April 27, 2016

Carson Street Brand Opens New Store

Two former lawyers, Brian Trunzo and Matt Breen, made their fashion debut with the Carson Street Clothiers store in 2012. The sleek, modern space featured a variety of classic thick knits and tailored pieces for the classic "put together" man. It was obvious that their previous life as lawyers had a significant impact on their choices. Fast forward four years to a new store at a new location on Carson Street, and you can see the way their brand has grown into something far more unique. 

Now having dropped "Clothiers" from the title, the Carson Street store no longer features just beautiful classics, but instead includes a range of products that demonstrates the duality of their life's experience. Faithful customers will still find their dependable basics but the new store encourages that same individual to try something new, something edgier, and something a little more special. Trunzo and Breen have incorporated all they've learned in the past four years, creating a space where traditional and experimental brands alike can coincide in a way that makes sense. 

Check out the new store yourself at Soho Green Condominium, 20 Greene St, New York, NY. 

Otherwise take a peek at their site and look through all of their incredible products and edgy editorial content: https://www.carson-street.com/

April 25, 2016

S/S 16 Color Trends: Deep Ocean

For spring and summer we usually tend to gravitate towards lighter hues. This year, however, it's all about vibrant, rich colors like this oceanic shade. "Deep Ocean," which appeared all over the runways, seems like it will be making a big splash this season. Keep this fresh shade of teal in mind when out shopping.

Posted with permission from WeConnectFashion.com

December 16, 2015

Smokey Green-Greys - F/W Color Trends

Woolen bombers, military jackets, and textural tailoring like corduroy or velvet embrace shades of green-greys, one of the top color trends this F/W.
Courtesy - WCF

Quirky Sweaters - Men's F/W Trends

Boring is out and quirky is in. Basic herringbones and houndstooth adapt unique patterns and merge with pop art, text messaging motifs and animals.
Courtesy - WCF

November 17, 2015

Hip Hop Artist, Model & Fine Art Student: Fawk SamĂșel

Fawk SamĂșel is an American alternative Hip-Hop artist and producer, as well as a professional model, and studying fine artist. He is known locally by the Philadelphia college scene.

He began preforming live shows at small venues, secret basement shows, and art galleries in the fall of 2014, and has since been gaining popularity with the city's music and art scenes. 

Coming off of a successful response to the two released singles off of his upcoming EP "Night" there is a building anticipation within the local scene for what is to come from Fawk. 

Fawk's music can be streamed (and some can be downloaded) from SoundCloud.

Videos to some of the music off of my last two projects can be found on YouTube.