April 29, 2015

Meet Blake at the Fashion & Fitness Swimwear Show in New York!

For the 2 Year Anniversary of Uomo Moderno, a magazine of Men's Fashion by Francesco, we are holding a swimsuit fashion show in New York City on May 29! If you would like to attend, the admission is free! RSVP here.

One of the models in the show will be Blake Kennedy of New Jersey! He will be modeling the swimwear of Tribe from Australia!

Blake was a very active kid when he was younger, playing every sport under the sun. 

Now his true love is acting. He has had roles in films, web series, and theatre productions. 

Blake loves to exercise and watch movies in his free time, and he looks froward to his career in the acting/modeling business.

Let's all welcome Blake aboard!

April 2, 2015

AussieBum "Outback" Longjohns

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the days may be getting slightly colder, so you need something to keep you warm.

AussieBum "Outback" longjohns are made from premium Egyptian cotton and feature a vintage waistband.

The “Outback” longjohns are the latest in winter-wear underwear. This limited edition range comes in classic navy blue and white.

April 1, 2015

Palestinian Designer Jamal Taslaq Debuts at the UN

Now residing in Rome, Italy, Jamal Taslaq was born 1970 in Nablus, Palestine, and is now one of Rome's top fashion designers.

Jamal's forte' is uniting the colors and feel of the Mediterranean with the "Made in Italy" craftsmanship.

In an interview at the United Nations Jamal stated: “When I left Palestine I understood that I must do something for me and my people to show the world that we are the same as other people. We want a life. We want peace. We love. We have all the feelings that make us the same as other people.”

See his debut at the United Nations here.