March 31, 2012

Vilebrequin High-Summer 2012 collection

A delectable journey into the wonderful world of fine cuisine by starred chefs.

I warmly invite you to take part in an experience of pleasure and delight through exceptional dishes.

The culinary arts, a source of inspiration for unique creations and a complex alchemy of chosen ingredients, ad us on a journey of the senses that awakens all our feelings and faculties of pleasure.

It is based on this poetic and creative vision of cuisine, constructed at the level of art, that I transposed a selection of cooking recipes onto a piece of fabric, to be then made into swimwear.

An approach taken to a higher level by a visual interpretation of the world of chefs, unexpectedly rediscovered in the world of Vilebrequin.

Photos & text Copyright Vilbrequin.

Juyoung Lee at Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week has just concluded with an array of prolific menswear designers.  

I particularly liked the 2012 spring/summer Resurrection collection by Juyoung Lee, who takes a dark urban look to his fashions.

Read more and see the collection at Resurrection at Seoul Fashion Week.

Photos Copyright Resurrection.

March 29, 2012

Kent Denim, Growing in California!

The Kent Denim Bar, WeHo’s newest jean outpost located inside Parla, 8250 Santa Monica Blvd, offers men a uniquely delicious concept in fashion apparel that is bold, creative, original and unconventional—blending the snow drenched Northern California Sierra Nevada adventures with SoCal’s eclectic cool and sun enveloped atmosphere.

Read more and see the photos at Kent Denim Bar.

Photos & text Copyright Kent.

March 28, 2012

Europe Design, Italian Style, Turkish Made

The Manzetti collection for spring/summer 2012 is a unique collection that deviates from the formal wear that is so currently ubiquitous.

See the collection and read more at Proms, Weddings, Anniversaries?  Manzetti.

Photos Copyright Manzetti.

March 27, 2012

Download Now the New Issue of LAB Homme

LAB Homme has just released the spring/summer 2012 launch issue called LABZINE A4 #1 Muse.

Read more and see the collection at LAB Homme:  Out for Download.

Photos Copyright LAB.

March 26, 2012

Rochambeau: Men, Are Waists Going Up?

For spring/summer 2012, designers Laurence Chandler & Joshua Cooper drew their inspiration from New York City, juxtaposing freedom with construction as if modeling the collection after the architectural contours of the city itself.

See the collection and read more at Rochambeau—Waists Up?

Photos Copyright Rochambeau.

I just received the look book for the 2012 autumn/winter collection of the Argentinean lable, Li.Torres.

To see the collection go to Li.Torres 2012 Autumn/Winter Collectionand read more.

Photos Copyrigth Li.Torres.

March 25, 2012

Futuristic Mod Look by Johnny Love

JOHNNYLOVE is proud to present the latest look book showing the new AW 2012-13 Collection.

Creating new styles with old references the collection is based on and inspired by rock 'n’ roll and the sixties mods style - brought to year 2012.

See the collection and read more at Johnny Love “Futuristic Mod Look”.

Photos & text Copyright Johnny Love.

March 24, 2012

2012 Spring/Summer Collection by You Must Create

The YMC spring/summer collection draws inspiration from the world of literature and film in years gone by.

To see the collection and read more go to You Must Create Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

Photos Copyright YMC.

"Wonderful Life by Popissue

Popissue was established by Konrad Opala in 2005, in Sydney as an avant-garde menswear label that emphasizes quality and pop culture.

To see the collection and read more go to Popissue “Wonderful Life”.

Photos Copyright Popissue.

March 23, 2012

Asia Wysoczyńska "Broken Butterfly"

Working on contrasting structures or surfaces and the difference between what is perceived and what is the real characteristic of clothes were always interesting to me.

Broken Butterfly is another example of my explorations within the subject.

The collection was inspired by Anne Ten Donkelaar’s artworks. The Dutch artist did an amazing work trying to ‘repair’ dead butterflies—filling their damaged structure with materials such as cord, threads, little parts taken from old maps, twigs.

See the collection and read more at Asia Wysoczyńska Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photo & text Copyright Asia Wysoczyńska.

Tune into Meltin’Pot Jeans

In the preparation for the summer season and with temperatures on the rise, ease yourself into summer with some of the coolest Meltin’Pot styles for the season that play on new colours and shades of indigo and blue fades.

For more information or to see the jeans, go to Tune into Your New Summer Meltin’Pot Jean Styles

Photos & text Copyright Meltin’Pot.

March 22, 2012

Sasha Marini for Tom Rebl

Italian model Sasha Marini is photographed in Milan by Piero Visconti as he dons the 2012 autumn/winter collection of Tom Rebl.

What I like about this collection is the variety in styles, which range from the classic suit to mixtures of streetwear, fur coats, and skirts with some of the most amazing jackets and coats.

See the collection here.

"Duke" by Henri Lloyd

Henri Lloyd is proud to introduce the new ‘Duke’ styles to their traditional SS’12 knitwear collection.

The British heritage brand is world renowned for its pioneering design and manufacturing excellence which can be seen in the ‘Duke’ Crew and ‘Duke’ Shawl Neck Knits.

Henri Lloyd was established in 1963 in Manchester, England, by Mr Henri, as he is known.

Read the full press release and see the “Duke” styles at Henri Lloyd – SS’12 "Duke" Knits.

Photos & text Copyright Henri Lloyd.

March 21, 2012

My Trip to San Francisco

Over the past several days I have been in San Francisco on my way to San Jose' for a conference related to work.

I had a fantastic time, and you share the fun by viewing the videos and photo galleries on my Facebook and/or YouTube channels.

I saw sea lions and I spotted a whale in the San Francisco Bay!

I rode the street car getting an adrenaline rush like the Geico piggy!

I also learned a little more about the history of menswear.


19th Century Lighthouse Fashion!

While I was touring Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge—a fort that was built long before the bridge in about 1769 to protect the bay against the British and the Russians—I learned a little bit about the history of US fashion..

If you were the worker in a light in those years, what would you wear?

Well, a dark blue overcoat with bright bronze buttons, a matching hat, and thick moustache!

See the video and more images at Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

March 19, 2012

Fort Point Physician: Plume & Sash

Fort Point Physician: Plume & Sash

This weekend I was in San Francisco, and I went to the fort under the Golden Gate Bridge called Fort Point, which was built in about 1769 to protect the bay against the British and the Russians.

In 1850, California was annexed to the United States and, three years later, the work on the fort began.

So, if you were a physician in those years, what would you wear?

You got it! A sash around your jacket and a plume in your hat! (For those of you that don’t know what a plume is, it’s a feather in your hat!).

March 18, 2012

Men's Swimwear in the 1920's

This weekend I am in San Francicso, and yesterday I took a ride to where the Sutro salt baths were located.

As a fashion history buff, I could not resist taking a picture of this 1920's swim suit!

March 16, 2012

Domingo Rodriguez 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection

I just received the 2012 autumn/winter look book from menswear designer, Domingo Rodriguez.

To read more about him or see the whole collection, go to Matt Trethe for Domingo Rodriguez, Shot by Enokae.

Photos Copyright Domingo Rodriguez.

March 15, 2012

Wanna be a model 100%?

Values that should be the basis for building a career in the fashion system by shout up you can
A season after its first appearance, on the occasion of the upcoming Milan Female Fashion week, shout up you can ( is back to the scene to shout its social message.

Wanna be a model 100%? This is the claim of the new campaign “100% MODEL” whose aim, following the previous one, is to raise awareness about any risk connected to a wrong interpretation of both the fashion system, and the tools young models should rely on to reach the peak of success.

100% MODEL takes its inspiration from a real story trying to tell it through photographic evidence, and a fashion film. It alerts young professionals about some of the most frequent dynamics which can be used against any person who is not properly informed.

Success doesn’t pass through sex. It has to be strongly reasserted that submission and acceptance of harassing behaviors is not the rule to enhance one’s career. Those wishing to exploit their influence to oblige young professionals to accept pernicious dynamics and perverted role plays do denigrate the image of any fashion insider giving its contribution in a proper and respectful way.
This is the reason why one of the main messages of the film is “Shame on You”, shame on all who take advantage of their role or physical appearance to damage not only their personal dignity but also the whole fashion world.

100% MODEL’s testimonial is Italian top model Sasha Marini ( who is the main character not only of the campaign but also of the pictures shown in the video where he represents both evil and good suggesting to emerging models which are the values to build their career on.
Apart from the press and video campaign, independent productions available on several channels, a blog has been created for providing all actors involved with the opportunity to share their story. Anyone can go and visit
http://shoutupyoucan.blogspot.comto leave a comment or report sexual harassments or abuses they suffered from during their career.

All evidences will be delivered to authorities entitled to investigate about possible legal, and criminal responsibilities of people alleged with such accusations.
Another step has been done. Break the silence. Now, you can.


shout up

you can

100% MODEL | Official video campaign from shout up you can on Vimeo.

March 14, 2012

A Social Study of Civil Disobedience in the Land of the Lost and Found

This collection is an introspective look at the Rebel aspect of our namesake. The true definition of the Rebel: this season's offerings include clever detailing as well as a timeless color palette with subtle rebellious tones and textures.

See the look book and read more at G.P.P.R. All I Wanted to be is What I Became.

Photos Copyright G.P.P.R.

March 13, 2012

British Fitness Model Lee Stram Takes Australia by Storm in New 2wink Australia Swimsuit Campaign

Twenty-five year old British fitness model Lee Stram recently finished a photo shoot for 2wink Australia along the Western Australian shores of Cottesloe Beach.

Following his arrival to Australia in January, 2012, Stram has landed a number of modeling gigs, including several photo shoots with Western Australia underwear company, 2wink Australia; recently completing an additional photo shoot for the brand’s Walkabout range, which celebrated Aboriginal Australian culture. He’s also fallen in love with the Aussie lifestyle of sun, surf and sand, and has no plans yet to return to his native country.

“It’s been my childhood dream to visit Australia,” said Stram. “And now I’ve been able to combine that dream with modeling opportunities whilst in Australia.”

Stram’s masculine physique matched the look of the brand, which made him the perfect model for the Aussie Defence AUS12 swimwear range, which was a follow-up to 2wink Australia’s first ever swimwear range launched in 2011, a range that included styles named after famous Aussie stars.

Photos & text Copyright 2wink.

March 12, 2012

Sneakers Made from Scarves? Soisire Soiebleu!

I just received the images from Blackboard of their new line of shoes called “Soisire Soiebleu”—and I love them!

The shoes consist of a sneaker-like shoe made from original vintage foulards (scarves)…

Read more and see the shoes at Soisire Soiebleu—the Vintage Scarf Sneaker!

Photos Copyright Blackboard.

March 11, 2012

Nathan Palmer in His 3rd Season

About the 2012 spring/summer collection, Nathan of Nathan Palmer writes:

We created 'Nathan Palmer Clothing' late 2010. Early 2011 was the year we launched our e-store.

Read more about Nathan Palmer and see the collection at Nathan Palmer 2012 Spring/Summer Collection.

Photos & text Copyright Nathan Palmer.

March 8, 2012

Asher Levine’s Utilitarian Military Look for AW12

For the past few seasons, some designers were drawing their inspiration from previous wars, such as the First World War and—later—the Second World War.

See the collection and read the rest of the article at War! Huh-Yeah What Is It Good For? Asher Levine's Take.

Photo Copyright Asher Levine.

TRIBE Madness Sale

They are very excited there at TRIBE to be releasing a new range of underwear throughout the month of March, so keep checking the site as NEW styles will be released every week.

To Celebrate this they are having a March Madness Sale, and as a Thank you for being one of their Very Special Customers they would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase the NEW range at 20% off.

Just enter VSC020 at the Checkout to receive the discount. Go to

March 6, 2012

Lavenham Summer 2012 with Quilted Jakcets

Lavenham have been producing some of the most superior quality clothing in Britain since 1969.

Producers of the very first nylon quilted jackets, Lavenham have established themselves as a staple name amongst both rural and fashion forward publics.

Read the full article and see the collection at Lavenham Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

Photos & text Copyright Lavenham.

Super Hot Model for Timoteo Swimwear & Underwear

6’1”, blond, ripped abs… Oh yeah, and he knows how to work the camera.

Photographer David Wagner shot Michael Holland in some pretty amazing Timoteo swimwear and briefs.

As a swimmer, I love the swim suits! I wonder how many laps he did to look like that!

See more images at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos Copyright Timoteo.

March 5, 2012

Native Son & Raleigh Denim

Autumn/Winter 2012 at New York Fashion Week

In the continued pursuit of dressing the modern man, this season Native Son posed the question of what it means to create a brand that is perfectly balanced in its ability to reference the past, exist in the present, and look forward to the future.

See the collection and read more at Native Son: Looking Back to the 1st American Jeans—Raleigh Denim.

Photos & text Copyright Native Son.

March 2, 2012

Timoteo Steams up the Shots

Photographer Tom Cullis photographed model Courtney Grant in some steamy hot images. Shots span from the Classic Timoteo Jock strap to the new Hero Super low.

Read the full article and see the collection at Steamy Hot Timoteo.

Photos Copyright Timoteo.

Hogan: An Italian Interpretation of American Lit

Hogan’s Traditional represents an authentic example of laid-back elegance and that one-of-a-kind male understatement made from brushed, distressed leather, with a lived-in look.

Read the full article and see the collection at Hogan: An Italian Take on American Lit.

Photos & text Copyright Hogan.

March 1, 2012

Win Fashion Prizes with Men's Fashion by Francesco

I will begin some fun promos and contests! To stay informed, go to my Facebook page and share the Fashion Love!

Click here.

Saurkraut and Japanese Fashion? Bring on the Noise in SS12

“Kraut” is originally a German word meaning pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) and was a derogatory term used by the English during the Second World War.

Read the full article and see the collection at Bring on the Noise “KRAUT 2" for Spring/Summer 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Bring on the Noise.