December 6, 2011

Scotch & Soda 2012 Sneak Peak

Amsterdam-based label Scotch & Soda has just released a sneak peak of the 2012 spring/summer Blauw denim collection, which is entitled “the Longest Breakfast.”

Photo Copyright Scotch & Soda.

Lika Mimika Rabbit Skin Espadrilles

Unisex label Lika Mimika has released a rabbit skin edition of their espadrille shoe. Other varieties include soft lamb, goat, and calfskin leather in a wide variety of colors—all of which are hand stitched in Alicante, Spain.

Photo Copyright Lika Mimika.

December 5, 2011

Edinburgh Zoo Pandas and Their Edible T-Shirts

An eco-fashion brand has teamed up with Edinburgh Zoo to make t-shirts for their new Giant Pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

With the Zoo conscious to raise awareness about conservation, they recruited eco-fashion brand Rapanui, winners of the RSPCA Good Business awards, to create a t-shirt made from bamboo—but rather than going on the Panda’s plate, these t-shirts are being sold alongside the visitor’s attraction to raise money and contribute to their upkeep.

Bamboo is hailed as a fabric of the future, Mart Drake-Knight, Co-founder and designer explains:

“Bamboo is an amazing fabric, it is as soft as silk but half the price, it grows fast without water, pesticides or fertilisers, Bamboo has a lot of potential as a sustainable textile, not to mention the softness and kind-to-skin properties that make them feel great.“

Rapanui recently won the RSPCA Innovation in Fashion award for its approach to traceability and animal welfare and claim their mission is to make eco cool:

“Eco fashion is no longer about itchy brown socks, we want to use the power of cool to inspire wider lifestyle choices” said Co-founder Rob Drake-Knight. The Guardian recently described Rapanui as ‘bang on trend.’”

A percentage of the profit from each t-shirt sold to the zoo shop has been donated by Rapanui to the Edinburgh Royal Zoological Society. The t-shirts are available to purchase in the Edinburgh Zoo Shop.

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Photos & text Copyright Rapanui.

Tonello 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Tonello is a made-in-Italy brand specialized in the production of tailored suits and popular for its unique coats and.

Since its birth, Tonello has been distinguished for its style, manufacture and easy-to-wear clothes and jackets.

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December 4, 2011

The Dark Side of Underwear—PigSkin

Did you know that, for some, underwear has a dark side? Now with PigSkin, you can explore the darker side of styles called Mechanic, Grappler, Gridiron, ad Prize Fighter.

Tattooed model Israel Zamora models the darker side of briefs and jock straps.

You may be a vegetarian, keep kosher, or eat halal, but when it comes down to underwear you may want to try the darker side with PigSkin.

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December 1, 2011

Zuriick Shoe Collection

Born in the summer of 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Zuriick shoes brand was created as a hobby (for personal satisfaction) to provide a stylish and sleek alternative to men's shoes - and we love what they have created.

Zuriick, which means they’re not just made from premium materials: beautiful leathers, stitches and lacing .

Zuriick shoes are made from a lifetime of memories and experiences. They are conceived and designed by Michael McCaleb, a quiet guy with an eye for style...anything driven by passion is bound to be good.

Zuriick shoes are designed to be worn in and age beautifully. The quality leathers gain character with wear. Their sleek leather stitched soles don't swamp the shoe and the result is the unique design you see available on Sorsd.

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Ninh Teaser Collection

The NINH label is for the modest, confident man, the intellectual and cultured, the passionate and open-minded – a modern-day Renaissance man.

Whether it’s for social or career reasons, men are displaying a desire to upgrade their wardrobes and use fashion as a vehicle to demonstrate the importance of both. Burberry offers quality clothing at an expensive price, while Marc by Marc Jacobs offers affordability with lackluster style. By using locally sourced fabrics and high-tech materials made in Japan, NINH Collection offers quality hand-crafted designs made in New York City.

Our designs emphasize intricate details and comfort by combining a tailored look with high-street pieces for all occasions and seasons. We pay close attention to details such as our signature triangular pockets and tedious piped lining, and our sizes (S, M, L) run smaller than normal as to provide a more fitted cut and tailored silhouette.

Our target customers are significantly more likely than the average male shopper to be deemed “big spenders”. With a desire to be stylish and fashionable, they are discerning and active spenders for fashion, male grooming, technology, beverages, entertainment and other lifestyle products and services.
Attached is a sneak peek of the six jackets that we will be selling on the online boutique at early in December. But all friends on our mailing list and Facebook fans get first hand-pick for pre-orders.

In addition to FREE ground shipping worldwide and you will also receive a $100 discount for each jacket purchased for pre-orders only. Once the online store is enabled in December, the items will go back to their original prices. The quantity for these pieces is limited to only 16 jackets per style as we want our jackets to be exclusive and not mass marketed. Below you will find a line sheet representing each item.

NINH Collection is considered Bridge price points, which is right under Designer price points, and competes with brands such as Diesel Black Gold, Burberry Blue, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Take in consideration that this is our first collection, so the jackets will have more value in 10, 20, and 30 years, when NINH Collection gets established. Whether you want to get a jacket for yourself, your boyfriend, a family member and friend, or to simply support Ninh Nguyen’s dream of becoming a dominant designer in the menswear arena, these items are the perfect gifts for this holiday season.

Why wear a simple jacket that looks like any other brands, when you can make a statement with NINH Collection? Our goal is to provide customers with quality, style and affordability, as we put our time, effort and pride in making these items unique, fashionable and wearable.

Dress without taste and they will remember the clothes. Dress with taste and they will remember the man.

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