August 31, 2012

Andrew Nowell Launches New Underwear Brand “DaSoul"

I was so happy to hear from Andrew Nowell, who has just released a new brand of underwear called DaSoul! 

Believe me, it’s got more than soul!

See this sexy line of underwear and read more at DaSoul Underwear by Andrew Nowell.

Photos & text Copyright DaSoul.

Sustainable Bags by Veja: the Factuer Bag

This Autumn, Veja presents The Facteur Bag from its side collection, Projet Numéro Deux.

The Facteur is typical of Veja’s classic and timeless style, taking its name from the French postal messengers featuring a large internal space.

See the great bags and read more at The Factuer Bag by Veja.

Photos & text Copyright Veja.

August 30, 2012

Manish Bansal Spring/Summer 2013

The Victoria house venue and the relaxed atmosphere of the event put the exhibitors and buyers at ease, the event has generated a lot of press in the UK and is considered to be one of the most popular menswear trade shows in Europe.

Read more and see the sneak preview at Manish Bansal: A Sneak Peak into Spring/Summer 2013.

Photos & text Copyright Manish Bansal.

Bleu de Chauffe Bags for This Coming Winter

The new Bleu de Chauffe collection is now declined in natural fabrics and tones: organic tanned leathers in Havana, mocha or Kenya colors,   cotton canvas in «chamois, palissandre» and indigo blue, one of the brand’s classics.

See the collection and read the full press release at Bleu de Chauffe Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Bleu de Chauffe.

August 29, 2012

Parisian Hatter Larose

Larose hats are far from being run of the mill. Based on the “five panel” hat, they are hand-made by a Parisian professional hatter, using only the most noble of materials. 

For those who are in Paris: 
Launching cocktail at Centre Commercial (2 rue de Marseille) 
Thursday 6 September – from 6 to10 PM 

Read more and see the collection at Larose Hats.

Osklen Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Brazilian luxury brand, Osklen, recently shot their spring/summer 2013 collection, which is entitled "Endless Summer."

Read more and see the collection at Osklen, Surfing from Rio to Malibu!

Photos Copyright Osklen.

August 28, 2012

Special Offer to Our Readers by Kent Denim

For a limited time, readers of Men’s Fashion by Francesco can obtain a 20% discount at Kent Denim online shop simply by entering the code francesco20.

Go to to claim your promo code now!

Thanks Kent Deinm!

POLICE & Yoshi Gohara

Italian lifestyle brand POLICE, already world-renowned for its signature sunglasses, has announced a collaboration with designer Yoshi Gohara.

The brand has launched the new collection under the name Younique 3, a spin on the POLICE slogan ‘Be Younique’. The new models boast a click hinge mechanism that helps prolong the life of the hinge.

Read the full story at POLICE Collaborates with Yoshi Gohara.

Photo Copyright Police, Text Copyright The Jewel Hut.

What Does a Contemporary Man Really Want?

Find out here and see the collection at Christian Pellizzari Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Chrisitan Pellizzari.

August 27, 2012

Sixpack Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

The phrase “déjà vu” might be originally French, it’s been adopted by American language over the years, and it’s fair to say the French now mostly use it as weird transatlantic lexical “import.”

Déjà Vu is also the name of Sixpack France A/W12 collection, based on the desire to reactivate the familiar strangeness embodied by this bilingual term.

Read the full press release and see the collection at Sixpack Déjà Vu Collection.

Photos & text Copyright Sixpack.

August 26, 2012

SixLee Spring/Summer 2013

Through the story of previous winter season, a doomsday began and ended; the end of the world approached and accomplished its last will. 

Men packed their bags, put on their heaviest coats and left with their most important belongings: their heart and a flower for their beloved ones at the other side. 

The first day of a new history commences; the phoenix spreads his wings and vanishes within the air.

Read more and see the collection at Six Lee Spring/Summer MMXIII.

Photos & text Copyright Six Lee.

“Physical Theory” by Kevin Azzopardi

For the SS2013 collection Kevin Azzopardi has continued his exploration into fashion systems. Physical Theory is a study in the pathways that exist in this industry – through sales, presentation and design.

See the collection and read the full press release at Kevin Azzopardi Spring/Summer 2013 Oslo Show.  There is a fun video, as well.

Photos & text Copyright Kevin Azzopardi.

August 25, 2012

"Plain" by Odeur

As if we had overlooked this before, imagine an archaic society, brisk light, clear lineage, cool stares and candid pedestrians, all united in their solemn embrace of light and clean forms. A shared focus fuelled by their poised demeanour, always effortlessly sharp and intelligently aware of what constitutes appearance. Stepping onto new horizons, wearers embrace sincerity and their sartorial senses from deep within. Uncomplicated and effortlessly plain they unite.

See the collection photos and video, and read the full release at Odeur Spring/Summer 2013 “Plain”.

Photos & text Copyright Odeur.

We Believe in People Campaign by El Naturalista

We Believe in People is born: a solidarity initiative, a universe of dreams, a community of Believers. A place for PEOPLE who believe in people and in the capacity of social transformation through development cooperation, initiatives that create opportunities.

Read the full release at “We Believe in People”.

Photo & text Copyright El Naturalista.

August 24, 2012

Emerging Men’s Trend F/W 2013-14

Seasonal Themes | Mens, Apparel, Embellishments, Surface Treatments: While gem studding may not sound like the most masculine of embellishments, its runway rendition recalls testosterone-fueled templates - from punky emblems to matador preenings. The trademark silver studs of the punk era go luxe and come bejeweled, simultaneously reworking a DIY aesthetic and giving a street smart slant on luxury embellishment.

A WeConnectFashion exclusive, courtesy of, the trend forecasting service for fashion and creative professionals that is renowned for its directional forecasts and commercial trend translation.

Men's Embellishment Emerging Trend

Read more here and see all the great trends!

Photos & text Used by Permission.

Textile Print Men’s Trends S/S 2013: Patternbank

Runway Emerging Trends | Men's Print Textile, Surface Treatments: Patternbank brings you it's second Menswear Print Trends report for Spring/Summer 2013. Here they bring a concise overview of the key looks sure to influence incoming seasons. From recent Menswear catwalk shows: Floral Man, Animal Lover, Metallic Riches, Black and White, along with Sorbet Brights print trends. We love Patternbank and think you will too. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Patternbank.

Men's Print Trends, Spring/Summer 2013 Catwalks

Read the full report and see the great trends here.

Photos & text Used by Permission.

August 23, 2012

Antonio Azzuolo, Sartorial Kimonos & Streetwear

Antonio Azzuolo excels at combining sartorial tailoring with street fashion and—yes—a touch of Japan inspired by a recent trip!

See the entire collection and read more at Antonio Azzuolo, Eclectic Sartorial Traditions.

Photos Copyright Antonio Azzuolo.

Latitude Supply Co., Inspired by the Docks

Latitude Supply Co. is a modern but nostalgic take on men’s fashion. 

Influenced by the docks and the seas beyond, Latitude is a lifestyle aimed at marrying the adventurous elegance of the Atlantic with the relaxed sophistication of the Pacific.

See the entire collection and read the press release at Latitude Supply Co., Sittin’ by the Docks…

Photos spring/summer 2013 & text Copyright Latitude.

August 22, 2012

New Sexy Collection by JOR

Colombian underwear and swimsuit label, JOR, has just release its 2012 autumn/winter collection with amazing bright colors, stylish solids and stripes, and lots and lots of fantasia!
The collection consists of various styles in underwear, such as briefs and boxers, as well as jockstraps and swim suits. 

I love the wide waist band on the underwear and the external ties on the swim suits.  The color combinations are uniquely JOR.

Read more about the designer Javier Ortega here.

Photos Copyright JOR.

Henrik Lundeqvist Voted Best Goalkeeper...Wearing Stephen F

Mr Lundqvist in Pilot Style Reindeer Jacket in black and the founder of the brand in Pilot Style Suede Jacket. 

Both Jackets are available now. For more information tap the picture. The Jackets are also available with removable fur lining.

Photo & text Copyright Stephen F.

August 21, 2012

Remus Uomo Kicks Off New Shoe Line

Premium menswear brand Remus Uomo is to launch a range of superior footwear to compliment their existing AW apparel collection. 

The collection has been designed to be stylish yet comfortable and affordable yet manufactured to the most exacting standards.

Read the full press release and see more images at Remus Uomo Steps into the Footwear Forum for AW12.

Photos & text Copyright Remus.

Ivanman and Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein

“What can be shown, cannot be said.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Ivanman spring/summer 2013 collection was inspired by the works of philosopher
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 -1951).

Read the press release and see the collection Ivanman Spring Summer 2013.

Photos & text Copyright Ivanman.

Movement 9 Integrity by aptform

aptform focuses on handcrafted futurism.

Read the press release and see the collection at aptform by Michail Gkinis Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Michail Gkinis.

August 20, 2012

Ethosens Autumn/Winter 2012

Read the press release and see the collection at Ethosens: Touch and Feel A/W 2012.

”ETHOS” has the meaning Habit, and “SENS” has the meaning Sense.

ETHOSENS was born by fusing these two words.

Photos & text Copyright Ethosens.

Fabiani Spring/Summer 2013

Fabiani has embarked on a serendipitous journey this summer 2013.

Distinctive tailoring, luxury fabrications, happy colors, unexpected pops & the introduction of Fabiani Sportswear and Shoe Collection all Handmade in Italy.

Read the press release and see the collection at Grand Hotel Fabiani.

Photos & text Copyright Fabiani.

Versuchskind Berlin: Experimental Child

The objective is to create a "genuine jeans" with a highly fashionable aesthetic zeitgeist.

Versuchskind Berlin is a premium menswear jeans brand from the designers Tanja Kim Kupke and Thomas Hintz.

Read the press release and see the collection at Versuchskind Berlin.

Photos & text Copyright Versuchskind Berlin.

August 18, 2012

Marc Nelson by Marcus Hall

The effortless style of Marcus Hall’s grandfather played such an influential role in the designer’s life that the Marc Nelson line pays homage to him.

Raised in a small town in Tennessee, Marcus’ grandfather was notable for his natural fashion sense—the distinguished gentleman that he was.

Read more and see the collection at Marc Nelson: Inspired by Grandpa.

Photos Copyright Marc Nelson.

August 17, 2012

Gant Rugger & Unkempt Sprezzatura

Closest to any good restaurateur’s heart is the well-being of the guest and the minute attention to detail. 

We care just as much about the feel, look and taste of our collection as any good chef does about his fresh produce and keeping his "Mise en place" in order.

Read more and see the collection at Unkempt Sprezzatura, GANT Rugger.

Photos & text Copyright Gant.

The 10 Musts of This Coming Spring

Spring 2013, Calibre presents the impeccable guide to style.

Outfit uncertainty and unfortunate styling mishaps come to an end with a collection that is tailored, sharp and full of sophisticated cool.

Calibre is everyman’s style destination this spring.

Read the 10 fashion musts by Calibre and see the look book at Color Amplified Calibre’s 10 Essentials for Spring.

Photos & text Copyright Calibre.

August 16, 2012

Two Masters of British Craftsmanship Unite

The English sartorial brand Casely-Hayford and the equestrian inspired label Lavenham bring you a unique collaboration between two masters of British craftsmanship for their AW12 collection.

See more and read the full release at Casely-Hayford x Lavenham.

Photos & text Copyright Lavenham.

Chi Zhang Composes a Symphony of Style

Chi Zhang is one of my favorite menswear designers! He is bold.  He’s edgy.  He’s intelligent.  He’s Chi Zhang!

For autumn/winter 2012, this Chinese designer draws inspiration from a symphony called “Night on Bald Mountain,” which was composed by Modest Mussogorsky (1839-1831).

Read more and see the entire collection at A Symphony of Menswear by Chi Zhang!

Photo Copyright Chi Zhang.

Fun in the Sun with Timoteo

Timoteo is always a lot of fun, especially in the hot summer months!  See another hot shot here.

August 15, 2012

Ankar Sweden Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

You do not follow the pack,
There is no need for a memebership card in your pocket,
Nor do you think aobu tsubscirbint to the norm.
You are the Ultimate Anomaly.

Read the full press release and see more at Ankar Sweden Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Ankar.

Shoes by Maison Corthay

Pierre Corthay was born into a family of actors and artists who lived for and from their art. 

Very early on, an aunt who sculpted leather transmitted her love of the noble material to the young Pierre. 

As an adolescent, he took up his actor father’s advice to join the brotherhood of French master artisans, Les Compagnons du Devoir, and to learn and perfect his art during a years-long “Tour de France”.

Read the full press release and see more at Maison Corthay – Men’s Ready to Wear and Bespoke Shoes.

Photos & text Copyright Maison Corthay.

James Magnussen for jac5

He is only 21-years-old, but international swimming sensation James Magnussen has already stamped himself as one of Australia’s most exciting athletes.

Read the full press release and see more at jac5 Welcomes Home Olympic Swimmer James Magnussen.

Photos & text Copyright jac5.

August 14, 2012

Alejandro Ingelmo: Bags and More...

Great new bags for fall/winter 2012!  They are chic and luxe for the upcoming season.

Read more and see additional bags at The Berlin Backpack by Alejandro Ingelmo.

Photos Copyright Alejandro Ingelmo.

Pijama: Accessories for Every Occasion

The brand Pijama prepares for the cold season with 4 new, warm wool textures to wrap and cuddle the technological devices that accompany us in our everyday lives: Smartphones, laptops, iPhones, Macbooks, and iPods.

See more products and read more at Pijama’s New Collection for a Soft and Warm Winter.

Photos & text Copyright Pijama.

August 13, 2012

Amano & No, No, Yes!

What is Amano?

It has to do with Japanese shrine construction and menswear!

Read about it here at Amano by No,No,Yes!

Photos Copyright No,No,Yes!

Shosa & No, No, Yes!

What is Shosa? It has to do with Origami and menswear!

Find out more at Shosa by No,No,Yes!

Photos Copyright No,No,Yes!

No, No, Yes!

“No, No, Yes!” was co-founded by Taichiro Hashimoto and Makoto Kawamura in 2007.

They received many awards: their Leather Jacket has selected to be a collection at Musee des arts Decoratifs in Paris, France. Leather Award's leather wear prize in 2008, Japan Leather Award's grand prix in 2009, Japan Leather Award's silver prize in 2010. In addition, they designed Lenny Kravits's costumes for his world tours in 2012.

Read more about this label and see the collection at Interview with No, No, Yes!

Photos & text Copyright No,No,Yes!

August 12, 2012

Laserblast by Replay

Replay, the leading Italian producer of denim and smart casual wear, takes its innovative collection into its second season, F/W12.

See more and read the press release at Replay Laserblast.

Photos & text Copyright Replay.

August 11, 2012

T.M. Lewin 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection

A fresh new casual shirt range from T.M.Lewin has landed...

T.M.Lewin is already famous for its hand finished business shirts but did you know that we design in-house and manufacture an extensive range of casual shirts too?

See more of the collection and read the press release at The Perfect Weekend Shirt by T.M. Lewin.

Photos & text Copyright Lewin.

August 10, 2012

Congratulations to Our Winner!

The winner of the summer underwear and swimwear contest brought to you by Tribe of Australia and Men’s Fashion by Francesco is Rick Weber from New York!

Rick has won $100 dollars of Tribe underwear and swimwear!  Congratulations Rick and thank you for your comments on your favorite labels!

I will be hosting more contests in the future from other name brands so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

Men’s Fashion by Francesco focuses on emerging designers and trends from around the world, bringing your interviews, press releases, trend reports, and fabulous look books.

New E-Commerce: LiftLuxe

New men’s fashion e-commerce site, LIFTLUXE opened its virtual doors on May 17th. With a curated inventory, high quality items at reasonable prices, and a convenient, masculine design, LIFTLUXE is a new and better way for the modern man to discover and buy designer apparel.
Photo & text Copyright Liftluxe.

Last Day to Win

Dear Contestants,

Today is the last day of the underwear and swimwear contest, brought to you by Tribeof Australia and Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

Before I announce the winner, I would like to thank you all for participating in this fun summer event!

It was interesting to read about your favorite brands of underwear and swimwear, as well as the reasons for which they are your favorites.

I hope you have had time to check out this great line of Aussie underwear and swimwear called Tribe.



August 8, 2012

Australian Underwear Company 2wink Australia Just Went Platinum!

With the recent release of its newest ‘Platinum’ range of low-rider briefs, 2wink Australia is planning to maintain its hold on the U.S. men’s underwear market. Made with the luxury modal fabric, 2wink Australia is giving guys a new option in comfort and fit. These new low-rider briefs accentuate and add a little extra contouring to guys of any size. Modal is a semi-synthetic fiber that absorbs 50% more water than cotton, and which, unlike cotton, is resistant to fading and shrinking.

Read the press release and see more 2wink Australia Launches ‘Platinum’ Line of Underwear.

Photos & text Copyright 2wink.

August 7, 2012

scott james Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection of scott james continues the evolution of its Ameripean aesthetic, blending old-world craftsmanship with modern world sensibility that personifies the brand’s unique style.

Read the press release and see the collection at scott james Merges Neo-politan Style with Soft Palettes for Spring/Summer 2013.

Photos & text Copyright scott james.

August 6, 2012

Mod Meets Rocker with This Winter with Ben Sherman

To present a collection inspired by the legacy of collision between two of the most iconic movements in youth culture, we looked to another, modern day tribe to bring it to life; the shop boys of Ben Sherman.

Read the press release and see the collection at Ben Sherman Autumn/Winter 2012 Mod, Meet Rocker.

Photos & text Copyright Ben Sherman.

August 5, 2012

Swimwear Ranges, Featuring ‘Bulge Booster’

(LOS ANGELES - AUG. 3, 2012) - Iconic Aussie underwear brand 2wink Australia has added two sexy new ranges of swimwear briefs to its collection, entitled “Bondi & Surfers.” 

The new ranges highlight a removable “Bulge Booster” pouch that makes up for those embarrassing cold water moments. 

See more and read the entire press release at 2wink Australia Launches “Bondi 2026” & “Surfers 4217”.

Stephen F Autumn/Winter 2012—Teaser

Coming soon, the Stephen F autumn/winter 2012 collection will feature pinstripe suits with fabric covered buttons, double-breasted cashmere coats with leather buttons, and double and single-breasted blazers.

Stay tuned! See a few more looks here.

Photos Copyright Stephen F.

August 2, 2012

Shipley & Halmos and a Trip to Colorado

The duality of tailored ready-to-wear and an evolved sportswear category shapes the Fall/Winter 2012 men’s collection from Shipley & Halmos. Known for clean, minimalist lines and easy silhouettes, the brand’s focus from season to season is to speak to individuality and a modern classicism.

Exploring the themes of nostalgia and cold weather retreats inspired by Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos’ annual trip to Colorado, the collection is anchored in diverse outerwear, surprising textures, and unique layering.

See the collection and read the press release at Shipley & Halmos Autumn/Winter 2012.

Photos & text Copyright Shipley & Halmos