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May 26, 2016

Deux Hommes: Featuring Fashion's Newest Stars

Tired of seeing the same names and designers taking over the fashion scene? In need of some innovative style inspiration? Look no further than Deux Hommes, a digital fashion platform striving to bring to light fresh new faces to the world of fashion. Their features range from luxury sport and streetwear to the avant-garde.

Founders Jared Austin and Carlos Basora have successfully created a space where the unknown designers of an often hierarchal industry have a chance to shine. The magazine really serves to foster the work of these innovative minds, and their articles tell the story of the designers' collections with such intense imagery.

Do take a minute to check out their site, and follow them on social media to get regular articles about fashion's newest talent sprinkled throughout your feed. Get inspired by all that Deuz Hommes has to offer.

Deux Hommes cover photographed by Jaclyn Adams.