized beauty.

The aim of the search for beauty may not be to flatter the senses but to reflect on extreme situations. There is always a point beyond the beautiful and the sublime, and that point is where the spectator witnesses first-hand the demystification of the beautiful, a reinterpretation of a new order that seeks the complicity of irony and tragedy. And it is precisely that which injects new energy so that the tiresomeness of the most classical concepts of beauty can be left behind.

There are schools of thought that believe that the limit of perfect beauty can be found in the dark and sinister; sinister meaning a condition needed to produce an aesthetic effect. However, in order to achieve this effect, the dark must remain hidden, as its disclosure would produce the destruction of such effect.

We find the beauty of the sublime just one step before the terrible; a step which envelops and captivates in the extreme and which hides that which we know but do not wish to see. This is the composition that allows us to find the perfect balance and the meaning of such fascination.
I always think that one of the primary objectives of fashion is to recreate beauty and, on the way to achieving this, I discover that there are always things that can be appreciated and used in the places where I didn’t want to look.

It is an attraction to the abysm and hidden fascination for imperfection.

An image from Lynch’s films comes to mind continuously while I work on this collection; it is the beginning of Blue Velvet when the camera first captures a perfect universe to then delve into the subsoil and visit the hell of the imperfect, grotesque and surreal, showing an entire world of insignificant, small beings feeding on and seizing so much beauty.

“Under Beauty” is a collection with a soft beginning which increases little by little until something explodes, revealing that which lies beyond the “beautiful”; a universe invaded by small beings that feed on idyllic flowers and it is at this point when the prints being to co-exist with each other in an ongoing combination until the insects devour and break up the flowers and they become lost in the nothingness of a vacuum.

This play on appearances is also conveyed through strict patterns and sober, all-encompassing volumes. High-quality tailoring is present throughout the entire collection and, as occurs with the prints, hidden, unexpected details gradually appear, such as false lapels and elements that break the “perfection” creating subtle asymmetries.

A special reinterpretation of the idyllic Liberty print affords another dimension to the colour block, giving it great strength and fresh vision.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Ana Locking.

October 4, 2011

Six Lee 2012 Spring/Summer Collection “We’re all in the Dance”

Six Lee graduated from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2009, going on to collaborate with Alexander McQueen in London after graduation.

Originally from Hong Kong, Six Lee is a romantic at heart, infusing his designs with emotions drawn from music and films. The young designer is an avid writer of poetry.

Also characteristic of Six Lee is traditional British tailoring with clean cuts and sharp lines. His colors are soft and his silhouette embodies a skinny blond boyish detail.

“We’re all in the Dance” is a song by Feist, who influenced the 2012 spring/summer collection of Six Lee. Leslie Feist is an Indie Rock singer of Canada.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Six Lee.

Morning Theft 2012 Spring/Summer Collection “He Who Asks, Receives”

Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, Tom Guerin founded Morning Theft this year providing Australian men with a contemporary range of basic street wear.

The 2012 spring/summer collection is Morning Theft’s second season, evidencing the assorted sources from which Tom draws his inspiration: music, art, culture, people, and brands like Acne and Common Projects.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Morning Theft.

October 3, 2011

Asher Levine Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Originally from Port Charlotte, Florida, Asher Levine established his label in the West Village shortly after having earned a degree in Managerial Entrepreneurship at Pace University.

As for his creativity, Asher traces it to his childhood days of playing in the clay back in Florida.

Beginning to sew at the mere age of 10, Asher designs menswear collections as he explores the natural word, humanity, and the human condition.

Evidenced by the autumn/winter 2011 collection, fluidity is juxtaposed with rigidity, while beauty is at times disfigured.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Asher Levine.

Asher Levine Spring/Summer 2012 Collection: “Stage 118”

The 2012 spring/summer collection is the fourth collection by Asher Levine, who taps into the socio-political spirit and times of our day.

Asher envisions a pandemic, which, unable to be stopped, incurs the militarization of society.

Such vivid imagination penetrates the collection of Asher, who creates, in his words, a “wondrously weird aesthetic.”

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Asher Levine.

Blanco Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

For the 2011 autumn/winter season, the Blanco campaign conveys an attitude and spirit that always accompanies the brand: one of smiles and positivity. The feel is hip and slightly retro, pointing back to the 50’s.

In 1960, Bernardo Blanco Solana founded the company, which is not run by Bernardo Blanco Moreno. The brand strives for bold pop-inspired styles, attracting young men and women around the world.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Blanco.

October 2, 2011

Jack Spade Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

New York, NY September 21, 2011 – JACK SPADE, the stylish men’s brand known for its classic American styling of apparel, bags and small goods is pleased to present a tailored suiting collection made in the USA. The collection, in partnership with the master tailors of Southwick, is their first foray in to traditional men’s suiting and will include a mix of hopsack blazers, wool herringbone blazers, flannel suits and camel hair top coats.

JACK SPADE gave the authentic American style a modern interpretation without abandoning the classic construction for which they are known. Each piece is made in Southwick’s Massachusetts factory with the same traditions of quality and craftsmanship they have been upholding since 1929.

To mark this exciting new collection, JACK SPADE invited JP Williams, a New York art director, co-founder of design mw and creator of the “amassblog”, to style the collection in a special look book that embodies the spirit of the brand and their inherent desire to create stylish but thoughtful items.

“It’s been a fantastic project developing this collection of heritage based pieces with Southwick”, says Cuan Hanly, VP/GM Jack Spade. “We are delighted not only to be supporting American made goods but also to be partnering with the best in class tailoring manufacturers. As always we bring our Jack Spade sprit to the garments and have combined traditional constructions methods with a modern and relevant silhouette.”

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Jack Spade.

Roberto Piqueras Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Roberto Piqueras is a Spanish designer from Barcelona who references the urban wear of the 1980’s in his collections.

For this 2011 autumn/winter season, Roberto creates a colorful portrait of pastels in a slightly oversized silhouette, incorporating athletic wear into the collection.

Roberto studied fashion at the School of Fashion Design in, Barcelona.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Roberto Piqueras.

October 1, 2011

MAC Autumn/Winter 2011 Men’s Collection

Canada – about urban life in Vancouver, the Canadian forests and the Canadian Air Force at Goose Bay.

The MAC Autumn/Winter 2011 looks are influenced by life in Canada: unbelievable expanses, untouched nature and endless forests. Icy temperatures and modern, urban life meet lumberjack romanticism, big-city charm, and influences of the Canadian Air Force at Canada’s Goose Bay in the northern province of Labrador. The pulsating life of the major city of
Vancouver forms a strict contrast to the wilderness and the rough coastal landscape of this exciting and varied country.

The styles for MAC man will also be full of contrasts next winter! The collection for the cold season is subdivided into three themes: College Vancouver, Yukon and Canadian Air Force at Goose Bay. Elaborate hidden details with checked and striped linings, high-quality and denim details in the flat fabric as well as multicolored decorative stitching reflect the Canadian,

College Vancouver
Inspired by big-city college life in Vancouver, the styles of this theme are going to be more formal in Autumn/Winter 2011. MAC man looks ‘dressed’ and wears trousers that can be perfectly combined with sports jackets and yet still look casual. Especially chinos dominate this theme! Foremost are the slim cut Lenny and the regular fit cut Martin.

In addition to clean denims and washes, color denims and super soft left-hand denims are available. Left-hand denims score with their extra-soft quality, a result of the reverse ridge of twill. Reactive denim– i.e. denim that is fast-dyed and therefore does not fade – is also part of the new collection.

Soft gabardine provides extra wearing comfort. Discreet checks give the most exquisite woolen styles a casual look. Tweed, herringbone, clean corduroy styles and cotton ceramica, striped or checked, are reminiscent of Canada’s partly British roots. Five-pockets are available as varieties of Brad, Ben and Rocky, with trendy rivets and decorative stitching, and are spruced up with elaborate inner waistband cords.

The slim cut Arne, which was introduced for the first time in spring/summer 2011, must not be missing in winter, either! The color range of the collection is autumnally warm, but also maritime: You will find everything from autumn leaf shades to marine, deep blue sea and through to ruby red.

Canada is instinctively associated with endless forests and sturdy, vigorous lumberjacks hailing from all over the world. The styles in this theme group look accordingly. Things are getting casual: 5-pockets in different varieties take on a more rustic look with the addition of leather details and checked lining. Generally, checks as well as vintage looks are the predominant features. They characterize dyed denims, authentic washed color denims, washed corduroy varieties and flats.

A new, indigo-dyed denim corduroy and bull twills are treated like denims and washed off, which gives them baffles and used effects. These emphasize the grainy look and are reminiscent of Canada’s lumberjack romanticism, just like the cross twill, a sturdy gabardine with a conspicuous fishnet structure. The colors are earthy and warm, ranging from curry to leather, and espresso through to garnet.

Canadian Air Force at Canada’s Goose Bay
This is Canada, too – Goose Bay is known for its air force base. Freezing cold, a wild and romantic coastal landscape and the infinite expansiveness of the province of Labrador characterize this theme.

Army elements decorate cargos such as Brian and worker styles, such as Rob. Fashionable chinos with slanted pocket mouths – Benjamin, for instance – take on a cool and modern look thanks to such new details as brace buttons.

Cargos, worker styles and chinos reflect the military influence. Some of them are made with coated materials as well as heavy cotton fabrics which obtain an especially grainy look in canvas styles.

Premium chinos come in two-ply steep twill and denims are coated; these transparent elements and the extra compact weave achieve a very special, matt shine.

A particularly tightly woven gabardine has a strikingly sportive look and offers the utmost wearing comfort. Brown dyed denim is available in addition to black-black denim and blue-black denim.

A special highlight is the nonstretched broken twill denim whose 3D baffles make it even more authentic. It comes in very dark and exquisite washes in a vintage look. A rustic herringbone stretch will be available in the typical air force colors. In line with the theme, the colors range from khaki to brown and olive, and through to stone grey and marine.

About MAC
The company MAC, founded in 1973 and located in Wald/Rossbach, is noted for quality, fit and style. The trousers specialist sells approximately 5.6 million pairs of trousers every year. The enterprise employs about 300 staff members at its headquarters in the Upper Palatinate, and has more than 1,100 employees in its affiliated production centers.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright MAC.