July 31, 2012

Big John Teams up with Tenue de Nîmes

Dutch denim store Tenue de Nîmes and Japan's oldest jeans brand Big John have teamed up for a special, because custom made, pair of work chino's in a natural vintage selvage denim.

Read more and see additional photos at Tenue de Nîmes X Big John Custom Chino.

Photos & text Copyright Tenue de Nîmes.

July 30, 2012

Bespoken, Vigilantes & Woodsmen

Bespoken’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection explores the commonalities and contrasts of British woodsman gamekeepers and rebel vigilantes. 

Coupled with Bespoken’s knowledge of classic Savile Row tailoring, the result is a collection of Fall/Winter staples that are durable and functional with a sartorial edge.

Read the press release and see the collection at Bespoken Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

Photos & text Copyright Bespoken.

July 29, 2012

Cy Choi in Spring/Summer 2013

The spectrum is the range of different colors which is produced when light passes through a glass prism or through a drop of water.

A rainbow shows the colors in the spectrum.

See the collection and read all about the rainbow and invisible rays, refraction and diffusion, collision and resistance—all at Cy Choi “Spectrum” Spring/Summer 2013.

Photos & text Copyright Cy Choi.

July 28, 2012

Stephen F Dresses Therese Alshammar at Olympic Summer Games

Therese Alshammar, Swedish top athlete in swimming, has won 37 gold medals, 22 silver medals, and 12 bronze medals from the European Championships, World Championships, and Olympic Games.

The Summer Games Pilot Style Jacket is made exclusively in an limited edition of five in polished and sanded leather. Colors: black, blue, yellow, green and red.

Photos Copyright Stephen F.

Justin James for Timoteo!

Few models can do justice to the Timoteo label as this model, Justin James.  The lines and contours of his amazing body fill personify the lines and contours of the very brand.

See more images at Timoteo New Styles.

Check out the photo shoot and then go to Win $100 Tribe Underwear & Swimwear to tell me what you think!  You can enter to win $100 of underwear/swimwear from another popular brand.

Photos Copyright Timoteo.

July 26, 2012

White Raven: Jersey Patchwork

Intricately woven, this rings true of those artisan folk at White Raven. 

Looking into the AW12 collection presents us with a new found love for the casual side of all things fashion.

Read the press release and see the collection at White Raven Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

Photos & text Copyright White Raven.

Bellerose, Travels to India & 50’s American Students

A Belgium-based fashion label, Bellerose traces its menswear collection back when the brand formed in 1989. 

The autumn/winter 2012 collection was inspired by original vintage garments and genuine work wear with a focus on timelessness and utilitarianism. 

Read the press release and see the collection at Bellerose Spring/Summer 2013.

Photos & text Copyright Bellerose.

July 25, 2012

Take a Gamble with Manish Bansal in Summer 2013

Spring-Summer ‘13 plays with the philosophy of suits and the gamble it is symbolic of. It touches upon the nuances that are attached to the word ‘gamble’; gambling with life, gambling with the future and gambling with opportunities presented by those in places of power. Hence the collection suggests a pun on the term ‘suits’ - in a pack of cards or worn by the influential and important.

Read the entire press release and see the collection at Manish Bansal Spring/Summer 2013.

Photos & text Copyright Manish Bansal.

Twothirds Autumn/Winter 2012

For their AW12 collection TWOTHIRDS have kept the savoir faire of surf clothing whilst adding extra layers of maturity that can only be gleaned by a bit of time spent in the business.

Read the full press release and see the collection at Twothirds:  Essentials for Men of Sea.

Photos & text Copyright Twothirds.

July 24, 2012

Malay Menswear & Saiful Sin

This week I discovered a fascinating designer by the name of Saiful Amar Sin who specializes in traditional Malay menswear, particularly for wedding ceremonies.

Located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, Saiful Sin starts with the traditional garments of Malay menswear and, then, presents them in varying degrees of contemporary fashion.

Read more here about traditional Malay attire.

Photos & text Copyright Saiful.

July 23, 2012

Nico Didonna & "Bridges" in Autumn/Winter 2012

Nico Didonna stylishly innovates an autumn/winter 2012/13 collection full of stimulating and dynamic pieces. Designed to empower the wearer with use of projecting structures, it is inspired by the overwhelming physical and symbolic beauty of awe-inspiring bridges built around the world.

Read the press release and see the collection at Nico Didonna Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Nico Didonna.

Boxfresh & "Off Duty Moments" for Autumn/Winter 2012

Innovating since 1989, Boxfresh originates from humble market stall beginnings. 

An original bastion of British street wear and a brand that inspired an entire generation of forward thinking style enthusiasts, Boxfresh has matured along with the rest of us, and is back to claim its rightful status as recognizable uniform for the devoted design appreciator and street style athlete. 

See the collection and read the full press release at Boxfresh Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

 Photos & text Copyright Boxfresh.

July 22, 2012

Avant Toi & the Urban Man's Safari

The desert wind blows warm and soft on the SS 12 menswear collection of Avant Toi, wrapping natural colors for those who like to surprise through the simplicity of subtle tones.

Read more about Avant Toi and see the collection at Avant Toi  Spring/Summer 2012 Collection: The Urban Men's Safari.

About Avant Toi
Avant Toi was founded in 1994 by Lilapull in Italy and is designed by Mirko Ghignone.

Photos & text Copyright Avant Toi.

July 21, 2012

Thamanyah & Emirati Menswear

I admit that I have not been so diligent in my Arabic studies over the past six months, but I haven’t forgotten everything.

When I came across this new menswear label, I immediately recognized its meaning—number eight.  Always a fun feeling, isn’t it?

I love when designers around the world draw heavily on their tradition dress, as does Thamanyah desiger.

Ahmed Abdel Rahman throws a modern twist on the Emirati robe called the kandura.

Read more about Emirati menswear and see the collection at Thamanyah Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

Photos Copyright Thamanyah.

Thamanyah & the Kandura

As I mentioned in the previous article, Thamanyah designer Ahmed  Abdel Rahman originates from the United Arab Emirates.

This Emirati designer artistically bases his inspiration on the traditional Emirati dress called the kandura, a long ankle length robe.

Read more about the United Arab Emirates and see the collection at Thamanyah Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

Photos Copyright Thamanyah.

July 20, 2012

Timoteo: Wrestling Singlest, Runner Shorts & More

Photographer Tom Cullis and Designer Timoteo Ocampo work well together and always get some amazing hot images.

Photos & text Copyright Timoteo.

"Reform" by Lucio Vanotti

REFORM, the collection fall / winter 2012-2013 combines the masculine and the feminine aspect of the Renaissance with the expression of color.

View the collection and read more at Lucio Vanotti Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

Photos & text Copyright Lucio Vanotti.

Raoul, When One Idea Meets Another...

...Simplicity and Clarity of Form

For the RAOUL Fall Winter 12 Men’s collection, we drew inspiration from the father of Modernist architecture, Le Corbusier, and those that adhered to his principles such as Albert Frey.

Read the press release and see the collection, as well as the video, at Raoul Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Raoul.

Stelios Koudounaris Always Rockin' Greece

Greek designer Stelios Koudounaris often draws inspiration from rock music, combing wild elegance with a minimalist approach, razor-cut designs and a futuristic mood.

Photos Copyrigh Stelios Koudounaris.

Earnest Sewn for the Serious Casual Dresser

The innovative style is a new take on the Kyrre cord, done in traditional color only in an updated silhouette, available in washed sand, burgundy, green, and blue.

Have a look at the press release and the new cords at Earnest Sewn Co. Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Earnest Sewn.

Frapbois...Sound Like a Drink?

Frapbois is a Japanese label that was founded in 2001 with the concept of “childish clothes for adults.”

Have a look at this playful collection at Frapbois Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

Photos Copyright Frapbois.

July 19, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013

Today the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013 kicks off in Miami with thousands of visitors descending on the city for five days.

The number of designers has reached an all time high with 30 international designers.

Most of the presentations involve women’s wear but a few menswear designs will be present as seen in the trailer.  One such design is A.Z Araujo from Brazil.

Read more, see the collection and watch the trailer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013 & A.Z Araujo.

Then tell me what you think.

If you like A.Z Araujo go to the  promo page before August 10, 2012 and leave a comment.  You could win $100 in prizes.

Photos spring/summer 2012 Copyright A.Z Araujo.


The 25th BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands, which took place from 6-8 July, 2011 for the fifth time on the historic grounds of the Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, is reporting outstanding results. 

The tradeshow, which started out in 2001 as an off-show for selected brands in Cologne, celebrated its ten-year anniversary under the motto 'THE BREAD & BUTTER SUPERSHOW'. 

Read the full press release here.

Photo G-Star Raw & text Copyright Bread & Butter.


Seasonal Themes | Key Items, Mens Apparel Denim Jeans: Top themes, key pieces and finishes for the Men's contemporary denim market. See how denim combines with "Outdoor Explorer," lux and cozy with the woods, as well as with "Band Mate" an indie rock theme. Two strong trends for Fall Winter 2013 - 2014. An exclusive report for WeConnectFashion, to let you know about Fashion Snoops, NEW DENIM SECTION.

Photos Copyright WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.

July 18, 2012

Me & JC Rags

Last weekend I took a trip to Atlantic City to check out the new high tech casino called Revel.  Since I am not a gambler whatsoever, I decided to check out the shops while my friends gambled away.

Lo and behold I found a great store with great Dutch menswear labels like G-Star Raw and JC Rags, which I am wearing in the photo.

I fell in love with the color of the pants at first site and, well, the top was the only one that matched, but I really like it too!  The fabrics are soft and sturdy.

JC Rags was born 1994 out of the Thomas Group in the Netherlands to add a menswear line to the DEPT stores offer.

Photo Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

RAD Collection #9

Rad Hourani is not just any designer but rather can be considered a photographer, artist, filmmaker, writer, architect, and musician—all of which, when combined, allows him to push his vision without boundaries.

Read all about Rad and see the collection at Rad Hourani Collection #9.

Photos Copyright Rad Hourani.

Property Of: Sam Cycle Bag

See more shots and read all about it at Sam Cycle Bag Spring/Summer 2012 by Property Of.

Photos & text Copyright the Property of.

July 17, 2012

The New 2EROS Underwear Collection

Along with new swimwear collections, 2EROS has released a new underwear collection for the Northern Hemisphere summer.

The collection is playful with solids, stripes, bands, and fun little accents.

Check out the collection here and, then, go to the promo page before August 10, 2012 to tell us what you think!  You could win up to $100 in underwear and swim wear.

Photos Copyright 2EROS.

“Ballet” for Spring/Summer 2013 by Z E M

The inspiration of Samira Algoe grew from studying classical men’s dancewear; from this point the silhouette for the collection was originated. 

This Spring/Summer 2013 collection is dominated by ballet, drapes, layers and volume.

Read more and see the collection at Z E M Sping/Summer 2013.

Photos & text Copyright Z E M.

July 16, 2012

2EROS Summer 2012 Swimwear

2EROS has prepare a fun swimwear collection for the 2012 Northern Hemisphere summer!  The collection presents great color combinations, stripes, and signatures (literally).

Have a look at the collection here and, then, go to the promo page   and tell me what your favorite brand is.

Photos Copyright 2EROS.

July 14, 2012

Supawear: the Newest Underwear on Earth!

In continuing the theme of swimwear and underwear to accompany my summer contest with Australian label Tribe, I would like to introduce you to a new brand called Supawear, which will be released any day now!

Have a look at the press release here and then go to  the promo page   before August 10, 2012 to enter to win $100 of underwear/swimwear from Tribe.

Photos & text Copyright Supawear.

July 13, 2012

Gigo: Cheeky, Cheeky, Cheeky…

By cheeky, I don’t intend audacious or bold…. You will have to check out the catalog at Are you a Gigo? to see the real cheeks!

Continuing the theme of swimwear and underwear during this 1 month summer promo, in which you can enter to win $100 of Aussiewear from Tribe, I presenting you the newest collection of Gigo called Gigo 2.

Meanwhile, who would you choose?  Go to the promo page and tell me what your favorite brand is.

Photos Copyright Gigo.

July 12, 2012

Would Sofia Vergara Choose Tribe or Jor?

As you already know, I am running a promo campaign to win $100 worth of swimwear and underwear; so I thought I would focus on some more labels.

What I like about the Colombian swimwear and underwear label, Jor, is the creative designs and vibrant colors.  Besides the fun names, I really like the way the underwear pouch is designed. 

Have a look at Jor, go to the promo page before August 10, 2012 to tell me why!  Maybe you will win some very stylish items!

One other refreshing point is that the colors do not carry what I call “gender taboo.”  Jor mixes pinks with yellows and greens, making your underwear pop!

Photos Copyright Jor.

Raun LaRose: Transformers & Optimus Prime

Last season superheroes played a great involvement in the inspiration of the collection. For fall, anime, which was a fond memory growing up ignited a lot of elements this time around. "Optimus Prime" who lead the Autobots in the anime series Transformers is the perfect title to this collection.

Photos & text Copyright Raun LaRose.

July 11, 2012

Enter to Win $100 Aussie Underwear/Swimwear!

Men’s Fashion by Francesco and Tribe of Australia have teamed up for a great summer promotion!

We are giving away $100 worth of Tribe underwear and swimwear to the winning contestant!

To enter, simply login here and answer any of the following questions:

1.  What is your favorite underwear or swimwear brand?
2. What is your what your favorite underwear or swimwear style?

Don't forget to tell us why!
The winner will be chosen on August 10, 2012! 

Your photo, title, and description will be published on the Men’s Fashion by Francesco e-magazine, blog, and Facebook fan page.

So, what are you waiting for?!  Join in the fun and be creative!

For more information on Tribe, go to their website at http://www.tribeunderwear.com.

Kris Van Assche Spring/Summer 2013

For spring/summer 2013, Kris Van Assche plays with the concept of the indispensible t-shirt, naming the collection TEE.

He playfully mixes the world of sports with the city in a hybrid of fabrics, colors, and styles.

Read the press release and see the collection at TEE Numero 16 / Spring/Summer 2013 by Kris Van Assche.

Photos & text Copyright Kris Van Assche.

July 9, 2012

Introducing Bartosz Malewicz

Polish fashion designer, Bartosz Malewicz is graduate of the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw, where his graduation collection got a 1st  place in a student’s competition for “debut of the year”. He is also a winner of numerous fashion competitions like Offashion or Folk w Wielkim Mieście. His works were published in such magazines us Elle, K Mag and Vanity Teen. His designs are eagerly worn by Polish and Ukrainian celebrities.

Read the full press release and see the collection at Bartosz Malewicz Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

Photos aw12 collection & text Copyright Bartosz Malewicz.

El Naturalista Autumn/Winter 2012

Is it true that men also want to combine fashion and comfort?
What are shoes for autumn?
Who said that mushrooms are only for eating?
Would a combination of comfort, casual, and fashion in shoes work?
Why limit shades of blue to the Aegean Sea when they are so beautiful?

This collection is dedicated to our male customers:
El Naturalista knows that men also want to have a choice in shoe styles. They also want to walk comfortably and beautifully through life. And they want to be comfortable even when they are dressed up.

Read more and see the collection at ElNaturalista:  Two and a half men…

Photos & text Copyright El Naturalista.

July 8, 2012

Los Vladimirovich Spring/Summer 2012

“The Good Son”

Pray, and pray hard, but don't stop rowing.
Pray, and pray hard, but don't stop rowing.
“I hope your have bad bad influences and develop bad personalities … I wish this with all my heart”
Chistos Stergioglou (Doogtooth Film)

Read more about the inspiration and view the collection at Los Vladimirovich Spring/Summer 2012-07 “The Good Son”.

Photos & text Copyright Los Vladimirovich.

July 7, 2012

Placed by Gideon Spring/Summer 2012

Gideon Tam continues to combine premium materials, high standards of production and modern designs in his newest 2012 spring/summer collection.

This knitwear-led label, Placed by Gideon, follows a simple color palette of greys, blacks, and whiles, all accentuating the quiet theme of luxury.

See the collection at Placed by Gideon SS12.

Photos Copyright Placed by Gideon.

July 5, 2012

How Do You Store Your Artillery?

Artillery men’s underwear its art and fashion blended together. The new company introduced their first ‘artistic’ limited edition early this this year. This cool new brand is showcasing designs from different artists; painters, graffiti artists, graphic designers, and amateurs who are having fun and showing their art to the world. For this first collection they got great talents from all around the world including New York, London, Berlin, Australia and Colombia.

Read more and watch the video at What a Stylish Way to Package Your Artillery!

Photos & text Copyright Artillery4Men.

Let Red Wing Teach You the Proper Shoe Care

 Today the Amsterdam based Red Wing Shoes store released a video about proper Red Wing shoe maintenance. Adequate cleaning and conditioning of your leather boots is recommended to preserve their finish and extend their life span. With the right amount of attention paid to the care of your footwear, the embedded spirit of craftsmanship is kept alive. 

Read more and watch the video at Shoe Care by Red Wing Amsterdam.
Photos & text Copyright Red Wing Shoes. 

Ties by Drakes

Those clever chaps at It's Nice That have come up trumps again and commissioned filmmaker Jai Rafferty to celebrate the craftsmanship of tie-maker Drakes.

Read more and watch the video at Ties, Ties, Ties…by Drakes.

Photos & text Copyright Drakes.

July 4, 2012

Frye: Boots & Shoes for 50 Years

Founded in 1863 by John A. Frye, The Frye Company is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. Mr. Frye ran the business for nearly 50 years and after his death in 1911, his family continued to run the company until 1945. Frye’s footwear has a long and illustrious history…

Read more and see the boots and shoes at Frye Footwear.  There is also a video, which demonstrates how the boots are made.

Photos & text Copyright Frye. 

Sandast Leather Bags

Sandast is luxury leather accessories company based in Los Angeles with an updated vintage feeling steeped in the history of America.

See the bags and read more at Sandast Luxury Leather.

Photos & text Copyright Sandast.

July 3, 2012

POTO POTO T-Shirt Charity for Congo

It was in December 2010 that the photographer Romain Bernardie James departs for Congo - Brazzaville alongside the team Siestes Electroniques in search of fabrics and psychedelic subequatorial adventure.

Two years later, the earth trembles beneath the feet of the people in the capital, so hard that the shockwave is felt to Kinshasa.

But this time, it's not a freak of nature but rather from a series of explosions from the arsenal of the Congolese Armed Forces: 300 deaths, 2,300 injured and 14,000 homeless.

It was a March 4. On the same date and under gray skies in Paris, Coltesse requested The Imaginers to renew their collaboration on a new T-shirt after the success of "Happiness" (which sold out twice, www.theimaginers.fr/tee).

It is natural that when the channels were broadcasting the gloomy news that the desire was born to create this tee shirt in tribute to victims of Brazzaville.

Thus was born POTO POTO.

POTO POTO is a project initiated by Coltesse and The Imaginers in support of the action of the Red Cross as part of "Operation Congo Emergency 2012".

All profits from the sale of T-shirt will be donated to the Red Cross specifically for this operation.

The word poto-poto, besides being the name of the district Brazza means "trouble, trouble."

The Imaginers and Coltesse will present their project at a charity event, the profits of which will be donated to the Red Cross as part of the action committee Congo - Brazzaville.

The T-shirt made for the occasion and that displays a photo Roman Bernardie mames taken in Brazza will go on sale.

You will also be photographed by Roman in this incredible place that is the Comptoir Général, in front of painted landscapes that are worthy of the best Brazz’ywood