May 26, 2016

Deux Hommes: Featuring Fashion's Newest Stars

Tired of seeing the same names and designers taking over the fashion scene? In need of some innovative style inspiration? Look no further than Deux Hommes, a digital fashion platform striving to bring to light fresh new faces to the world of fashion. Their features range from luxury sport and streetwear to the avant-garde.

Founders Jared Austin and Carlos Basora have successfully created a space where the unknown designers of an often hierarchal industry have a chance to shine. The magazine really serves to foster the work of these innovative minds, and their articles tell the story of the designers' collections with such intense imagery.

Do take a minute to check out their site, and follow them on social media to get regular articles about fashion's newest talent sprinkled throughout your feed. Get inspired by all that Deuz Hommes has to offer.

Deux Hommes cover photographed by Jaclyn Adams.

May 22, 2016

S/S 16 Color Trend: Grass Turf

Here is another color from the Spring/Summer 2016 palette. What could be more appropriate for those warm summer days than a fresh green sprinkled throughout your wardrobe? Seen on the runways of Craig Green, Gucci, and numerous others you'll be sure to see this vibrant green in stores this season.

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May 16, 2016

Shop Untitled: Catering to Fashion's Risk Takers

Once in a while you notice someone walking down the street wearing that seemingly one of a kind piece. It's so cool and so different from anything you've seen before that you're just left to wonder where they could've found such a unique and all around awesome piece? Fortunately, we have stumbled upon a store that strives to foster the work of young designers, and with that comes the creativity of fresh innovation. At Shop Untitled you'll find those "wow" clothes that amp up your wardrobe, and will have others turning their heads to gawk at you.

Shop Untitled is located at 27 West 8 Street, New York NY. Walking in you can expect to be greeted by an array of muted colors hanging on sleek silver racks. Take a closer look and you'll see what makes this store so special. Every piece has something different to say. Twisted classics transform any outfit into something exciting, and garments are crafted with quality materials while keeping durability in mind. Shop Untitled is a retailer that is taking risks in the fashion world, and it's certainly paying off. 

Don't just take our word for it. Visit their modern brick and mortar store or check out their website at:

May 14, 2016

PATRONS Presents its A/W 2016-17 Collection

The Parisian contemporary brand PATRONS presents its A/W 2016-17 collection entitled "Brave Hearts." With the brand taking new and exciting strides toward improving the already innovative label, "Brave Hearts" feels fitting for PATRONS' new age of growth.

Inspired by the rolling landscapes of northern Ireland, PATRONS' newest collection blends together the steely greys of the rugged shores with the lush greens of the hills in a purely earthy color palette. Additionally, this new collection extends the PATRONS designs to include knitted sweaters, a range of hats, and a new take on their five cut trouser. The company is also taking increased strides towards improving the quality of their products as they begin to work with new European manufacturers out of Portugal, Scotland, or Italy.

It's hard to use one word to describe the PATRONS brand. it's newest collection really sets the stage for a diverse wardrobe, combining quirky separates with quality closet staples. If you want to see what else this exciting brands has to offer you can check out their website below.

May 3, 2016

S/S 16 Color Trends: Butter Scotch

Watch those golden sunsets this summer in your own radiant hue of Butter Scotch. Seen on the runways, and slowly making its way into stores, this rich color is sure to brighten up your warm weather looks!
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May 2, 2016

Trend Alert: Retro Bowling Shirts

Almost everything in fashion has a second life years down the road. For S/S 16 we get to watch another iconic piece of clothing from decades past come to the forefront once again: the bowling shirt. The boxy, button-up silhouette is making a comeback while tucked into skinny trousers in fresh, richer colors than it's 50's counterparts. Get the look by clicking the images below!


April 27, 2016

Carson Street Brand Opens New Store

Two former lawyers, Brian Trunzo and Matt Breen, made their fashion debut with the Carson Street Clothiers store in 2012. The sleek, modern space featured a variety of classic thick knits and tailored pieces for the classic "put together" man. It was obvious that their previous life as lawyers had a significant impact on their choices. Fast forward four years to a new store at a new location on Carson Street, and you can see the way their brand has grown into something far more unique. 

Now having dropped "Clothiers" from the title, the Carson Street store no longer features just beautiful classics, but instead includes a range of products that demonstrates the duality of their life's experience. Faithful customers will still find their dependable basics but the new store encourages that same individual to try something new, something edgier, and something a little more special. Trunzo and Breen have incorporated all they've learned in the past four years, creating a space where traditional and experimental brands alike can coincide in a way that makes sense. 

Check out the new store yourself at Soho Green Condominium, 20 Greene St, New York, NY. 

Otherwise take a peek at their site and look through all of their incredible products and edgy editorial content:

April 25, 2016

S/S 16 Color Trends: Deep Ocean

For spring and summer we usually tend to gravitate towards lighter hues. This year, however, it's all about vibrant, rich colors like this oceanic shade. "Deep Ocean," which appeared all over the runways, seems like it will be making a big splash this season. Keep this fresh shade of teal in mind when out shopping.

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