December 6, 2011

Scotch & Soda 2012 Sneak Peak

Amsterdam-based label Scotch & Soda has just released a sneak peak of the 2012 spring/summer Blauw denim collection, which is entitled “the Longest Breakfast.”

Photo Copyright Scotch & Soda.

Lika Mimika Rabbit Skin Espadrilles

Unisex label Lika Mimika has released a rabbit skin edition of their espadrille shoe. Other varieties include soft lamb, goat, and calfskin leather in a wide variety of colors—all of which are hand stitched in Alicante, Spain.

Photo Copyright Lika Mimika.

December 5, 2011

Edinburgh Zoo Pandas and Their Edible T-Shirts

An eco-fashion brand has teamed up with Edinburgh Zoo to make t-shirts for their new Giant Pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

With the Zoo conscious to raise awareness about conservation, they recruited eco-fashion brand Rapanui, winners of the RSPCA Good Business awards, to create a t-shirt made from bamboo—but rather than going on the Panda’s plate, these t-shirts are being sold alongside the visitor’s attraction to raise money and contribute to their upkeep.

Bamboo is hailed as a fabric of the future, Mart Drake-Knight, Co-founder and designer explains:

“Bamboo is an amazing fabric, it is as soft as silk but half the price, it grows fast without water, pesticides or fertilisers, Bamboo has a lot of potential as a sustainable textile, not to mention the softness and kind-to-skin properties that make them feel great.“

Rapanui recently won the RSPCA Innovation in Fashion award for its approach to traceability and animal welfare and claim their mission is to make eco cool:

“Eco fashion is no longer about itchy brown socks, we want to use the power of cool to inspire wider lifestyle choices” said Co-founder Rob Drake-Knight. The Guardian recently described Rapanui as ‘bang on trend.’”

A percentage of the profit from each t-shirt sold to the zoo shop has been donated by Rapanui to the Edinburgh Royal Zoological Society. The t-shirts are available to purchase in the Edinburgh Zoo Shop.

See more images at Men’s Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Rapanui.

Tonello 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Tonello is a made-in-Italy brand specialized in the production of tailored suits and popular for its unique coats and.

Since its birth, Tonello has been distinguished for its style, manufacture and easy-to-wear clothes and jackets.

See the collection at Men’s Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Tonello.

December 4, 2011

The Dark Side of Underwear—PigSkin

Did you know that, for some, underwear has a dark side? Now with PigSkin, you can explore the darker side of styles called Mechanic, Grappler, Gridiron, ad Prize Fighter.

Tattooed model Israel Zamora models the darker side of briefs and jock straps.

You may be a vegetarian, keep kosher, or eat halal, but when it comes down to underwear you may want to try the darker side with PigSkin.

See more shots of PigSkin at Men’s Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos Copyright PigSkin.

December 1, 2011

Zuriick Shoe Collection

Born in the summer of 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Zuriick shoes brand was created as a hobby (for personal satisfaction) to provide a stylish and sleek alternative to men's shoes - and we love what they have created.

Zuriick, which means they’re not just made from premium materials: beautiful leathers, stitches and lacing .

Zuriick shoes are made from a lifetime of memories and experiences. They are conceived and designed by Michael McCaleb, a quiet guy with an eye for style...anything driven by passion is bound to be good.

Zuriick shoes are designed to be worn in and age beautifully. The quality leathers gain character with wear. Their sleek leather stitched soles don't swamp the shoe and the result is the unique design you see available on Sorsd.

Check out more styles at the e-mag, Men's Fashion by Francesco.
Photos & text Copyright Sorsd.

Ninh Teaser Collection

The NINH label is for the modest, confident man, the intellectual and cultured, the passionate and open-minded – a modern-day Renaissance man.

Whether it’s for social or career reasons, men are displaying a desire to upgrade their wardrobes and use fashion as a vehicle to demonstrate the importance of both. Burberry offers quality clothing at an expensive price, while Marc by Marc Jacobs offers affordability with lackluster style. By using locally sourced fabrics and high-tech materials made in Japan, NINH Collection offers quality hand-crafted designs made in New York City.

Our designs emphasize intricate details and comfort by combining a tailored look with high-street pieces for all occasions and seasons. We pay close attention to details such as our signature triangular pockets and tedious piped lining, and our sizes (S, M, L) run smaller than normal as to provide a more fitted cut and tailored silhouette.

Our target customers are significantly more likely than the average male shopper to be deemed “big spenders”. With a desire to be stylish and fashionable, they are discerning and active spenders for fashion, male grooming, technology, beverages, entertainment and other lifestyle products and services.
Attached is a sneak peek of the six jackets that we will be selling on the online boutique at early in December. But all friends on our mailing list and Facebook fans get first hand-pick for pre-orders.

In addition to FREE ground shipping worldwide and you will also receive a $100 discount for each jacket purchased for pre-orders only. Once the online store is enabled in December, the items will go back to their original prices. The quantity for these pieces is limited to only 16 jackets per style as we want our jackets to be exclusive and not mass marketed. Below you will find a line sheet representing each item.

NINH Collection is considered Bridge price points, which is right under Designer price points, and competes with brands such as Diesel Black Gold, Burberry Blue, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Take in consideration that this is our first collection, so the jackets will have more value in 10, 20, and 30 years, when NINH Collection gets established. Whether you want to get a jacket for yourself, your boyfriend, a family member and friend, or to simply support Ninh Nguyen’s dream of becoming a dominant designer in the menswear arena, these items are the perfect gifts for this holiday season.

Why wear a simple jacket that looks like any other brands, when you can make a statement with NINH Collection? Our goal is to provide customers with quality, style and affordability, as we put our time, effort and pride in making these items unique, fashionable and wearable.

Dress without taste and they will remember the clothes. Dress with taste and they will remember the man.

See the collection at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Ninh.

November 29, 2011

Cycle Spring/Summer 2012 Shoe Collection

Following a success launch for FW11, Italian premium denim label, CYCLE, presents their follow-up SS12 footwear collection inspired by the lively and colorful scenarios, both real and fancy, of the South Seas. The new footwear collection is an evolution of the debut line, updated with new models and enriched by leather and fabric techniques, such as YUTA and TEA “dirtying” effect.

The formal part of the new collection proposes boots and moccasins, and the unmissable suede chukka boot for men. This part of the collection is 1950s vintage inspired available in hide, suede and nappa, also treated with innovative “dirtying” processes derived from TEA to achieve a faded and aged look.

The new footwear SS12 collection reaffirms the concept of a shoe NO LOGO, NO BRAND, a philosophy which proposes a minimalist logo interpretation, applied on small flaps, or with vintage leather patches; worn in laces; the .5 numeration applied on the sneakers’ heels - all elements which strongly characterize the product, making it truly unique and recognizable.

See the collection at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Cycle.

November 28, 2011

Cycle Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Italian premium denim label, Cycle, presents their SS12 men’s collection inspired by the lively and colorful scenarios, both real and fancy, of the South Seas. Set in the Indian Ocean, the collection is based on adventure stories in the paradise islands where European and Indian cultures meet and give life to the themes, fabrics, shapes and colors of the collection.


The most formal part of the collection, ‘Lodge’ is set in an Indian Ocean resort developed in a classic color palette and includes dyed linen suits and double-breasted jackets, jersey and Japanese denims, trench and raincoats. The logo itself is enriched by motives hinting back at the traditional symbols from India. This theme features a versatile pant, easy to wear for the day and Cycle-stylish for the evening, detailed with zippers that make it more sensual and tailored to silhouettes, and to complete the look are sweat-shorts and preppy-classic chinos.

Black Sea:

Inspired by fantasy “warriors of the seas”, Cycle Man is a modern pirate reigning the Indian Ocean. The pieces in ‘Black Sea’ capsule collection are characterized by extreme worn-out and washed treatments in various dark oil color variations, and must have items include leather jackets with an oiled effect achieved through a special manual treatment. The collection, with a color palette ranging from oil green to black and butter, includes jeans, logo t-shirts and stripped ‘piratesque’ sweaters with a dirty, oiled, worn out appearance. Suede sneakers from Cycle’s debut footwear collection complete the interpretation of today’s metropolitan world with the reign of the sea.

Full Moon:

A capsule collection based on a group of friends in the Indian Ocean, on a quest for the perfect “Full Moon Party”, an all-around-the-clock party on the beach that revives the mood of the 80’s and brings back to the real world. The collection is designed in bright, vibrant colors; prints are developed in acid-fluo variations; and this time the fil rouge is a SMILE logo, dripping here and there, revisited and reinterpreted in colors and variations. Bright orange, in a range of hues, is the unquestioned key-player of the “Full Moon Party”. Key highlights include fluo pink and orange sweatshirts and hoodies, sneakers, tees with prints of the Cycle smile logo and jeans in a ‘papaya punch’ fluo orange.


Lost in a far-away land out at sea, the ‘Castaway’ capsule collection completes the trip through the South Seas: faded, destroyed and worn-out pieces matched by the most extreme broken, mended and treated denims. The collection is rich in sun-faded pastel colors, ranging from chinos to denim shorts to chambray shirts and jeans, all “creatively” worn-out through extreme treatments that enhance their dirty, destroyed look; T-shirts and vests with deeply sun-faded colors and aged look.


Founded in 2000, CYCLE sprang from the decision of the creative directors Andrea Bertin (menswear) and Elena Boaretto (womenswear) to reinvent and recreate, according to their lifestyle, pre-existing ways of being, giving them “cyclicity”. Thus the idea of mixing shapes and fabrics, finishing and washes, to create, for instance, outerwear with details taken from knitwear, shirts, or even sweatshirts, mixed with fabrics with classic weaves and patterns, processed according to modern techniques typical of the manufacturing industry of Veneto.

CYCLE’s style formula combines sartorial feel and street wear; from denim garments to outerwear and knitwear, dresses, shirts, leather goods. The five-pocket jeans is the garment most representative of the company and almost all denim products are made with the best Japanese fibres, with finishings by the best Italian companies, like Lavanderia Martelli. The same care is given to the choice of elements like rivets and buttons. In this sense CYCLE epitomises the cult of jeans, holding to the belief that knowledge of material is essential to making a good product, and this means choosing very carefully suppliers and technologies.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Cycle.

November 23, 2011

TWOTHIRDS Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

TWOTHIRDs move into their second season with impressive gusto – spring/summer being their most naturally suited season as they’re a surf brand. No longer the new guys of surf streetwear, their experience is telling in a more mature collection which still retains all the best elements of the first. TWOTHIRDs are not prone to trends - instead looking for longevity which reflects their commitment to the Ocean. With a mature collection that eschews any fleeting fashion moments.

The Basque brand’s new collection has a clean aesthetic, refined palette and clever materials. Ethically inspired, their garb takes note of recycled materials to create clothes that have a conscience. Their partnership with the Oceana (the ocean protection agency, not the club) is a natural product of this.

TWOTHIRDs’ clothes do not stop with ethics though - combining clever inspirations to deliver wearable items. Clean cut garments with graphics that could be taken from a painting by Albers or International Maritime Signal Flags. A predominantly modernist aesthetic that reminds us that clothes are supposed to have purpose not just poise. There is a culture round their clothes, provided by their surf background.

Color is important to the collection - with TWOTHIRDs not afraid to use deep hues as inspired by the ocean. Equally there’s also more weathered neutral colors that are easier to team with other pieces.

Check out the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright TWOTHIRDS.

GPPR Holiday Collection “the Upsetters”

The idea of the underdog as a hero is a universal and cultural concept, born of stories celebrating struggle and success.

With the current state of the world, it seems more common to have the odds stacked against us, make our own second chances and revel in triumph.

And so, this Holiday 2011 collection is dedicated to the longshots; the unexpected; the dark horses; the Upsetters.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright GPPR.

November 22, 2011

For spring/summer 2012, Portuguese designer Daniel Dinis chugs through the countryside of Portugal.

Daniel draws his inspiration from the daily rail journeys of Lothar Siegesmud, as they are described in the 1968 book “Reisen in Nord Portugal” (‘Traveling in Northern Portugal’).

Daniel graduated in Fashion Design, in 2004, from the Lette-Verein Berlin. All clothes are manufactured in Germany by small, local manufacturers.

Daniel Dinis focuses his manufacturing on sustainability and recycling.

See the collection here.

Photos Copyright Daniel Dinis.

November 20, 2011

Ricardo Andrez at Lisbon Fashion Week "Lisboa Moda"

At the most recent Lisbon Fashion Week, called Moda Lisboa, menswear designer Ricardo Andrez presented his 2012 spring/summer collection "Lava."

Ricardo was born and raised in Oporto, Portugal, where he studied at the local School of Textiles and Design, Citex.

He launched his epynomous labe in 2006 as he has reinterpreted sportswear and steetwear into structured form.

When Ricardo ponders the meaning of menswear, he envisions images about the human body.

"Lava" is an interplay of athletic and street wear, a juxtaposition between shine and matted prints, asymetry and parallels, and covering versus exposure.

Check out this collection at the e-mag, Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos Copyright Ricardo Andrez.

November 19, 2011

Jimmy Wong at Jakarta Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

As the 2012 spring/summer edition of Jakarta Fashion Week of Indonesia comes to a close, the collection of one Indonesian designer has caught my eye.

Jimmy Wong exhibited his menswear collection on the runway last Sunday, November 13, at Pacific Place.

Combining Indonesian artistic elements to western menswear, the designer embraced a somber color palette, which enhanced the spectacularity of elaborate prints, embroidery, and intricate details.

See more images of this unique collection at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos Copyright Dhany Indrianto/Feminagroup.

Complex Geometries 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

For the 2012 spring/summer season, Complex Geometries has designed a collection of complex, geometric styles.

The garments span a spectrum of draping, asymetries, solids, and patters, contrasting dark and light tones, as well as lightness against heaviness.

Entitled "the Light," the collection presents a soft color palette with an element of refined androgeny.

Check out more photos of the collection on the e-mag, Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos Copyright Complex Geometries.

November 17, 2011

götti SWITZERLAND Autumn/Winter 2011

As Deep as a Gemstone

Putting together a one-of-a-kind acetate disc is an art in itself: Like making a sculpture, the unique structure of the material has to be respected and the desired effect created layer by layer.

The new fall colors are subtle and subdued. A bit muddy, and yet so fresh that they bring early spring to mind.

Three-dimensional, layered baubles with color combinations that spring to life and a smooth, hand-polished surface make this mix of transparent and translucent complete and as deep as a gemstone.

See more images here.

Photos & text Copyright götti SWITZERLAND.

November 15, 2011

Silas 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Last season Silas’ UK re-launch has firmly placed the brand back on the radar. With a new sophisticated vision, whilst still holding onto its previous aesthetic and authenticity, Silas is as strong as its past… when it found comfort and cult status immersing itself in subcultures that enabled their ability to swerve the mainstream and masses via attachment to skateboarding and avant-garde music genres.

Since leaving the shores of the UK and relocating to Japan, the manufacturing and depth of the brand has become more extensive and an element of the ‘post skateboarding’ look and feel has been replaced with more maturity. This seasons overall garmentry - patterns - hues - fabrics - differing cuts to suit and complement form with greater substance are visibly apparent, making this a lifestyle collection to facilitate the wardrobe of the forward thinking fashion conscious male. Cruising the boardwalks and cities landmarks, the collection holds a dynamic set of pieces to cover every modern day situation.

Denim is top tier - chino fabric is luxuriously avant-garde, and the shirting advocates cut and sew with outstanding fine attention to detail throughout the whole collection...making it stand out in a notoriously Silas way. The whole collection has an air of authenticity, with visible influences from a number of subcultures that Silas has lived through over the years; a great appeal to those that remember the brand the first time round. This season Silas introduces footwear to the collection ranging from boat shoes to derbies…offering day and night staples for every gentleman.

Once again collaborations with eminent iconic brands are present in this season’s collection giving aforementioned depth to the brand offering. For a second season Silas works closely with London’s Slam City producing a unique capsule defined by a unique camouflage print. Other collaborations see a limited edition Silas G-shock watch and luxury handmade optical frames from Kaneko eyewear, providing a luxurious stylish stamp to the collections accessories. This season also sees Silas join forces with two iconic work wear brands; Dickies from the US, and Raincheetah from England, producing workpants, a shirt and a jacket that all hold a strong sense of authenticity, keeping in tune with the brands sincere history.

Silas are also proud to announce their new retail direction with a standalone store now open in Islington - this is the hub of the brand. The customer will be privy to ltd editions and special collaborative pieces found only at the flagship store alongside art exhibitions and live performances - again emancipating hidden talent and manifesting destinies is high on the agenda - choosing to shirk the bright lights of the current EC1 / E2 retail boom Silas want to stay on the periphery where they find solitude and the ability to look from the outside in, purveying a Machiavellian sensibility to their NEW UK direction. In a world where so much pretence is prevalent - Silas prefer to advocate being who you really are.

Photos & text Copyright Silas.

November 13, 2011

jac5 – Man’s (New) Best Friend

The questions of ‘What is jac5?’ and ‘What is happening on the 11.11.11?’ have been playing across social media for weeks with jac5’s Facebook and Twitter pages buzzing.

‘Is jac5 a new super yacht...?’

‘Is jac5 a street art collective...?’

‘Is jac5 Michael Jackson’s kid’s new band...?’

We can now exclusively reveal the answer… 11.11.11 (11 November 2011) marks the international debut of jac5, a luxury men’s underwear brand that delivers comfort and style for the key essential in a man’s life – his underwear.

The new men’s underwear brand, jac5, launches its worldwide shopping portal – as well as opens its first retail concept store, in Hong Kong’s trendy Sheung Wan district. jac5 is the thinking man’s solution to all that isn’t quite right with what is available in today’s marketplace and the brand has addressed, and solved, the age—old problems of itchy waistbands, uncomfortable fits, mediocre manufacturing, and products with a short life span and no sex appeal.

For jac5, it's all about delivering style and comfort. Founded by Jim Christopher, jac5 uses his five much-loved Jack Russell terrier dogs as inspiration and mascot for the brand. The personality traits of Jim’s Jack Russells—Loyal, Super Smart and at times Barking Mad—have not only been a guiding influence in all that jac5 has created, but they are also the names of the three distinct lines featured in the brand’s debut collection.

Jim Christopher, founder of jac5, explains: “I felt there was a void in the men’s underwear market. Quality, style and comfort were in decline, and so I decided to assemble the best possible team to create an irresistible product line of men’s essentials. jac5 is a brand with a sense of humour, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously—except when it comes to design and quality.”

The jac5 store offers a unique retail experience, the world’s only men’s underwear art gallery. A truly modern fusion of art and underwear, the jac5 store is cosmopolitan, international, and interactive. It is also a great art space that supports up-and-coming artists from Hong Kong and around the world through the jac5 Art and Undies programme, full details of which will be announced shortly on

Online, jac5 promises a hassle free shopping experience with free international shipping delivered to your doorstep in the brand’s premium packaging, a re-usable, zipper mesh envelope. It is quality that brings a wry smile to the man who wears it: the perfect gift for a man to himself and the perfect ‘intimate’ gift from a woman to her special man.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright jac5.

Todd & Terry New Retro Designs

Todd & Terry Innovative Australian brand, well known for their striking, original designs, bold use of colors, and amazing fit, have done it again!

An exciting new look with a fresh take on retro and vintage designs, as well as some more subtle contemporary designs.

Here are just a couple of examples from their latest collection worn by model Fabio Garcia.

The designs are all referred to by name, and we have pictured here the ”Brad” with Orange tones, ”Ben” with Green and Blue tones, and the ”Harvey” featuring golden leaves on a Navy base.

See the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright Todd & Terry.

November 10, 2011

MASH Spring-Summer 2012 Collection

Italian men’s casual wear label, MASH, has today launched their collection for spring-summer 2012. Easy, everyday, contemporary casual wear for the energetic, athletic man, MASH SS12 collection is a nostalgic 1950s Nantucket summer holiday story inspired by the retro American preppy style of the era.

Clean, simple, minimal lines set against a backdrop of bold pastels, the preference of the 1950s preppy style, the new collection features the classic preppy mainstays updated in slimmer more fitted silhouettes.

Pants include pastel pink chinos and Bermuda shorts, reminiscent of the faded “Nantucket Reds" popularized in the 1950s; in addition to classic denim blue, the five-pocket jeans are also presented in a pastel blue tone.

The classic polo shirt and fitted Oxford button-down shirts are key pieces in the collection, available in pastels, navy, khaki and micro-patterns. The look is completed with unstructured blazers and the college bomber jacket – a style icon of the 1950s.

MASH SS12 collection captures the spirit of the 1950s Nantucket holiday – retro and chic with a preppy edge – the perfect combination for the summer season.

Have a look at the collection here.

Photos & text Copyright MASH.

MASH LAB Spring-Summer 2012 Collection

Italian men’s casual wear label, MASH Lab, has today launched their collection for spring-summer 2012.

Maintaining their tradition for delivering retro styled clothing with a strong 1970s US military influence, MASH Lab collection for SS12 draws its inspiration from the fabrics and styling of the cult film of the same name, “MASH".

The new collection takes design details from 1970s US Army uniforms and updates them with modern lines to produce contemporary military inspired wearable pieces with a preppy edge; unstructured combat style jackets, hooded windbreakers, slim-fit chinos and cargo pants, and button-down shirts with pockets and shoulder detailing clearly reminiscent of military uniforms.

Graphic print t-shirts are treated with vintage washes: natural cotton, jersey, chambray, indigo and cotton/linen. A colour palette of chalk, sand, jungle green and steel grey in a range of tones, with spotlights of red, clearly draws its inspiration from the styling and setting of the1970s “MASH" film.

The MASH Lab SS12 collection perfectly captures the spirit of the summer, characterized by a 1970s retro military vibe combined with a casual Italian chic touch.

Have a look at the MASH Lab collection here.

Photos & text Copyright MASH.

Paul Smith Street Style shoot for

The Style is pleased to be the exclusive destination for Paul Smith Jeans’ latest project. Gary Harvey the ex-Creative Director of Levi’s Europe has styled a unique interpretation of the Paul Smith jeans brand in a ‘street style’ fashion shoot.

The Style King.,com is an online men’s fashion style magazine and shop launched by ex-FHM Fashion Director Gary Kingsnorth,and Matches’ and Harrods’ menswear buyer Nick O’Donnell.

Sir Paul Smith is one of the world's best known designers renowned throughout the world for his quirky sense of humour; a mix of tradition and classic men's clothing with an unmistakable English sense of humour have kept the brand unique and special. Paul Smith opened his first store in Nottingham in 1970 and showed his first menswear collection in Paris, in 1976 where he still shows his menswear collections.

With stores in London, Paris, New York, Milan and 200 in Japan, the brand is one of the biggest in menswear clothing today; and Paul Smith retains control of the business where he still oversees every part of the business which is very rare for a business of this size.

See all 7 shots on the e-mag at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos & text Copyright the Style King.

November 9, 2011

Versace for H&M Hits the Runway

Last night, the Versace for H&M collection was launched at a celebrity packed event in New York!

The Versace for H&M collection was shown on the catwalk alongside with some iconic pieces created just for this exclusive show.

The event took place in a specially designed building on the Hudson River, New York.

A glamorous after-party followed in true Versace style for hours...

Versace for H&M Fashion Show in New York from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo.

Photo & text Copyright Barracuda TV.

Scott James Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Ameripean brand Scott James proposes a new twist to contemporary Menswear.

Italian fit is combined with American ease in a total look collection, while also bringing in comfort and sartorial details inspired by the Neapolitan tailor-made tradition.

See the collection at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Scott James.

Malak Ni Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Malak Ni offers a selection of classical, modern and contemporary neck wear and accessories in various patterns and styles to fit your customer's needs. Our motto “Be Bold. Be Definitive. Be You.” encourages clients to embrace individuality; and with an exceptional range of fabrics and styles to choose from we are sure to give your customers creative options. Tie styles include, the traditional classic tie, the modern skinny tie, and an original asymmetrical tie. Bow ties come in the classic style, bat-wing, thistle and also a unique reversible style meshed with two different patterns.

Our third and most recent collection “Transformation” for the Fall/Winter seasons employs beautiful wools and silk blends, seasonal colors, and eye catching patterns to truly capture the essence of fall and winter. As the seasons transition during this time of year our collection reflects those changes, hence the name "Transformation". Indeed, this is by far our favorite collection and from the response we’ve received, it is our patrons’ favorite collection as well.

See the entire collection at Men's Fashion by Francesco e-mag.

Photos & text Copyright Malak Ni.

November 8, 2011

MAC 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Founded in 1973 and known for their unrivaled award-winning flattering fit, MAC channeled the diverse vibes of both the Indian metropolis and the Italian Riviera for their spring/summer 2012 collection.

The carefully thought out fabrics and cuts of MAC pants make them look relaxed yet tough.

Rough materials such as canvas, gabardines and broken twills dominate the collection, with special treatments to create a vintage look.

Finding color inspiration from everything from the buzzing city to the mountain landscapes of India, the spring/summer collection features khaki, desert and taupe, often complimented by Havana, pesto, and thyme.

See the entire collection here on the e-magazine at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos & text Copyright MAC.

November 4, 2011

Spring/Summer 2013 Seasonal Direction Trend Forecast

Women’s, Men’s Textile & Color Spring/Summer 2013 Trends: Lenzing

Seasonal Direction | Textile and Color | Women's, Men's: High Class Kitsch, Subversive, Ovetone, Distinction, Ornate and Cleansed capture the mood of S/S 2013 "Democratization." Fermentation is going on in the crossover between different skills and capacities, in labs and workshops. Designers, scientists and many more are throwing lots of ideas in the melting pot. . . How to reduce the environmental footprint is fundamental and initiator for the current discussion in trends. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Lenzing, a textile fiber company committed to the principles of sustainable management with very high environmental standards.
High Class
Radical, creative gesture...grace, glamour and shock. A fancy flamboyant flourish makes fashion fun.

High Class Kitsche
Fancy and plain ribbons are inserted in leno weaves and other open-work textile interlace...extravagance. Just a hint of opaque and semi-opaque shades.
A new visual order, reflections on prestige and composition.
A touch of slight embossing gives a dark toned silhouette to wove micro patterns/matelassé, birds-eye basket-weave, hounds-tooth to rediscover the beauty of traditional weaves. Lace-like techniques are enhanced and redesigned.

The strength of light, a blending sense of moment overlap dark and light, creating a breezy fluidity.
Overlapping multi-layered color language. Super-lightweight and transparent fabrics, manipulating and interacting, creating new tones and the color of shadow. Delicacy, fluidity, luminosity.
21-st century avant-garde, a new rebellious renaissance, super-hybrid art movements communicate a diverse message...with a punch of color.
Neps, slubs...create a tactile surface, interrelating with the 'must-be' vivid color and the texture of the cloth... no flat appearance. 3D print on textured surface. Outstanding performance finishing and changeability, with the intention of the material's use, are central.
Weaving experiential mixtures, sumptuous lush, decoration adorned with an excessive artistic quality.
Hybrids of...plum and apricot...ethnicity and exotic...knit and weave...synthetic and natural fibers.

High summer sports performance. Soft cotton hand-feel is achieved through barely textured yarns. High definition photographic print and clean, geometric magnified structures make the decoration.

Textured backside provides dynamic volumes and extra comfort. Circular knit and interweave merged in double fabrics through construction or bonding.

The boundaries between fake and genuine are dissolving skin-like feeling. UV-protection is a must quick dry; climate comfort, breath-ability and moisture management are important properties--water repellent, wind and waterproof.

Stretch for movement, freedom and extreme light-weight...from 20 g/m...for comfort. Fashion demands performance features.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, used by Permission.

November 3, 2011

Blanco Winter & Blanco Christmas

Starting November 4th, Blanco will have available their new campaign, Blanco Christmas (photos 1-4) and Winter Look Book (photos 5-9) on their website, and they want to share with you a day before its release!

Temperatures drop and new essentials change.

Given the proximity of cold days, all the while unavoidable, Blanco presents a catalog in which the styles are made more complete and accessories are integrated in a purely functional form.

See both collections on the e-magazine at Men's Fashions by Francesco.

Photos & text Copyright Blanco.

November 2, 2011

Kerem Tezgel 2011 Autumn/Winter Collection “Dreams of Caligula”

“Dreams of Caligula” is actually Kerem Tezgel’s first collection.

Analyzing the idiocy and philosophy of Caligula, the collection is interested in the historical position of Caligula emphatically and possesses a basic, military structure.

Caligula was Roman Emperor from 37-41AD. His real name was Gaius, but he earned the name Caligula (which means ‘little soldier’s boot’) in a military expedition in Germania.

Photos Copyright Kerem Tezgel.

Kerem Tezgel 2012 Spring/Summer Collection “Invocation”

For spring/summer 2012, Kerem Tezgel has created a unique collection of menswear that plays on ethnography and current fashion trends.

Kerem is a creative director and fashion artist in Istanbul, Turkey. Having studied art history, Kerem vividly draws on elements of Turkey’s past, merging them with current styling.

Last week in an interview by a Californian marketing company that was conducting market research on shoes, I voiced my disappointment that men’s fashions were not keeping in step with women’s trends.

As the women’s market has been flooded with the high heels and platform shoes of the 1970’s, men’s shoes have remained relatively low.

At least, Kerem has ventured into a slight wedge-type platform in his spring/summer collection. I expect more designers will acquire similar or greater boldness.

See more of the collection on the e-magazine at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos Copyright Kerem Tezgel.

November 1, 2011

Tom Rebl Spring/Summer 2012

One of the most innovative collections for the upcoming spring/summer season is that of Tom Rebl.

A convergence of multicultural elements and historical time periods, the collection is brilliantly designed and styled.

Tom Rebl approaches the animal print trend yet diverges from it with elegant stripes, strokes, staining, and lips!

Fabrics, textures, and details abound as they are tastefully paired, clashed, and contrasted.

Diverging from mainstream trends, the Tom Rebl 2012 spring/summer collection not only captures the spirit of the season but also supersedes it by pushing the trends out of the box!

See the entire collection on the e-mag at Men's Fashion by Francesco.

Photos Copyright Tom Rebl.

SIMON SPURR E-commerce Launch

Luxury menswear brand SIMON SPURR launches first e-commerce shopping website on November 1st -

Please see attached screen shot examples of the new site as well as the SIMON SPURR Autumn/Winter 2011 look book. SIMON SPURR is currently available at top retailers worldwide, including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Luisa Via Roma, MR PORTER and Confederacy. To view the collection or for more information, please visit:

“I'm extremely excited to launch an e-commerce platform on the SIMON SPURR website. This is a great opportunity to represent the full scope of the brand and to shop the current collection as it was shown on the runway. We continue to support our other online retailers, however this new initiative will give the company direct and real time data about the product and our consumer. E-commerce is the next essential step in building our brand and eventually developing our own standalone retail stores in the future.” – Simon Spurr

Elmar Johnson (Next) and Paul Boche (Fusion) are the featured product models on the site.

October 28, 2011

Modasuite presents: MEN OF NEW YORK

Modasuite is in an empire state of mind and is taking over the streets of New York City on the 1st of November 2012. Modasuite, characterized by immaculate craftsmanship with Savile Row tendencies speaks to the men of today with its unique retail concept and electrifying persona.

The Men of New York feature six varied personalities bound by a perfect synergy expressed by their innate sense of style, photographed by Justin Bridges behind the ingenious blog, Tucked. The Campaign features, Jace Lipstein (Grungy Gentleman), Neal Gibeau (Actor), Scott Pegram (Lawyer), Jian Deleon (Writer), Julien DeCanali (Buyer) and Sean Hotchkiss (Khaki Crusader) to portray their street style combined with an element of Modasuite.

The Idea
Incorporating a sartorial sensibility with individuals’ effortless sense of style, Modasuite has taken street style to a greater height. Eschewing overtly avant-garde references, the men encapsulate the entrepreneurs they are with the mesmerizing streets of New York as their audience. Inspired by the Men of New York Campaign, Modasuite will feature a limited edition capsule collection sold exclusive on

About Modasuite
Modasuite was created for men that want great clothes that are accessible and fit perfectly without the hassle of shopping. Modasuite elegantly streamlines the online shopping experience by offering members perfectly tailored clothes at personalized, exclusive prices. Clients answer a few questions on their style and sizing preferences. Modasuite's team of stylists create looks based on each clients tastes and the client in return gets a personalized selection at an exclusive price. Clients can purchase their garments in regular sizes or made-to-measure to fit their unique silhouette. The best part? By cutting out the middle men and shipping directly from Modasuite's workshops, clients get their garments at wholesale price.

Photo & text Copyright Modasuite.

October 27, 2011

Color Preview Spring 2013 Men’s Report:

Color Forecast Preview, Spring/Summer 2013 Men's: This exclusive report is a sneak preview from's inspirational Color Trend Book for Spring / Summer 2013 Men's Market. These two trend boards come from a set of 30 across four color groups; fashion colors, base colors, accents and metallics. The two key fashion colors presented here, one a shade and the other a group story both show a mood, a Pantone Fashion + Home reference and early product translation. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of, the site known for inspirational and accurate trend analysis.

Mint Green
A cool blast of mint green throws a frisson of springtime color into the mix. Spearmint and pistachio hues pulls on retro references from both sides of the Atlantic, with 50's interior and leisure shades, alongside deckchair and candy stripes with a sportswear twist.When used as a block shade this luscious pale absinthe is undeniably casual and can be used with alacrity on techy nylons and finished cottons. Mint greens are applied to lightweight anoraks, sequined sweatshirts and baseball caps for a sportswear feel, as well as 80s inspired Miami chinos, casual button down shirts and loafers, making this shade work well for youthful first timers as well as nostalgists.

Ice Cream Pastels
Disarmingly retro pastels anchor some of the season's more starkly futuristic trends in soft, familiar shades. Mouthwatering washes of vanilla, strawberry and lemon bring a sense of lightness and delicacy. Silhouettes are sleek and refined. Surface design demonstrates restraint within the vibrancy of geometric-pattern tailoring. Sportswear inspired semi-formal looks emit phosphorescent glows of orange, lilac and mint, and exude classical elegance in the palest of powder blues.

Photos & text Copyright WeConnectFashion, Used by Permission.