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May 14, 2016

PATRONS Presents its A/W 2016-17 Collection

The Parisian contemporary brand PATRONS presents its A/W 2016-17 collection entitled "Brave Hearts." With the brand taking new and exciting strides toward improving the already innovative label, "Brave Hearts" feels fitting for PATRONS' new age of growth.

Inspired by the rolling landscapes of northern Ireland, PATRONS' newest collection blends together the steely greys of the rugged shores with the lush greens of the hills in a purely earthy color palette. Additionally, this new collection extends the PATRONS designs to include knitted sweaters, a range of hats, and a new take on their five cut trouser. The company is also taking increased strides towards improving the quality of their products as they begin to work with new European manufacturers out of Portugal, Scotland, or Italy.

It's hard to use one word to describe the PATRONS brand. it's newest collection really sets the stage for a diverse wardrobe, combining quirky separates with quality closet staples. If you want to see what else this exciting brands has to offer you can check out their website below.

February 17, 2009

The Fragrant Hands of John Rocha

The Irish proverb, Molann an obair an fear, declares that a man's praise is measured by his work. So according to the Irish, John Rocha deserves a standing ovation for his accomplishments in nearly every field of design—and more.

Born in Hong Kong of Portuguese and Chinese descent, educated in London's Croydon School of Art, and rooted in the capital of Ireland, John Rocha has managed to incarnate himself in each design field that he undertakes.

In 1997, John introduced his first work in a medium outside fabrics when he launched the John Rocha at Waterford Crystal Collection. Simple cuts and unconventional practicality radiated his sense of mystery and geometric purity, immediately sparking worldwide acclamation.

Fashioned after his city of origin, John's 1999 architectural design of the Morrison Hotel engineered a luxurious haven where East meets West. Since then, John has continued to grace other cities throughout Europe with exclusive commercial and residential projects and interior design.

Inspired by an assortment of influences, in July of 2002 John launched a collection of nature inspired jewelry that marries the ruggedness of Irish cliffs and Celtic shapes with the gracefulness and sensual sweeps of Chinese brushstrokes.

In October of 2002, John published Texture, Form, Purity, Detail—an illustrated hard-cover book that reveals the philosophy of his designs, chronologically narrating his progression of working with one medium after another.

John launched his line of menswear in 2007 at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Italy. Wedding classic tailoring to modern styles, John's collection of natural fibres and rich textures struck a romantic cord of nostalgia in the hearts of the eager spectators.

Later that year, the doors of John Rocha's first flagship store opened at 15a Dover Street in London, where he showcases his designer collections from every field, including art, sculpture, jewelry, apparel, books, and more.

Years ago when I lived and worked in the "fragrant harbor" of Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to learn some Cantonese. There exists a saying 花香總是會留在送花人的手中, which states, "Flowers leave their fragrance on the hands that bestow them. Likewise, the hands of John Rocha emanate the fragrance of his manifold designs that he continues to bestow upon us.

Photos 2009 a/w collection Copyright by John Rocha.

John Rocha's Fragrant Harmony

Like his ever-expanding portfolio of designer collections, John Rocha is an exotic mixture of Chinese and Portuguese descent. Born in Hong Kong, John was raised in a "fragrant harbor" where East meets West on a daily basis. As traditional society mingles with a booming cosmopolitan center, so the city's sprawling skyline harmonizes with its natural setting.

John decided to study fashion in the 1970's and, thus, moved to London. As he was experimenting with Irish linens for his graduate collection, John visited Ireland, where he has resided with his wife Odette for the past 20 years. Besides working with fine fabrics, John's portfolio has expanded to embrace crystal, jewelry, architecture, lighting, and interior design.

Similar to his fragrant city of origin, John's creations are a crossroads of the graceful flowing strokes in Chinese calligraphy and the simple clean lines of Irish patterns. Brilliantly harmonizing contemporary styles with classic traditions, John strikes a dramatic balance between texture, form, and detail—regardless of the medium.

Twelve years after winning the prestigious title British Designer of the Year in 1994, the Queen of England bestowed upon John Commander of the British Empire for his manifold contributions to the fashion industry.

As you visit John's sprawling portfolio of creative works, allow yourself to savor the eclectic aromas of his harmony, gracefulness, and purity by clicking here.

Stay tuned for another article on John Rocha's exciting life and career in the world of design!

Photos 2009 a/w collection Copyright by John Rocha.