April 30, 2012

Police Sunglasses

Police was created in 1983 at a time when sunglasses were transforming from a simple accessory to a fashion statement.

See the images at Here Come…Police! where you can find more info.

Be sure to check out Police for women and Police for kids.

Photos Copyright Police.

April 29, 2012

Ana Locking Looks to the Twenties for AW12

A time capsule is an hermetic recipient created in order to preserve messages and objects from the present so that they can be discovered by future generations.

Go to Time Capsule by Ana Locking to read all about the collection and see the images.

Photos & text Copyright Ana Locking.

April 28, 2012

Antony Morato Moves into e-Commerce

Milan - April 23, 2012 - Antony Morato is pleased to announce the official opening of its store online, which will give the brand loyalists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world Antony Morato, young and dynamic, but at the same time able to quickly establish itself in the world of men’s fashion.

Read more about the online store and see the 2012 spring/summer collection at Antony Morato Launches Online Store.

Photos & text Copyright Antony Morato.

April 26, 2012

Rockin' Tees by Worn By

Worn By is a label dedicated to capturing the most iconic moments in rock ?n' roll history.

We work with original artists, musicians and photographers to revive original designs worn by legends of the past.

See the tees and read more at Worn By Rockin’ Tees.

Photos & text Copyright Worn By.

Sin Star: Tees from the UK

As always the collection takes inspiration from what the boys love, these being punk, rock, skate and metal.  This collection has it all. 

See the tees and read more at Sin Star:  T-Shirts & More.

Photos & text Copyright Sin Star.

April 25, 2012

What is a Basouk?!

Ever since Net-A-Porter revolutionised women's fashion online, menswear portals have been struggling to sew up the male market. This Spring, BASOUK.com presents their solution – a new menswear portal that brings together over 1,000 brands and 25,000 fashion items. 

Hanks by Drakes

Every man needs a hanky!  Check out Drakes Hanks!

Rapanui: Ahead of the Rest in Green Fashion!

Eco fashion brand Rapanui has launched a new collection for summer that includes tops made from an eco fabric derived from Eucalyptus and t-shirts that are manufactured using wind turbines.

Read more and see the video at Rapanui Summer ’12 Collection.

April 24, 2012

A Sense of HUMÖR

Known for its boundary pushing vibrancy and cutting edge style, HUMÖR has bounced straight into spring/summer 2012 with yet another jaw dropping collection.

See the collection on my e-mag at HUMÖR 2012 Spring/Summer Collection.

Photos Copyright HUMÖR.

April 23, 2012

Urban Alpha: A New Retailer from the UK

Urban Alpha is a new men’s clothing retailer from the UK, with some big dreams on how to make shopping online a better experience. 

The idea for Urban Alpha came about … continue reading at Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

April 22, 2012

The Spring 1972 Catalog by Lew Magram

Last night my 88-year-old friend from New York gave me a menswear catalog by Lew Magram, which was dated 1972.

 The styles are fantastic:  checkered shirts, high-waist pants, wide lapels, white belts, and lots of styles that were the forerunners of the leisure suit.

I hope to post more shots in the coming days!  

For now, enjoy the front and back covers.  Click here to see the back cover.

April 21, 2012

AussieBUM on the Red Carpet, in THE AVENGERS!

AussieBUM is being featured in the upcoming movie of the year:  The Avengers!  The premier was Thursday, 18 April 2012, in London.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on AussieBUM, Australia's swim- and underwear brand.

Congratulations AussieBUM!

Boggi Milano & the 2012 Olympics

We all know the Summer Olympics are approaching fast, and athletes around the world are training with all tenacity and strength to qualify for their events.

Meanwhile, fashion houses like Boggi Milano are focusing on style in preparation for the great events.

See what Boggi Milano has planned at  Boggi Milano—A Champion’s Fabric.

Photos Copyright Boggi Milano.

April 20, 2012

Timoteo: Fashion & Fetish for Spring 2012

New York, NY – Timoteo, the Los Angeles based men’s designer that caters to the stylish and active man who seeks the ultimate in comfort and design, introduces its first collection to merge fashion with fetish, CellBlock 13. 

Made from spandex athletic mesh and nylon spandex fabrics, in sinisterly dark shades of navy, black and red - with a custom designed waistband boldly emphasizing the rawness of the brief - CellBlock 13 goes beyond the bedroom, ushering men into the adult playroom and beyond. CellBlock 13, by Timoteo, is available at select retailers and online now.

 Read more and see the collection at Timoteo Launches New Brand:  CellBlock.

Photos & text Copyright Timoteo.

April 17, 2012

Memories Past but not Forgotten

Today a cousin sent me a photo from when I was just 8 years old, and I thought to share the memories with you! 

The picture was taken of me next to a dear uncle (non ti diimentico mai, zio!) as I was trying to imitate the old timers who carried their cargo on their head. 

We were walking back the dirt paths from my uncle’s farm in Forio, on the island of Ischia.  My uncle was carrying a typically large squash.

So what’s important in this picture?  Of course, my colorful shorts!  

The only question is, How did I balance that bucket without messing up my hair!

Photo Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

April 16, 2012

Carl Cunow & Onia: Background & Summer 2012

New York City native Carl Cunow had been working inthe fashion industry for years but found that when he needed the perfect swimsuit for himself, it didn’t exist—so he made it.

See more and read all about this collection at Carl Cunow & Onia Spring/Summer 2012

Photos & text Copyright Onia.

New Watches, Shades & Collaboration

For this season a definitive change has come about within the TRIWA collections.

It’s all about diversity throughout, depth of the spectrum of color, materials, textures and intricate detailing.

See more and read all about this collection at Triwa Spring/Summer 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Triwa.

April 15, 2012

Triwa: Ticking from Sweden

This Military inspired watch from Swedish watchmakers Triwa is the ideal wrist adornment for summer.

Read more and see the watches at Triwa Watches.

Photos & text Copyright Triwa.

April 14, 2012

ANNTIAN Now & Then: Or Maybe Somewhere Else

ANNTIAN Now & Then:  Or Maybe Somewhere Else
Falling Leave—it happens—one drops right next to you and grabs your attention for a moment—a cut in the continuum, a perspective of a moment which offers two ways in stepping forward –

See the collection and read the press release at ANNTIAN Autumn/Winter 2012,

Photos & text Copyright ANNTIAN.

April 12, 2012


This season, KRISVANASSCHE introduces a collaboration with Lee® that celebrates the heritage and expertise of this authentic denim brand mixed with the sophisticated world of Kris Van Assche where modern masculinity is of the essence

Read more and see the collection at Lee & KRISVANASSCHE Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

Photos & text Copyright KRISANASSCHE.

April 11, 2012

Lyle & Scott Autumn/Winter 2012

The Lyle & Scott collection for autumn/winter 2012 is entitled “On the Road” and is inspired by Kerouac’s fast tempo account of the Fifties’ Beat movement in the US.

Read more and see the collection at Lyle & Scott.

Copyright Lyle & Scott.

April 10, 2012

ES Collection: Your Swimwear and Underwear from Sexy Barcelona!

ES Collection was founded 2006 in Barcelona, specializing in menswear, but their difference from other brands is the exclusive design, tailoring, and high quality.

You have to see this amazingly sexy collection of swimwear and underwear at ES Collection:  Super Sexy Underwear & Swimwear!

Photos Copyright ES Collection.

April 9, 2012

Maiden Noir, Volcanoes & the First 7

For this season the story follows the first seven days after Mount St. Helen’s eruption.  

The collection takes it’s inspiration from three different characters surrounding the mountain.  ‘Blackburn’ the professor who predicted the eruption,

’Turner’ the outcast vet who called the mountain home, and ‘Ashland’ the naturalist who devoted his life to mountain.

Read more and see the eruptive collection at Maiden Noir:  St. Helen…

Photos & text Copyright Maiden Noir.

April 6, 2012

Odeur Autumn/Winter 2012

The new Odeur unisex collection Temps de Voyage offers a more strict, and less over sized collection than what we have earlier seen from the Swedish label. The aesthetic language is kept through asymmetrical cuts and a focus on details in the garments.

Photos & text Copyright Odeur, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.

April 5, 2012

Ubi Sunt "Ensemble"

The Autumn-Winter 12/13 collection “Ensemble” is about looking elegant with ease, beautiful but not forced. It’s about usable pieces for the regular days or evenings in grand saloons. It’s the subtle, small things such as the Ubi Sunt main features like the frilled edges, unconstructed suit jackets and the exquisite knitted jersey that assemble the looks self-evidence. It’s about letting things have its way, and simply be.

See the collection and read all about it at Ubi Sunt Autumn/Winter “Ensemble”.

Photos & text Copyright Ubi Sunt, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.

Tomato at Delikatessen

Andre Lisowski continues moving the collection of Delikatessen into color with a keen sense of proportion, allying skillfully the low-key and the bold. What stands out in the collection is the delicacy in the slim tailoring, effortless styling, and a refined color blocking.

Read more and see the collection at Delikatessen Autumn/Winter 2012 “Tomato.”

Photos & text Copyright Delikatessen, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.

April 4, 2012

Kathleen Kye at Seoul Fashion Week

At Seoul Fashion Week, Korean designer Kathleen Kye presented what she interprets as a collection of macho-ism.

See the collection and read more at Kathleen Kye:  Optimistically Manly at Seoul Fashion Week.

Photo Copyright Kathleen Kye.

Bone Wear Triumphs at Mr. Gay World

Bone Wear is once again the official underwear and swimwear supplier to Mr. Gay World, with this year's event being held in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday 8 April.

South Africa is represented by Mr Gay South Africa 2012, Lance Weyer.

Photo Copyright Bone Wear.

April 3, 2012

Sjaak Hullekes Autumn/Winter 2012

In his collections Sjaak Hullekes plays with the fragility of men, their behaviors and modern times.

With his designs Sjaak Hullekes gives it’s wearer a particular kind of extra, a way to escape from daily cares to create a romanticized life.

To Sjaak Hullekes men’s clothing succeeds only when there is been thought of its efficiency, its workmanship and at the same time has a refined sense of style.

Read more and see the collection at Sjaak Hullekes: History & Philosphy.

Photos & text Copyright Sjaak Hullekes.

Lavenham Bag Campaign for Children in Japan

The British Heritage Brand ‘Lavenham’ manufactures quilted horse rugs, quilted jackets and accessories in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Lavenham have recently launched a campaign to collect 1000 English Children’s Books that will be sent to the children in Japan who are still suffering from the effects of the Earthquake and Tsunami that happened last year.

Lavenham has made 1000 quilted book bags which have been named 'Happy Bags' which the collected books can be put in to and given to the children. 1000 English Children’s Books need to be collected, so far 500 books have been donated, but Lavenham needs your help to reach the target. If you have any unwanted children’s books old or new then please donate them to this campaign.

Nicky Santomauro, Managing Director of Lavenham will be visiting the children in Japan to hand out the book bags in June and November and there will be press coverage of the visits, Lavenham will ensure that any press coverage will include company/organisations that have so kindly donated and supported the campaign.

We hope to have collected the 1000 books by the end of May.

Here is a link to the Happy Bag campaign page on the Lavenham website http://www.lavenhamjackets.com/happy-bags-campaign.html

April 2, 2012

What are the Top 3 Materials for Your Summer Hat?

Summer hats offer a bit of a dilemma. While it's great to have a hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes and gives you your own portable patch of shade, you also want to let your head cool off in a breeze. 

Heavy winter-weight fabrics in skull-muffling styles won't work; it's time to lighten up with straw, canvas and modern synthetics in seasonal shapes and hues. 

You'll get all the sharp style of a hat with the comfort of breathable materials. These three options will have you feeling cool and looking smart. 

Photo & text Copyright Stetson.

April 1, 2012

Maharishi "Age of the Fifth Sun"

This season maharishi presents a modern Latin American Guerrilla inspired collection entitled 'Age of the Fifth Sun: Summer 2012'. The range also references ancient and contemporary cultures of the Aztecs, Mayans and Mexicans, including the Day of the Dead - Día de los Muertos.

Read more and see the collection at Maharishi Spring/Summer 2012.

Photo Copyright Maharishi.