With tens of thousands of readers from 170 countries, Men’s Fashion by Francesco is growing in popularity each month!

So, thanks to all of you, Men’s Fashion by Francesco has expanded into a full-blown e-magazine of interactive articles, interviews, news, and more!

While articles continue to roll out daily in blog form, I have added an entirely new website that includes many more subject headings for your enjoyment.

The spotlight remains unchanged, continuing to shine on emerging designers, budding labels, and new trends from around the world; but subsections  feature many more surprises.

Upload your own articles!  Enter the designer/model talent search!  Enjoy the best from around the world!

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  1. I just need to tell you how much I love your blog and I follow it religiously. I'll remain just as dedicated to the new website as you have really paved the way for me as a 2 month old blogger. I can't wait to learn a whole lot more from you!

    - PJ